Green Skin - Chapter 41

Chapter 41

After returning back from the Item Shop, I moved together with Mev and Jung Hayeon. It was time to meet Choi Seulgi and deliver the dagger techniques I learnt from Green Goblin, as well as the recently purchased leather armor.

Last time, I wasn’t sure if there was something wrong, but all we did was rest, so I was thinking that we had to do something as I walked.

Once we were a bit far away from the Goblin encampment, we met Choi Seulgi always at that location and she was waving her hands.

” You’re late. It seems that you came together with Green Flower and the Fairy. ”

” Kereeeuk. ”

I nodded my head. In fact, it wasn’t like I hadn’t thought of attempting to speak to Choi Seulgi, but I decided to just stay silent for now.

It wasn’t like I didn’t trust Choi Seulgi, but it was because if she told the Aia city that a monster could speak in the human language, then the circ.u.mstances would be quite complicated. The fact that there were monsters that could completely understand the human language, as well as speak it sufficiently enough to raise awareness in precautionary measures for the humans.

I thought it was best to stay silent to avoid a possible crisis or an unnecessary incident. It was not only me that would be harmed, but it would also have the potential to involve Choi Seulgi into some troublesome events.

As soon as we met, I took out the leather armor which she greeted with an odd expression.

” Kereeeuk. ”

” Wow. Thanks ! I have nothing to give, so I feel a bit sorry. ”

Though it may seem to her that this armor was obtained by hunting humans, she had no reluctance to not accept it. Not only that, she really didn’t have much of an opinion with us hunting humans at all. Choi Seulgi was one who really didn’t care what happened to others, so I had a.s.sumed that it was a definite response.

As such, the simple training started. As if she was originally strong, Choi Seulgi’s skills had improved significantly. So much that she probably didn’t need me anymore.

” Kereeeeuk. ”

It was then. . .

I could perceive that Choi Seulgi’s movement were strangely changing.

At some point, I could feel that she was slowly adjusting the Green Goblin dagger techniques to make it a bit more comfortable to use. It was the same for hiding and ‘ walking. ‘ She was integrating her own skills to them.

The problem was that her process was too natural. It was unbelievable, but the original skills that she had were not bad at all. There were those rumors at the time, regarding geniuses like the Queen of the North having an epiphany the moment she had grabbed the spear and rose to an Advanced level.

They may be some simple nonsensical sounding rumours. But I had directly encountered her, so I know now just how reliable those rumours were. This was the kind of feeling I had watching Choi Seulgi. As if she had wielded the dagger for several years, Choi Seulgi was rapidly evolving.

‘ Genius? ‘

I had no choice but to swallow the saliva stuck in my mouth.

” Whew . . . ”

After a few hours, everything was finished as Choi Seulgi breathed out.

Though she was an Archer, Mev was staring at Choi Seulgi as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was the same for Jung Hayeon. I could see that she was biting her lips.

Choi Seulgi, who was soaked in sweat, smiled as if she did not know anything.

It seems Choi Seulgi was going to bathe. Taking out some clothes from her leather backpack, she started walking towards the river together as we followed.

It seems that she wasn’t conscious of us yet. It was definitely a little bit miserable just seeing her take off her clothes and jump into the river.

” Refres.h.i.+ng ! Do you guys want to join? ”

From Choi Seulgi’s offer, I secretly nodded my head. Though I had seen her body countless times before, her body was still as beautiful. It was strange not having any thoughts of going closer to see.

Of course since I didn’t want to reveal an orc’s large, evil thing, I approached her with my pants on and smiled as I splashed water onto her.

” Hahaha ! How wily. ”

It seems that Jung Hayeon didn’t want to enter while Mev didn’t have any thoughts of getting her wings wet. I couldn’t help but laugh seeing those two awkwardly watch us absentmindedly.

” Kereeeuk. ”

While I was looking at that side, Choi Seulgi was swimming towards this side.

” Where are you looking? ”

Choi Seulgi was soon clinging to my arm, and her upper body was naturally pushed towards my arm. It definitely felt good. Furtively, I began to try and wrap my arm around her waist. As if she knew what I had intended, she slapped my arm away.

” Bad hand ! I told you I’m taken. ”

This is unfair. So it was fine for her to touch me, but when I try and reach out to her, she would slap away my hands. This was definitely unfair. As if she was treating me like some neighborhood dog, I felt displeased from the thought. Seeing my expression, Choi Seulgi laughed as she spoke.

” Kereeeeuk. ”

” Hahaha. You’re p.i.s.sed, aren’t you? ”

Soon, the time we spent by the river continued. Choi Seulgi looked at me before opening her mouth.

It was difficult to find that playful expression from before.

” I’m going to depart for the North. I’m not sure if we can meet next week. ”

Although I roughly antic.i.p.ated this, I never knew this time would arrive so fast.

” Kereeeeuk. ”

Since she didn’t have many good memories in the Western City ‘ Aia ‘, it was understandable why she wanted to leave this place. Lately, she hadn’t been staring at the mountains, but it seems that she had already decided then.

I slowly nodded my head.

” You’re not going to stop me? ”

Why wouldn’t I want to stop her. If she had remembered her previous life, there was no question that I might have stopped her. But, she was an innocent human.

It didn’t necessarily mean that being a Green Skin was bad, but as a human, the distance was too large. I thought she won’t necessarily like seeing me rip humans apart brutally, and watching the blood-crazed Jung Hayeon.

A human should live together with other humans.

This was the conclusion that was ripping my heart internally when I had first met her. Since I knew that she was going to leave for the North, so it wasn’t like we were never going to meet again. Once we finish what we need to do here, we can then head for the North. We can meet again.

