Green Skin - Chapter 72

Chapter 72

The voices that could be heard were definitely humans. A pleasant and interesting situation. Who knew that the guy I did not expect anything from at all would display such results. Smiling, I talked on the line to Ahyeon.

[Lead the troops and retreat back.]

[Yes, Yes…Yes!]

[You don’t have to retreat with all of them. Just take a few humans that you’ve brought along and stay back. Is it an unavoidable situation?]

[No. Savior-nim. Except for the warriors that have entered deeply within the cave…]

[I will go now.]


As such, Mev, Hark and I continued to sprint. In a split moment, we flew by the landscapes. This was how fast we were moving. The reason was simply because we were curious how they were hunting the humans, and so we couldn’t restrain ourselves.

And then we saw the cave in front of our eyes. Just like last time, it was like a canyon, as there were large boulders on each side. Funny enough, I had never expected they would set up an ambush here. Probably attributed to them acting of fearful to lure the humans here.

While I was considering these thoughts, in a short span of time, rocks were being hurled down. Also above the boulders, the goblins were continuing to fire arrows and throw stones.

“Ahhhhhhhk! Run away! Run away!”

“What a masterpiece.”

A remark unknowingly sputtered from my mouth. That cave was a perfect trap. The human forces were already scattered, causing the melee warriors to be timely separated from the priests and magicians.

I quickly headed out, though I had to take a roundabout way due to the boulders that were blocking the path towards the cave. It seems that those guys weren’t in any danger just yet. Most likely, there were also countermeasures installed within the dungeon as well. Escaping to the side, Ahyeon and the other magicians blankly stared towards this side.


The moment she saw me, Ahyeon screamed. Of course, she didn’t foolishly exclaim out loud. Although they were trying to fight, without a frontline person to tank for them, it seems they were in a troubled situation on how to fight. I ignored such small fry and turned away from them, as if I had no time to deal with them, My only concern was for Ahyeon to return alive without any doubt.

“It’s…it’s the Weapon Merchant!”

“Weapon Merchant… d.a.m.n… why is he here…”

It seems that there were some Summoned from Aia. I ignored them and spoke to Ahyeon.

[Nice to see you in a long time. Go back.]


[You did well.]

[I… I will be waiting for the day we meet again, Savior-nim…]

Though her voice felt somewhat disappointed, she could not express it so. Whether to rescue their comrades or not, the public opinion was probably divided, but after recognizing my existence, the magicians probably have decided that it would be best to abandon the trapped comrades and retreat at this point in time.

Those screaming voices from before were probably those of the trapped and frightened men as they wished to escape such a place. We climbed up the canyon towards the top. Then, we began to see the humans that were crawling up. There were some that decided it would be safe to enter the cave, but there were screams emanating from there as well.

“Victory! For Victory Only! For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

Hark and Mev were excited at the scene of a battlefield full of blood and organs. Hark immediately unsheathed his sword and cut down those who almost reached the top, crus.h.i.+ng their heads, while Mev was shooting down arrows from above.

I too, took out my, ‘Greatsword Too Large to be a Sword,’ and began to cut down the guys in front of me. Of course, I did not cease in searching for Hakajin. With the Green Skins noticing us, they were blankly staring at us thinking, ‘What the h.e.l.l was happening?’ In the end they were relieved we were helping them.

Suddenly I started to feel magic leak from inside the cave, as I could feel vigor and strength from my body revitalizing due to that aura.


Somebody inside the cave was buffing the defenders. It is definitely Hakajin. Though the area of effect was great, the effect was a bit faint, making me a.s.sume that it was a buff.

‘That versatile b.a.s.t.a.r.d.’

As a shaman, his level wasn’t that high, but this guy was truly smart. Compared to other Green Skins, it could be said that he was no less than a genius. Not only did he restrict pa.s.sage to inside the cave, but he had also set up the boulders so high that the humans could not climb out of this canyon-like pit.

If it was only Hakajin’s group that was present, the humans would have been able to escape, but Mev’s bow did not allow such hopeful endeavours to occur. With a large bow she had received from the Ancient Warrior’s Tomb, the humans that were trying to escape on the other side of the stone pillars, were shot down from that very position.

The humans that were not invited into the entrance of Hakajin’s cave were already some distance away along with Ahyeon, leaving the isolated humans here to be annihilated.


The moment I called him, a loud roar erupted out.

“For Blood Dagger!”

