Green Skin - Chapter 84

Chapter 84

[Savior-nim. I think we will depart now. There are 20 members from the Holy Order Guild, 10 from the Sky Dragon Guild, and 20 from several small clans. Over five of them are higher than 3rd Grade Summoned.]

[Well done. The location?]

[It matches where Savior-nim is at. I have heard that they are heading to a Earth Worm Den. Our formation consists of 5 Priests, 5 Magicians, 5 Archers, and asides from that, the rest are comprised of melee]

Time pa.s.sed, and when the cave we dug out reached the front of the Earth Worm Den, we widened the cave slightly before constructing a stronghold there. Thanks to that, we had time to recover our physical strength and have them wait leisurely for the upcoming battle.

The place where we are currently expecting to connect to was the back end of the den. It was the best condition to infiltrate while attacking them from behind their backs.

In the meantime, we concentrated on recovering our health. Ragia, along with a few, began to acquire poison, while those with dexterous hands transferred the remaining poison to the potion bottles. After entering the Earth Worm Den, we were going to use these either on the walls or exits so that they couldn’t escape. As such, two days later, I received a message from Ahyeon.

[We are entering.]

[Good job. Keep reporting the situation.]


They began to enter the den, and I immediately informed the clan.

“We’re advancing.”

After the low voice of mine echoed, the Orc Warriors began to knock down the walls in front of us with their pickaxes.



“Battle time! Battle time!”

They were pounding the walls more vigorously in contrast to when they first started. Naturally, the dirt wall began to break down little by little.

Despite there being no treasure beyond this wall, I didn’t understand why my heart was beating so much. Of course, I was not the only one with such feelings. Everyone was staring at the walls full of excitement and expectation.

Then, with a loud, ‘Boom,’ the walls of the den completely collapsed. What appeared in our view was a grand, dark tunnel. There was no end to be seen, as it was like a dark maze.

“We’re going.”

“Victory! For Victory Only!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

I quickly lead the vanguard as we marched in. The raucous odor was the first thing that swarmed us, as it seemed that, despite the Earth Worms disappearing from here for quite some time, their fluids and odor still remained.

Despite being a cave that was dug without tools, it was more sophisticated than ours. Dark and silent. It was like the entrance to a labyrinth. It lacked no shortage of being an ideal battlefield ground for us to fight in.

First, we had to fully grasp the map of the cave since the Murderer Clan and the Holy Order were here. Before they engaged in fighting amongst themselves, we must finish all of our preparations so that we can take the advantage. Thanks to that, the and archers quickly advanced in. Among them, Mev was the most motivated, as the hands of the Drawing Goblin began to quickly move his hands.

I rushed out at Mev.



“If you feel any tracks or senses of humans, immediately report to me.”

“Okay! It’s fine now. I don’t see anything. I’ll come back.”

Since we were at the end, it was likely. If the Murderer Clan and the Holy Order were located near the south of the cave, then we were in the north. Although I couldn’t predict how they’ll collide, they’ll probably engage somewhere midway. We had to move carefully, since there was no hope of victory if we were to engage them before a fight occurs between the Holy Order and the Murderer Clan.

“It matches. Ggirik!”

“It matches! Ggirik!”

Hakajin and Mev were already memorizing the map, as the rushed over, checking to see if the map matched with the physical landscape of the cave. Thanks to that, Hayeon was able to use her roots to locate the installed traps here and there.

It was a slight tremble, but I began to feel something from the cave.

“Ggirik Ggirik?”

It was not a misunderstanding. The other goblins felt the tremor too, as they all began to anxiously look up at the roof of the cave. It was only slightly, but the cave was clearly shaking.

“This…this is…”

This isn’t good. I quickly ran, as the clan slowly halted as they searched around their surroundings with puzzled expressions. It was then.


A large explosion swallowed the cave, as it felt as if the cave was going to collapse on them. It was such a loud, deafening noise, that it even stung my ears. It wasn’t our side that the cave collapse on, but where Ahyeon and the Holy Order were, as they were advancing from the south to here. Then, I began to think that even the ground was falling down. It was then that my ring began to flash suddenly. What followed immediately was Ahyeon’s voice.

[Sa… Savior-nim! Trap! It’s a tra! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!]


“d.a.m.n! Hayeon! Hayeon!! Immediately prepare your spell.”


After my shout, she began to hurriedly cast and chant something as she ordered her roots to provide support in case the ground were to collapse. It didn’t matter what was happening right now. The priority was saving the tribe.

“We are gathering with the Plant as the center! We are gathering with the Plant as the center!!”

“Ggirik Ggirik!”

