Power and Wealth - Chapter 438 – Xie Huilan's anger!

Chapter 438 – Xie Huilan's anger!

Chapter 438 – Xie Huilan’s anger!

Yan Tai County.

Many people’s jaws dropped as they saw Xie Huilan getting angry in the Party Committee Building.

Zheng s.h.i.+zhang paused for a second after Xie Huilan talked back at him. He banged his table angrily. “Is this Yan Tai County’s att.i.tude?!”

Zheng s.h.i.+zhang was so loud until other staff who were standing a few meters away could hear it.

Xie Huilan smiled. “Is this our att.i.tude?! This is what I want to ask the City! Mayor Zheng, this incident is unfair to Yan Tai County. Da Feng County had gotten Xin Hua News Agency reporters to create trouble at our County not long ago! After that, they s.n.a.t.c.hed a project away from us! After that, one of their staff pretended to be hit and accused our staff of hitting him! They almost got our staff to be removed from his position! We could keep quiet if they crossed the line only once. But the second, third and fourth time?! I want to know what they are trying to do?!”

“I had made myself clear when you come to the City! The related staff has been punished!” Zheng s.h.i.+zhang banged the table. “We are talking about why your Investment Promotion Agency staff in Da Feng County is now?! Do you know what an investment fair is?! There are political directives in it! You still dare to argue?!”

Xie Huilan continued smiling. “Since Da Feng County can come to our County to get investment and the City doesn’t see it as a problem, why is it a problem for our staff to go to Da Feng County? Da Feng County had pa.s.sed by the contract signing venue with the investor openly and ignored us! That is not considered a political issue?! Our man had not done anything in Da Feng County, and you are calling this a political issue?!”

Zheng s.h.i.+zhang is furious. “You have been a Party Member for years! Is this your thinking?!”

“The City Government is only reprimanding our Yan Tai County but pretended not to see Da Feng County’s wrongdoings. Mayor Zheng, I don’t have any problems with my thinking, or is this our Yan Tai County’s problem. You are the one who has a problem!”

This sentence is too harsh, and everyone looks at Xie Huilan in shocked.

Even Hu Silian did not expect Mayor Xie to criticize Mayor Zheng over the phone.


Mayor Xie is furious this time!

Zheng s.h.i.+zhang is too angry to find his words. “You still dare to criticize me?!”

“Haha… no, I don’t dare to criticize you.”

“You don’t dare?! Fine! You all even dare to question the City Government’s decision?!” Zheng s.h.i.+zhang slammed down the phone!

Du… du… du… Xie Huilan kept her phone calmly.

Everyone’s eyes changed when they look at Xie Huilan. Yesterday’s incident should have ended, but she escalated it to another level with one sentence. Speaking back to a City Leader and questioning Mayor Zheng’s integrity is not a joking matter! Even if Zheng s.h.i.+zhang is overseeing attracting investors, he is still a leader in the City Government! How can a County Mayor question a City Deputy Mayor?!

Something is going to happen!

Something big is going to happen!

Xie Huilan and Hu Silian returned to the Mayor’s Office.

Hu Silian closed the door behind her and asked. “Mayor Xie…” She felt it’s not right for Xie Huilan to talk back to the City Leaders as her political enemies might use this against her.

But what Xie Huilan said next shocked Hu Silian. “Xiao Hu, how is the investigation on that ‘Nong Cha’ teahouse?”

Hu Silian paused for a second as she knows Xie Huilan knows the outcome. “We had investigated that teahouse this morning. They did not meet many of the fire and hygiene requirements, and they had paid the fines. But the Province…”

Xie Huilan looks at Hu Silian. “Fire safety issues cannot be rectified within a day or two. The hygiene issues also cannot be solved just by cleaning up the place. All these cannot be settled just by paying some fines. Who is going to be responsible if anything happens to the civilians? Call the Health Department and Fire Department now! Seal it!”

Seal it?! Hu Silian’s face turned green. “Mayor, this…”

Xie Huilan waved her hand. “Just call the relevant departments now! If anyone doubts the way our Yan Tai County enforces the regulations, ask him to call me!”

This is ignoring the Provincial Leader’s secretary orders! Hu Silian took a deep breath and went out to make the phone calls. She finally knew how scary Mayor Xie is when she gets angry.

After Hu Silian left the office, Xie Huilan took out her phone and dialed a number. “h.e.l.lo, Auntie.”

A matured woman replied. “Haha, Huilan.”

“How are you doing recently? You and Uncle did not return to Beijing during Lunar New Year, and I heard you got a throat infection. Senior Xie missed you a lot and kept asking about you.”

Xie Guoyue laughed. “I had recovered for a while. Your Uncle is too busy with work, and something happened in his Province during the Lunar New Year period. We will return on Labor Day.” She paused for a second and giggled. “I heard from my Sister-in-law that you have a boyfriend now, and he is much younger than you. Haha… I can’t wait to meet him. I thought you would remain single until you are in your late thirties.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “I will bring him to meet you next time.”

