Green Skin - Chapter 168

Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Election

Of course, the humans summoned in this world do not use the election method when power rules here. The strongest human or the one with the most followers gains authority. When equals met, they chose to separate to maintain their power.

The reason why power was divided in four directions was that humans did not let go of power, with a few exceptions. Also, not only them but those without power wish for them to maintain their positions, as they consider it much more stable and beneficial.

They want leaders who can protect them and are strong. It had been the same for me, and if I had been given the right to vote, I would have chosen a fence that could protect me. I did not know how the Green Skins would react, but a few of them seemed to consider it a not bad option.

The important thing was to make them think how honorable and powerful their votes were by highlighting their qualifications and honor. I thought of bringing the concept of an election, but now how politics worked on earth. While it would not be bad to play a few tricks to make Storm Shadow Agar’s successor, this idea was not about dishonor or illegalities. It was about sacrifice.

I spoke to the Green Skin leaders, who were either nodding or staring at me with a strange face.

“The ones who will be candidates are, of course, those with power and wisdom. I believe the ones that had been just mentioned are qualified, and while being chosen by other leaders is honorable, us casting a vote each is also an honorable act.”

They were obsessed with honor, and while it seemed like I was inciting them, I had to lead them in a different direction from human elections. If they thought casting a vote was the most honorable act imaginable, their politics, which could not be really said to be politics, will not fall. They would not cast votes for one’s benefit or to pay a debt and would use it to follow those they truly consider worthy. The Great Tribe Leader, with all those honors, will not forget the process.

Therefore, equating votes with honor is essential and should be entered in before the election.

“Each leader should reveal the candidate they had voted for and explain why they had cast it and used your honorable position in front of all.”

The votes would be done public since this was honorable, and one could speak out and use their right. Everyone seemed to think that it was not a bad idea, even the southern org. I resonated with them in terms of honor, as the successor is chosen would have the legitimacy for all.

“What Blood Dagger is saying is not bad.”

“While war with the south is a good idea, we need a Great Tribe Leader who will greet the new Green Skins. Since they are undergoing the tests, we cannot let them come in without a welcome.”

“Using our honor!”

There was someone nodding, worrying about those who will come, like the word honor. They knew the rule of the majority, as they would have to think about how their members think when making decisions. They would be aware of the importance of the majority’s opinion and that the minority’s opinion cannot be silenced. Earth Wave was the one speaking about that.

“Your proposal is not bad, and the one with the most honorable votes should become the next Great Tribe Leader. However, while I respect all present here, the majority cannot be said to be always right.”

“You are right, Earth Wave. But I’m not saying we should silence the minority, as the majority is not always the answer, and the opposite is also true. Therefore, this is important enough to decide the future of our race. Your vote is not an ordinary one but can decide your entire clan’s honor and life. We will do this in public and allow our voices to be heard. I believe that a wise Great Tribe Leader shouldering the honor of many will also take care of the minority’s honor.”

“Is that so…”

That was the inevitable weakness of the majority vote. While I had just explained that their opinions will be heard, things seemed positive. Earth Wave seemed to be contemplating, and I turned around to face the southern org Sand Glave.

“What do you think?”

The org spoke clearly and positively.

“I understand and find that those with most honor will become the next Great Tribe Leader attractive. You are right. Power is important, but power alone will not make a leader that everyone can follow. The Great Tribe Leader should be the most honorable of us all and be able to shoulder the burden.”

He seemed to understand my intention and was much more understanding than I had previously thought. I thought him to be a mere thrill seeker, but as he had also lived with Agar, Sand Glave seemed to possess his own ideas despite being rough. I looked around again after listening to him.

“We will cast the honorable votes when our new brothers come to the Honored Lands. We will first decide on the candidates and let them talk about how they will act. I believe that the candidates will be able to decide whether they have the qualifications of becoming the Great Tribe Leader.”

“You are right.”

“It is a good idea.”

“The best one yet.”

I thought them agreeing with me was Agar’s inheritance, as if he had been only thirsty for power, they would have not found my proposal attractive. Agar’s efforts were paying off, and they were changing despite not knowing it. Things were clearly changing little by little, as power, wisdom, and honor were now immensely important to them.

While Agar had not realized his dream, the entire race had taken a step towards it. I smiled as I looked at them. The meeting ended after much discussion, and they seemed to be thinking about my proposal the most. My reputation had also risen a little, which had not been the intention.

They had complimented me on my wisdom, and I would just scratch my head. It was when I had been about to go to my tent when Earth Wave spoke to me.

“You are as smart as they say…”

His gaze was strange for someone complimenting me. While he would be wary of me bringing in a new concept, his expression was deeper. He knew what I was thinking, and he was looking at me with clear eyes, unlike an ordinary Green Skin.

Agar had trusted Earth Wave and kept him close. While he was as quiet as Storm Shadow, he was different in showing his loyalty. He would keep silent and show through his acts and was one of the wisest Green Skins around. He was a smart warrior, and as he knew Agar’s will well, he was a good candidate. I opened my eyes wide when I spoke to him.

“You overcompliment me.”

His answer was quick in coming.

“You seem to be thinking something interesting. What is your goal?”

He seemed like he wanted to know my tendencies. I thought he may have heard from Storm Shadow but wanted to confirm with his own ears. While my answer had to be careful, I spoke without much thought.

“First is my own goal, the second is the development of my clan, and the third is to honor the Great Tribe Leader Agar’s will.”

I was not lying, and Earth Wave began to stare at me without speaking. I felt like something was revealed in me, like something not magic had gone all over me.

‘Is this his unique skill?’

I thought it that, as he seemed to have tested me. I thought his skill was to read minds or distinguish lies and though the latter had a higher possibility. It did not matter which, but I worried that he would see me human inside. However, his reaction told me he did not, as Earth Wave nodded once while staring at me.

I did not know what he did but i pa.s.sed his test anyway. He spoke quietly but with deep meaning a moment later.

“What should I do?”

I smiled as I thought things would go easier than I had expected.