Medical Master - Chapter 1125 - The Fastest Movie Exceeding One Billion Yuan

Chapter 1125 - The Fastest Movie Exceeding One Billion Yuan

Chapter 1125 The Fastest Movie Exceeding One Billion Yuan

President Li, Im sorry.

Director Chen Xiaogang immediately replied with a smile, Of course, I want to make a sequel to the movie, but the movie has just been released two days ago. My team is now busy promoting the movie and we have not made any follow-up plans yet. Why dont you wait for a while? I promise that if my team wants to, I will contact you as soon as possible.

After he said this and exchanged a few evasive remarks with the other party, Director Chen Xiaogang hung up the phone.

As soon as the call ended, another boss of a large group called.

Chen Xiaogang, who had just taken a shower and was about to sleep, could only sit on the bed in the hotel and continue to answer the phone.

He had no choice.

These big bosses were not people he could afford to offend, so he had to take their calls.

But there was no need to be so polite when it came to making a sequel for the movie and investment.

Although he was a famous director in the circle, Chen Xiaogang always remembered that when he was in the midst of making a movie, he received a lot of rejection when he went everywhere to ask for investments for the movie.

Now, all those who previously gave him the cold shoulder, were now after him to sign the contract, which made him feel very happy.

Yes, it was invigorating.

It was not a gloomy outlook.

Of course, Chen Xiaogang didnt go too far. He was very polite to every boss. Although he had a backer, the author Hua Yi, but wasnt everyone just trying to live a better life?


Perhaps these big bosses could give him more time and better creation s.p.a.ce.

As the saying goes, one should keep a distance from others, and it would be easier to meet each other in the future!


On the third day, which was Sunday, the Yang Yizhi film was still a hit, and it was even more popular than the last two days.

They lived in modern cities.

Generally speaking, people in Wulin were too lazy to go to a movie. In their eyes, the so-called martial arts movie and the so-called action movie were the same as children playing games. It was too fake.

Of course, this kind of false reasoning was not due to the fact that the leading protagonist in the movie was too mythical, but because the leading protagonist in those movies was too weak.

To put it simply. Thats right. I dont think the protagonist is too powerful, but that the protagonist is too weak.

It should be noted that the real masters in the martial arts world were very powerful!

In a famous fitness club in the capital city, Can you accompany me to watch a movie after work?

A woman in her twenties, who had her long tea-gray hair coiled above her head and wore tight-fitting clothes which showed off her nearly perfect figure. She was holding the arm of a fitness coach and acting like a spoiled child.

This fitness coach was about thirty years old. He was a real martial arts pract.i.tioner, and he had great strength.

This woman who held his arm and acted like a spoiled child was his girlfriend. This woman was only ten years younger than him.

What movie?

The fitness coach asked.

Yang Yizhi, this movie is very popular recently. Its a very good martial arts movie. Many of my friends have gone to see it, and they all said that its great.

The woman said.

What martial arts movie? Theyre all deceiving.

The man shook his head and said, Whats so good about watching such fake movies? I can show you if you want to see boxing moves. Its definitely much better than that movie.

Oh, just go with me. My friends went to see them, but I didnt. I will have no topic to talk about when I go shopping with them.

The woman said coquettishly, Is that okay?

All right, all right, all right. Lets go.

The man was helpless.

In the past, he had gone to see those so-called martial arts movies, but in the end, all he wanted to do was to sleep, as the shows were too boring.

This time, it would be the same; he would only be going to sleep during the movie.

In the evening, the man was pulled into the cinema by the woman.

As soon as he arrived at the movie hall, he was ready to fall asleep.

However, it turned out to be a battle scene from the very start.

Amid the exclamations of the crowd, the man glanced at the big screen.

As a result, he was completely mesmerized by the movie. He, who originally had no desire to watch the movie at all, was completely immersed in the plot of the movie because of the play at the beginning.

Wow, this is a sixth-cla.s.s Martial Superior.

As a real martial arts pract.i.tioner, he saw the strength of the protagonist of the movie through the big screen!

d.a.m.n it. This big tiger is still alive!

When he saw the tiger, he was also dumbfounded. It was obviously a unique guardian beast in Wulin. How could there be a guardian beast in this movie?

Did they use any special effects?

But how could special effects be so real?

Hey, youve broken through?

Cla.s.s Seven, breaking through sixth-cla.s.s to Cla.s.s Seven?

d.a.m.n. Its all true. Everything in the movie is absolutely real!

After watching the movie, the man was shocked!

He had never seen such a movie before. It was like actually being in Wulin. It was too realistic.

His heart was filled with shock.

After returning home, this man immediately logged into the Wulin forum and posted his comments, which also caused a lot of heated discussions on the forum.

Is it really that good?

It seems that this movie is the talk of the town these days.

