Green Skin - Chapter 13

Chapter 13

” Victory or ! Death ! ”

” Victory or Death ! ”

” Wahhhhhhhhhhh! ”

Those goblins that screamed while running . . . normally I would settle down the Goff Clan and reason with them, but it seems that the stress of over 20 days had given them strength. To be honest, it was hard to stop them since they had so suddenly rushed out.

With the influence of a monster, I too wanted to head into a battleground of that kind of situation as well.

But, since we don’t know what might transpire in the battlefield, we needed at least one clan to maintain our composure. If you see the size of our clan, then our probability of victory is high, but battles are not fought just once.

” Prepare to fight ! ! ! Prepare to fight ! ! ! Monsters ! ! ! It’s monsters ! ! ! ”

Since they advertised like that while rus.h.i.+ng in, of course those guys would figure what’s happening. They probably had finished their own defensive preparations. The quality of these humans were definitely different from those of the southern forest. Suddenly, warriors with s.h.i.+elds dashed out as archers drew their bows. I can somewhat estimate how many battles they have experienced.

If you were to say that all of the humans in the south were devoured by goblins, then you could say that it was opposite for the North. It seems that the humans have completely swept the goblins. Indeed, if you think this ‘achievement’ was the ability of the Queen of the North, then it becomes even more clear as to why we should preserve our troops in this battle. Just from roughly inspecting them, they’re not normal.

We had some that had evolved into hobgoblins and some other evolved goblins, but they too had warriors that had evolved as well.

” Kyaaaaaaaaa ! ! ! ! ”

First off, we had the advantage in terms of army size. But there’s definitely a variable to this. The variable that determines this is the ‘ magician ‘ of the battlefield. They were encircling the warriors with Guard as they recited their spells.

” f.u.c.k . . . their countermeasure was extremely quick. We’re going around. ”

” Understood. Captain ! Ggireuk ! ”

” Mev, you and the other goblin archers draw your bows against the magicians in wait. When we signal, shoot. Even if they don’t accurately hit, just make sure that your arrows fly towards that side. ”

” Okay ! ”

Though I’m not sure what kind of magic they were chanting, the fact of it being Ice Magic was extremely high. No matter how much they had gotten stronger, there should be a limit as to how large the area of attack that magic can be.

Then, they only have two choices to make. Either they aim that magic to the champion or rare monsters . . . or they simply freeze the ground. If it were me, I would definitely select the latter. If the goblins who had lost their rationality charging in front were to fall, then the rear would have casualties as well. Frankly, I don’t care what form the magic appears as.

What our job is to minimize the casualties as much as possible by buying time.

When I thought that the magical force was getting more concentrated towards them, I raised my hand to signal the archer unit to commence.

In that instant, the magicians’ formation who were chanting the magic was starting to hold shape.




” Fire. ”

It was right before they had finished chanting. The large barrage of arrows rained down on them.

Though it was obvious that the warriors were protecting the magicians with their s.h.i.+elds, thanks to them, the magicians’ sight were restricted by that defense.

In other words, the minimal sight that magicians needed to secure when they were using magic was constrained. This was a basic tactic that was known once you leave for the continent.

Of course the good magicians that kept on firing magic with their good sense of maintaining sight along with the arrows of humans and the wooden-carved spears of warriors were toppling the front line of the goblins.


” Victory or Death ! ”

They could not stop the rush of ‘ Green Skin ‘.

” Charge ! ”

” Charge ! Blood Dagger Clan, Charge ! ”

” Kereeeeeeeeeuk ! ! ”

” Ggirik ! Ggirik ! For the Blood Daggers ! ”

The Blood Dagger Clan entered the battle from the side. Of course, I led the army from the side as I swung my sword against the warriors that were in the forefront.

” It’s an orc ! ”

” Fu . . .ck . . . why an orc all of a sudden ! ”

Definitely, the strength of an orc at this time was unimaginable. One swing with my broad sword brought about a bloodbath from those normal humans. Likewise, the evolved humans were the same. As expected, they couldn’t withstand the alarming strength and vitality of an orc. In an instant, my whole body was bathed in blood. The snow became deathly red as my breathing became rougher.

It was certain that I was receiving the influence of being a monster.

The surrounding warriors who had finished their second evolution swung their swords, but I just ripped their arms apart and broke their necks. Instantly, from the detached head flowed blood as I threw it away, causing screams to start pouring out.

” Kereeeeeeeeuk . . . ”

” Retreat . . . We’re retreating ! ! Retreat ! ! ”

A good decision. But in order to block your escape, I had prepared the Blood Dagger Clan’s Hobgoblins in advance.

The only skill that Jung Hayeon acquired since evolving into an Alraune was the skill ‘ Charm ‘. Though humans that finished their first evolution could somewhat endure it, the inferior ones walked towards the goblin trap entranced that Jung Hayeon had dug out.

I could hear the screams of the humans that entered that trap over here.

” AHHHHHHK ! ! ”


” Kereeuk. Spare a few of them. Spare a few of them. ”

Soon, no screams could be heard. Probably Jung Hayeon and the goblins had finished their apprehensions. But, it was quite a decent battle. It was a battle that really warmed you up after a long time. So much as the battleground in the front were still under battle.

Goff who was finally able to fight humans who had ‘ the will to fight ‘ was quite thrilled. For humans, it was of how long you could survive, but as for us goblins, it was rather a situation that we enjoyed. That’s the difference between a human and a monster.

In the end, the last human was killed as a large shout rumbled in the snowy field.

” Whaaaaaaaaaaaa! ! ! ”

” Oooooooowaaa” ! ! ”

” Ggireuk . . . Ggireuk !

