Green Skin - Chapter 177

Chapter 177

Chapter 177 Jang Ye Ri’s Visit

Things were going surprisingly well, and Ragia had managed things more satisfactorily than my expectations. Also, it had been a good choice to appoint the three goblin sisters as the instructors, as they actually did better than Gark and Hark.

While Apache, Crugar, and Little Finger would feel pain under their brutal training, they followed orders and became stronger.

I gave them high points for training the body and the mind, and they were becoming used to mock fights and monster battles each day. While only Crugar seemed to understand the situation fully, they were improving.

“I have organized the weapons you have gained for us in the warehouse and allowed them to be used freely except for the high-quality ones.”

“You did well.”

I was listening to Ragia’s report. While she worked hard, she was more suited for administrative work rather than battle. She was strong compared to others but was a grade weaker than those like Gark. She seemed to train whenever she could to overcome that, but we had many who could fight. It may be better to make her a specialist.

“The next is about human Lee Wanyong and the human workers.”


“They want to develop the gold mine behind our lands and want to see the special stones and rare plants in the back forest.”

“I heard that Goff and Black Spear clans were hunting there every day.”

“Yes, it is true, but we have postponed our decision since we have not opened a path to those mines, and it may be dangerous for them.”

“You did well. Tell them to wait.”

While I had not known this beforehand, there were many resources in the back forest, which would have to be examined soon. While I had been busy recently, now seemed like a good time to test things out. Lee Wanyong would have many reports as he wanted results, and he was the busiest one of us all. The clan was moving forward because of him.

“Also, there’s a proposal regarding a more specialized education for young Green Skins and humans. I also postponed a decision.”

“I want to see relevant doc.u.ments.”

Lee Wanyong had said something similar about making a library that held reports on various battles. However, while we had built such a building and called it the Battle Training Information Center, we had not been able to fill it yet. History was conveyed from mouth to mouth among Green Skins. While we had Green Skins writing what had happened in our clans, we did not know much about others and the Great Tribe Leader Agar.

[We may be able to increase the young Green Skin’s pride in their race by teaching them history. We could appoint those who record what the tribe leaders say and do…and build education centers…]

It was not a bad idea for developing Green Skin culture, but I needed to think things over at any new concept. I read Lee Wanyong’s report again before speaking to Ragia.

“I will think about this. What is Hakajin doing nowadays?”

“He is writing down production methods of what we have created recently and teaching Kim Yoora various things.”

“How is the village nowadays?”

Jung Hayeon spent her time with Baek Ahyeon, Mev, and the three goblin sisters, but I only saw Ragia with Hakajin. I felt like she was under stress and loneliness as she chased something she could not see. However, Ragia smiled as she replied.

“I’m the same and grateful for you to give me a place to be. What’s more, if you’re not busy…”

Ragia’s smile was sultry, and I knew what she was talking about. My backbone shook as she flicked her tongue.


Ragia looked happy as she considered my silence as a nod, and I had been letting things happen when I received communication from Jang Ye Ri.

[I am going to your village now.]

That was not good, and I was surprised at her coming her so unexpectedly when her city would keep her busy. I was embarra.s.sed as Ragia was working on me as I talked to Jang Ye Ri.


[You do not need to be so surprised. I am stopping briefly before leaving the city for a few days. I have spoken to others about this and just had something to tell you before I leave.”

I was reacting to Ragia’s tongue as she held me in her mouth and expertly moved to satisfy me.

[I will wait, ah…]

I could not hide a moan as Ragia’s mouth swallowed me whole, and Jang Ye Ri’s ensuing silence made me feel like she had noticed something.

[You seem to be enjoying yourself.]

She seemed angry.


Jang Ye Ri continued to speak as I remained silent.

[Did you lie about not having time? You seem to be enjoying yourself with your lovers while leaving your wife cold. Did you forget about coming here?]

[That’s not it.]

[Hmm…this is because you have not bedded me yet. I was going to return soon, but I changed my mind. You won’t be able to live without me.]

I was anxious after she ended the call, but Ragia removed that away. I stroked Ragia’s hair, thinking that Jang Ye Ri was disappointed about not staying here for long. However, I saw Jang Ye Ri not long after.

“It’s been a long time…”

I had little time to welcome her, as she had arrived at Ibar’s speed. Hakajin had brought her to my tent, and now I was seeing her face to face.

While she seemed angry, her face became mellow when I held her hand. She was now wearing clothes that showed off her curves, and her att.i.tude told me she was appealing to me.

“My husband should rule a place like this.”

“It’s because others have worked hard. Why brings you here?”

“You seem unhappy that I’m here.”

“No, I’m happy. Welcome to the Blood Dagger Clan.”

She sounded sensitive as she handed me a doc.u.ment. It was a map of the East that was detailed except for our village. A notable trait was that there were X marks in some places.

“This is…”

“Information you wanted. The places spiders come out are marked. I thought you would need that information.”

I smiled as I confirmed that they resided in the East. Jang Ye Ri’s information was trustworthy, and as the map pointed the swamps I would need to avoid, she had placed a lot of effort into making this map.

“Thank you.”

My eyes were affectionate, and while Jang Ye Ri looked elsewhere, she was smiling.

“Also, what do you mean by leaving the city for a while?”

“While it is top secret, I will tell you. The Holy Sword of the West officially asked for a meeting with me alongside the Queen of the North and the King of the South. It seems like they’re asking me to ally with them, but I will need to go there to know the details.”


I could not speak for a while, as something like this had not happened in the past. While it meant that the Holy Sword had become weaker, this sudden change discomforted me. If the humans all joined forces, all of my plans would become useless.

“What will you do?”

“I will not ally. The Holy Sword and the officials of the West had been Somorah’s customers. I cannot trust them.”

That was news to me, and things seemed more rotten than my guess. Whatever the reason, it was not good. I heard Jang Ye Ri’s voice again as I thought things over.

“Let’s go outside and talk later.”


“Your wife should meet your lovers. I want to end things quickly as we don’t have time.”