Green Skin - Chapter 42

Chapter 42

All the weapons were not of good quality. To be precise, they were all weapons used by Beginners. Although, occasionally, I saw some that were used by Intermediates. Though I had no clue why there were such things gathered here, I was able to immediately realize that Choi Seulgi was somewhat strange.

Not sure if the others know what I was feeling or not, the rest of the Blood Dagger Clan jumped in joy seeing all of these weapons piled up here as if they were truly glad.

But, my feelings were entirely opposite of theirs. I was so baffled that I couldn’t organize the facts in my mind. It was due to me constantly searching for the answers of what this situation foretold. I went by the weapons and began walking into cave. There definitely must be some other clues here.

” The smell of blood . . . ”

Mev flared her nose as she mumbled unknowingly.

I could also definitely smell it.

There was blood circulating around this cave. It wasn’t just that. There was a foul stench. It was a cave unlivable for a human no matter how much you think about it. However, seeing the weapons and the other few ‘ traces ‘ emphasized; that there was definitely someone that had lived here.

” This . . . this is. ”

I mumbled unknowingly as well. It was because I was that dumbfounded. As if someone had slept here, there were leaves and cloths in one corner. After going a bit deeper, the stench of blood became thicker.

It wasn’t the blood of beasts. It was definitely the blood of humans.

I hurried along to the innermost part of the cave, where an awkwardly constructed door out of cloth was closed. I pushed it aside, where four corpses greeted me. The bodies were lying around in pieces, so it was impossible to confirm, but seeing four heads, I thought that four people would be right.

‘ What the f.u.c.k is going on . . . ‘

The bodies were completely destroyed so it was hard to recognize their bodies. Their hair, toenails, and nails, all of them were unnaturally gone as they had their mouths left wide open, which foretold just how painful and torturous they had lived before their deaths.

But one face was strangely familiar. Since the faces were minced up, it was hard to clearly recognize it, but I think I had seen it once before.

Lifting one of their heads up which was sliced completely in pieces, after closely inspecting it, I was able to remember who this guy was slowly. Though he didn’t have eyeb.a.l.l.s, I could not forget the features of this guy’s face.

‘ s.h.i.+n Duk-ho. ‘

s.h.i.+n Duk-ho, the one who I had extensively searched for once settling in the Western Forest, was right here in this spot. I could roughly derive who the others were as I recalled my memories, though there was not a single one that looked normal. They were definitely the other murderers that had killed Choi Seulgi and I in the past.

There was no more need to think further.

Anyone who wasn’t a fool would understand why Choi Seulgi, hadn’t returned to the city with how s.h.i.+n Duk-ho including the other murderers were here.

” Kereeeeuk. ”

Unknowingly, I growled from the thought.

‘ Choi Seulgi had definitely returned. ‘

‘ Choi Seulgi definitely . . . ‘

It seems that she had reincarnated as well. I began to feel that the puzzle was unravelling piece by piece. It definitely seems that it was within her plans to leave together with Park Youngwhan and those other guys.

If it was the Choi Seulgi from the past, she would definitely fight cleverly. There was no doubt of Choi Seulgi now.

‘ No. ‘

It was my own judgment that thought Choi Seulgi was similar or below Park Youngwhan’s level. To simply judge her level from the mana I felt in her body . . . It was truly a personal judgment. If she had truly reincarnated, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to estimate that she had intentionally hid a thing or two. If she was able to bring s.h.i.+n Duk-ho and the rest here alive . . . then even more. I slowly began to recall back.

I was too agitated so I couldn’t remember specifically how the battle had progressed, but when I had encountered them, one of them was already on the brink of death from being struck by a dagger. Even he wasn’t able to properly keep his body steady despite drinking a potion, which caused me to shake my head.

‘ f.u.c.k . . . ‘

I was embarra.s.sed that I hadn’t realized this. It was probably because she was laughing all the time while training with me. Because of that, I wasn’t able to notice at all her sharp blade techniques from her reincarnation. I began to feel more guilty.

If I had known, I wouldn’t have sent her away like this. In this way . . .

” Kereeeuk ”

I hurriedly looked at Mev and asked.

” How long has it been since she departed from this place? ”

” I’m not precisely sure, but it has been some time. ”

I frustratingly looked around here and there. It was because I realized just how difficult and broken she was to live like this.

” Hoo . . . ”

After letting out a deep breath, the other goblins began to furtively withdraw from the place. At that time, Mev spoke.

