Green Skin - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

” Are you going to kill me? ”

It was a voice that sounded somewhat frightened, but clear. Hearing her voice, I had no choice but to carefully ponder.

Opening the quest window, soon information entered my mind.

[ Quest – Go Hunting! : There are still many humans alive in the forest. Please continue to hunt these humans ( 12 / 30 ) ]

It wasn’t like killing this woman would complete the quest. Though I had completed a few experiments, it didn’t hurt to check a few more. While I was busy contemplating what to do, an urgent voice could be heard.

“Please . . . . . spare me. You . . . are a human. ”

” We’ll see . . . Kireuk. ”

Strictly arguing, only the inside was human. Externally, I was rather a heinous goblin. Tch. Answering in an uninterested manner caused her to start sweating anxiously. She’s probably having a hard time understanding how she ended up in this kind of situation.

Opening her eyes, she was transported to a strange place and was soon attacked by goblins, and barely escaping that or so she thought, only to end up in the den of the goblins. Not only that, the fact the goblin that captured her may be ‘ human ‘ must be extremely confusing for her.

I, too, didn’t experience a comfortable tutorial, however, it wasn’t as extreme as the woman in front of me.

However, in her eyes were truly, real malice.

” I . . . I know where the other humans are. ”

In the end, she started to spew out information that she didn’t necessarily have to say. It wasn’t an unusual case. Rather, it was a very human choice. Anyone that would come across this kind of situation would likely do the same.

The people that gathered from each city who were all perfect strangers. Not family, not friends. And it would be impossible to have comradery. The words that the woman spoke of materialized in my head.

‘Please . . . . . spare me. You . . . are a human.’

A small wind could be heard leaking out of my lips. I was indeed a human, but humans are quite amusing.

” Kireuk! ! ! ” ” Ggireuk ! ! ! ”

After listening to Jung Hayeon’s side of her story, all the information matched with what I had currently. The place where she was summoned were exactly opposite of us. Different from us, the humans were supposed to survive from the battle against the goblins.

Because of those narrow, close fights, the differing opinions that arose saying that they had to hide for 100 days safely compared to those that argued that completing the quests were a priority, separated the humans into two groups. Between the two choices, Jung Hayeon selected the group that intended to survive, and in the end, met the other survivors in that cave.

Apparently, the side that chose to survive had none that had completed a quest.

Though I can’t exactly remember the other group, but I did recall them completing the tutorial. But there was no one eye-catching among those guys.

Since they had quite a lot of members, I pa.s.sed over this information to ‘ Goff Clan ‘ and to the other goblins. It was the precise reason as to why the goblins were screaming in the campgrounds in preparation of leaving.

Of course I’m taking Jung Hayeon with me. I promised some of my subordinates other humans and entrusted Jung Hayeon to them that liked her. Definitely, I could once again feel that the goblins that came to my side enjoyed securing ‘ benefits ‘.

” I will definitely repay this grace. Ggireuk. ”

” No worries. Ggireuk. Ggireuk. ”

As such, we brought our goblin village out with Jung Hayeon as our guide as we departed. Though I roughly remember where those guys were, I was simply playing with Jung Hayeon with entrusting this mission to her. I wanted to plant a sense of guilt, but I also was worried whether or not she would try to backstab us or not. I wasn’t someone this thorough usually, but that last traumatic scene probably remained with me still from before.

Jung Hayeon officially started guiding us from the cave where the battle occurred yesterday. Nevertheless, it was quite uncomfortable seeing the Blood Dagger Clan Flag tightly wrapped while pointing towards the direction.

” It’s a trace. Ggireuk ”

Advancing a bit further, we discovered a place where a few goblins had fought before, causing a few goblins to jump up in commotion.

