Medical Master - Chapter 1126 - Fang Qiu, I Want to Be Your Patient!

Chapter 1126 - Fang Qiu, I Want to Be Your Patient!

Chapter 1126 Fang Qiu, I Want to Be Your Patient!

In a hotel room, Mr. w.a.n.g? Chen Xiaogang picked up the phone.

Just like last time, with the one-day box office success of Yang Yizhi, all the top capital groups in the country called Chen Xiaogang immediately.

w.a.n.g Tian was the legal representative of the Jingdu World Media Co., Ltd.

Established in 1998, World Media had become the largest private media and entertainment group in Huaxia.

Like the Hua Yi Brothers group, World Media was also the leader of todays media industry. Due to the fact that its rise was a little late, World Medias influence was not as huge as that of the Hua Yi Brothers group. World Media had exerted great efforts in movie investments in recent years and had made several continuous investment counterattacks and invested in many small-scale but popular movies, which were well-known to the public.

Director Chen. A mature and slightly droll voice came from the other end of the phone, saying, It really has not been easy to get through to you. Ive been calling for several days, but you did not pick up my calls.

Mr. w.a.n.g, you must be joking. My new movie has just been released recently, and Im busy promoting it everywhere. I havent touched my mobile phone for a few days.

Chen Xiaogang replied.

Oh, you really didnt touch your phone?

w.a.n.g Tian said,

Even though I want to touch it, I have to have the time, dont you agree?

Chen Xiaogang answered with a smile.

Thats good,


w.a.n.g Tian laughed and said, You should know why I am calling, so I will cut to the chase. I only want to tell you one thing. On our side, Yang Yizhi can definitely be considered as a top-level IP. And we will never hold back on the investment of such a big IP. You should know it even if I decline to say more. So... what do you think?

It was obvious.

Although w.a.n.g Tians words were not very straightforward, Chen Xiaogang clearly knew the meaning behind them. It meant that they had strong intentions to invest in Yang Yizhis big IP. As long as they could cooperate, it was enough. As for the specific investment plan, it could be put together by Chen Xiaogang alone.

Mr. w.a.n.g, its not that I dont want to. Its just that Im still busy doing the promotional work. I cant do anything else at the moment. Besides, I took a long time to make a comeback with this movie, so I still think I should focus on promoting it first. Lets talk about this later.

Chen Xiaogang said.

At this time, I am indeed a little anxious,

w.a.n.g Tian responded soothingly, Well, I dont need you to give me an answer now, but I hope I can extract a promise from you. That is you will give us the priority when it comes to the investment matters of this IP.


Chen Xiaogang replied, Of course, of course.

Chen Xiaogang once again rejected the cooperation and intention from one of the top media group.

Before this, he didnt expect that the movie Yang Yizhi could cause such a big sensation. The source of all this was one person and that was Fang Qiu!

If Fang Qiu had not partic.i.p.ated in the Run Wild & Survive event, then the crew of the so-called survival team would have never found the island cave, and no one would know about the existence of Yang Yizhi.

Not only did Fang Qiu make use of the variety show to promote the name Yang Yizhi on the Internet, but now he also made use of a movie that he played a role in with to make the name Yang Yizhi famous in Huaxia and become a super IP in Huaxia!

According to the box office results of 1.13 billion yuan in three days, Yang Yizhis IP had completely surpa.s.sed those of the domestic martial arts heroes.

As a director, Chen Xiaogang had his own estimation of the value of this IP.

It was precise because he understood the value of this big IP that he felt from the bottom of his heart that this big IP could not be destroyed. Therefore, no matter how high the prices offered by those top investors were, he did not dare to agree easily.

Of course, the most important thing was that he didnt have the confidence that he could persuade Fang Qiu to play a role in the second episode.

The reason why the movie could create such a big sensation was that Fang Qius contribution had played a big part in it. Without Fang Qiu, he would rather not make a sequel, and if he did, it would only destroy the cla.s.sics.

Moreover, if he wanted to talk to Fang Qiu now, it would seem too urgent. With Fang Qius temperament, he would definitely not agree, so he could only take it easy and wait for a few more days.

In the next three days, Chen Xiaogang led Fang Qiu and the other main workers to tour nine cities in a row, and they worked non-stop all day long.

Three days later, everyone was exhausted.

But no matter how tired they were, when they saw the box office, their tiredness immediately disappeared. The box office was the biggest reward for them!

With the ongoing heated discussion on the Internet, Fang Qiu occupied the top three on Weibo and the hot topic list for several days in a row.

The headline of the entertainment news, which rarely appeared, was also changed to the news about the Yang Yizhi movie in recent days, and Fang Qiu was the one who had the highest appearance rate.

In this case, Fang Qiu had successfully transformed from being a Chinese Medicine doctor to a celebrity in the entertainment industry!

