Green Skin - Chapter 68

Chapter 68

As we were entering the third village, the clansmen all had some sort of expectations written on their faces. On the other hand, the Three Goblin Sisters were surrounding Mev, comforting her. “She can never be forgiven. Ggireuk.” Commented one. “Such an impertinent troll. Mev stay strong!” Replied another. “Mev is a healthy fairy!” Prompted the last of the Goblin Sisters.

The other clansmen did not have much of an opinion considering that I didn’t want children, but for the women, knowing that there was no heir to the Chief – this was quite a sensitive matter. I could feel as if a storm was brewing, so this situation was not so ideal currently.

The reason was because of the female troll’s recent impertinent att.i.tude that was directed towards Mev and Hayeon back then.

Of course I knew what Mev wanted, but to be honest, it felt like I would be committing a crime, so I did not even try to attempt and fulfill her wish. It was unrealistic to have a child right now, and becoming stronger was my immediate priority.

As such, while having such non-important thoughts, we marched forward once again. The gender ratio of this group was the most balanced one amongst all the groups so far. In fact, I had a lot of expectations before arriving here, but I was somewhat worried at the same time that there would not be much growth in this village. Not only me, but the rest of the Blood Dagger Clan all seemed to be of the same frame of mind.

The third group certainly felt a bit larger in size compared to the first and second. As the gender ratio was a bit even, there was more resilience and tenacity that existed in this group. Both attributes that the Blood Dagger Clan needed.

As if they knew we were coming, they were a bit cautious and wary of us. Soon, an orc from the village slowly advanced forward.

“What business does Blood Dagger, who has been rummaging around the forest as of late, have with us?”

This unknown orc was completely different in appearance compared to First and Second. However, he very much resembled those orcs that had not lost their honor. It wasn’t like he was terrified or intelligent, but he carried a dignified presence.

“I just came to look around. I was curious what Green Skins lived around here.”

“Is that all you really have to say?”

A suspicious voice. In that instant, I couldn’t help but feel that I had erred in coming here. They had no intention of joining us. Rather, they were a type of group that wanted to continue living independently on their own grounds.

But, just in case, I slowly broached our intentions, which he immediately replied too.

“Do you have any willingness to join our clan?”

“I appreciate the offer but we will decline. We want to live amongst ourselves.”

“It is an opportunity to regain your honor.”

“Of course, I would know that. However, that would be the honor that would have been recovered by you, Blood Dagger. Just like how you are waiting for the day to fight the opponent that stole your honor, we too are looking to regain our honor in our own way. As such, there is no need for external help, Blood Dagger. Rather, in a sense – it is disgraceful for us to have such thoughts.”

This guy. How tempting.

To be honest, there were many that could be called generals in this clan. Gark and Hark, and if you consider the alliances we have and extend outward from our clan, then even Goff and Black Spear. As such, what was needed at the moment was a shaman, or an intelligent Green Skin like that female Troll.

That is to say, a strategic or tactical general was what we needed. It was due to wanting to select and recruit this type of Green Skin, that we had departed for this expedition in the first place. Nevertheless, I wanted him.

I didn’t know how long it had been since he was summoned onto this Continent, but his eyes were burning. I couldn’t say that he was stronger than Gark and Hark, but this guy was definitely growing.

“I cannot comprehend why a Green Skin such as yourself would flee from the Warrior Exam.”

That was my honest opinion. This kinds of Green Skin would never retreat from a challenge.

“It is not I that fled, Blood Dagger, but my father.”

“I see.”

It seemed that the situation was more complicated than I had thought. No wonder he looked a bit different – he was born in this place and not summoned.

“So, is your father the leader of this group?”

“My father is dead. I killed him with my own hands. He doesn’t know honor. He desired female Green Skins and indulged himself in alcohol. He drove many of our tribesmen to the jaws of death. He was gradually becoming corrupted. In order to protect the little honor that we had left, I decided to kill my father myself. Thus I now am the leader of this group.”

He was someone who proudly spoke about how he had ended the life of his father. In terms of human perspective, this would definitely be a comdenable action. However, turning behind, I saw the reactions of Gark and Hark nodding.

“So you have protected his last remaining honor.”

“How touching. It must not have been easy for you.”

Even the Three Goblin Sisters were shedding hot tears down their faces.

I did not know what was so moving, but I nodded for now.

“Honorable. I understand your will very much. You want to rebuild your honor, and wish to take another route instead of ours.”

“Blood Dagger’s offer is of course appreciated. But the situation is not appropriate.”

Recollecting back to the anecdote of the Three Kingdoms when Liu Bei visited Zhuge Liang three times in attempt to attain him, I decided to offer him a chance once again, but seeing his eyes, I decided not too. Even if the heavens were to collapse, he had no intention of joining us. In terms of joining my clan or moving with me together, I realized it was only possible once he was able to raise the flag in his own heart.

