Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 458 - In the Court

Chapter 458 - In the Court

Chapter 458: In the Court

Gu Chaoyan nodded. She had met the Queen before, so she was not at all nervous. The Queen had been living in the court for decades, yet she was a very easygoing person who held no grudge towards Gu Chaoyan.

Weiyang Palace was the Queen’s bedroom, it was magnificent and imposing.

The servants were busy with different stuff, with their heads lowered and back half-bent, since n.o.ble ladies were seen everywhere here.

Gu Chaoyan did not like the concept of different, but there was nothing she could do about it. So they just walked into Weiyang Palace.

When Aunt Nan saw Lord Huai and Gu Chaoyan, she smiled brightly. “Greetings, Lord Huai and Lady Chaoyan!”

After she greeted them, Aunt Nan smiled friendly, “She is in the room resting, I will go and tell her about your visit.”

Zhou Huaijin nodded, defaultly approving of Aunt Nan’s proposal.

He and Gu Chaoyan took a seat down in the outer chamber.

He visited Weiyang Palace often, so he knew Weiyang Palace well. He asked the servants to bring some tea for Gu Chaoyan and then said gently, “Queen Mother is getting old, and she is often tired in deep autumn. I believe that she is taking a nap now, so we might have to wait for a while.”

Gu Chaoyan smiled. She did not mind waiting at all.

They were just talking, when a voice with a scolding tone arose. “Huaijin, you are making me a lazy person in Chaoyan’s eyes.”

The Queen had arrived.

Zhou Huaijin and Gu Chaoyan both got up and bowed.

The Queen waved them off, came to Gu Chaoyan and helped her up as she said, “You don’t have to conduct so many greetings here at Weiyang Palace.”

She pointed at the seats close by. “Take a seat.”

The Queen was an easygoing person, but Gu Chaoyan still needed to obey the rules in front of her. She did not take the seats directly as the Queen asked her to. Instead, she waited until the Queen took her own seat. This was a small detail that made the Queen rather pleased.

Although she thought that as long as Zhou Huaijin could marry someone he liked, she would not interfere with him at all, she was the mother after all… She would be even happier if Huaijin picked someone who was a great match for him.

There were many n.o.ble ladies in the capital, the Queen had met many as well.

The Elder Miss of the Gu Family might be born in a very ordinary family, but the way she behaved, talked and dealt with affairs stood out above all, making the Queen feel very a.s.sured.

“What brought you here?” the Queen asked in surprise.

Zhou Huaijin had been granted the t.i.tle of lord and had his own mansion, so his visits to her were limited. That was why the Queen was surprised.

Zhou Huaijin looked at his mother concernedly – there were many things he did not want to tell her, in case she got worried, but he had to be honest, because the court was a deep valley that swallowed anyone who accidentally fell. Only by being careful would someone reach the end safely.

He was very concerned about the Queen, but he had to be honest with her at the same time. He took a sip of tea.

“Father asked me to bring Chaoyan to the court and asked us about our wedding day. I am thinking about waiting until Chaoyan becomes an adult to host the wedding, which will be next spring. I can wait for the remaining half a year. Chaoyan is my Princess Consort and I should offer her the best and perfect wedding!”