Green Skin - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

” It seems we’re almost there. It would be better to head to the side where the wind doesn’t blow as much to settle our camp there. Kereuk. ”

” Let’s do that. No matter how great of a warrior you are, fighting against these winds are beyond our capabilities.”

I nodded at Goff’s words. In the meantime, thanks to our stockpile of ‘ food ‘, we were able to enter the North quickly despite the long march. Although we only had 50 days left for the tutorial, we moved at a somewhat relaxed pace. The march itself had taken 20 days, so we only had a mere 30 days left for the duration of the tutorial.

The time was extremely tight.

Anyways, I didn’t know that we of the South would end up heading towards north, but I think I know why the people of the North were naturally strong.

The harsh winds that attacked my skin felt as if my feet and hands were about to freeze up. To be able to finish the tutorial in such an environment shows why it’s not hard to end up being strong. If you come to think of it, I think I heard that the monsters up north have some of the most named aquatic species. It seems that they had ‘ selected ‘ the most advantageous species to survive.

” Ggirik . . . cold . . . North is really cold. ”

I could start to hear the mumbling complaints. The pressure that we had to fight as quickly as possible once we arrived started to strain on me. I needed to somewhat relieve the complains of my clan members. Of course the solution to that would be war and battle. The ‘Green Skin ‘ that loved to fight the moment they were born, it was a useful method to reduce stress.

Of course, it was the same for me likewise who was also influenced as a monster. I could feel myself being slowly frustrated due to walking continuously.

I slowly started to inspect the conditions of the clan members behind me. Whether it was goblins or hobgoblins, although they were better off than humans with their extra layer of thick skin, but Jung Hayeon was having an extremely difficult time enduring. Mev who had a bit of natural resistance was fine it seems.

It was obvious that Jung Hayeon who had evolved into a plant monster couldn’t resist the cold. I decided to embrace her with my body as we went. I wanted to avoid the situation of having a girl who was absurdly my subordinate be lost.

” Jung Hayeon. Over here. ”

” Ah? Ah . . . Yes! Thank you ”

An orc’s body was much larger than a human. Even if Jung Hayeon had evolved into an Alraune, her size was smaller compared to me. I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me.

” Ah! ”

She screamed as she naturally had her body thrown towards me. It wasn’t just the cloths and leafs that were used when building on tent that were on her body. I also felt a little cold, so I had no choice but to wear those as well.

The other goblins all had either tree leaves or clothes that they made from dead humans tightly wrapped and fastened on their bodies.

” Are you alright? ”

” Yes. Thank you. ”

Seeing her blush, I continued to resume my footsteps forward. A bit more when we will finally enter the North. We have finally arrived.

” Haaa. . . . haa . . . ”

Despite being attached to my body, as if she was cold, her breaths started to become rougher. Pulling her a bit closer, I was able to figure out as to why her breaths were getting shorter.

‘ She’s excited. ‘

Not sure if it’s the species of Alraune itself, after confirming whether she was ‘ real ‘ or not, occasionally, she’d fall into this state at times whenever she sees me. Whether I was being marked as prey by her or if she has Stockholm syndrome, I’m not sure, but it wasn’t something I necessarily hated.

Being indifferent, I moved with Jung Hayeon in my embrace. I continued to rub my body with her.

I had rather welcomed this kind of scenario than focusing on the cold and lonely march. She slowly started to mess with my strong body with her soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

If Jung Hayeon came out like this, I would be excited likewise. Not sure if she realized this, but her honey was flowing down my body.

” Haaaa . . . . . . . . . haaa . . . . ”

As if that wasn’t enough, she slowly locked her thighs with mine. Thanks to this, I was constantly trying to get into the petal of Jung Hayeon. Whether it was because she had a hard time trying to find it on my evolved monster’s body or that she was not accustomed to it, I wasn’t sure, but she was having an extremely difficult time searching for it.

Though I wanted to help, a lewd thought started to materialize. I stared at Jung Hayeon and laughed.

” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . that’s . . . so . . . I’m . . .sorry. ”

A voice that crawls like an ant. I made a playful expression as I opened my mouth in reaction.

” Do what you want. ”

” Ah . . . . . . . . Ha . . . Ah . . . Thank . . . Thank you. ”

If she was mentally human, I don’t think she would attach herself to me like this.

She was trying her hardest to match her petal with my thing as she covertly withdrew her a.s.s out. Since it wasn’t going as she had planned, in the end, she stared at me with a sorrowful expression.

” Pl . . please . . . please. I beg of you. ”

She was basically saying that it didn’t matter since everyone around her were green monsters. Or that she couldn’t control her excitement and didn’t care about her shame. Anyways, she looked at me pleadingly.

That hot, sticky liquid that was on my body. I thrust it into Jung Hayeon’s body.

” Uh . . . . . . . .uhhh . . . ”

Knowing that she would scream, I placed my palm onto her mouth in advance. The feeling inside her was ecstatic.

