Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1464

Chapter 1464

1464 Lady Chaoyans Begonia Yard 1

De Fu did not weigh his words, just because she was the Crown Prince Consort. It was not because the Crown Prince Consort was falling out of power, but because the Crown Prince Consort kicked his men. He trained all of these eunuchs and regarded them as his own sons. So he took care of them and never let them suffer in court. However, now they were receiving punishment from the Crown Prince Consort?

The owner of the Gu Family arranged the Begonia Yard for Lady Chaoyan, who ordered them to remove the begonia. So his men were here to do the job. His men obeyed the order and they were not making any mistake. That was why De Fu was so angry.

Even the princesses in the court would not be a threat to him, let alone the Crown Prince Consort.

That was why The Fu behaved like this.


Gu Ruxue had a look of disbelief.

What did he mean? That was her Begonia Yard, yet she was asked to move away? Was that a joke?

She was the Crown Prince Consort, the lady of the Gu Family.

Gu Chaoyan was nothing. She was not even part of the family, and now, she was making her move?

Impossible! I own Begonia Yard, and these things are boxes from the Crown Prince, and you are making me move? You must be joking! Gu Ruxue just did not believe anything she heard. She shouted crazily.

Even if Gu Chaoyan was moving back, her father would not possibly give this yard to her.

Mrs. Gu joined them at that moment.

She was also feeling really displeased.

Eunuch De Fu, what do you mean? Ruxue has been living in Begonia Yard all this while, and this is a birthday present for her. She cant move from here. This is Gu Mansion, not the court. You are a eunuch, you cant make a decision here. Mrs. Gu shouted furiously. She disliked De Fu, thus saying the words hidden inside her heart.

Mrs. Gu was disgraced, and Ruxue was not the Phoenix Girl, but that did not mean that a eunuch like him could order her around. He was just a servant.

Mrs. Gu believed that she was still powerful enough to accuse him!

De Fu laughed upon hearing what Mrs. Gu said.

He could not make a decision?

No wonder Lady Chaoyan asked him to back her up in court. He had thought that as the Phoenix Girl, Gu Chaoyan should not have any problem. It seemed that Mrs. Gu and her daughter were really wild.

He was defending himself and the Phoenix Girl now. He needed to do something right now.

He was going to make all the decisions here at the Gu Mansion.

De Fu threw a lethal look at the mother and the daughter. He made a loud order. Deputy General Lu, get your men here and remove all the begonias in the yard, as well as all the filthy things. The Phoenix Girl should be here anytime soon, so dont make her see something dirty!

Hearing that order, the imperial soldiers all came.

Mrs. Gu and Gu Ruxue were both dumbfounded. Mrs. Gu s.h.i.+elded her daughter and said, What are you doing?

I am going to make the decisions here! De Fu said calmly, with his high-pitched voice.

Mrs. Gu panicked.

Then she saw Gu Zhenkang approaching her, and rushed at him. Old Master!