“Sure. I will help you see if he is suitable for you. If I find he is not good enough, I will not approve him.”

“Even if you think he is not good enough, you must also not show any displeasure. If I see you embarra.s.sing my Xiao Bing, I will hold back. Haha…”

“Girls are always siding with outsides after they grow up! I shouldn’t have doted you when you are young!”

After some jokes, Xie Guoyue suddenly asks. “All right. What is it you need from me?”

“Haha… Then I will speak my mind.” Xie Huilan smiled. “When I was transferred to Yan Tai County, I had wanted to keep a low profile and observe for a few months first. As I am new to this region, I need to build up a strong foundation before moving up. But now, someone keeps finding trouble with our County. If I continue to give in, I might not be able to carry on with my work in the future.”

Xie Guoyue smiled and shook her head. “Just tell me what you need me to do?”

“Our Feng Zhou Deputy Mayor, Zheng s.h.i.+zhang, has a son called Zheng Jie. He had borrowed his friend’s name to set up a company in your Shandong Province, and his business is getting bigger. Haha… Don’t you think he should be brought back for some investigations?”

“How serious do you want it to be?”

“It’s up to you as long as Zheng s.h.i.+zhang can shut up.”

“Ok. I know what to do. I will tell your Uncle about this.”

“Thank you, Auntie. Help me send Uncle my wishes too.”

After hanging up, Xie Huilan looked at her watch and called Xiang Daofa. “h.e.l.lo, Secretary Xiang.”


Hua Mei District.

Nong Cha Teahouse.

After Peng Kenong received news of the teahouse getting sealed, he called Li Feng for help and rushed by to Yan Tai County. Currently, he is having tea with the Chubby boss inside. He is a.s.sured after the Health Department, Industrial Bureau, and Fire Department had removed the seals on his teahouse. He felt he had made the right choice to invest in Da Feng County and Mayor Li is indeed influential. Everything can be settled with just a phone call from him.

The Chubby boss said worryingly. “Old Peng, although it is over this time, and the fines are still within our acceptable range, but what if Yan Tai County…”

“Nothing will happen.” Peng Kenong laughed. “The Provincial Leader’s secretary had spoken, and what can Yan Tai County do?”

The moment Peng Kenong finished saying his last sentence, a few cars came to a screeching stop outside.

The Health and Fire departments staff are here again!

Before Peng Kenong could react, the staff start to chase the customers and staff out. They ignored whatever Peng Kenong is saying. After everyone is out of the teahouse, they put sealing tapes over the main entrance.

“What are you all doing?!” Peng Kenong shouted.

A fireman looks at him. “What do you think? Can you read the words on the sealing tapes? Hurry up and expand the fire escape route! If not, don’t think of opening for business again!”

“You all…” Peng Kenong is stunned. What are they doing?! They don’t even care about the instructions from the Provincial Leader’s secretary.

The health and fire departments’ staff did not hold back. They are only carrying out the orders from the top. Mayor Xie had spoken to Secretary Xiang, and no one knows what was discussed. But the Party Committee Secretary and the Mayor had agreed. They will put aside their compet.i.tion and target the outsiders now. The County’s top leaders had set the tone, and all the staff can enforce the regulations without worries. Who cares if you have connections in the City Government or the Provincial Government Leader’s secretary? They are too far away to meddle with the County. Anyway, the County Leaders will be the ones facing them!

This incident had become serious!

The series of actions taken by Xie Huilan shocked everyone in the County. Everyone realized their Mayor, who is always wearing a smile on her face, can be so ruthless when she is mad!

But when everyone thought this matter would blow up, Zheng s.h.i.+zhang suddenly keep quiet!

No one knows what happened, and they only heard Mayor Zheng spoke to Xie Huilan over the phone before he finished work. After that… the City Government did not say anything again. No one mentions Chief Dong going to Da Feng County’s investment fair. This is too weird!

Is this the end?!

How come the City Government suddenly keeps quiet?

Everyone felt this is unbelievable. Is this Mayor Xie’s influence?

Yan Tai County’s Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Huang Li, was the only person in the County who knows about Xie Huilan and Dong Xuebing’s relations.h.i.+p. When he heard about what happened, he is speechless. Xiao Dong had gone to wreak havoc in Da Feng County, and Huilan had flared up in Yan Tai County. This couple is really in tune!

Is a hooligan scary? No!

Is a hooligan who knows martial arts scary? Not really!

What about a hooligan who knows martial arts and has a strong and influential backing? Huang Li felt Xiao Dong is this hooligan! With Huilan firing at the City Government from Yan Tai County, Dong Xuebing is free to do whatever he wants in Da Feng County! Who knows what he can do when he does not have any restrictions?

Huang Li slapped his forehead.

Li Feng… why must you offend Xiao Dong in the first place? You are just asking for trouble!