Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game - Chapter 2259 Delaying

Chapter 2259 Delaying

Chapter 2259 Delaying

Two Wood tribe elders stood at the rear, observing the battlefield, still having no intention of intervening.

The fusion Tyrant form did indeed look formidable at first glance.

But they, being of the Root tribe, were not weak either.

At least, it didn't pose a threat to them.

Besides, their mission this time was merely to guard the rear exit of the temple.

At the moment, all they needed to do was prevent the Leaf tribe from escaping; there was no need to stir up trouble.

The rest could be handled by the Soul tribe and the Wood tribe.

The Root tribe elders had clear thinking.

They tried to avoid direct confrontation with the desperate Leaf tribe as much as possible.

After all, there was no need to risk lives unnecessarily.

Meanwhile, in the main pa.s.sage of the temple,

In the foyer, Vannes and Ian, two elders, continued to retreat under the suppression of several enemy elders.

After consecutive battles, the two of them had sustained significant injuries.

Perhaps none of these injuries mattered.

The crucial point was that!

The sacred tree's branch!

Vannes stared intensely at Tippy, his eyes filled with extreme hatred.

The holy weapon of the tree spirit clan!

Although they could still utilize the residual power of the sacred tree sapling to recover, the enemy possessed a holy weapon!

The sacred tree's branch had completely shattered the domain power of the sacred tree sapling along the way!


Tippy could see that the Leaf tribe had been pushed to the brink.

They could only persist until now under the protection of the remaining domain of the sacred tree sapling.

It had been very difficult already.

"Vannes, we need to talk properly."

"Get lost!"

Vannes shouted explosively, once again urging his mental strength forward, forcing several Wood tribe individuals ahead of him to retreat.


Suddenly, Vannes caught sight of several red creatures rus.h.i.+ng out from the depths of the Temple of Incantation, heading straight for the pursuers!

"It's the Lickers! Be careful!"

Though the Lickers didn't serve much purpose, they still provided Vannes with a momentary respite.

Taking the opportunity, Vannes immediately leaped backward and glanced quickly behind him.

Fang Heng?

Of course, he recognized these Lickers as being controlled by Fang Heng.

"Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+"

More groups of Lickers rushed towards the Wood tribe and Soul tribe guards ahead!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!!!"

A series of dense wooden spikes exploded, sending the Licker groups flying back, only to swiftly leap back into the air and advance towards the Wood tribe guards once again.

Several Wood tribe elders furrowed their brows.


Stubborn creatures!

Although the individual output of the Licker groups was limited and not lethal, their vitality and agility were exceptional, making them extremely troublesome, like fleas constantly jumping in front of you, blocking your path, and occasionally biting you.

Moreover, with the limited s.p.a.ce inside the pa.s.sage, a large number of Lickers crowded together, blocking more than half of the pa.s.sage.

Even the elders of the tree spirit clan were momentarily at a loss as to how to deal with the Licker groups, only able to slowly clear them using sealing skills.

Taking advantage of this time, Miles and Ian quickly retreated to join Fang Heng in the rear pa.s.sage.

Vannes felt anger in his heart.

He never imagined he would one day come to the point where he needed a human to help him!

"Fang Heng! What are you still doing here!"

Fang Heng smirked inwardly, thinking, "You have the nerve to ask?"

Isn't it because you're not competent enough?

Since Vannes still needed a.s.sistance, Fang Heng refrained from provoking him further, simply nodding at Vannes and the line of wounded behind him, saying, "The Elder Farouk requests your presence."


Tippy and the representatives of the three major clans took some time to clear out the hundreds of Lickers crowded at the entrance.

The elders gathered in front of the central pa.s.sage leading to the temple, exchanging glances.

"Tippy, why are we hesitating when the main hall is right ahead?"

"Everyone, I'd like to remind you that the Leaf tribe is still a member of our clans..."

"Enough, we understand. We'll be prudent. Let's deal with the Leaf tribe first before discussing it further. We don't want any surprises in the future."

Elder Klonor of the Wood tribe felt uneasy.

The Lickers seemed to be buying time.

And indeed, they had wasted a considerable amount of time.

Although elders from various clans guarded all directions around the temple, Klonor couldn't shake off the feeling of unease.

The group continued to pursue, pa.s.sing through the pathway until they reached the central hall of the Temple of Incantation.

In the central hall, the magic array struggled to maintain its operation.

Elder Farouk sat in front of the magic array, his face pale, obviously severely injured.

Behind Farouk, Miles and Ian stood in succession.

Klonor frowned.

Behind Farouk, there stood a young man he had met briefly.

Fang Heng!

Klonor's gaze lingered on Fang Heng for a moment.

Elder Farouk ceased the operation of the magic array, took a breath, and spoke, "What is the purpose of intruding into our Leaf tribe's temple?"

"Huh! Your temple?" Klonor chuckled as if he heard a ridiculous joke, "From our hands, you stole the temple, and now you claim it's yours!"

Tippy stepped forward half a step, shaking her head, "Leaf tribe, you have committed the grave sin of killing your own kind."

"You three clans mobilized forces to come here just for the temple?" Farouk shook his head, "If that's the case, if we lose, we'll return the Temple of Incantation."

For a moment, hearing Farouk's straightforward surrender left everyone a little confused.

"Hehe, you killed, you robbed, you committed a grave wrong, and now, just by saying 'I'm sorry,' returning what you took is enough to settle this matter? Is that too cheap for you?"

"What do you want then?"

"Your Leaf tribe's conduct is unworthy. Naturally, you lose the qualification to compete for the next leader. I want you to voluntarily give up the inheritance of the tree spirit clan leader, and hand over the sacred tree sapling as compensation to our Wood tribe. That's the only way to settle this matter."

"Shut up!"

Vannes couldn't contain his anger, glaring fiercely at Klonor as if he wanted to devour him!

To think they wanted the Leaf tribe to give up the sapling and forfeit their leaders.h.i.+p qualification!

Absolutely ludicrous!

"You want our Leaf tribe to give up competing for leaders.h.i.+p? Fine! Come and try it! Let's see if you have the guts!"

With that, Vannes entered the battle state once again, natural element runes appearing on his body. He leaped forward, heading straight for Klonor!

Seeing Vannes personally entering the fray, the Leaf tribe members immediately followed suit.

The two sides clashed once again.

Fang Heng remained in the rear, not joining the battle. Instead, he took several steps back, shaking his head inwardly, thinking that Vannes's temper was still lacking.

They had agreed earlier to delay time, so why was he losing his cool now?

They could have pretended to agree to the conditions first.