Green Skin - Chapter 85

Chapter 85

Of course it was a terrifying experience, but that was an expected response from Ahyeon. Though she had recovered from her past trauma to a certain extent, whenever she was alone with a man, it was extremely scary for her. It was no exaggeration to say that it would recall her own obscure memories of the past.

No, maybe the reason why she was so worried was because she didn’t want to have her body tainted, which she had devoted to me.

[Sa…Savior-nim…What do I…]

[I will come.]


[Continue to report to me and sustain the mana.]

[Understood, Savior-nim.]

Though she was replying vigorously, her voice was still trembling. As a reputable guy, he wouldn’t recklessly touch or attack Ahyeon, but in extreme circ.u.mstances, one doesn’t know how a man might change. Especially if he was wearing a mask, it would be even more so.

Though I said I was going to come, I did not know where she was exactly. Seeing that air was flowing in, it wasn’t like the place had fully collapsed, so I thought that there would be a blocked path somewhere.

I began to recollect the drawn map roughly, but I couldn’t remember. So I had no choice but to move on.


Since I needed to treat my arm, I applied a potion roughly on my arm within this small confined s.p.a.ce before moving on. It would take nearly half a day to traverse from the north to the south where the Holy Order was. Since I could become lost, I had to move quickly. In other words, I had no time to afford waiting for my subordinates. As long as I inscribed my traces, they will be able to follow me.

Moving along, I rummaged through my pockets to check for my food and water supplies. I could have left everything to the clan to handle things, but due to my old habits, I thought it was effective to carry a small amount of food and water at all times.


After walking for a long time, I saw a blocked path in front. If I were human, it would have been impossible to find this, but with my current eyes, it was definitely more comfortable. After checking with my hands, seeing that the walls weren’t too wide, I decided to swing at it with my greatsword to see how it’ll fare.

As long as I dig at this with my large Greatsword, and stick the Ancient Flame in the wall to melt it to fluids helping to disintegrate it, I should be able to quickly pave a way out.

[Ah… we don’t have any food. Then…how. For now, wait for rescue…Yes. I understand.]

I heard Ahyeon’s voice in between. Naturally, the situation over there was much worse than here. Since they had left the food, supplies to the Porters and workers, this was the end result. Rather than moving around in a dark room, it was better to wait for rescue.

It wouldn’t be a bad choice to leave it be, but it seems that they’re not considering utilizing the Forest Work body fluids. As long as they had means of melting the hard liquids.

Applying a bit more pressure to my greatsword, with a loud clattering, the blocked cave opened. It was a road that headed towards the south. I was continuing to walk until I heard something.


I was able to hear a goblin crying from somewhere. It’s definitely not the original group as they weren’t able to have joined the group together in time. After quietly closing my eyes and focusing on the source of the sound, I was able to sense the direction it was coming from; the left walls which was completely blocked off.

“It’s me.”

“Ggirik….Bl..Blood Dagger…It’s Blood Dagger!”

A cheer erupted from the other side. They were voices of the map drawing Goblin and the other who were separated from the pack.

“Blood Dagger has come to save us. Ggirik!”

In fact, I was isolated as well, but thinking I didn’t necessarily have to say this, I spoke.

“Wait over there.”

I had to be very careful in digging the walls of the cave. If I were to have hit a weak point within the walls recklessly without the aid of Hayeon’s roots, it could cause a great disaster so I first calmed them down.

“I will dig through the debris.”

“Understood! We will wait.”

Once again, I restarted my operation. With melting the debris into fluids on the top part, I began to at it with my greatsword. Attacking the weakest point of the debris specifically, I soon was able to break it down.


Though they were surprised at the crumbling sounds, but they soon displayed bright smiles in receiving of my appearance.

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

Seeing them jump and cheer was quite cute. Little by little, I was able to create a hole in the wall, causing their small bodies of theirs to pa.s.s through the whole.

There was a total of three. As expected, there were two along with the map drawing goblin.

“For Blood Dagger!”

They welcomed me greatly with their small bodies as they hugged me. Normally, these actions weren’t proper, but after overcoming a crisis that nearly caused them to meet their deaths without honor, it seemed that they were greatly worried. Especially, the one with the daughter was truly happy. I began to pat their shoulders one by one as they reverently followed me.

“Do you have the map and food?”


The most welcoming item in this situation. The Map Drawing Goblin soon handed over the map as I began to lay it flat out.

“Where are we now?”

“Around here, Chief.”

It was still a long way away from the North exit, and it was quite a distance away from where Ahyeon was. With the map in hand, I connected with AHyeon.

