Power and Wealth - Chapter 437 – Hooligan Xiao Dong!

Chapter 437 – Hooligan Xiao Dong!

Chapter 437 – Hooligan Xiao Dong!

After scolding w.a.n.g Bo, Dong Xuebing openly accused him of being racist.

You allowed foreigners to enter and not Chinese?! You all are from a government department?! This is a serious issue.

w.a.n.g Bo’s face turned red with anger. He is in his thirties and had worked in the government service for years. But this is the first time he met a civil servant like Dong Xuebing. Which government staff will start scolding, make accusations, and fall out with someone he just met?! Why did Yan Tai County have a Section Chief like him as one of the department’s head!?! Which part of him looks like a department head?!

Da Feng County’s people have not heard of how Dong Xuebing got his promotions. He had moved up the ranks using his fists and doesn’t care about the consequences.

w.a.n.g Bo is angry.

But Dong Xuebing is angrier!

You all dare to come to Yan Tai County to s.n.a.t.c.h our project, and you don’t allow me to stay in a Da Feng County hotel?! What’s the meaning of this?!

Dong Xuebing looks at w.a.n.g Bo. “Stop staring at me! Who are you trying to scare? You want me to leave immediately? Is this your idea, or is it Mayor Li’s orders?! Is this what Da Feng County wants, or is it the hotel?! If this is your County’s instruction, get the hotel’s manager to speak to me! Ask the hotel to take away my room and throw my luggage out! I will leave immediately if you can do this! I will go to the City Government to tell the City leaders how you all treated me and ask the leaders why foreigners are allowed to stay here and not someone from Yan Tai County! You all have your laws!”

w.a.n.g Bo nodded. “Fine! Go ahead and stay here!”

“Of course!” Dong Xuebing snubbed his cigarette. “Not only will I stay here, and I still want an explanation from you all! Your Da Feng County’s staff had accused me of hitting him and almost removed me from my position. Shouldn’t you all give me an explanation? You all had troubled me for so long, and shouldn’t you all apologize?! Ah?!”

Apologize? Dream on! w.a.n.g Bo coldly replied. “Pang Zhou had been suspended, and that’s the end of it. What else do you want?”

“Is it me who doesn’t want to end it? You all had interfered with our Yan Tai County’s affairs several times through the higher-ups! Are you all addicted to it?!” Dong Xuebing cannot scold Li Feng directly, but he can scold w.a.n.g Bo instead. “Do you did you learn what the consequences of accusing someone in school are? You need to face the law! Do you think a suspension is an end?”

w.a.n.g Bo can tell Dong Xuebing is purposely creating trouble here. “This is a public area, and you better watch what you are saying! Do you know where this place is?!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Ah… I don’t know. Can you tell me if this place is Tiananmen or Zhongnanhai?! Is this the capital?”

“Stop shouting!” Li Feng stormed over with a few other government leaders.

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Ah, Mayor Li. It’s such a coincidence. I didn’t notice you are here.”

A County Government leader shouted at Dong Xuebing. “This is Mayor Li’s secretary. How dare you scold him earlier?”

Dong Xuebing pretended to be surprised. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you are Mayor Li’s messenger, and I thought you are one of the hotel’s security guards. It’s my fault for not recognizing you.” After a war of words, Dong Xuebing patted w.a.n.g Bo’s shoulder. “Mr. Secretary, why didn’t you tell me you are Mayor Li’s secretary? Oh, what you said earlier about Da Feng County’s hotels do not allow people from Yan Tai County to stay in, is Mayor Li’s instructions?”

All the Da Feng County Government staff were speechless when Dong Xuebing said this.

A few investors watching the commotion almost burst out laughing. They wondered how come there is someone like this guy in the government service. His mouth is too evil!

w.a.n.g Bo knew he had said the wrong things earlier and shouted angrily. “Stop creating a scene here!”

Dong Xuebing retorted. “Am I the one creating a scene here? I am smoking quietly here and trying to learn from how your County attracts investors. You are the one who comes up to me and wants to chase me out. Did I offend you in any way? Is it a crime to sit here? Mayor Li, you cannot blame me for scolding him. This guy walks up to me and wants me to get out of the hotel for no reason. Even I am a Communist Party Member, and I will also be angry!”

Li Feng knitted his brows as he looks at Dong Xuebing. He had never taken Dong Xuebing seriously. Although he had gotten a lift in Dong Xuebing’s car in Beijing, he did not notice it was a Mercedes MPV. It was until much later he realized it was a Mercedes MPV. This Investment Promotion Agency Chief dares to drive a car worth more than a million RMB openly and dares to dump him by the roadside. The other Yan Tai County’s leaders also treated him differently, and Li Feng knows he is not ordinary. But Li Feng still did not mind about him. He is just a small department head from a neighboring county. Even if he has connections within the City Government, what?! Li Feng also has people from the City Government backing him.

