God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1209 - 1209 An Ambush

Chapter 1209 - 1209 An Ambush

Chapter 1209 - 1209 An Ambush

1209 An Ambush

Little Bai flapped its wings and flew at the fastest speed possible.

Its so fast

Lin Xiu looked at the buildings on the ground that were getting smaller and he was pleasantly surprised.

Of course. I always depended on Little Bai whenever we travelled.

Baili Haoling laid down on Little Bais back and was looking rather relaxed.

Although Little Bais feathers looked like crystals, it was quite comfortable for them to be sitting on it.

It was cold at all. In fact, it felt cool.

Oh, do you have the travel pa.s.s?

Lin Xiu laid down as well. Then, he quickly asked Baili Haoling about the travel pa.s.s when he thought of it.

Travel Pa.s.s?

Baili Haoling was stunned. Then, she sat up, reached into her pocket and pulled out a card with a special mark on it.

How did you get it?

Lin Xiu got up as well and looked at the card that Baili Haoling held in her hands. He was quite surprised.

According to what Mr Pang had told him earlier, all of the warriors in the warrior G.o.d realm would have to stay in one city for more than 3 years.

After working for the city for 3 years, they would be given a permanent ident.i.ty in the warrior G.o.d realm and would be able to move freely.

Bailing Haoling would not have been here for a long time.

My ancestors gave it to me.

Baili Haoling answered with pride.

Is your ancestor from the warrior G.o.d realm?

Lin Xiu asked as he was getting curious.

Although he had witnessed how powerful her ancestors were when they were back on earth, he didnt think that they would be so powerful.

They were able to instantly provide Baili Haoling with an ident.i.ty. This definitely meant that they were someone with a high status, right?

It was just that he had no idea how long they were.


Baili Haoling shook her head.


My ancestors seemed to be residing on another planet.

I dont know specifically where it is.

Suddenly, a bright ray appeared before them!

Lin Xiu noticed it with his peripheral vision and his pupil shrank.


Then, there was a bright glow that appeared from his body as well.

Lin Xiu instantly released his sphere. He immediately blocked all of the impact that came from the bright ray.

What was that?!

Baili Haoling instantly noticed it as well.

Boom boom -

At the same time, there were lots of white rays that continuously attacked them.

Little Bai continued flapping its wings. There was a large cold wind that came along with it as Little Bai was trying to defend them from the bright rays.

However, these rays were too powerful and terrifying. Soon, Little Bais body started shaking.

It felt as if Little Bai was in a lot of pain.

Little Bai, land here!

Lin Xiu screamed out loud.

With that, Little Bais body headed towards the ground.

Soon, the huge body landed on the ground below them.

The trees around them were all completely ruined by the impact from its landing.

Lin Xiu quickly turned around and looked at the sky. The white rays were still coming at them!


Lin Xius eyes were filled with a cold gaze. He sneered as he clapped his hands in the air. Then, all of the white rays coming at them disappeared.

When Lin Xiu looked carefully into the sky, he could see that there were many oddly shaped drones in the air.

These white rays were shot by these drones!

Lin Xiu gathered his thoughts and the black spear was taken out from the expansion s.p.a.ce.

With the black spear in his hands, he drew an arc in the air. There was a powerful crescent that appeared in the air and it went straight for the drones.

Boom boom boom

With the loud explosions that followed one after another, all of the drone exploded.


Baili Haolings eyes turned red as well and she pulled out her daggers.

Seeing how there were more drones that appeared around them, she immediately rushed toward the drones.

With her daggers, she immediately destroyed all of the drones that were shooting the horrible and powerful laser beams.

I didnt think that you would be able to react so quickly.

Suddenly, there was a voice that appeared above them.

As they looked up, there was a large number of warriors who were floating in the air.

There was also warriors on the ground that surrounded Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling.

All of these warriors looked fierce and ready to kill.

As Lin Xiu glanced at the warrior, he saw Fu Tianling that was amongst them.

Its you.

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes when he saw who it was.

Thats right. It is me.

Fu Tianling looked down at Lin Xiu and his eyes were filled with murderous intentions.

He had been wanting to kill Lin Xiu.

So, its this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Baili Haoling also noticed Fu Tianling who was in the air.

Kill him.

Fu Tianling did not hesitate and gave his orders to his men.

With that, all of the warriors that surrounded Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling instantly attacked them!

Little Bai might have been injured by the powerful laser beams but the damages done werent severe.

Seeing how there was a large number of warriors attacking Lin Xiu, it let out a loud cry. Then, there was a cold, frosty breath that came blasting out of its mouth.

The warriors who had rushed forward immediately turned into popsicles due to the frosty breath!

Rollie, who was seated on Lin Xius shoulder, leaped into the air as well.

Then, its body started expanding without control.


Rollie was like a huge ball that heavily landed on the warriors that had become ice statues!

All of them were immediately crushed into pieces.


Baili Haoling sneered. Before the warriors had a chance to get close to her, she had already rushed forward with both daggers!

At the same time, Lin Xius eyes looked fierce.

Fu Tianling was here but Fu Tianyuan wasnt. From this, it was obvious that this was Fu Tianlings sole decision.

If Fu Tianyuan wanted to kill him, he would have done so earlier.

They are here to give us EXP again.

Lin Xiu muttered to himself before thrusting his long spear backwards.


There was a warrior, with a special skill of hiding, who got close to Lin Xiu. He was about to kill Lin Xiu when the long spear pierced through his head.

Both the evolved beasts were attacking the warriors around them like mad as well.

Soon, the warriors that came in a large number were reduced into half!

That boy and that little girl arent ordinary warriors. If this continues, it might not be beneficial to us.

At the same time, an elder standing next to Fu Tianling furrowed his brows.