Green Skin - Chapter 52 - Entry (1)

Chapter 52 - Entry (1)

Chapter 52: Entry (1)

I quietly approached the First and spoke.

“ Tell Black Spear I have proposition to discuss with him, Gark. ”

Gark nodded and soon disappeared from the spot. Since he can hide his body, he was perfect for these kinds of tasks. Though it hasn’t been long since Black Spear had been independent, from what I can feel, he was definitely between Intermediate and Advanced. He was definitely stronger than me. If he consents to my proposal, then handling these guys that are currently in the dungeon entrance will become simpler.

‘ Ancient Warrior’s Tomb. ’

Just like how I had confirmed from the logbook. It was a dungeon consisting of the undead. The main difference was that unlike other dungeons, the interior was very clean.

Unlike the ghouls, zombies and skeletons in this tomb are quite common.

The weapons that they use are, of course, of superior quality. I’m not sure if they wanted to hide the functions of the items they acquired, but there were no information concerning the items.

At most, only one item was announced.

‘ Covenant Ring. ’

An accessory type that had Mana +2. It consists of two functions, the other which has the ability to send and receive communication from afar which was amazing.

A one-of-a-kind item. It was one of the many items that I previously investigated to take a look, but it was definitely the most memorable item.

Anyhow, I held my breath and continued to monitor them. A total of 22 people. The majority of them were of warrior and thief types and two archers, while the females looked like they were either priests or magicians. And there were two ‘ Porters. ’

To clear a dungeon, it was a well-balanced, decent enough party. Not sure which one of them had discovered the dungeon, but it seems that the clan came for the expedition as a whole. Or a gathering of people by contacting everyone that they knew well. Of course the latter would be more advantageous for us.

Soon, the party began to enter the dungeon. Seeing that, Mev spoke.

“ Captain, they’re heading in. ”

“ If we wait a little, they will come out. ”

“ Really? ”

She was a bit suspicious, but since my voice was full of confidence, she didn’t ask further. Mev just nodded.

Like I had said, after half a day, the party, one by one, began to leave the dungeon, as Mev looked at me full of awe and veneration. Thanks to that, my pride heightened.

“ How did you know? ”

“ Since the amount of belongings and food seemed small. I a.s.sumed, that they were intending on just having a rough tour of the place. ”

“ Captain, you’re too great. ”

Mev’s eyes were sparkling. As much as how Green Goblin gazes at his gold, she was staring at me. I became a bit uncomfortable. At this rate, she might ask to mate with me. I quickly turned around.

The party gradually started to leave. Not sure what number this preliminary investigation was, but I couldn’t help but feel that they will soon enter seeing the atmosphere. Not precise, but within a week. They will launch a signal up once they enter to clear the dungeon I think.

The distance between them and us was somewhat far now, so I patted the shoulders of the still-anxious Blood Dagger Clan as we returned back to the camp.

Kang Hana, it had been exactly two years since she was summoned to the Continent. Although she travelled here and there, she still hadn’t awakened her Unique Ability. And so, she was not able to escape the level of a Beginner. Although she had ventured out with the intent of growing stronger, reality was cold and unforgiving after two years. Since then, it was hard to eat and survive, she had selected the job of a Porter. She had decided to grow by choosing to enter any clan.

Fortunately, one clan noticed her and proposed whether or not if she were to be their Porter, so she promptly accepted.

Although she wasn’t sure what kind of tasks Porters do, but she had thought it was a better selection than becoming a prost.i.tute.

That’s what she had thought before entering the dungeon with the Overlord Clan.

‘ f.u.c.k . . . ’

Originally, her words and inner personality wasn’t so foul. If she had known that these people would treat her lower than the standards of a pig. No, if she knew that Porters were hired to be tools for relieving their s.e.xual needs, she wouldn’t have accepted the proposition in the first place.

It wasn’t like she didn’t earn points at all when entering a dungeon, but since she couldn’t directly partic.i.p.ate in the battles, the amount that she earned was minimum at best.

And the fact that the points and gold she earned were all spent on potions and other consumables. It wasn’t like they were willing to follow their initial promise of raising her in the first place. When she had first entered the dungeon, she nearly died, the ‘ Superior Healing Potion ’ that she had consumed was still left as a debt to be paid till this very day.

What she thought of Porters was Ant h.e.l.l.

Since she was bound by the contract, she could not escape, and even if she could, these beasts would not let her do so. Not sure when things had gone wrong, but she was in a miserable situation.

So she began to walk with the party while carrying a bag full of miscellaneous items. It was then that someone had slapped her b.u.t.t.

At that time, she couldn’t help but feel violated. But, she had no choice but to bite her lips and endure. She thought the hara.s.sment would soon end, but after touching her all over, the man begun to speak causing Hana to bite her lips once again.