Seeing the goblins, Hobgoblins, and orcs harmoniously screaming, it had brought chills down my spine. It was a scream that let the North know that a new clan had entered upon this snowy field.

[ A new quest has been obtained. ]

[ Quest – Conquer the Tutorial’s Northern Forest ! : Conquer the Northern Forest. ( 0 / 1 ) ]

‘ Hidden Quest ‘

Hearing this, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Probably other than Jung Hayeon and I, they would probably think of the voice as a ‘ Message of the G.o.d of War ,’ so the group that attained victory screamed an even bigger cheer.

” To the North ! To the North ! Conquer the North ! ”

” It’s a Conquest !”

Seeing those appearances, I tightened my fist. Even though there was no news of an evolution, but a hidden quest had been discovered.

In this place, obtaining a quest was itself a hard task. In the tutorial other than the first and second quests, it was hard to receive a different quest for the rest of your life. Of course, that was exactly what happened to me in the past.

The condition to finding a hidden quest was to partake on certain actions or discover clues scattered in the forest or continent.

For example, the quest that we obtained after arriving in the North. The most probable condition was either ma.s.sacring the humans in the South or correspond with enough significant harm. If we had more time, there should probably be a conquer quest for both the eastern and western forests . . . but it was a shame that it wasn’t possible in this situation.

The reward was random. You’re not sure what you will receive exactly. What’s certain is that if you do receive a quest, the reward is always beneficial to you in some way.

It was a great thing that all of us had received this quest. I began to stare at our clan members one more time. There was only a few I could remember since they all looked too similar. First was Mev, and second was the monster evolved Jung Hayeon. Then, the most loyal 5 members.

I still didn’t understand to this day why these 5 had attached themselves to me in the first place.

So, for convenience, I called these guys the Oblin Five Siblings (TL Note: The vowel ‘O’ in ‘oblin’ also means ‘5’ in Korean characters). Two were female while the rest were male. Amongst them, the first was one who had showed up to the point that he could compete with Mev in rank as he had just finished his evolution as an Orc Warrior after this fight. The second one was a Hobgoblin warrior who was preparing to take a path similar to the first one.

The problem was the rest of these three males, the third, fourth and fifth. These three males were ridiculously not evolving into a higher race as they continued to evolve as an ordinary goblin.

Thanks to them, they were quite strong at this point in time. Goblin – Goblin Warrior – Goblin Intermediate warrior. They continued to take the path of a goblin, and after seeing Mev evolve into a fairy, it seems they were even more fixed on that path. It seems they were truly resolute to be a goblin until the end.

It would rather have been better if they were an or goblin thief . . . was what I thought, but when I saw how they fought, I changed my mind. Although their sizes were small, their battle prowess and abilities were quite fine considering the upper paths they took. As for magic, it seems they could only feel a portion of it.

As if they were the Velociraptor of the Jura.s.sic Age, which were said to be gorgeous on how skillfully they could hunt. What was even more amazing was that these three could fight without having been hit once. Particularly, the best part was that they talked relentlessly without resting.

‘ Ggireuk ! Ggireuk ! Ggireuk ! Our Captain is quite handsome. ‘

‘ By the way, why is this human staggering this much! It doesn’t even look tasty! ‘

‘ Fly. Fly for me ! ‘

They were so noisy that I secretly moved aside.

Other than them, there were a few that had finished their evolutions, but there wasn’t anyone noticeable that had caught my eyes yet. Of course, what was most unfortunate was the mage. Though Jung Hayeon was in a vague position, she had acquired a skill from her race characteristics. But she wasn’t a magician, or a shaman just yet.

If in the recent fight Jung Hayeon was either a magician or shaman, then she could definitely counter against enemy magicians. It was a relief that the recent operation was thwarted well with good timing, for there would be many casualties had it failed.

If I wanted to save more goblins on my side, then it was just more incentive to evolve Jung Hayeon as quickly as possible. I couldn’t help but be locked in thought for a bit.

” Jung Hayeon. ”

” Yes . . . Yes ! Cap . . . Captain. ”

” Did you receive a different quest other than the one we recently received perchance? ”

” No Captain. ”

As expected, there was none. Since she had evolved a bit differently from the rest, it seems that she lost the opportunity to evolve twice. Although it wasn’t bad that she was a rare monster, but the problem was that I needed to raise Jung Hayeon this instant.

I secretly started to stare at Jung Hayeon.

” Is it only possible for you to absorb magic and vitality by having s.e.xual intercourse? ”

” Ah. . . No. If I have body contact . . . then it’s possible as a plant. ”

To suddenly raise the topic of s.e.xual intercourse, Jung Hayeon’s face flushed red. After seeing her, I decided to give her ‘ leech ‘ of experience like how it’s called in those online games.

” Then . . . all the survivors that our clan captured, you kill them all. ”

Though I said it somewhat menacingly, there was no hesitation in Jung Hayeon’s eyes. Rather, there was a look of joy and expectation.

I’m not sure whether she was like that because she had evolved into a monster, or if there was such a tendency from the start, but originally seeing her cry as she plunged a dagger into a survivor before her evolution, I thought that the former answer was already out of the question.

” Yes ! ”

TL Afterword: OMG those three goblins. I can’t wait to see what they’ll become.

And oh my word, I can’t wait to see what Hayeon will evolve to. :O

TL Note: [Edit] Changed mages to shamans, and edited previous chapters of them as well for easier differentiation in comparison to Magicians. ]

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TL Afterword

OMG those three goblins. I can’t wait to see what they’ll become.

And oh my word, I can’t wait to see what Hayeon will evolve to. :O

TL Note: [Edit] Changed mages to shamans, and edited previous chapters of them as well for easier differentiation in comparison to Magicians. ]

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