I did not know how they would regain their honor and raise the flag of their group once more, but I wanted to cheer them on.

So I soon continued.

“If you do not mind, may we enter your village.”

“Of course. With Blood Dagger visiting this place, the other Green Skins will definitely be filled with strength and vigor.”

Finis.h.i.+ng the conversation, I rode Ibar and walked into the village. What I saw were goblins and orcs, relentlessly training against one another without rest. The tents and sleeping areas of the Green Skins also came into sight.

It was a perfect village. There were aspects that were commonly seen within Black Spear’s village and mine. It wasn’t a group, but one complete clan. Of course, it seemed that it had been some time since they had last engaged in an actual battle, but seeing them train like this, I was able to see the potential growth of these despite not being strong.


“Thank you.”

The other clansmen, including First and Second, raised their hands onto their chests in salute to the warriors that were training against one another with their swords. I really liked these guys, but it couldn’t be helped.

At this time, I wanted to gift this village something nice, so I called for Gark, and soon, while taking a few orc warriors of his own, he began to return back to Black Spear’s Clan.

“This way.”

He led me to his tent. The interior of the tent wasn’t bad at all. We couldn’t help but raise the evaluation of this group to even higher than before. The potential for growth was there. Rather, it was more likely that they would grow stronger than us.

Soon, just like the second village, he began to bring over alcohol and some simple appetizers. To be honest, I was full, but I thought that it wouldn’t be polite to deny their hospitality; so I decided to force the alcohol and food down as we continued our conversation.

Then, I realized that he was not drinking.

“Will you not raise your gla.s.s?”

With a worried look that poison might have been added, I looked at him, causing him to be extremely embarra.s.sed before replying.

“I cannot drink yet, Blood Dagger.”

“So you have decided that you will not drink until you have regained your honor?”

“Th-that is not so. I am not an adult yet. So I cannot drink alcohol.”

I barely managed to hold my laughter in. For him to be not an adult with that kind of face was extremely surprising. As mentioned earlier, Green Skins were treated as true warriors after seven years. In other words, it has not been 7 years since he had been born into this world. Although he looked a bit different, I did not imagine that he was not an adult. Interestingly enough, he was monitoring my response as he pretended to look elsewhere.

A bit of a gentle appearance.

“How much time has pa.s.sed since you came into this world? ”

“Kereuk . . . it has been only five years.”

So that vicious face was only five years old. Although the standards were different from that of humans, it was quite amusing. For someone to be very different from his first impression, I smiled. After we conversed for a long time about this and that, we began to finally talk regarding how to get back one’s honor.

“So. How will you restore your honor?”

“I do not know. If I could receive the Warrior Exam of the Chief Patriarch once more, I would take it again. It would be difficult, but there would definitely be a way. I too, want to be able to raise my own flag just like you do.”

“Perhaps you can. Seeing this village, that is how I feel.”

“Thank you.”

While we were talking, we began to hear voices from outside. It seems that Gark had arrived from his errand. It was no wonder that it was so boisterous outside. There was no question that the young orc’s eyes were wide, full of curiosity. I looked at him and slowly spoke.

“Let us go outside.”

” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?”

Taking him outside, what came into our view were the, ‘weapons,’ that Gark had brought over.

“This . . . this is . . . ”

He was looking at me with an uncomfortable expression. Despite claiming that he would not receive any outside help, I had brought weapons for him.

“I appreciate your thoughts, but I will not accept these, Blood Dagger. Kereeeung.”

I knew that he would be stubborn. How troublesome. Seeing him pride himself so highly couldn’t help but make me smile. But, for these guys to be able to do anything, an increase in power is necessary. If he were to accept our gifts, he would have a huge debt to our Blood Dagger Clan, so we needed to make sure these guys accept our weapons unconditionally.

As such I began to speak to him.

“I am not just giving it to you, young orc that is looking for one’s honor.”

” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?”

“I am investing right now.”

“What do you mean by investment, Blood Dagger?”

“It’s simple. When I lend a weapon to you, I expect two arms to be returned to me. As much as I help you, there will always be a time when I need help as well.”

He was looking at me with a strange look. There was no doubt he was tempted by these weapons. I began to slowly scour their weapons that the goblins and orcs carried around me. Rusty daggers, swords with blades that couldn’t even cut, and axes that had lost all sharpness – in order for these guys to grow steadily, accepting my gifts was near a necessity for them in reality.


“Look at what your tribe has, young orc. A chief needs to know when to bend his pride for his tribe. As much as you can restore the honor that you had lost, you can also pick up the pride that is on the ground.”

As if he understood, he began to nod slowly.

“I will repay you. I will definitely give back what I received. That is how this Broken Bow lives.”

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