” Captain. Did you happen to have come here? ”

I shook my head. If I did come here before, it would have been a fortunate thing. After seeing me shake my head, Mev became more suspicious as she stared at me. She started to touch the large cuts inflicted on the walls.

” This . . . you didn’t make this, Captain? ”

” No . . . I never came here before . . . ”

Of course, unlike Mev, I wasn’t able to see the traces. I hurriedly withdrew my greatsword and wielded it, causing a very similar cut to be made on the wall.

” It’s the same . . . no it’s a bit different. ”

” It definitely . . . is similar . . . ”

Mev with a cat-like face as if she found this amusing, continued to stare at the walls. Soon, she arrived at the end of the cave. She was able to confirm the cuts that were wholly done on one side of the cave. At this time, even I was able to see. Mev clapped her hands and spoke.

” Aha . . . so she practiced? That woman. ”

” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

” She practiced to try and make a similar trace to yours, Captain. Until now, I wasn’t sure, but seeing these cuts, I’m quite certain. ”

‘ f.u.c.k . . . ‘

I had no clue what was going on in this situation. There was no denying that Choi Seulgi had reincarnated. If not, there was no scenario where s.h.i.+n Duk-ho and the other murderers would be minced up like that here.

Ridiculous to say, Choi Seulgi was originally a psychopath, and those guys not coincidentally were caught as her prey, which raised my conviction of this.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t able to understand why she practiced to engrave these kind of traces. As such, I began to leave from the place. Although she had said that this pile of weapons was a present, the source of it was suspicious.

To imagine her, who lived in this cave, buying weapons from the Western City ‘ Aia ‘ was very strange. Above all, seeing the weapons be smeared in blood, it seems that the weapons definitely had an owner before.

It seems that she had definitely hunted as well.

But her objective was clearly different from others.

I began to quickly move. The Blood Dagger Clan along with Jung Hayeon and Mev followed as well, and though they hadn’t received permission yet, there were some that had already changed weapons.

” The traces that we recently saw. Can you find more of those? ”

” There’s none around here. If there are similar looking cuts around here, we could probably find some . . . ”

” We’re going to search this vicinity. ”

” Okay. ”

As if she had found this excessive for her alone, she began to call and gather goblins and hobgoblins that had evolved into an Archer. They were ordered to find similar traces.

” You see this cut? You just have to find the trace of Blood Dagger. ”

” Ggirik ! Ggirik ! Though it’s going to be hard, if it’s the Blood Dagger’s trace, we will definitely find it ! ”

” We clearly remember the trace of Blood Dagger ! ”

The guys full of enthusiasm began to search around in the spur of the moment. Clearly, here and there, there were traces as if our clan hand hunted humans. And these traces were made at certain distances apart from one another.

If she was prepared to back-stab us, this would have occurred near the cave or the place where we always met.

I swallowed my saliva. I could roughly guess what Choi Seulgi was thinking of while doing this.

‘ Revenge. ‘

She was luring another revenge target of hers towards this side with the impersonation of another ‘ Weapon Merchant. ‘

It probably wasn’t the Holy Order. Although there was quite a raucous here, with the Green Goblin Clan leaving every day, the Holy Order were too preoccupied. Since they hunted people regardless of whether they were Beginners, Intermediates, or Advanced, the Green Goblin Clan was their priority.

In the first place, the Holy Order doesn’t really concern themselves with people that could be recruited anytime. If they had truly cared for the safety of Beginners, they would have already come to hunt us down.

And there was Choi Seulgi who would have not attempted to attack the Holy Order thoughtlessly above all.

Choi Seulgi’s goal was revenge. She had already completed her revenge against s.h.i.+n Duk-ho and the others that she had died to. Though a bit complicated, it was the same for Park Youngwhan and his gang.

If you think about it, there should be no one else that was within her range of revenge targets other than the Saint Sword.

After pondering carefully, I began to unexpectedly reach a conclusion.

‘ That b.a.s.t.a.r.d. ‘

I had heard that she was offered a position as a concubine to one of the authorities, but she never told me which b.a.s.t.a.r.d it was that she received it from. If Park Youngwhan, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, had moved due to orders from that ‘ Authority, ‘ I was able to roughly know what that person was that Choi Seulgi was trying to currently lure.

Then . . .

One of the Hobgoblins that had left began to run towards me.

” Humans. Humans. ”

” Captain. Humans have come ! They are wearing red clothes. Red clothes. ”

The voice saying that humans in red clothes had come. I couldn’t help but naturally think of one of the subsidiary clans under the Holy Order.

‘ Red Cross Clan. ‘

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