” It’s a trace. Captain Ggireuk ! ! Ggireuk ! ! ”

Seeing it now, it seems as if it was a goblin from our side. Roughly nodding my head, we continued to head forward. Exploring the surroundings, it could be clearly made that there was a battle here. There were various traces of evidence lying around. In the case of corpses, I couldn’t determine whether the goblin that had survived carried them, but on the wood and rocks on the ground were painted a red liquid. Soon, I was able to see equipment which blades had fallen off abandoned around.

Slightly staring at Jung Hayeon, she precisely pointed towards a bushy place.

” They went over there. As for where after, I’m not sure. . . ”

” Good job. ”

It seems that the two groups had parted here. After I roughly replied to Jung Hayeon, as if she had some hope, her face brightened a bit. The number of humans that moved wasn’t small at all. I could see the traces lying around here and there. The broken branches, the crushed leaves. How strange.

Even if it wasn’t a professional archer, we should be sufficiently able to trail them.

At this time, I ordered my goblins to attach leaves on their head and shoulders. Although it was quite embarra.s.sing to be having this camouflage, if we were the ones to lead the village, then it was something that was necessary I thought.

Behind us, the Goff Clan as well as the other goblins followed our lead from afar. After a long time, I could tell that none of us were nervous.

” I think they’re around here . . . Mev, how is it? ”

” I’m not too sure Ggireuk . . . since it is in such a mess. ”

Wondering if she had learnt a way to read traces after evolving, I did slightly expect something, but it was still a bit awkward for her. In terms of a human, once you changed into an archer, you can start to read traces a bit. Since our senses were a bit more developed as monsters, I expected some sort of capabilities in comparison to humans, but that wasn’t the case.

” What a shame. . . ”

With a somewhat uncomfortable expression, I secretly looked over at Jung Hayeon. Come to think of it, I had forgotten that we had quite a wonderful bait.

After requesting Goff Clan and the others to wait, I brought Jung Hayeon deep into the forest and had her stand there. In the eyes of humans, you could say she was quite a ‘ beauty ‘. Though I didn’t admit it, frankly my heart was throbbing as well. As a result, I placed the flag that Jung Hayeon had hanging on her back and stuck it into the ground.

” Why . . . why are you doing this?”

As if realizing what I was planning, her face suddenly paled. Silencing her with my finger, I opened my mouth.

” Since you need to scream for help. ”

” Ah . . . but . . . but. ”

” Who knows? We might lose and you could possibly escape. ”

After momentarily being surprised, understanding my purpose, she compulsorily nodded her head. Then, soon after, she started to scream relentlessly.

” Save me ! ! ! ”

” Save me ! Please ! ! ”

Kim Hangyul was this survivor’s camp’s temporary leader. It has been 2 days since he arrived here. Though he prayed for it to be a dream and slept, when he woke up, he hoped for a warm room, but reality was quite cold.

At first, right after he arrived, while sitting with his sword, those green monsters started to attack. Although they weren’t strong or fast by any means, they held the same weapons as us. The humans had somehow fended off that first a.s.sault.

On that night, the monsters attacked once more, but it proved to be this side’s victory. Thanks to that, Kim Hangyul completed his quest and changed into a warrior.

After changing, he changed his sword and s.h.i.+eld to something better, and became one level stronger. Despite not learning swordsmans.h.i.+p once, basic swordsmans.h.i.+p started to flood his consciousness. Before knowing it, he now understood how to ‘ Block and Attack ‘.

That wasn’t the only thing he realized.

‘ You need to fight to survive. ‘

After gaining strength from evolving, that thought immediately crossed his mind. After completing that first quest, that second quest that immediately appeared. To kill 30 goblins would make him stronger once more, and make his survival rate higher. Kim Hangyul who had attained this particular strength had the envy and jealousy of others, as some even marvelled.

Among that, the expression that was most noticeably was precisely.

‘ I can do it too ‘

Going from wanting to survive, more and more wanted to attain that particular strength. As such, a day pa.s.sed and it was early morning. They were currently discussing on which way they should head to.

” Save me ! ! ! ”

” Save me ! Please ! ! ”

He could hear a voice from somewhere. It was clearly the voice of a young woman.