The Hobgoblins, who were a bit further astray from the group, quickly returned. But the cave was continually collapsing. Of course, with the size of the cave, it didn’t completely collapse, but it was a large enough range to completely smother in both the Holy Order and our clan. As such, I a.s.signed Gark, Hark, Ragia, and Hakajin all to the area next to Hayeon.

I couldn’t find the small group of Goblins and the Drawing Goblin though.


What was most alarming was that I didn’t see Mev either.

As I was in the midst of swallowing my saliva, I saw Mev rus.h.i.+ng over from afar while calling out to me. It was as if I was watching a disaster movie, as the ground was incessantly collapsing behind her.


She had indeed separated from us quite a distance away. I quickly ran towards Mev, since I couldn’t allow for her to die so ridiculously.

“Bl…Blood Dagger!”

I could hear the shock of my clansmen, but I thought that maybe I could save her.

“Hayeon, cast magic to support the ground and the rest of you stay on standby. Gark, that includes you.”

Gark, who had been rus.h.i.+ng forward, hesitated before returning, as Mev and I were slowly closing the distance.

Behind Mev, the ground was collapsing at a rapid pace.

‘There’s no time.’

At this rate, both of them will be swept away. Reflexively extending her hand was Mev, and I reached out for her as well. The moment her hand and mine made contact, I instantaneously grabbed her and threw her behind myself, all in one motion.



Simultaneously, Hayeon’s voice screamed out.


Large roots instantly wrapped around the clansmen. Although she was rolling a bit since I threw her back too hard, I was able to see Mev join the clan, which was under Hayeon’s protection.

“Let it reach! Let it reach!”

Hayeon was chanting her spell like crazy, as she was sending out her roots over my way, but there was no time. I was definitely about to fall. I stopped running while unsheathing my Greatsword Too Large to be a Sword and lifted it up high. With the mana of the Ancient Flame, the body fluids, which had hardened, were beginning to melt again. All of this was done to provide enough s.p.a.ce the for maximum movement possible after being isolated.


It might be a useless action, but I needed to do whatever I can. But, betraying my expectations, the cave quickly collapsed, and I soon began to disappear from the sight of my clansmen.


“Woaaaaaaaa Blood Dagger!”

Mev, Gark, and Hark’s voices echoed one last time before I lost consciousness.



I slowly opened my eyes. Somehow, I was still alive. For a moment, I considered if I had reincarnated once more, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. It seems that the last desperate action I had done was somewhat effective, allowing me to move around inside the confined s.p.a.ce a bit.

I wasn’t sure who had collapsed the cave, but they had done so completely, however I was still able to discover a s.p.a.ce in which a small body could squeeze through. The problem was that I was quite far away from the clan, and the fact that my left arm was not moving normally.

‘Is it broken.’

It was a very worrisome injury, which caused me to hesitate in moving it recklessly.

I began to sit down and ponder the situation. Before I had heard Ahyeon’s message, I had considered that she might’ve betrayed me, but if she were to do so from the start, then she wouldn’t have used such an unsure method like this.

Above all, it was an explosion that occurred from the south. It was highly probable that the Holy Order was swept away by the explosion. The casualties should be catastrophic if they were caught in the explosion directly. There were probably a few survivors at best.

All of this was devised by the Murderer Clan. Noticing the existence and presence of the Holy Order, they had properly set up a trap for them.

As for our clan, we were awkwardly swept in it. I dryly swallowed, wondering how things could have unexpectedly transpired to this. At least my subordinates were alive. Even if I was isolated, as long as there is enough of the food and water that I had brought along, they should be able to dig all the way here and bring me out. Though I was a bit worried about not seeing the few Goblins, but since they were quick-witted, I thought that they would preserve their lives themselves.

The problem was Ahyeon, who was swept away by the explosion.

It was an unfortunate loss to have her die here. I quickly tried to connect to her.

[Baek Ahyeon. My young disciple.]

[Sa…Savior-nim…. Sa..Savior-nim! Savior-nimm….]

Her voice was very desperate, as I could feel some urgency. It seems that she was extremely worried, since I had lost contact with her. I was a little relieved, but I had almost killed Ahyeon. It was my responsibility for not understanding the dynamics and plans of the Murderer Clan. I quietly spoke to Ahyeon.

[I’m glad you’re alive. My young disciple. How are things over there?]

[Sniff….sniff… yes…al…almost everyone had been swept away. Due to a sudden explosion, the majority of the Holy Order died. Although the ranged squads which stayed behind are alive, they were swept away and isolated by the collapsing ground as well. Savior-nim…]

[Are you with anyone?]

[Jung Euichang…I’m with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Savior-nim…]

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