God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1208 - 1208 The Odd Fu Tianyuan

Chapter 1208 - 1208 The Odd Fu Tianyuan

Chapter 1208 - 1208 The Odd Fu Tianyuan

1208 The Odd Fu Tianyuan

Wouldnt Fu Tianyuan want to defeat Lin Xiu for his younger brother?

The look in Lin Xius eyes changed drastically.

He no longer understood what Fu Tianyuan was doing now.

I shall stop beating around the bush.

City Lord Lin, would you be interested to be a part of Manhuang City?

Fu Tinayuan stared at Lin Xiu and asked with a solemn look on his face.

Be a part of Manhuang City?

Lin Xiu was shocked. Then, he narrowed his eyes.

Thats right.

I do think highly of you. If you could join Manhuang City, you would be the vice city lord of this city.

Fu Tianyuan stood from his seat and he looked at Lin Xiu with pa.s.sionate eyes.

From his point of view, Lin Xiu has shown him many surprises today.

Not only did Lin Xiu kill Sun Qi in the tournament, he even acquired his spirit.

Manhuang City is considered one of the biggest city here in the warrior G.o.d realm.

It would definitely be much better than Lingxian City.

If my a.s.sumptions are right, you have just been promoted here from another planet. If you stay in Lingxian City, you would not be able to travel around freely for the next few years but if you become the vice city lord of Manhuang City, you would be allowed to be free.

Fu Tianyaun continued his offer to Lin Xiu.

The look in Lin Xius eyes changed once again.

It was undeniable that the words coming from Fu Tianyuan were tempting.

This was because the most important reason why Lin Xiu was here was so that he could find Luo Yue.

With enough freedom, he would be able to find Luo Yue.

Otherwise, without any identification, he would not be allowed into any other cities here.

Well, he was only allowed in this city because he was invited.

I must apologise.

I dont think that Ill be joining you.

Just when Fu Tianyuan thought that Lin Xiu would take up his offer, Lin Xiu shook his head.

Why not?

There were finally some emotions seen on Fu Tianyuans face but he soon restored his usual looks.

Although you might be a vice city lord, you would still be able to have everything that I have.

No reason.

Lin Xiu smiled and did not say much after.

Fu Tianyuan was shocked but he chuckled instead, Fine. If theres any time in the future that you want to join us, please let me know.

This city will always welcome you.

Lin Xiu gently nodded his head. He finished his tea and stood up from his seat.

Thank you, City Lord Fu.

Im new to Lingxian City and there is a limit to how long I can be out of the city. I would have to return now. Thank you for the tea, it was delicious.


With that, Lin Xiu left the room without even turning back once.

Fu Tianyuan remained in his seat as he stared at Lin Xius back that slowly disappeared. Then, a smile appeared on his face.


Lin Xiu went back to where Baili Haoling stayed and was ready to return to Lingxian City with Little Bai and Rollie.


When he pushed his door open, he could see that Rollie and Little Bai had finally awakened from their slumber.

There seemed to be some changes to them after they had awakened.

But, it wasnt anything physical. Instead, it was the changes inside.

However, before Lin Xiu could think of what was different, both the evolved beast rushed into his arms.

Then, they started rubbing themselves on Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu chuckled. It was obvious that these two were much stronger than before. As they rushed into his arms, Lin Xiu could clearly feel that the impact was different.

They seem to be much stronger now.

Baili Haoling was surprised as well.

However, when she thought of how they had absorbed the beast G.o.d odd crystal, this result wasnt that surprising after all.

Alright. Lets go.

Lin Xiu smiled.

It was as if both Rollie and Little Bai could understand what Lin Xiu was saying. They shrunk their bodies to the size of a fist and then sat on Lin Xius shoulder, one on each side.

Lets go.

Baili Haoling nodded her head as well and decided to leave with Lin Xiu.

City Lord Lin, youre leaving already?

When Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling were about to leave, they met Ling Yu and Sun Ruo.

Seeing how Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling had already packed their things, they were both surprised.

This was because there was still a dinner at night.

En. I have a limited time to spend here. Its time for me to go back.

Lin Xiu smiled.

Do visit our cities when you have the time. We will welcome you with open arms.

Sun Ruo and Ling Yu showed friendly smiles.

Of course, well meet when we have the chance.

After a brief conversation, Lin Xiu and Bailing Haoling left.

Sun Ruo stared at Lin Xiu and sighed, Well, it is indeed maddening to be competing with people like him.

This was the first time that Lin Xiu partic.i.p.ated in these events. Not only did Lin Xiu killed Sun Qi, he received 2 warrior G.o.d skills cards and also a black grade spirit.

Well get ours next year.

Ling Yi patted Sun Ruos shoulder and comforted him.

It was indeed too complicated and difficult for them to acquire their spirits. They had failed to get theirs this year.

But, didnt Fu Tianyuan offer him anything?

Sun Ruo was still staring at Lin Xius figure that had already disappeared as he muttered to himself.

Soon, Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling walked out of Manhuang City.

After pa.s.sing that mountain, we should be able to reach Lingxian City with a two days journey.

Lin Xiu pointed at the mountain in front of him.

Its so far.

Baili Haoling pursed her lips.

Even if they used levitation, it would still take a long time. Plus, using such skills would be exhausting and they can use it for a long time.

Suddenly she thought of something and suggested it to Lin Xiu, Why dont we ride on Little Bai to send us back?

Little Bai?

After hearing what she said, Lin Xiu was stunned.

I dont think thats possible.

Why now? Little Bai is quite fast when its in the air!

Baili Haoling quickly added.

Chirp chirp!

Little Bai could feel that Lin Xiu was looking down on him and started flapping his wings.

It rushed into the air after leaving Lin Xius shoulders.

There was a bright, white ray that was all over his body. Soon, Little Bais body became several sizes bigger.

The bird started screeching in a high pitch. As it flapped its wings, it was stirring up a tornado.

Lets go!

Baili Haoling then jumped onto the Ice Crystal White Bird.

What are you waiting for? Get up here!

Lin Xiu chuckled helplessly and got on the back of Little Bai.

Little Bai, over there!

Lin Xiu then pointed the direction for the Ice Crystal White Bird.

The bird could clearly understand what Lin Xiu was saying and it flew in the direction that Lin Xiu pointed out to him.