Green Skin - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The goblin that charged in first and displayed quite an impressive performance from the first battle, the one that evolved first alongside me, it was Warrior Goff.

Goff was slowly approaching me as the goblins were trailing behind. Before long, Goff arrived in front of me and opened his mouth.

” You did pretty well. ”

Despite choosing the same Warrior as me, not sure how but his size was much greater than me. As much as the size of a human. Even if you were to choose the same Warrior path, depending on your behavioral patterns, the direction at which you evolve changes. Though this guy was always a bit bigger than me, the way he fought in the frontline probably influenced his evolution, as it seems that he had some growth compensation towards his strength.

” Ggireuk. Ggireuk . . . Ggireuk Ggireuk ! ”

” Ggireuk ! ! Ggireuk ! ! Ggireuk ! ! ! ”

Both leading these, the two chiefs facing each other was an awesome site to see as goblins here and there started to jump in commotion. There was even a goblin that started to sing. I remembered that Goff definitely disliked me, but seeing this achievement, it seems that he has altered his perspective of me once more. Opportunistic and a somewhat despicable, decent warrior was the probable internal a.s.sessment he had of me.

” Let’s work well going forth. ”

Soon afterwards, he started to pound his chest. No matter how you see it, it seems that the goblins salute one another by pounding their chests, so I replied likewise.

” Ggireuk ! ! Ggireuk ! ! ! ”

In the vicinity, the other goblins had one fist pounding their chests staring at us. And as such, Goff simply turned back. I was living a normal group life among the low population of goblins.

Excluding a few goblins, although we were summoned in different locations, we had naturally conglomerated, certainly different from the humans. To say the least, what is in this location is a tribal alliance, otherwise known as a clan alliance. Not interfering with one another, each tribe acknowledges and helps each other survive.

Compared to the past when the humans had fought and separated after progressing through the tutorial a bit due to their own vested interests. Rape was normal, and even many were killed for food if I recall. Although it might be ridiculous to hear this seeing these goblins, but they are rather more humane.

Turning, I pa.s.sed by the subordinates of Goff. As if they had learnt it from our clan, the goblins started to chant strongly.

” We are Goff Clan !”

” We are the Brave Goff Clan ! ! ! ! ”

It was definitely more impactful hearing them say Brave Goff Clan compared to the Despicable Dagger Clan. I roughly clanked at the goblins once more before walking away.

Moving towards my camp, it was quite embarra.s.sing to call it a camp to be honest. But, seeing that the tent barely a.s.sorted, it seems that the goblins too have a culture like those in the continent.

It was a compatible version similar to the ones nomadic tribes used.

Not only that, there were human skulls hanging on branches pointing to a clumsy flag embedded in the center. Quite creative. I’m not sure who, but there was a poorly made picture drawn.

Around this time, these were the type of perfect goblin villages that you can see frequently in the continent. Let’s drag the captured human inside. Suddenly, Mev stealthily walked with me towards the tent. Seeing that, I opened my mouth.

” What are you doing? ”

“Well . . . just . . . in case you might be bored. Ggireuk . . . ”

What I remembered was the time Mev offered to mate with me before. Using her back heel, she started to draw a circle as if she was embarra.s.sed. Though I want to tell her to screw off, since she was a ‘ Goblin Archer ‘ that recently evolved, I couldn’t lose a useful power with such reckless words. Seeing how she had also aimed those daggers well at the same distance as me, she was someone with talent. She was actually better at throwing daggers than me who had polished this skill for a year.

After searching my head, I quietly looked at Mev and opened my mouth.

” I have something to do so I can’t. If there’s something I can eat, order the guys to bring it to me. ”

” Ah! Okay. ”

From my words, she was noticeably pleased. As such, I brought the human woman tied up with a wooden vine inside.

‘ How cute. Those guys. ‘

Not sure when they made it, but in the middle was a constructed chair. I roughly sat down and took off the gag that the woman was biting. It seems she was still trembling as she glared at me.

” Hmm . . . ”

This was definitely not the case like in a strange manhwa where an orc kidnaps a princess knight to do lewd things. Instead, this was experimentation, and confirmation.

First, I needed to confirm if this woman can understand what I’m saying. Although I am currently communicating in the language goblins speak, I can clearly hear Korean in my ears. I’m not sure how they had translated it so, but if I was able to communicate with the humans, then this will be quite a useful tool to use.

” Hey . . . ”

” ? ”

Opening my mouth, she stared at me with her eyes wide open.

‘ As expected, she doesn’t understand. ‘

I felt like I was talking unconsciously to the goblins. I still remember Korean. Once more, I slowly stared at the woman and began to open my mouth.

” Can you understand me? ”

” H. . . how . ”

‘ Bingo. ‘

First a.s.signment was cleared. It seems that I can speak to humans. The woman, although afraid, started to address me with her shaky voice.

