Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 457 - Gossips

Chapter 457 - Gossips

Chapter 457: Gossips

Could it be because of Zhou Huailing?

As everyone knew, Zhou Huailing’s birthmother Princess Jing was not a Princess that was liked by the King, otherwise she would have been upgraded in her position. However, during the past few years, she had given birth to a son who was granted the rank of a king, and she still remained as the Princess. Zhou Huailing himself did not even believe that he was the adorable son his father claimed him to be. So why did the King try to ask Jin to get married just to not embarra.s.s Zhou Huailing?

Gu Chaoyan fell into deep contemplation.

Quietness dominated the whole imperial study for one moment.

Soon the King smiled as well. “That is my fault, I haven’t noticed that Lady Chaoyan is not yet an adult. I am just thinking about gathering up all the happy things together in one year. If that is the case, we can wait until spring for the wedding.”

“Yes, Father.” Zhou Huaijin replied politely.

“Since you are in the court, go and visit your mother, I am done here,” the King said in exhaustion.

Zhou Huaijin replied, then they bowed and left the study.

As they walked out of the imperial study, neither of them spoke. They had to behave very discreetly in the court, so no matter how much they had in mind, they could not say a thing. Therefore, Zhou Huaijin led Gu Chaoyan to head for the Weiyang Palace where the Queen was residing.

Gu Chaoyan remembered the way to Weiyang Palace, but as they came halfway, Zhou Huaijin suddenly thought of something. “Hang on here, I need to fetch something.”

Gu Chaoyan was confused. What was he trying to fetch now?

She nodded, thinking that it might be something important. So she stood there on the same spot.

As she had just been waiting there for a few seconds, a crowd came walking along the long corridor.

Gu Chaoyan had no idea who they were, so she took a few steps backwards, lowered her head and greeted them.

It was a n.o.ble lady leading the crowd. She threw a look at Gu Chaoyan and continued to walk forward without pausing.

She said as she walked, “I just don’t get it. Why does Lord Huai insist on marrying someone like the Elder Miss of the Gu Family? She is so terribly-behaved, and rumor says that she even steals stuff from the servants, and she has neither the looks nor the talent. I just saw her, and she looks so dull.”

The lady was speaking loudly. She did not care if Gu Chaoyan heard her or not.

Gu Chaoyan did not move.

Zhou Huaijin had just returned with flowers when he heard what the woman said. He looked so furious and was about to go to her when Gu Chaoyan stopped him directly, shaking her head. She could not tolerate the rumor about her, but she was not scared of her social status either.

However, as she heard the words, she knew that her past rumors were something that could not be removed.

What she needed to solve was the root cause, rather than someone who talked about the rumor.

She did not care what others said to her in the past, but now things are different. She was marrying Zhou Huaijin sooner or later.

She must not have any rumors around her, especially the rumors which Mrs. Gu pushed upon her. She needed a better solution.

Zhou Huaijin understood what she meant, but he was still quite concerned about her.

He pa.s.sed the flowers to her and said, “Here you are.”

He noticed the flowers on his way to the court the day before. They looked very nice.

Gu Chaoyan did not expect that, so she smiled sweetly.

“Here is the Weiyang Palace.” Zhou Huaijin reminded her.