Green Skin - Chapter 69

Chapter 69

“What did you just say?”

“I said I will repay what I received, Blood Dagger.”

“No, after that . . .”

Confused, he slowly began to repeat what he had said. He was most likely curious of why I wanted to hear his nickname again. Especially with how my expression was, it was very likely so.

“Br-Broken Bow.”

‘Broken Bow.’

I didn’t ask for his nickname again without reason: Broken Bow. Definitely the Orc Archer that had lost his life to the Queen of the North. Especially after operating ‘solo,’ in the northern region. The Orc Archer who always wore a large wolf leather on his head, as he shot down humans with a ma.s.sive bow.

His way of hunting humans was so extreme that his nickname was infamous even to the West. It was common to see corpses that looked like beehives, and although his infamy lasted a short while, it was the subject of fear to all the Summoned in the North.

Why this kind of guy was here is simply too startling. So it means that he did not start in the North to begin with. Who would have expected a guy like him would have his roots in the West. Regathering myself, I slowly spoke to the boy again.

“I’m curious to know, if you had any plans of leaving the Western Forest?”

“I didn’t plan it exactly, but I had thoughts of doing so. Since I am in a situation of willing to do everything I can to lead my tribe. Whether to the East, the South or the North, I would leave for anywhere as long as we could regain our honor. I do not know why you are asking… anyhow, I appreciate what you have given my men.”

” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

I nodded speechlessly. If he were to head for the North, he would surely die. But before that, there will definitely be a certain incident. For example…

The case where his whole tribe was annihilated; leaving him the lone survivor. Whether this incident occurred after travelling for the North or in the Western Forest, I did not know. One thing was to be certain – I could not send him up North.

The fact was that one of the guys, Broken Bow, that I had determined to keep by my side after my reincarnation, was right here. I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would have encountered him in this matter. Not only that, I had met him when he was still a boy. Who would’ve thought? As such, I urged him.

“I would like it if you did not go North.”

From my sudden statement, he stared at me with a surprised look. With his eyes wide open, he spoke.

“That is not for you to decide Blood Dagger.”

“The warrior that took my name headed North. I am not certain, but it most likely probable.”

In the end, I had no choice but to speak urgently. Aside from confirming that girl had traveled for the North, I had to stop him from heading North by any means so I spoke recklessly. Fortunately, it seemed that being a young boy was beneficial for me, as he didn’t notice anything strange in my words.

“The probability that I will encounter that warrior. You are worried for me.”

“That is so. It is because I think that you are a strong warrior.”

After listening to my words, he soon nodded. He was extremely elated, most likely because I was worried; that the warrior who stole my name would also make him a victim as well. The fact that Blood Dagger acknowledges him so much, must make him feel good.

Of course, my thoughts were completely different from his, as he would lose his whole tribe, pride, and self completely as he would wander all alone, only to die miserably to the Queen of the North in the end. But of course, it does not matter what this Broken Bow is thinking.

“I will keep note of your words then.”

“Thank you.”

Although he was dignified at the moment, he was still a young bow. Compared to the rumors I’ve heard of Broken Bow, there were a lot more exaggerations than I had thought.

“Apart from this gift, our clan also wants to be friendly with your group.”

“That means… ”

“Though being brother clans will happen after you raise your flag, but I believe that you are an honorable warrior, Broken Bow. There is no further need for words.”

It seems he was extremely moved by my words. If he were to have any bit of doubt of why I was showing so much favor to him. Then this conversation would have been much more difficult, but as a young boy carrying a heavy burden. It seemed that perhaps I may have been the image of an angel descending down from heaven in his eyes. As expected, his eyes were sparkling. The caution that was in his eyes in the beginning had completely disappeared, and he was instead looking at me as if I was a true brother.

In contrast, what he really yearned for was to move independently. As such, I spoke this statement to meet his standards as well.

“Apart from that, I will surely receive what I have just given, Broken Bow.”

“Th-thank you, Blood Dagger. I will definitely repay you.”

I did not reply to him as I slowly raised my hand to my chest, causing him to awkwardly repeat the same action as well.

Anyhow, after roughly finis.h.i.+ng up, we headed back to Black Spear’s village together with my tribesmen. Recalling his glittering eyes, I chuckled.

In conclusion, although you could call it a rejection from the third village. The fact that we were able to forge a good relations.h.i.+p with a Named Monster called Broken Bow was a great achievement. However, contrary to my thoughts, the faces of the women of the tribe including Mev were wrinkled.

The reason was obviously…

“I hate that troll girl… if Blood Dagger wants her, I cannot help it… but I hate her.”

“She insulted Mev. This cannot be just pa.s.sed over!”

The problem was due to the troll female. This was most likely because she had proposed that Mev be cast aside, and had centralized an image of breeding in it’s instance. Apart from that, although I did not like it when she had recklessly spoken of Mev, but for the tribe, it was proper to push aside one’s personal feelings.