According to the post starter, this movie is truly hypnotic?

It seems interesting. Did they really invite masters in Wulin to partic.i.p.ate in the shooting?

I remember that when the movie started filming, Wulin was mentioned in the trailer but later, it stopped. Now, after hearing the post starters words, I feel that there were really Wulin people involved!

On the Wulin forum, everyone was talking about it.

However, just when everyone was discussing whether there were really Wulin people involved, suddenly, a person directly posted a comment.

Didnt you see the video of the premiere of Yang Yizhi? John Does disciple, He Gaoming, partic.i.p.ated in this movie. He went on stage at the premiere, didnt you notice it? Besides, it is said that the big tiger in the movie is real. Its the guardian beast of the Heaven Treasure that John Doe surrendered to. I have to go and see the big tiger and also his disciple. Im also very curious how the Wulin people shot the movie Yang Yizhi. There shouldnt be any mistakes.

He Gaoming?

John Does disciple?

So theres such a thing?

Then I have to go and take a look. Such a strong lineup should not be trash, and even the post starter has agreed, so there must not be such a big difference.

Ill go and have a look too.

Soon, everyone expressed their stance and wanted to see what the movie was like.

That afternoon, all the people who had browsed the Wulin forum bought tickets and went to the cinema.

Undoubtedly, the first ones to go were the weaker Martial Superiors.

d.a.m.n it, this is completely beyond my imagination.

This is a real action movie. It looks so cool.

Wow, sixth-cla.s.s, this is a sixth-cla.s.s Martial Superior. Its amazing.

Im sure I cant defeat them in a one-on-one fight.

Hes amazing. Hes really able to show the strength of a martial arts pract.i.tioner.

After watching the first action scene.

Those Wulin people who went to watch out of curiosity were all shocked.

Because of their weak powers, they didnt know how formidable the strength of a sixth-cla.s.s expert was. Therefore, when they saw the fight in the movie, they were all shocked by it.

As the movie progressed, they became increasingly shocked.

Wow, this big tiger is real.

Everyone in the movie hall thinks this big tiger is fake and is a special effect. Im the only one who knows if this big tiger is real and alive.

Im so excited just thinking about it. If everyone knows this big tiger is real, what would it be like?

As the audience, these martial arts pract.i.tioners seemed to be even more excited than the ordinary audience.

Especially when they saw the last battle.

Those Wulin people were so excited that they all stood up from their seats, feeling exceedingly overwhelmed.

After watching the movie, everyone immediately began to discuss it on the Wulin forum.

This kind of situation also created a furore on the Wulin forum.

In other words, this was the first time Wulin people talked directly about a movie. Before that, after they watched all the movies, they would make scathing remarks and didnt give any complimentary feedback at all.

But now, this movie truly shocked them beyond words. It was really a wonderful movie.


At five oclock in the afternoon, when the update of the box office came in, a piece of news was suddenly released on the official Weibo of the movie Yang Yizhi.

It was a poster.

It was a poster with Fang Qius photo.

The post read: More than one billion!

This years box office had surpa.s.sed one billion!

As soon as this Weibo was updated, all of a sudden, it attracted the attention of countless media and marketing accounts. A particularly authoritative movie media released a piece of news after the first investigation.

Yang Yizhis box office record is now more than one billion yuan. It only took two and a half days to break the national record and became the fastest movie in the country that exceeded one billion yuan!

Because of the box-office success two days ago, everyone felt that it was reasonable for the popularity of the big movie Yang Yizhi to soar, so this result did not cause too much shock to the audience.

At nine oclock that night, the box office was already over 1.1 billion yuan!

Because of the hot news from two days ago, all the movie tickets on the third day were snapped up. Therefore, at 11 oclock in the evening, the total box office on that day was counted.

430 million!

It seemed that this number was not much higher than the previous day, but when the people in the industry saw this number, they were all shocked.

Generally speaking, due to the fact that everyone had to work the next day, the box office of the movie on Sunday would be lesser than that on However, the box office on Sunday this time had actually exceeded everyones expectations, which was 30 million more than that on

How could people not be shocked by such a result?

In just three days, it recorded a box office of a total of 1.13 billion yuan. This kind of incredible explosive increase really frightened all the people in the industry, and also the audience.

How many years had it been since such a spectacular event had happened!

Many shocked pract.i.tioners in the industry tried to follow suit. They quickly tried to find the exact or similar scripts. Some people even began to study the historical books. They wanted to find a few ancient heroes in the industry and use Yang Yizhi as a model to shoot the same kind of movie.

If I cant make a movie, I can even make an online drama with my imagination.

Suddenly, there was an upsurge of imitation films.

After receiving the results of the box office on the third day, Director Chen Xiaogang, who was overjoyed received calls from countless investors as soon as he returned to his room.