Green Skin - Chapter 51 - Black Spear (2)

Chapter 51 - Black Spear (2)

Chapter 51: Black Spear (2)

The other trolls and orcs of the Black Spear Clan were quite pleasant. I had initially thought the situation wasn’t that good after seeing them rear humans, but they had brought us a variety of food and even alcohol, one that even the Green Goblin Clan had.

Maybe they were made from the seeds in the forest, but I couldn’t help but think if there was a racial characteristic that allowed Trolls to make delicious alcohol. Although it wasn’t the same wine I drank with the Grand Patriarch, this one was similarly sweet, and was sufficient enough to generate warmth in the belly.

“ But why did you come here, Blood Dagger? ”

While our subordinates were having fun with one another, Black Spear broached the subject.

“ In fact, I have a matter to take care of near the of the desert. Kereuk ”

“ I see. ”

He looked very curious. I thought the information wasn’t as grand to the Green Skins, so I decided to change the subject and try to avoid his curiosity that way.

“ Kereeeeuk. Actually, the G.o.d of Battlefield spoke to me. He revealed the location of a mysterious weapon. I do not know exactly, but I feel I have to go to that location. ”

“ The G.o.d of Battlefield . . . how interesting. ”

As expected, once I mention the G.o.d of Battlefield all the previous suspicions disappeared. He did not ask another question, nor did he ask for anything else. Instead, his expression looked bitter. It seems that it had been a long while since he received a quest. Since he was not looking so good, I asked.

“ It seems that you have some worries, Black Spear. ”

From my question, after briefly pondering, he replied.

“ That is so, Blood Dagger . . . ”

“ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

“ Since it has come to this, lend me your wisdom. In fact, I have also heard the voice of the G.o.d of Battlefield. To be precise, it has been three months . . . It told me to hunt humans and beasts. ”

Sounded like quite a simple quest. But seeing how he still hadn’t resolved this quest, it seems that either the number that he had to kill was too many, or there was a reason that didn’t allow him to complete the quest. Though it was rude to ask for another person’s quest details according to human morals, Green Skins probably wouldn’t think so, I thought at least to ask.

“ May I check the contents from the G.o.d of Battlefield’s voice? ”

“ Of course. ”

[ Quest – To survive. You must hunt humans and beasts to survive. Continue hunting humans and beasts of the small western city ‘ Legius. ’ ( 0 / 1 ) ]

“ I have hunted countless humans and beasts, but I cannot figure out what the G.o.d of Battlefield requires of me. From the period that I had heard the voice, the number of humans leaving the human city had begun to shrink . . . and the humans we have, are those that we barely managed to capture. In trying to complete the voice from the G.o.d of Battlefield, it has come to a situation where all my subordinates are too full to eat . . . ”

“ Hmm . . . ”

Though I pretended to think, there was one thing that came to mind when I saw the quest details.

The quest t.i.tle was meaningful in itself. To hunt to survive means that there was only one reason.

‘ Food. ’

The humans of the small town had shrunk in number. The culprit to that . . . would be our Blood Dagger Clan. It is not certain, but the humans that lived in Legius probably moved to the larger city ‘ Aia ’ to supplement the main force when we had attacked them.

Especially, the death of Lee Youngdon was critical. With a large clan disappearing in the large city, there would be clans in Legius that saw this as an opportunity to play with the big fish and moved to Aia.

To be exact.

‘ They have suffered from the b.u.t.terfly effect due to our actions. ’

Although there are evil beasts that live here, there are no grand figures.. For the Black Spear Clan that had relied on the humans for their source of food the majority of the time, humans were now beginning to dwindle. I began to look for breakthroughs, and as a chief, I felt a sense of responsibility from the revelation of Black Spear’s quest.

“ Well . . . ”

“ Do you know a way, Blood Dagger? ”

It was a ridiculous situation. In conclusion, we have to increase the population of ‘ Legius ’ in order to complete Black Spear’s quest. A problem that would decide the survival of the whole clan. After roughly organizing my thoughts, I replied.

“ I think it is better to stop hunting humans for the time being . . . ”

“ What are you talking about, Blood Dagger? ”

“ We must fatten the village of the humans. No matter how much you hunt the humans, the G.o.d of Battlefield won’t reply back to you. ”

“ Ah . . . ”

The others would not have understood, but Black Spear indeed realized. Come to think of it, with how grand the welcoming was, it seems that he was intent on asking for advice from the start. Since he had heard that we had perfectly pa.s.sed the Warrior’s exam, they had already made preparations in the first place.

“ I understand what you’re talking about, Blood Dagger. Thank you. Thanks. ”

“ Hmm . . . ”

I nodded to his words, but it seems that he hasn’t reached a fundamental solution. If monsters outside the town become quiet, perhaps people will flock to the town, but those people have a tendency of not leaving the city in the first place.

In order to obtain food and battle that the Black Spear Clan desires, we had to have high-level guys that go on campaigns all the time to migrate over here.

In fact, there was a way to completely solve his worries.


The problem was.

In order to solve his problem, I had to give up the quest I currently had. If these adventurers clear ‘ Ancient Warrior’s Grave ’ and announce it, then others will come hoping that there are other dungeons or nice items lying in wait. In antic.i.p.ation, countless Intermediate and Advanced Summoned will flock over here, and the Black Spear Clan will be able to scream in joy.

It is obvious that with a large population, the city will supply the Black Spear Clan with food and battles.

I had no choice but to ponder the outcomes.

