Green Skin - Chapter 167

Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Storm Shadow (2)

“It had not been a natural death.”

Storm Shadow looked at me with shaking eyes. I managed to guess because I knew that the south had been completely ruined, like the fact that Storm Shadow not saying anything during the meeting was like speaking that he wanted the south to go down. It was completely different from his usual tendencies, and Storm Shadow would not act like this without reason. I could see in Storm Shadow’s eyes that I was somewhat right.

“I will not speak to other clans and bet the glory of my lost name on it.”

Storm Shadow nodded like he was still thinking things over.

“It was a mistake…”

He seemed to be thinking that revealing his anger had been a mistake, and I waited for him to speak so I could know why he had hidden this. I wanted a certain answer, and Storm Shadow spoke after a long silence.

“The Great Tribe Leader’s body had been at his limit, as the fights he had endured made him strong but left fatal side effects. It was so when you and Goff had entered the Honored Lands.”


“There was a small fight that other Green Skins do not know, as we fought to protect.”

It seemed that Agar had gone over his limit, and he had known that the end was near. I continued to nod at Storm Shadow’s words.

“He had asked not to talk about the fight because he was worried that others would try to revenge him, and children would be affected by it. I pledged that I would not, and that was all.”

It was like Agar to think about the Green Skins’ future than his revenge, and Storm Shadow would know that. Storm Shadow was not an idiot l.u.s.ting for power and was a wise and understanding Green Skin.

“He always spoke about coexistence, and not with humans. He was worried about the ecosystem, and I understood some of his thoughts.”

“The ecosystem…”

“Yes, about how to maintain and coexist in the same ecosystem. He knew that we wanted fights but was against about the results of such primitive battle.”


“War with humans is fun. However, he had been worried about who we would fight if humans disappeared from this world. He had not let other Green Skins know about this.”

While this may not be the answer…

“We would start fighting each other.”

Storm Shadow nodded, and I felt a shudder in my spine. I wondered how deeply Agar had thought, as I had never thought about coexistence while he had thought about the results of spilled blood.

Fights were fun, and I also felt that with the body of a Green Skin. The ecstasy I felt was like drugs and s.e.x, and that was why Green Skins were always thirsty for war and victory.

If all human cities went down after being conquered by us and they could not fight, who will we fight then? While we were close, we may fight against each other. That was why Agar had endured. He had power, land, and numerous leaders who followed him. He could fight, win battles, and conquer cities.

However, that power was to protect and not fight. The Great Tribe Leader did not swing his hammer lightly and always thought about the results of his actions. I looked at the hammer Storm Shadow had given me.

‘It’s heavier.’

Power, wisdom, honor, and now coexistence. My head became confused, as I had always thought only of myself and my clan. I quietly stared at Storm Shadow, and while he still talked about Agar, he seemed like he began to disagree.

“But Storm Shadow, do you want revenge?”


He did not answer, as he was weighing Agar’s will, the future of the race, and his desire for revenge. I did not know what he was thinking, but the war had ensued in the previous timeline. The southern org would probably become the Great Tribe Leader, as I had not heard of northern werewolves appearing in the south. Storm Shadow would have quietly backed him, and Earth Wave would have been isolated in maintaining the peace. He spoke again as I looked at him.

“I do not know.”

I understood why, and he remained silent. I started thinking about whether war in the south would benefit me. South being gone may be good for me. The difference was that the west and the south were now allied, and the war would become bigger, and the opportunity would come faster.

The problem was whether the war could be stopped. While I had chosen revenge against the Sword Saint as my goal, there were many things in my head. I thought of my brothers, my clan members, and finally, Mev and my child.

Being the Great Tribe Leader is about future children, and I had now something to protect. It was too early to begin a ma.s.sive war.

“Dishonored Green Skin, Blood Dagger. What do you think?”

While Storm Shadow had asked me, he was asking himself. I spoke quietly.

“It is your choice, but I agree with the Great Tribe Leader and wish that you would lead us. You are more honorable and wiser than you think and have the right. The Great Tribe Leader did not mention you, but I think you will know why he had placed you next to him and spoke about many things.”

“…Thank you.”

We said goodbye with our hands on our chests, and I went out of his tent to contemplate. The next morning came. Many clan leaders were already sitting as the meeting continued, and the southern org who had spoken much yesterday now looked around with confidence. He seemed to believe that his words were working, and while there was still much time before the meeting began, many Green Skins were already there to share their opinions.

Big Ogre and Green Goblin also came into the meeting place with reddened eyes. I waited for Storm Shadow to arrive at the tent, and he came near the meeting time with somewhat different eyes. I smiled faintly, and he sat with a determined expression.

“Let’s begin the meeting.”

A quiet but heavy voice rant the tent, and I opened my mouth as soon as he commenced the meeting.

“I have a proposal.”

I was not used to the attentive gazes.

“Power, wisdom, and honor are the most valuable traits for us, and our previous Great Tribe Leader Agar had given them to us. Power to fight, wisdom to think, and honor to respect. I believe that these three traits are the most important in deciding the next Great Tribe Leader. Using human bloodshed to honor his pa.s.sing and selecting his successor is not a bad idea.”

The southern org smiled, but I had no intention of helping him.

“However, it is not a wise idea. While it may be a good way to test power, it is not wise. Also, a fight to fight is not honorable.”

The org was glaring at me as I looked around while the minotaur and several others nodded.

“We know how he had walked the most honorable path and fought while worrying about his successors and our entire race. We do not need to test power. I thought about who had the qualities to become the next Great Tribe Leader last night, and I thought about an unnoticed troll who had stood by the Great Tribe Leader Agar’s side and fought with him for his entire life.”


“I recommend Storm Shadow as our next Great Tribe Leader.”

Everyone was silent, as they knew that while Storm Shadow was qualified, there were also others. Multiple voices rang at once.

“Storm Shadow is not the only one who has power, wisdom, and honor.”

“Yes, the Org of the South has fought for glory.”

“The minotaur and the werewolf also did. I do not know how we can decide.”

The meeting place filled with names, and they began to talk about whose honor was the highest. I slowly opened my mouth towards them.

“We will hold an election.”

They looked at me strangely, and it was the moment that Green Skins were introduced to the concept of an election.