“ Are you expecting it tonight? ”

‘ f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Even by ripping you apart, I won’t be at ease. ’

If this was Earth, it was proper to slap him in this situation, but against that overwhelming strength, she couldn’t do anything.

It wasn’t like she didn’t resist in the past. She had fired back against them, there was a time where she had resisted like life and death depended on it. Every time, what she received was overwhelming violence.

Whenever she remembered that time, her legs would tremble subconsciously. Eventually, she closed her eyes tight and spoke.

“ Yes . . . Yes! Of course. ”

Attaining a special cla.s.s, he was Jang Youngsoo who was reigning as one of the Strong in ‘ Legius. ’ The same b.a.s.t.a.r.d that persuaded her to sign a contract to be a Porter.

There were others including Jang Youngsoo that treated her like a prost.i.tute. To be precise, they were all beasts. There were none that didn’t covet her.

Of course, the worst among all of them was the magician Kim Mina.

Not sure why, but she was the one that always treated her the worst. It spoke volumes that she would overlook and tolerate the crimes that transpired inside the clan. This woman, that looked down on her.

No, there were no crimes in this place to begin with. Whether it was Kang Hana, Baek Ahyeon or herself, they were merely ‘ Items ’ that the clan possessed.

Even though they were simply returning back to the city, the road back was not so smooth.

“ This f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.h! ”

It seems that Kim Mina had erupted.

The reason was that they were not properly managing her possessions. It was impossible to organize and carry 20 people’s worth of possessions in a short amount of time. But, it seems that this didn’t matter to them. What was important was that it was a ‘ mistake. ’

“ I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. ”

The only person here that she could call a friend was her fellow porter ‘ Baek Ahyeon. ’ Seeing her bow her head down, Hana couldn’t help but turn her head away.

“ This f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.h. Is being sorry all? Do you even know how much that’s worth? ”

“ Slap ! Slap ! ”

The slaps echoed, but none of them were willing to calm her down. Hana slightly raised her head and began to witness this scene. She definitely knew that the expensive items in there weren’t damaged. It was probably the fact that there were dust or scratches on the items, why she was in such a rage.

The sight of Mina slapping Ahyeon entered her view. This slapping was to simply alleviate her anger she thought.

As if she was slapping her with infused mana, every time Ahyeon’s face turned, blood spurted out from her mouth.

“ f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.h. Dirty b.i.t.c.h! Oppa! Can’t I just kill this b.i.t.c.h already? ”

“ Mina, endure. She’s a bit clumsy originally. As long as we work as one, you won’t be beat like that . . . isn’t that so? ”

“ Yes . . . yes ”

Though she replied, Baek Ahyeon was probably worried. That cute face accompanied by her short height had instantly become ragged with blood, as blood stains covered her clothes.

“ I’m sorry. Sniff. So . . . I’m sorry. For . . . Forgive me, please. ”

“ Do you know how many times this has been? f.u.c.k. f.u.c.k . Whew . . . . . I really want to kill you . . . truly ”

Ahyeon who was full of bruises was standing in front of Mina who was gradually raising her mana. Of course, Ahyeon trembled from the sight, and it was then that Jang Youngsoo spoke.

“ Mina. You know you can’t really kill her? ‘ That thing ’ Is also part of the clan wealth. ”

Hana, seeing that the woman was slowly reducing her mana, was able to calm herself down. Complaining, she mumbled as she retorted back.

“ Clan’s wealth? For a b.i.t.c.h that’s not even worth that much . . . Tch. Alright. Hey. f.u.c.k off. ”

“ Yes . . . Yes – thank . . . you. ”

Due to her bloodied mouth, it was extremely difficult to speak back from the looks of it. It would be nice if the clan’s priest would treat her.

‘ Those f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. ’

For her, it was a bit better as she had forged a contract with them, but for Ahyeon who was sold to them due to a debt was truly treated like a pig.

In the end, Hana couldn’t help but stare furtively at Jang Youngsoo. She didn’t want to be inclined to him, but she had to request this dirty b.a.s.t.a.r.d to treat Ahyeon. Just by staring, Jang Youngsoo understood her intent and soon called the clan’s priest who began treating Ahyeon.

“ You owe me a debt today. Alright? ”

“ Yes . . . Yes. Thank you. ”

He’ll probably demand for more than the norm today as Hana quickly moved towards Ahyeon.

Even the the clan master Jang Younsoo had asked to treat her, it seems that the priest just roughly patched her up. There were still wounds on her face, so she couldn’t help but a.s.sume that.

“ Un . . . Unni. I’m sorry. ”

“ No. No, it’s alright. ”

Hana with Ahyeon in her embrace continued walking the road, and when it felt like their stamina had reached the limit, they were able to enter the city.

Since everyone was quite tense and sharp due to the dungeon, it was harder than usual. There was only her left to take care of Ahyeon as Hana nodded to herself.