Thinking about the repulsion, and complaints that will arise once I choose that troll female was giving me quite a headache.

As if she was convinced that I would select the second villiage, Mev’s expression was not good at all, as she stared at me as if wanting to say something. When the atmosphere darkened a bit more, it was Hayeon, not Mev, that spoke to me.

It seemed that she also disliked the female troll, as she came beside me.

“Have you decided?”

“Not yet.”

Although they tried to hide their tightened fists from my sight after my short reply, I could still notice them very clearly. I couldn’t help but smile, and Hayeon spoke once again.

“In my opinion, it would be proper… to have a test for them.”

“A test?”

“Yes. Although green skins may think a bit different, but humans are like that too. Just because they ran once, does not guarantee that they wouldn’t hesitate to flee twice. What do you think? Don’t you want to know what they’ll choose; if a life-threatening situation were to occur?”

Her words were sufficiently persuasive. At the end of the conversation, Hayeon looked at me interestingly and laughed. Her eyes glinted of murderous intent, as she was probably thinking of wanting to gain personal revenge against the troll that insulted her.

With the suggestion from Hayeon, Mev and the Three Sister Goblins all nodded as they raised their voices. She was even sending friendly looks of goodwill and hospitality towards them, something that was improbable to happen before this. As such, she succeeded in attaining their interest.

“The plant is right! Yes! It’s a test! The troll female will definitely flee! No doubt!”

“The green plant is right! The Blood Dagger’s Test! Blood Dagger’s Test!”

Blood Dagger’s Test. As if that word had trembled in their chests, one after another, they began to shout. In the end, even Gark and Hark who were holding the flags began to shout out as well.

“It’s the Blood Dagger’s Test!”

“The Blood Dagger’s Test will start!”

Even if I did not want to test them, due to their expectations and support, it seems that I was left with no choice but to start a test. Nodding, I raised my arms, causing my clansmen to cheer once again.

We returned to the village continually shouting ‘Blood Dagger’s Test’ all the way. Arriving, I laid down and began to ponder about the test. The intention was good, since there was no guarantee that they will not run away twice given the circ.u.mstances.

Rather, those who saved their own necks would probably select the same choice if they were to encounter a similar situation. Of course, if they were sincere in their regret, they wouldn’t make the same choice again, but the temptation to survive is far greater than one might think. Thus, I slowly began to activate the Covenant Ring.

To be honest, the first thing that came into mind when I was thinking about the test was Ahyeon.

The moment I injected mana into it, a voice immediately began to transmit from the other side.


She was breathing out roughly, making it appear to be an extension of what happened last time, but I did not have the leisure to listen to all her desires. I called out for Ahyeon in my mind.


[Sa . . Sa . . . Sa . . . . Sa . . . Savior-nim . . . . . ]

[ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ]

There was silence for a moment. Since she might be slightly embarra.s.sed, I skipped ahead to the main point, while trying to be as oblivious as possible. Which seemed to be the correct action.

[I have something for you to do.]

[Yes . . . . yes . . . yes . . . I will . . . willingly . . . accept it thankfully.]

I then moderately shared my thoughts with her. The contents of the conversation was quite simple. The first village that we visited, as well as the second tribe’s location, I leaked to her. There will certainly be a few Summoned in Legius that do not have anything to do, and so they will be fitting to use for the test. The important part of the test was to determine if they would abandon us, flee or fight. It was important to have a detailed plan, but I thought it was best to start from the basic foundation for now.

The rumor that Ahyeon will spread out will naturally spiral around the Summoned, and soon they will form an expedition to verify the source of that rumor.

[So…So all I need to do is spread it?]

[That is so. This is sufficient enough for the time being. Also, if you hear rumors concerning monsters of the third village in the forest, report them immediately to me. Whether it was from the expedition… or if they have discovered an entirely different village from the original two targets…I request this of you.]

[Yes…yes I understand.]

As such, once the conversation was over, I turned off the communication, causing her to begin calling out for me earnestly once more.

[Sa…Savior… Savior-nim. Can…can I come with you?]

TL Afterword

I want to see the h.e.l.l that’s about to be set loose once the female troll joins the tribe.


Using the word ‘Savior-nim’ which is basically like Savior-sama / Lord Savior.

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Trying to be more motivated to translate. Maybe if I consider it as a job instead of a hobby :O

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Sai101: A trial for the GS prospects.. “h.e.l.l hath no fury like a woman scorned.” $$$ on the first village not to run & second one will end up fleeing.

BM: A test? A test can never account for every factor of strength a person has, for example a test on archery will never tell you how strong a warrior with a sword is, or a test of spearmans.h.i.+p will not show you the skill with a knife and stealth. I wonder what the trial is going to be then.

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