” Hangyul. ”

” I heard it too. ”

” Shouldn’t we leave and save her. “‘

Although he wasn’t sure how a woman was stranded in the forest, but that sound wasn’t being only heard by them. The monsters they had nearly exterminated could be there, or there could be the possibility that other monsters might rush over.

Kim Hangyul began to look around. Although a few had a look of dread, others had started to show greed. That was because of the possibility that they could hunt the monsters.

That greed was also likewise with Kim Hangyul. After surviving both battles, he believed that he could fully oppose against those small monsters, whether it was an ambush or a surprise attack, so his desire only grew.

‘ Live to fight ‘ as much as there were those that had chosen this group, it was quite belligerent as well. In the end, Kim Hangyul had no choice but to nod his head.

” Immediately prepare a rescue team and move. ”

It was only a rescue team by word. Frankly, it was all those bloodshot people that were intent on raising their achievements. The fact that the girl was screaming means that there was still time to maneuver. Though the fact that enemies might not be there was high, but that scale wasn’t that great.

Kim Hangyul soon gathered members that would partake in this rescue. Though the minority wanted to move now, they had to be cautious just in case. Although this world was a game-like system, it was never a game.

As such, after gathering all the members that were able to fight, they began to move towards the voice.

” Hangyul. ”

” I know. ”

They made the choice of detouring around, because they were wary that monsters might appear in the trail. Though not noticeably strong, Kim Hangyul was quite rational. As such, Kim Hangyul’s group covertly and swiftly began to move.

We weren’t the only ones that hunted.

After moving for some time, the appearance of a woman slowly revealed. Her hair was messed up as she hung on a large flag with her clothes ripped. Her pale skin caused many to drool. While staring at the girl, a question continued to repeat.

‘ The situation is strange. ‘

” S . . . save me! Pl . . . Please! Sa . . .! ”

” Tch . . . Although there are no monsters, we sure hit the lottery. . .”

The military group that claimed themselves to be ‘ Protectors ‘ had hara.s.sed the women at camp a couple of times. Amongst them, the most wicked guy, Choi DukPal, was swallowing his saliva as he nodded his head towards the group.

” Keuu . . . . it seems that drool is automatically flowing out. ”

‘ Stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. . . ‘

Although it wasn’t that Kim Hangyul didn’t bother girls as well, it’s just that these guys were just too much. To be able to think of this in this situation . . . in the end, Kim Hangyul in this unnatural situation opened his mouth.

” We’re retreating. ”

” Shouldn’t we bring back that girl as well? Hehe ”

” d.a.m.n . . . I said we’re retreating. If you don’t withdraw, I’m returning back alone. ”

” Then go back alone. As for me, I’m going to take her back and have some fun. Don’t bother asking to borrow her. ”

As such, the group started to head towards the flagged place as Kim Hangyul swallowed his dried spit looking on.

” Hey . . . we came to save you. ”

” Hey . . . the lady over there. Do you have something if we save you? We staked our lives trying to save you that is . . . shouldn’t you have a simple present to . . . Ahhhk! ”

As expected, green monsters attacked from all directions. Compared to the previous fight, a large, tall goblin attacked followed by many others as the other guys collapsed without much of a fight. Whenever the large goblin swung his sword, the humans that had not finished their first quest were cut down as screams rang out.



As if scared, the woman continued to scream as she saw the b.l.o.o.d.y field below, closing her eyes.

” Didn’t you say you’d … save me ! ? You said . . . you’d save me ! ? ! Don’t attack me. I’m . . . . I’m . . . on the same . . . side . . . same side . . . ! !

‘ d.a.m.n ‘

Although it was difficult to understand what was happening, Kim Hangyul fled beforehand. Just by roughly inspecting, it was a battle without hope. The discrepancy in numbers was there, but the spirits of these monsters themselves were different.

‘ d.a.m.n . . . d.a.m.n . . . Things have gone wrong. ‘

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