I nodded my head.

” I’m a bit sad. ”

” Kereeeuk. ”

Although I would be the one that’s more sad, but I won’t say this. After staring at me with sad eyes, she slowly moved away as she put her clothes back on.

Afterwards, I can’t remember what we spent our time on very well.

We ate the food that we both brought while laughing. We slept together lying by the tree. We drew on each other’s faces, and meaninglessly walk around. We were really just having a ‘ rest. ‘

As expected, she never permitted me to touch her until the end. Although she did come into my arms, it was as if I became her pillow. As such, I just stroked her hair.

The night pa.s.sed.

After the day had pa.s.sed, Choi Seulgi was packing up her belongings as I stared at her.

” Thank you for all of this. I have received a lot, so I should give you something as well? ”

” Kereeeeeuk. ”

” Haha, you don’t need it? ”

” Kereeeuk. ”

” You’ll definitely like it. ”

After tilting her head towards the side mumbling ” this should be alright? ” She walked close by and kissed me on the cheek. In my past life, we had done much more skins.h.i.+p than this, but to suddenly receive a childlike kiss . . .

But, strangely my face reddened.

” Kereeeuk. ”

” Puhahahahaha ! ”

Choi Seulgi who was holding her stomach while laughing, looked at me once more and spoke.

” And one more thing. There’s a cave in the Western Forest near a lake. Everything in there is my present to you. You have to go there together with your friends. Alright? ”

” Kereeeuk ”

After concluding her words, she was about to leave straight away. I grabbed a hold of Choi Seulgi’s arm tightly. Choi Seulgi laughed and kissed my other cheek, which caused me to unknowingly let her arm go.

” We’ll see each other again. Since I’ll come find you. ”

As such, in a brief moment, Choi Seulgi disappeared. Her speed was so that I probably wouldn’t be able to follow even if I tried. She was so fast, that in a brief moment, she was nowhere to be seen.

At this time, I had regretted just a bit being re-born as a Green Skin.

It was somewhat relieving, yet also sorrowful. Still, since we had trained like this together, I had hoped for a response of her wanting to live in the care of monsters, but it seems she had no thoughts of doing so at all.

Of course it would be an unimaginable notion of living together with orcs and goblins; as if I was a human myself, nevertheless, it was still bittersweet.

I know where she had departed, and she had even said that she would look for us, so we will definitely meet again. But, I was already missing her.

It was as if I was breaking up with a girlfriend I had dated for a long time. But I had no choice but to stay here. Choi Seulgi had departed to search for a new life, while I also had things I needed to do. Of course my body currently was good, but I wanted to meet her again with a body as similar to a human as possible.

Funny enough, after Choi Seulgi departed, Mev had a satisfied look as if she thought that I would be able to concentrate more on clan matters now. Of course she tried to comfort my loneliness by being on the aggressive, but for some reason, I wasn’t comfortable around a fairy’s body so I pushed her away. As for Jung Hayeon, after the departure of Choi Seulgi, she began to walk around with a bright smile. It seems she was pleased that a rival of hers had disappeared.

Although she was curious why I was so obsessed with Choi Seulgi, it was irrational to tell her of the circ.u.mstances. Of course it wasn’t like she was the type to ask needless questions.

Anyhow, after sending Choi Seulgi off, a day later, I brought my Blood Dagger Clan with me as we began to head towards the cave located in the west. Since there weren’t just one or two caves in the Western Forest, fortunately she had specified it as being in the vicinity of the lake, it made locating it a bit easier.

Come to think of it, it has been a long time since we had hunted in the Western Forest, which was why we immediately headed out. But, there definitely weren’t too many traces felt around this lake. Seeing how strangely quiet it was, it seems that the Beginners were determined to not come here at all.

Something didn’t feel right. It was after Mev had found strange tracks. While we were heading towards the lake, Mev began to look around her surroundings frequently. It seems as an Archer, she was sensitive to traces.

” What’s wrong? ”

” Someone lived here I think . . . ”

Although it was obvious, there were no monster settlements here. Not seeing any indications of Evil Beasts, it seems that they don’t live here as well. But it wasn’t like I could not believe Mev, who was the most sensitive amongst us.

” Was I mistaken? No, it seems that the traces were strangely erased . . . ”

With Mev being half-skeptical, the Blood Dagger Clan and I also began to cautiously search our surrounding. I was curious of Choi Seulgi’s prepared present anyways, and since our archers were thoroughly inspecting the tracks, I thought that we would soon arrive.

But, it was much harder to find it than I had originally thought. Mev began to personally follow the tracks, and after a long time had pa.s.sed, we had discovered a clue deep into the forest. Mev seeing food leftovers, trash, and ragged cloths here and there, was agape. I was able to see bloodied bandages, and used, discarded potion bottles lying around. There were even human and Evil Beast bones lying around as well.

It was hard to believe that someone had lived here. Rather, this place was more like a garbage dump. Seeing this, Mev slowly spoke.

” It’s that woman. ”

” Huh? ”

” The human female that Captain followed. She was around here. It seems that she had visited this place after parting with us . . . ”

I couldn’t understand what Mev was saying. I was definitely sure that Choi Seulgi had lived in the city. I recklessly began to run in. I was extremely curious as to what had happened inside.

Mev, seeing this, began to shout.

” Captain, be careful. ”

But, her words didn’t enter my ears at all. I saw large leaves and branches along with other various things blocking the entrance.

I began to clear away those things.


After I had cleared away all the obstacles before me.

What I saw. . .

Inside the cave was full of:

A mountain piled up of weapons.

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