Green Skin - Chapter 73

Chapter 73

Seeing him, I smiled. The goblins on top of the canyon were staring blankly at Hakajin, before raising up their weapons one by one. It seems they’ve realized what just transpired through Hakajin’s voice.

Just like in the beginning, Hark was waiting for the right moment, just so they could shout my name.

“Victory! For Victory Only!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

With Hark starting up the clan motto, the Blood Dagger Clan and their new compatriots began as one began screaming.

“For Blood Dagger!”

Hakajin in front of me did as well. He tried his best with his teary, emotional voice as he shouted louder than anyone else.

Our newest clan members who were nearly identical to us in their enthusiasm. I couldn’t help but be greatly pleased with this. I did not simply gain clan members, but also attained those who were truly following me. I raised my hand to my chest, which caused another outcry from the crowd.

Thanks to this, I was extremely elated upon returning to the village. With their location having been breached by the humans, they had abandoned their base, and after briefly packing their essentials, they headed directly towards Black Spear’s village.

After presenting these guys, who had abandoned their honor, in front of Black Spear, he gave a quick, ‘welcome,’ as the family within Black Spear’s Clan increased on that day.

Of course I did not miss the welcoming ceremony for him.

There were no rules or laws, but I sat down on the ground and began to drink and eat meat, as the welcoming ceremony commenced.

“Welcome to our new brethren and kin!”

“For Hakajin!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

I could hear the voices here and there. Hark, who was in charge of supervision, began to explain to the Loyal Five Siblings and the others of what he had witnessed, and soon smiled at the type of, ‘style,’ that Hakajin and his group fought in.

“Hakajin is a smart Green Skin!”

“Prioritizing one’s subordinates is an important attribute of a group’s leader. He’s a man fitting of the Blood Dagger Clan!”

I did not know how the others viewed him before this, but at least the clan did not reject him.

Mev and the Three Goblin Sisters were also quite pleased with the newly admitted female Green Skins. It was completely different in comparison to how they treated Ragia.

It seemed they were satisfied with the humble females of Hakajin’s group as Mev, Hayeon, and the Three Goblin Sisters began to converse amongst one another. Probably, they were explaining the rules and teaching them the unspoken laws of the Blood Dagger Clan. It seems that there were rules for the women. Though I wanted to listen into their conversation, I thought it would be medicine if I were not to, I thus turned my attention away. (PR Note: This phrase most likely means that it would be better for his health if he were not to do as Blood Dagger suggested)

With Black Spear partic.i.p.ating in this ceremony, the gathering increased a bit, as all of us were dancing and whooping around a large bonfire throughout the night.

“For Black Spear!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

I too, enjoyed this moment. Though Hakajin’s forces were a bit lacking, as the only shaman in the clan, I had high hopes of raising him up as an executive, as I lifted my cup up high. As such, we moved onto the subject of the, ‘test.’

Due to Gark openly speaking about the Blood Dagger Test, Hakajin knew everything about this.

“Congratulations on pa.s.sing the Blood Dagger Test!”

Though he confidently spoke, with that cold reaction, I could still remember his face becoming petrified as he looked at me. Thankfully, it seemed that Hakajin wasn’t in a bad mood. Rather, he was extremely pleased that he had pa.s.sed the test.

“So all of this was a test….”

“That is so. I apologize if you feel bad.”

“No. Rather, being able to enter the clan this way is an honor.”

He bowed his head, inspiring me to make a prompt reply as I spoke.

“Like I mentioned, you have the privilege, as you are sufficiently honorable. Not anyone can forsake their own life and abandon their honor for the sake of his subordinates. Hakajin, you did flee from the Honorable Grand Patriarch’s Exam. However, I don’t think that you have abandoned the pride of a Green Skin.”

“It is truly too commendable of a praise. I am just a cowardly Green Skin.”

“It is okay if you are a cowardly Green Skin, as long as you do your best in what I a.s.sign you to do. Don’t think of my honor and instead emphasize our maxim. Surviving and winning is the priority.”

“It is an honor, honorable warrior, Blood Dagger.”

The guy became emotional and teary once again. Despite knowing he was a cowardly Green Skin, I hadn’t imagined that he would be one with so much tears.

Though he was lacking for now, there was no mistake he would be a valuable ally in the future. I patted his back saying that it’s okay. Since I had attained him, I decided to ask if he knew of any other groups.

“There is one more group that is taking the test aside from you.”

“I… I knew that you would do so.”

