Green Skin - Chapter 176

Chapter 176

Chapter 176 The Eastern Training Field (2)

“Third Leader Green Skin! Act!”

Little Finger had thought things had been peaceful only a few days ago.

“Third Leader Green Skin! Move!”

“We have to hold your group responsible! Third Leader Green Skin!”

Three goblins were like devils to him, and Little Finger had not wanted this. He wanted to become stronger, but not in this way. He thought of his conversation with Black Spear a few days ago.

He respected Black Spear, who was serious and strong. Little Finger had thought it would not be a bad idea to live with Black Spear’s clan. Not only that, but Goff seemed honorable and Black Dagger seemed to be surprisingly considerate.

However, looking at what those three had done in a year made Little Finger feel inadequate. Recently, their village was being developed rapidly. While Little Finger wanted to be respected by them, he thought it an impossible feat.

Little Finger’s spellcasting skills had become only a little strong, and he felt incompetent at how strong the three leaders were getting. If he had not felt that, he would have not accepted Black Spear’s proposal.

“Little Finger, you seem to be at a standstill. Blood Dagger and Goff clans are doing some good training with new Green Skins. How about it?”

“Well, if you say so…”

“I will not force you, but I feel that you need this training. Those being trained are intense, and you would feel something alongside them, Little Finger.”

“If that’s what you think is good…”

“You will train for two years while the newcomers train for three. I hope you finish it.”

“All right…”

Little Finger resented Black Spear, as he would not have partic.i.p.ated in this training if he knew what this was. They were now doing weird but painful exercises, and the pain was harsh on his body. While Little Finger was used to pain, he was not used to moving his body this way. Also, as he liked being clean, all the dirt irritated him. However, he could not stop due to the three goblin sisters, who he had thought cute before. Now, they were like devils.

“Third Leader Green Skin! Can’t you hear me?!”

“I hear you!”

“Your voice is small!”

“I hear you!”

“Still small! All Green Skins, stand up and put your arms around each other!”

The goblins did not give Little Finger time to rest, and while others glared at him, he had something to say to Apache and Crugar. They had started this. Little Finger had ears, and according to the rumors, he heard that the stupid Giant Scream Apache having challenged Blood Dagger had been the starting point. He was hearing that other Green Skins were suffering the same fate in different clans, and Little Finger thought Apache, an idiot.

Blood Dagger had beheaded the monster of the East, killed humans, and collected human weapons. He was one of the top Green Skins in the East, and Apache challenging him was nonsensical in the first place. Little Finger had heard that Blood Dagger was still training like h.e.l.l to fight against the one who had taken his name. While it was an honorable story, it also meant that Blood Dagger did not forget about revenge.

To have picked a fight with such a Green Skin… Little Finger resented Giant Scream again as the three sisters shouted in front of them. They were now squatting and standing up repeatedly, and Little Finger thought these basic movements made one feel sentimental.

“Third Leader Green Skin! Is there a problem?!”


However, Little Finger shook his head, as while he thought everything was a problem, he learned not to say it out loud. Then, a goblin, who acted as the brain for the Blood Dagger, came running in as Little Finger looked dolefully at the sisters.

The goblin spoke something to the sisters, but Little Finger could not hear the words. However, the effect was beneficial.

“All right, we will rest for thirty minutes!”

Since the resting time was normally only ten minutes, thirty was like heaven. While usually, someone would bring him water, Little Finger could not expect help as everyone was equal while being trained. Therefore, he was going to the water tap for a drink when he heard some orcs’ voices.

“Third Leader Green Skin makes us train extra every day.”

“Yes, he is the problem.”

Those from Apache’s clan were the ones talking, and they did not realize that Little Finger was nearby. Who did they think started all this? He wanted to burn their mouths with a spell but then heard another voice.

“Do not say such things.”

“First Leader Green Skin!”

He was Apache, and Little Finger worried whether he would also join in their talk.

“Third Leader Green Skin is a spellcaster who is not used to physical training and is a good Green Skin. Don’t forget that he let us avoid punishment during the mock battle.”

Little Finger’s heart began to beat faster.

“We trainees have to help another, or we cannot last the remaining training.”

“I made a mistake. You are right.”

“Giant Scream’s words are deep. We, trainees, are one.”

Those that had belittled him admitted his mistake, and Little Finger could not hide his uplifted mood.

“Won’t you forgive their rudeness, Little Finger?”

Little Finger turned around to see a wiser Green Skin than he had expected and nodded.

“I accept your apology, Giant Scream.”

“That’s a relief, Little Finger. While it is two years for you, we have to work together.”

“I understand, First Leader Green Skin. Let us work together.”

While training alone would be difficult, together meant they could manage this. Perhaps this training was to realize that. Little Finger had been drinking water when he saw a human. However, she did not seem to be purely human at second glance, and the woman was confident enough to raise her hand at him.

‘A demon?’

While her skin was white, but she felt similar to Black Dagger. Also, she was surrounded by the Blood Dagger females, as Mev, Alaune, and that human priestess were all present. While Little Finger thought her well, she probably had given him thirty minutes of rest, but he felt the atmosphere around her was too tense for his liking. He decided to ignore them as much as he could.