With my sword cutting down the surface of the stone pillar as I descended, Hark did the same as he followed me down the canyon. Arriving at the base of the canyon first, I gave the people in front of me a present with a slash of my greatsword.


I continued to cut them down, as I could feel that I had grown stronger in comparison to before. What a merry festival.

I changed weapons to my, ‘Ancient Flame,’ sword and started swinging in a fiery and furious arc. A critical strike must’ve laned, as the flames of my weapon flared out. With a sizzling sound, an immense heat burst out. It seems that my Unique Ability’s pa.s.sive effect must have had some influence in that critical hit. With a smile, I swung my sword.



Literally, we were like cats hunting poisoned mice. Hark, who had arrived at the bottom beside me, also thrust his spear towards the humans.

Though there were arrows raining down from above, Hark and I weren’t foolhardy to be struck by those.

“Ahhhhk! It hurts!”

I a.s.sumed incorrectly, as it seems the new Hark wasn’t like that, and he felt the damage regardless. With his cute appearance, I couldn’t help but smile. Soon, I didn’t hear the screams from the humans any longer, as it appears the battle was completely finished. Looking up at the canyon, funny enough, the goblins of Hakajin’s group had their bows drawn against us.

“How interesting.”

But I did not worry too much. Since Mev was aiming her bow at them, along with the fact that I would never be hurt by their arrows. They were holding their bows full of uneasiness at this current predicament. They should know roughly that, trying to fight us would lead their untimely demise.

Then, after finding an adequate place to sit, I waited for Hakajin to come out. Simultaneously, Hakajin came out from the cave, as one goblin after another laid down their bows purporting their intention of not fighting us.

Hakajin was staring at me a bit surprised.

Especially after casting aside the ideals of fighting to the death for honor, he wondered why I was here.

“Forgive my rude…..”

It seems he spoke of an apology due to his subordinates and their drawn bows. I did not reply to him as I chuckled instead.


He looked around uneasily. It seems he was truly frightened. This guy was truly a coward. He was careful and cautious about everything. I know these types of guys very well.

They always think of the worst scenario.

These kinds of guys will continue to roll their heads. What if a fight were to occur, or what if the humans were to return, or what if Blood Dagger were to attack me…

Despite that, the reason why he had come out to this place was due to his own sense of responsibility. With a truly bemused expression, I spoke to him.

“The first time we met at this place…”


“You tried to kill us…”


He did not reply.


This place was obviously a refuge and a fall back place. When the Blood Dagger Clan first came to him, he had lured us to this place. If…If we were to have come here with the intention of killing them, then he would have withdrawn his sword against us.

Of course it was an unfavorable fight for them. Despite that, Hakajin, this guy, was truly interesting.


“Please…please speak…”

There was nothing left for them to hide. With a worried expression, he began to monitor me. He had a lot of thoughts swirling in his mind. First, I asked if he was trying to kill us, which he couldn’t reply. Second, I asked if he left us and fled. But, I wasn’t here to rebuke this.

This guy.


Will revive the Blood Dagger Clan.

After arranging my thoughts, I spoke to him.

“I would like it if your group were to join with my Blood Dagger Clan.”

“That…that is…”

Though he roughly suspected, as if he was surprised, he looked at me with his eyes wide open. It was funny seeing his worried expression, as he scoured his surroundings. The location of this cave was breached, as well as his village by the humans. They had lost their foundation and base to survive in this forest. In any case, accepting my proposal was the right choice.

But, his expression was not corresponding. It seems that, with his worries, he was roughly guessing.

The fact that he would recklessly die while fighting.

“What is the honor that you speak of?”

He did not reply to my question. His eyes were hollow, knowing that the moment they fled the Exam of the Patriarch… that only something that those without honor would commit.

“The honor that we, the Blood Dagger Clan, uphold, is one of attaining victory using whatever means possible. To survive using any means.”

“Surviving is also honorable. It is also honorable to save your subordinates. You are an honorable warrior, Hakajin. Our Blood Dagger Clan needs a warrior like you.”

From my words, his expression began to change faintly. As if he was shocked, his mouth stood agape as he was starting to become teary. His method was not honorable. Other than his group, the other Green Skins could not comprehend Hakajin’s way.

That was why they hid themselves to survive. I wasn’t sure, but I could guess that he was thinking of himself being finally, ‘recognized.’

To be recognized for his way of survival for the first time in his life.

There was no greater joy than that for a Green Skin.

After some time had pa.s.sed.

The guy slowly brought his hand to his chest and spoke.

“I will follow you.”

It was an extremely moving and emotional voice.