” Where . . . where is this place? And . . . And who are you . . . our language . . . how . . . do you know? And where is this place exactly . . . Why . . . Why did you attack us . . .Tu . . . what’s a Tutorial?

She began to ask incoherently about this and that. But, there was no need to answer her. I’m the first and over there is the second. Quietly sitting down on my chair, the moment I opened my mouth, she immediately answered.

” Name ”

” Jung . . . Jung Hayeon. . ”

” Age ”

” 2 . . . . 28 . . . . ”

Though the information wasn’t useful, it was a procedure to check if she would reply well or not. Seeing how we were communicating, the first thing I asked were questions that would clear up whether I had really returned to the past.

” When were you summoned here? ”

” That . . was definitely . . . when I was . . . resting at night. . . ”

” I’m not asking about that. Precisely, what year, what month, what day did you come here is what I’m inferring to. ”

” July 7th, 2016 . . . . ”

That day was exactly the same as the day I had been summoned here. I was definitely summoned here at July 7th, 2016.

” Where? ”

” Jeon . . . Jeonju . .”

” President ”

” Park . . . . ”

” That’s enough. ”

It seems that this wasn’t a parallel world like those in the manhwas. This was definitely the same person that lived in my time, in the same country. Although I had somewhat concluded this a while ago, I had confirmed that I had returned to the past in a monster’s body. My head felt complicated. Well, if you were going to send me back anyways, it would’ve been better to send me back as a human so it would be one step easier to meet Choi Seulgi.

” Have you heard the stories of other people yet? ”

” Yes . . . Yes. Other people have apparently been summoned here at July 7th, 2016 as well . . .but . .how do you . . . . ”

She stared at me as if she couldn’t believe it. She stared at me, incredibly curious on how a monster-looking human was speaking in Korean that was asking stuff like what year and what day, and even ask about the president and city.

There was probably one possible solution to that question. If you weren’t a fool, you’ll probably realize it as well.

” You . . . were originally a human. Were the other monsters all humans as well? Do . . . you know this place well? ”

I didn’t bother answering. She had probably made her conclusion. While a brief, awkward silence was approaching, Mev opened the door to the tent and walked towards the tent. She brought some edible food.

” Captain ”

” You can come in. Mev ”

” Okay! ”

Soon afterwards, an energetic Mev entered. Glancing at the woman sitting down tied up, she again opened her mouth.

” So you do eat human? Ggireuk . . . ”

” That’s not the case. ”

” But to ask me to bring food. It seems you’re really not going to eat it. ”

I didn’t answer Mev, but instead monitored the girl’s reaction. As expected, it seems that she couldn’t understand. Just from her expression, I could tell that she didn’t. I was definitely using the same language I spoke to Mev to that Jung Hayeon woman as well.

Perhaps it is interpreted differently depending on the person. It seems that this is significantly useful. Noticing Mev standing absentmindedly in my sight, I had opened my mouth to her once again. But, something was seriously wrong with Mev’s look. As if she was looking at a cheating husband.

” You can leave it on the floor and go. ”

Once I spoke, Mev was greatly hesitant. After pondering a bit, she closed her eyes shut and opened her mouth at me.

” Okay. Captain. But . . . But . . . Is that your ‘ special taste ‘? ”

It was a question more outrageous than I thought. That is of course due to me bringing the human woman alive inside the tent, but it’s also because she, called as the most beautiful, was kicked aside, so it was no coincidence why she would come to such a conclusion I thought.

But when I was in the period as a human, whenever the goblins saw human women, they would rush out at them as if they in heat, they too were probably had that kind of ‘ special taste ‘.

If you do think about it, I am included in that ‘ special taste ‘, but I’m not stupid to admit such a thing.

” It’s not that. ”

” Okay ! I’ll believe you. ”

It hasn’t been even that long, so I’m not sure what she meant when she said she’ll believe me, but it’s good enough. I started to stare at the plate that didn’t look like one Mev brought. There were a few leaves decorated on it. The menu was as expected. An already dead goblin and a large fruit. It’s not a fruit from here, but it’s probably one that a different subordinate had found while hunting.

There was no question that we had traded our humans for other stuff. Fruit weren’t food that goblins preferred. To be honest, it was a bit too precious to trade those for them. Anyways, since I was famished, I started to eat the goblin’s arm. I cut the large watermelon-looking fruit and threw it in front of her. She then lowered her head and ate it face down.

It seems she hasn’t eaten anything the entire day.

” Th . . . thank you. ”

I shouldn’t be one to thank. I began to watch the woman eating the fruit face down. Since both her hands were tied, she had no choice but to bend her back and eat crouched down, I thought of helping her with the food by bringing it to her mouth, but I saw a face full of frowning.

In her eyes were full of malice.

If she hadn’t been captured, she probably would’ve survived. After a while when the tent wasn’t making any noise and a chewing sound could be heard from somewhere, Jung Hayeon opened her mouth at me.

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