“Originally, I planned on taking one of the two groups, but seeing you, I changed my mind. Do you know anything of the female troll named Ragia?”

I thought that he would roughly know. In the case of those Green Skins without flags, there was a high probability that they knew each other.

As expected, he replied to my question honestly.

“Yes. I know. Though it was a long time… I have even met her.”

“I see…may I ask what business you two met for?”

“Of course.”

Though I asked for an answer, I roughly knew the answer. The fact that the two groups would encounter, the answer was obvious. Before Hakajin opened his mouth, I spoke.

“Was it… for recruiting?”

“Yes. That is precisely so.”

For one without a flag to recruit, it seems that she had quite a lot of ambition. Obvious enough, I was beginning to become curious as to why he declined her proposition. With a extremely interested face, I asked.

“Why did you decline her offer?”

“Since it cannot be said that we would be in her group. She just gathers the Green Skins and live together.”


“Though I do not know the precise details, but it seems that they are separated into two factions.”

I had a little hunch. There were Green Skins that looked like humans and those that were not. Though there were quite a number of Green Skins that looked like humans, there were also a lot that did not look so as well.

“Those that hunt humans and those that don’t.”

“I see.”

It made sense since Ragia and a few other women had a similar appearance to that of a human. Since having a human’s appearance over a monster’s would make it more advantageous in hunting male Summoned. It seems that they had not thoughtlessly evolved, but evolved according to their needs.

The fact that Ragia did not share her hunting style and method to me was probably because she thought it would be disturbing to hear of. No, she thought that I would dislike that kind of hunting. If she had known how our clan had burgeoned during the Tutorial, she would never think like that, but whatever. After listening to his words, I desired Ragia even more.

I had initially thought she was an intellectual woman, but even utilizing one’s gender as a weapon, she looked even more favorable in my eyes.

“Hakajin, if they were to pa.s.s the test, if you were the Chief, would you let them join you?”

“It’s about half-half.”

“Ragia, there’s no mistake that she would be a great help in developing the Blood Dagger Clan. She is wise and intelligent, and knows how to survive very well. But…”


“She is greedy and ambitious. She values those that are on the outside more, which was why I saw desperation in her eyes. Even when we met back then, I knew. I knew that she wanted to possess everything.”

It certainly seems that she had a lot of ambition and greed. The fact that she had offended Mev and furtively seduced me was not to just enter the clan, but to construct a seat of power after joining. No wonder Mev, the current Mistress of the clan was very unwelcoming of her. If what Hakajin and Mev spoke about her was true, then there was a high chance that she would desire for the Mistress position upon entering.

“I see…”

To conclude, once she merged with us, after obtaining her benefits, she would bring about problems within the clan. Of course, all of this was to be considered after she pa.s.sed the test. If she were to abandon us, then our relations with Ragia would be cut off right then and there. I started to antic.i.p.ate the upcoming exam.

It seemed that all the preparations were ready. Although Ahyeon could not partic.i.p.ate in the attack against Ragia’s tribe, her information should be spreading to the nearby humans around her. After investigating what had happened at Hakajin’s tribe, there will probably be groups that will be flocking towards Hakajin’s group, but there would be no one over there. Those impatient humans, subsequently, have a chance that they could immediately form a party and head over there. As substantive as the evidence the location of Hakajin’s village, they would be equally confident of the existence of Ragia’s tribe as well.

Thinking that the test might come sooner than expected, I laughed. As if knowing my thoughts, Hakajin spoke to me.

“It’s up to Blood Dagger to decide.”

“Thank you. I think I did well in accepting you guys.”

What a lovely guy. Even Ragia had made the same statement as him before. That the final decision was up to me. But why it felt as if his remark sounded distinctly different from Ragia’s, I did not know.

I absentmindedly raised my gla.s.s. Originally, the Grand Patriarch would cry while doing this, but due to my habits as a human still remaining in me, I wanted to share this joyful time with everyone.

“Today, we have attained brethren who will be with us together for life. We are drinking this shot for our brethren!”

“Drinking for the sake of our brethren!”

“We are drinking for Blood Dagger and his brethren!”

Not only Hakajin, but even Black Spear raised his gla.s.s, understanding what my actions meant, as they laughed faintly. Then everyone raised their up high and shouted loudly as Giant Wolf Ibar began to howl into the air in bliss.

“For our new brethren!”

“For our brethren! For Blood Dagger!”

As such, a pleasant night had pa.s.sed by.

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