The number of followers on Weibo increased once again, and it was almost 70 million.

Fang Qiu didnt pay attention to these at all. Even if he had to go to three cities to promote every day, as long as he was free, he would still take the time to pore through his Chinese Medicine books.

Such a situation was also photographed by the media reporters of the promotion team and reported to the public. Immediately, it caused another heated discussion on the Internet.

Fang Qiu is really born to study medicine.

What is a student? Thats what you call a student!

With this kind of learning spirit, is there anyone who will not succeed?

The netizens all sighed with emotion. Only Fang Qiu could do this. If it were anyone else, they might not be able to do it. After all, the promotion period was particularly tiring.

Of course, Fang Qiu was in fact not tired.

After all, he was also at the guru level. It would be ridiculous if he felt tired.

When he accepted the invitation from Chen Xiaogang, Fang Qiu had already come to an agreement with Director Chen. After tomorrow, his role in the promotion was over, and the main production team would be responsible for the rest of the promotional activities.

When he signed the contract with Fang Qiu, he didnt state that Fang Qiu had to go with him to promote. These days, Fang Qiu helped him at no charge.

Although Chen Xiaogang wanted to pay Fang Qiu the promotional fees, Fang Qiu didnt want to accept it.

Seeing that the box office was really beyond everyones expectations, Director Chen Xiaogang thanked everyone in his heart. Every member of the team was indispensable. It would have been impossible to make such a good movie without any of them, so he was very grateful to everyone.

In the hotel room, Fang Qiu, who had finished reading and was about to sit cross-legged to practice, suddenly received a call from Director Li Huawen.

Director Li?

Fang Qiu answered the phone.

Its you.

Director Li Huawens cynical laugh came from the other end of the phone. He said, I didnt expect that you starred in such a popular movie. But Its really hard for me.

Whats going on?

Fang Qiu was stunned.

Hey, youre already so popular. Why dont you go and find an agent?

Director Li Huawen said, Its good that Ive become your agent. These days, my phone has been ringing non-stop. They are all looking for you, such as movies, TV series, network dramas, variety shows, and chat programs. Anyway, all the programs you can see on the Internet came to me. They all want you to go on their shows, so the viewers.h.i.+p will pick up.

Uh, I am sorry to trouble you.

Fang Qiu said with a smile.

Whats your plan?

Director Li Huawen obviously didnt mean to blame him. On the contrary, he asked very seriously.

Director Li, do you think Ill even have some free time?

Fang Qiu shook his head.


Director Li Huawen paused and said, I say, you dont know whats going on now, do you? You are much more popular now than those fresh-faced young actors in the entertainment circle. Now you are recognized as a powerful person in the entertainment circle. With such good reviews, dont you really want to develop your career in the entertainment circle?

I dont want to.

Fang Qiu directly shook his head and said, Although Ive partic.i.p.ated in variety shows, shot a movie and also sang a song, there is a reason for doing these things. I really have no interest in the entertainment circle, and there are still many things waiting for me out there. I really dont have the time and energy to be an actor.

I knew it would be this answer.

Director Li Huawen sighed softly and said, Well, Ill help you get rid of all these opportunities.


Fang Qiu nodded immediately and said, Sorry to bother you, thank you.

I have no choice. After all, I brought you into this circle.

Director Li Huawen sighed with a smile.


On Monday, it was the fourth day and also the last day that Fang Qiu would take part in the promotion.

Because they had toured too many cities in recent days, Fang Qiu didnt even know which city he was in. He just followed Director Chen Xiaogang all the way to the promotion sites.

This was a big cinema.

After getting out of the car, under the protection of the security guards, Fang Qiu, Chen Xiaogang, and the others went straight into a large movie hall where hundreds of people were already seated.

These people were all fans.

Lets welcome the production team of the movie Yang Yizhi.

With a loud shout from the host, the main production team quickly entered, following behind Chen Xiaogang.

Then, the fans sitting in the movie hall suddenly became excited.

Fang Qiu!

Fang Qiu, Fang Qiu!

Everyone chanted Fang Qius name in unison.

But when Fang Qiu entered the room, a fan sitting in the first row couldnt help but shout excitedly the moment he saw Fang Qiu, Fang Qiu, I love you. I want to be your patient!

As soon as he said that, it immediately interrupted the numerous voices, and everybody roared with laughter.

Even the host and all the members of the main production team couldnt help laughing.

Then, amid the cheers of everyone, the host started his introductions.

Well, we welcome the main production team of our movie Yang Yizhi. Next, wed like to ask Fang Qiu and Director Chen Xiaogang to stay on the stage. The others, please step down and have a rest.

After the greetings were done, the host reached out and pointed to the chairs that had been set up under the stage. After everyone took their seats, he said, First of all, we will start with the Q & A session.