‘ Whether to complete my quest, or help Black Spear. ’

Not sure if he knew what I was thinking, but it seemed that he was full of thoughts on fattening the human villages, and as such the welcoming feast had come to an end, and morning was about to arrive.

I pondered for a long time, but I decided to go to the dungeon.

After the sun was dazzlingly bright, I began to lead my clan members outside the village. Of course we brought a huge amount of food, since we were planning to wait on standby outside the dungeon for a few days.

I knew beforehand that adventurers from that town would discover the dungeon roughly at this period, but because of the possibility that my memory was wrong, or that they announced a false statement, I arrived there in advance from the original expected discovery and waited.

As we walked, one continued to scream.

“ Woahhhhhhhh ! I will protect Blood Dagger by his side. ”

Gark, who looked as if he was so ecstatic to be here instead of his younger brother, walked beside me on my left.

Mev frowned at the noise, but Gark who was already enthused to be hunting together with me; continued jumping around.

In the end; the Three Goblin Siblings were unable to bear it, as they began to try and to calm Gark down.

“ Be quiet. Ggirik Ggirik. ”

“ You’re too noisy! ”

“ Ggirik. Ggirik. Ggirik. ”

They were annoyed at having to listen to the ‘ Woahhhhhhhhh ’ noises. In the end, I spoke to Gark.

“ For this operation, we must act stealthily. ”

“ Ah . . . Understood, Captain. ”

His face turned pale, as if he was afraid I would send him back and call for his brother. To be honest, there was no real reason to be quiet, but this was the best excuse. As expected, there were no humans nearby. It seems that the activity around here has definitely decreased.

Our clan continued to march as one, as I worried that the party originally set to clear ‘ Ancient Warrior’s Grave ’ might leave for the city of ‘ Aia, ’ instead to compete against the Holy Order.

After walking for some time, a desert began to soon appear. Firstly, we had to find the dungeon from my memories to begin with, so that we can start to build a small camp at a suitable place.

After hiding at an acceptable position, we began to wait for the hidden dungeon to reveal itself.

Then, after about half a day, the wind began to blow.

“ Shwwwwwwwwwwing. ”

Sand began to s.h.i.+ft away along with the sound. Below, there was a faint visible stone. Since it was so far, if I didn’t know of the existence of such a dungeon, I might have just pa.s.sed by.

After commanding the clan to standby, I ran towards the place and began to confirm the surrounding floor.

After lightly pounding the greatsword onto the ground, I didn’t hear the smas.h.i.+ng of the sand. Instead, I heard the banging of stones.

“ Rumble . . . Rumble . . . ”

The sound continued to resonate.

“ Kereeeeuk. ”

After hurriedly digging the ground, soon I was able to see it better. It was truly the Ancient Warrior’s Grave. After confirming, I returned back to the camp, where Mev was waiting.

“ Captain, did you find something? ”

“ That’s right. ”

Seeing that I was pleased, Jung Hayeon and the rest began to laugh.

Exactly six days later, the targets began to show their faces. The whole party was configured of Advanced and Intermediates. Just in case they might have an extremely keen Archer, we stopped our breathing as we monitored them.

A distance where we could only confirm their equipment and gender.

16 males and 6 females. I had heard that there were 20 that had entered, but it seems that the information was a bit different.

Seeing that the baggage was simple, it seems that they were not entering today. To check how many days it will take, and how dangerous the dungeon will be, it seems that they were carefully examining it seriously.


The magician of their party began to chant a spell. Feeling the large mana, soon the wind collided against the place.

The scale was more than I had imagined.

“ Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ”

The sound of tearing from the wind was so large that it was heard all the way to this remote place.

‘ f.u.c.k . . . ”

I was very surprised seeing such a high-level magician. Despite knowing that we were going to PK them, I began to worry whether or not we can handle such a monster. But, among all of them, only 5 barely survive from the dungeon. If we fit our timing well, everything should transpire as I had planned. I attempted to nod.

While I was thinking, a female with a robe raised her hands in the eyes, and gradually, the Ancient Warrior’s Grave began to completely reveal itself.

It looked like an entrance to the bas.e.m.e.nt. Statue-like warriors in the entrance were welcoming them. Despite being just blocks of stone, their weapons looked quite nice, so my heart pounded a little.


A man that looked like the Party Leader extended his hand. Slowly, the entrance of the dungeon opened.

As if it hasn’t been opened in a long time, faint grinding sounds were heard over here. All of the 22 party members were absent-mindedly staring on at the ‘ Ancient Warrior’s Grave. ’

Perhaps they wanted to see their achievements as a whole. There were 20 people that had equipment on, and two females among them.

Their equipment was mediocre, and they didn’t even possess a weapon.

Extremely nervous, they began to look around anxiously.

‘ Porter. ’

There were rumors that Advanced and higher level parties would normally bring ‘ Porters, ’ but it seems it was really true. It only sounded nice, Porter that is. In fact, it was the modern slave. Other than fighting where they would support the Summoned a bit, it was a helping job.

Preparing food, preparing equipment, and even relieving the ‘ l.u.s.t ’ of the adventurers that weren’t able to leave the dungeon, they were entrusted to all of this.

So it was natural that the treatment towards the Porters were bad. By continuing to accompany them in dungeons, they may think that there might be a way to climb up, but I had never heard of a Porter that had actually did that. Of course, there were more cases where they are forced to enter against their own will.

In the dungeon, they are treated less than humans. Really close to slavery.

Funny enough, as I watched on, a method of completing my quest, as well as helping Black Spear began to emerge.