Not even exaggerating, the feeling was so much greater than it felt of a human. I could finally understand why crazy humans tried to catch Alraunes to their deaths. That sticky and tightening feeling that was grasping my thing was hard to describe.

” Ha . . . .uhh . . . ahhk . . . . . . . . ”

Asides from what I felt, the other side was already melting into her own pleasure. Although she hadn’t moved her body directly yet, she trembled as she looked up into the skies.

” Ehhh . . . . . . Ahkk . . . . . . . . . . . ”

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhk ! ! ”

In the end, a large scream escaped out from her mouth.

” Ggi . . . Ggireuk ! It’s an enemy ! ! ”

” Hu . . . Human ! ”

The goblins who were walking suddenly screamed as if there was definitely something ahead. While the goblins were making a clamorous commotion, Mev was staring towards my side, in which I avoided her eyes.

” Haa . . . . . haaa . . . ”

In that period, Jung Hayeon was busy trying to solve the reverberations of her body afterwards. Her face was in a state so fl.u.s.tered, I was curious as to just how high she had risen in ecstasy.

” It’s a first . . . ”

Whether it was an o.r.g.a.s.m that she felt or the intercourse itself, I didn’t specify, but Jung Hayeon nodded.

” Yes . . . Yes. Thank you. ”

It was an expression that she couldn’t believe it herself. I didn’t answer to her expression and slowly nudged her body away from me. Though I wasn’t certain, I could certainly feel the magic in my body depleted.

Those humans with exhausted magic would soon die a horrible death.

It seems there was one more reason to evolve. I slowly inspected Jung Hayeon’s body. Green skin. The face that was no different from when she was a human. A weapon that wouldn’t be an exaggeration of a body. And above else, that great feeling inside.

” Hmm . . . ”

Though I didn’t fully enjoy it, we had already arrived at our destination. After we settle down, I can embrace that body once more. Jung Hayeon who had caught onto what I was roughly thinking was blus.h.i.+ng immensely.

As such, we walked for a while as her body slowly cooled down.

” It’s a human village. Ggirik. ”

The thought that we could capture a nice strategic base made me open my mouth.

” Are there castle walls? ”

” Not sure if those are castle walls, but I can only see strange houses made out of ice. Ggirik. ”

The source that we could capture the site of a human base in this severe weather was a great plus. This was probably a village that had endured numerous a.s.saults from monsters. And the houses were made of ice. Not sure if there was a magician around, but the houses looked as if they were made by Eskimos from television.

I’m not totally sure if this village was a part of Queen of the North’s faction, but I didn’t care. One way or another, we were going to totally wipe the humans of the North. Let’s start. The battle that the Goff Clan wanted . . .

” Kereuk . . . . kereuk . . . ”

” Ggirik . . . ggirik ! ! ! Ggirik ! ! ! ! ! ”

Whether it was from the excitement of war, soon the vicinity became boisterous. I too started to grip my sword tighter. Everyone’s emotions were the same. We wanted to soak ourselves with the blood of our enemies.

” Charge ! ! ! ”

” Ggirik ! ! ! Ggirik ! ! ! ! !”

As if they wanted to evolve into a drummer, all the goblins continued to excitedly pound the logs that were made of human skin.

” Boom ! ! ! Boom ! ! ! Boom ! ! ! ”

Although there was no shape or form, the atmosphere started to rise in tone. As the drums thumped louder towards the peak, the Goff Clan started to run forward.

” Victory or ! Death ! ! ”

The same thinking of an orc. As if he was originally an orc and not a goblin, Goff’s voice echoed throughout the field.

” Ggirik ! ! ! ! Victory or Death! ! ! ”

” Victory or Death ! ! Ggirik! ! ”

It seems the acc.u.mulated stress of the march had exploded. The group was certainly encompa.s.sed in madness. There was definitely no formation or strategy. They rushed towards the enemies as they started to step and push one another. Even goblins that had tripped were crushed to death by their fellow comrades.

” WAHHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ”

” Wah ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !”

It was a movement that eliminated any sort of military strategy or tactics. If the foes were of similar levels, it was no mistake that we could be annihilated with this reckless rush. The funny thing was that calmness had found me in this situation. As if my subordinates wanted to rush out as well, they started to squirm and wriggle as they stood by for orders.

” Blood Dagger Clan will move separately. ”

” Ggirik. Understood. ”

TL Afterword: Man enraged orcs + goblins rus.h.i.+ng towards you. That sounds horrifying if you were on the other side whew.

PR Afterword: Hulk Smas.h.!.+ But a bit of booty on the side as well.. Only way to travel nowadays..

TL Afterword

Man enraged orcs + goblins rus.h.i.+ng towards you. That sounds horrifying if you were on the other side whew.

Oh and how bloodthirsty. Even killing their own comrades by stepping over them. Goblins sure are fierce :O

@Rando Thank you for the correction. It should be ‘ Saint Knights ‘ and not ‘ Salvation Knights ‘

PR Afterword

Hulk Smas.h.!.+ But a bit of booty on the side as well.. Only way to travel nowadays..

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