Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1463

Chapter 1463

1463 Over Affection 3

Gu Ruxue nodded. Her Elder Brother had not had a good time these days, so if he was told about this, he would not need to be so distressed.

Mrs. Gu said that and left to fetch her son.

At this moment, several eunuchs came and were doing something in the yard. So Mrs. Gu ceased her steps and decided to wait.

Gu Ruxue was already waiting for them to greet her.


However, the eunuchs ignored them and came to the flowers and dug them up.

Gu Ruxue was surprised, with eyes widely open.

What were they doing?

She liked begonias and her father not only planted the flowers at Begonia Yard, but all across the whole mansion. However, the flowers were removed when she became allergic towards flowers. Yet her father loved her deeply, and there were still a few bunches left in the yard. They were not blooming across the whole yard, but she could still see them from a distance.

So why were the flowers removed now?

She never ordered that to happen.

What is going on? Gu Ruxue screamed, stepping forward and kicking the eunuchs. How dare you low-cla.s.s servants touch the flowers?

The eunuchs clenched their teeth.

Those were all working for Chief De Fu, even though they were low in rank, they were still respected by people in the court. So they had not been through much bitterness, and they were rarely treated in such a rude way.

That is the order from the court. We are just following the order, one experienced eunuch said.

An order from the court? I am still here and I need to approve of the order before you do anything! Gu Ruxue was furious. She did not care about anything those people said.

She had just finished speaking when De Fu hurried forward and saw how his inferiors got kicked. He threw a very displeased look at the Crown Prince Consort.

They were servants, but they were just following orders. It was not a good thing for them to be beaten for no reason.

Even in the court, the n.o.ble masters and mistresses never did things like this.

Crown Prince Consort, you are wild beyond what you can imagine. It is the Kings order, yet you are disapproving of it? Do you think that you are in charge, or is the King? De Fu almost shouted angrily.

De Fu wasnt a nice person, but he remembered grat.i.tude and he defended his master, and his team too.

The Crown Prince Consort ignored the King and bullied his team, making him really angry.

Hearing that, Gu Ruxue calmed herself down, and said with much less fury.

Eunuch De Fu, I punished the servants for a reason. They were just causing a mess here. This is my yard, and I like those flowers. They were just moving the flowers about without my permission. That was why I kicked them. The King cant just get involved with my own yard, can he? Gu Ruxue sounded reasonable.

The King was on the throne right now, but she was the Crown Prince Consort whose husband was going to take the throne in the future. So there was nothing for her to be worried about.

De Fu sneered.

Her yard?

Crown Prince Consort, this yard is no longer yours. Back in the court, Officer Gu had given the yard to Lady Chaoyan. Lady Chaoyan hates begonias, so she is going to have them moved. Lady Chaoyan cant be pleased here, can she?