Li Feng knows Dong Xuebing is not here to learn from his County. From his att.i.tude, he is here to create trouble, and Li Feng is furious.”

Li Feng is the organizer of this investment fair, and the City Government Leaders are watching him closely.

Nothing must go wrong!

Someone at Li Feng’s status will not argue with Dong Xuebing in public. He waved his hand to call w.a.n.g Bo back and left with the rest.

w.a.n.g Bo’s lungs are about to explode from his anger. “This person is too much! How is the fit to be a civil servant?!”

Li Feng coldly replied. “Get someone to watch over him during the investment fair! Make sure he did not create any problems for us!”

“Mayor, I can tell he is here purposely to create trouble.” w.a.n.g Bo said. “It’s hard to stop him, and all the investors are staying in this hotel…”

Li Feng glanced at him. “Then we will make them leave here!”

w.a.n.g Bo hesitated and nodded.

Li Feng and w.a.n.g Bo turned to look at Dong Xuebing after their conversation ended. They saw him chatting to an investor in the rest area.

“Oh, Manager Liu, you are from Beijing?”

“Haha… I can tell from your accent too.”

“It’s such a coincidence. Manager Liu, what project are you investing in here? Machinery spare parts? Eh? Then you shouldn’t come to Da Feng County. Our Yan Tai County is experienced in this sector… oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am from Yan Tai County Investment Promotion Agency… What do you think? If you don’t find this place suitable, you can check out our County. We are both from Beijing, and I will give you the highest subsidies!”

The other investors overheard their conversations and were speechless.

The Investment Promotion Agency Chief from a neighboring County is here to get investors?!

d.a.m.n! Everyone had only seen Dong Xuebing argue well, but what he is doing now is shameless!

You are here to s.n.a.t.c.h our investors?! Li Feng’s face turned black, and he took out his phone to make a phone call. w.a.n.g Bo and the other Da Feng County’s staff are also furious. Dong Xuebing is doing this in front of them!


One hour later.

News of Dong Xuebing scolding Da Feng County Mayor’s secretary reached Yan Tai County.

Luo Haiting and Lin Pingping exchanged looks and smiled.

Lin Pingping said. “Sister Luo, I have never met a Leader like Chief Dong… I didn’t know one can be a Leader through his methods.”

Luo Haiting replied. “Our Chief is very smart. Although he looks… err… have you noticed that Chief Dong knows his limits? Even if he got into trouble, it would be a problem he can manage. It should be the same this time.”

“I hope so. Sigh… but I think it’s hard for him not to get into trouble this time. The City Government will not sit by and do nothing.”

Da Feng County complained to the City Deputy Mayor, who oversees investment!

Party Committee Building.

Zhao Xinglong, Cao Xupeng, and the rest also heard about Dong Xuebing scolding Li Feng’s secretary and even tried to s.n.a.t.c.h their investors in front of them. All of them are speechless. When they heard Dong Xuebing had gone to Da Feng County, they thought he would secretly s.n.a.t.c.h one or two investors back. None of them expected him to do this openly!

Dong Xuebing is the only one who is capable of doing such things!

Zhao Xinglong is at a loss for words.

But before the leaders could fully digest what happened, they are infuriated by the City Government’s att.i.tude! The City Government called up to scold them again!

Even if Xiao Dong is too much, but it was Da Feng County who started it first. Why is the City Government only scolding them?! Everyone knows Li Feng has a distant relative in the Provincial Government. Still, the City Government should not be so biased!

After scolding Xiang Daofa, Zheng s.h.i.+zhang, the Deputy City Mayor who is overseeing the City’s investments, called Xie Huilan to scold her. “What is your Yan Tai County trying to do?! How can you send someone from your Investment Promotion Agency to Da Feng County to s.n.a.t.c.h their investors?! They are holding an investment fair! What are you all trying to do?”

Xie Huilan had just ended her meeting in the Party Committee Building and is walking down the stairs.

No one expected Xie Huilan to flare up!

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Mayor Zheng, when Da Feng County came to our County to s.n.a.t.c.h our investor, you say it is fair compet.i.tion as the contract has not been signed. Fine. We will see it as fair compet.i.tion. But why can they come to our County, and our people cannot go over there? Da Feng County can s.n.a.t.c.h our investor, and we cannot go over to their County to speak with the investors?! What logic is this?!”

Everyone who overheard Xie Huilan was stunned. When did Mayor Xie learn from Chief Dong?

Talking back to the Leaders?!

Arguing with a City Deputy Mayor?!

Only Hu Silian is not surprised. Everyone sees Mayor Xie as a weak and ordinary woman. But when she gets angry, she will turn into a tigress! This time, she is really angry!