[Can you roughly determine where you are?]

[Let… let me check.]

As long as they were not fools, they should at least have a map with them. In regards to the investigation which they conducted based on the interior of the cave, they should have a better quality map than us; that was also more accurate. It seemed that there was a guy like Hakajin on their end. At first, it was a bit confusing, but after continuing to listen to her explanation, I was able to roughly know where they were trapped.

[I checked. I will be heading over there now. Wait a bit longer.]

[Yes. Savior-nim…I…I will be waiting.]

“The will continue to leave our trail behind. Venturing forth, we will be going south to fight with the Humans.”

“Fo…For Blood Dagger!”

As if they found it admirable that I was looking for battle in this extreme situation, they began to look at me with glittering eyes of admiration and praise, once more as we headed out.

But the problem with the pa.s.sageways were not normal. Unlike the northern area where it was manageable, there were a lot of collapsed places, hinting at the severity of casualties and destruction which took place here. If I had not known that this was the Forest Worm Cave, then I wouldn’t have imagined that this was the same place.

Even this was a fortunate misfortune.

Anyhow, preserving our food supply, we continued to walk forth as the situation became worse at Ahyeon’s side. Firstly, they had no food or water. Secondly, although she could endure much longer mana-wise than a regular person, but with the hunger pangs and thirstiness, such matters would not simply disappear.

Fortunately, the air did not seem to lessen, but it appears that Ahyeon was stressed out on another matter.

[Sa…Savior-nim. He’s looking. This side…I think.]

Since it was only the two of them in that dark place, there was the psychological struggle which Ahyeon had to overcome as well. As if he were watching voyeurism, it seemed there was lots of instances when the guy would blatantly stare at Ahyeon.

What he was thinking, he didn’t know, but from what I heard from Ahyeon, it definitely seems that his condition was strange.

Of course I didn’t know what changed with him, but as time pa.s.sed while stress acc.u.mulated, the problem remained whether he would want to release that onto Ahyeon.

As such, I formulated a hypothesis. If he had saved Ahyeon in the midst of the explosion, then he would come to despise her more and more as the arrival of the rescue squad delayed over time.

There was also the possibility that his acc.u.mulated stress might convert into s.e.xual desire, but he was definitely evaluating the situation broadly.

The circ.u.mstances of dying here and escaping this place. The t.i.tle and power that he possesses is like the honor of Green Skins. If he a.s.sumed that there was a possibility of escape, then he would have shown the correct behavior. However, if all his hope is lost, then he would not care what will happen in that instance.

It was a personal thought, but I was definitely sure that he had not given up hope yet.

I became a little nervous and moved faster. It was natural that the Goblins quickly followed behind.

Three days later, when I had almost arrived and was consoling Ahyeon to endure longer while waiting a bit longer, it was then.

A sudden scream erupted from the Covenant Ring.

[Savior-nim! Savior-nim! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!]

It was natural that my body reflexively jumped. As if the Goblins were shocked, they quickly jumped up as well wondering if something had happened. If she was a Porter, then I don’t know, but as someone who was considered my person, of course I had to move my body.

The map was already engraved in my head. I continued to sprint ahead. Hearing Ahyeon’s voice in the midst of it, I hurriedly became desperate.


Despite knowing that moving quickly would cause risks to occur, but I ignored it and automatically pushed through. The cave was shaking a bit, but it was enough to hold on.

But when I had arrived, there was nothing in front of me.

‘Was the map wrong?’

I definitely couldn’t help but think like that. But listening carefully, I could definitely hear a voice.

A voice filled with fear leaked out from the Covenant Ring.


Her voice could be heard from below. I looked at the goblins and ordered them.

“Wait here.”

“Ggirik. For Blood Dagger.”

In case they could be under danger, I made them stay as I withdrew Ancient Flame and injected my mana into it. Instantaneously, heat churned out as I began to continually smash the ground below me, causing me to fall down.


What was in front of me was Ahyeon who I had not seen for a long time. She was covered in dirt as her dirty body was rolling around the ground at one side. Her clothes were ripped as she was looking up at me with a rather apologetic face.

And then…

It was a face I had not seen for a long time. It was an unkempt face along with a haggard appearance of someone who has not eaten for a few days entered my sight. As if the light was too bright, he wasn’t able to look at me properly.


He had a puzzled expression while his lower body was still exposed, uncomfortably dangling.

I pulled out my greatsword and rushed at him. Then, I muttered in the human language.

“It’s been a long time. Son of a b.i.t.c.h.”

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