Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game - Chapter 2258 Digging now

Chapter 2258 Digging now

Chapter 2258 Digging now

Ovi saw Fang Heng push open the door of the warehouse. Entering inside, he couldn't help but be astonished by the scene before him.

"What in the world!?"

He saw numerous zombie creatures inside the warehouse, each wielding alloy metal pickaxes, vigorously digging along the ground, creating a large pit leading downwards in just a short time.

Continuously, zombies carried the wood blocks, shrapnel, and sand excavated from the pit outside the warehouse, stacking them in the underground pa.s.sage of the third bas.e.m.e.nt.

The Temple of Incantation had been repeatedly damaged and repaired, with many parts now showing signs of wear and tear.

Fang Heng had previously a.n.a.lyzed that digging a pa.s.sage would only be slightly difficult. Moreover, with the high-tier alloy pickaxes wielded by the zombie team, the efficiency of excavation was significantly increased.


Seeing the astonishment on Ovi's face, Fang Heng patted his shoulder once again.

"It's too dangerous to go out from the outside. Let's find a way to dig a pa.s.sage out."

In fact, Fang Heng had previously premonitionally excavated a ssall part of the pa.s.sage outside the Temple of Incantation using the Lickers.

It was originally prepared as a precaution against the leaf tribe.

In case of any special circ.u.mstances, he could take preemptive measures.

Worst case scenario, if needed, he could secretly raid the leaf tribe and then leave with the materials through the underground pa.s.sage.

However, the tunnel he had premonitionally prepared was dug from the other end outside the Temple of Incantation.

The internal pa.s.sage had not yet been excavated, and they had just started digging from scratch.

At this moment, apart from this part, Fang Heng was also controlling zombie clones to accelerate the excavation of another part of the pa.s.sage.

It was antic.i.p.ated to connect in the middle section.

"Fang, Fang Heng..."

Ovi looked at this scene, finally realizing what Fang Heng intended to do. He was astonished by Fang Heng's actions, speaking somewhat awkwardly, "Is this... Is this really going to work?"

Digging a pa.s.sage now?

Is there really enough time?

"Don't worry, trust me."

Fang Heng looked at Ovi and said, "But now there's still one important issue."

Ovi gathered his thoughts and nodded, saying, "What's the issue? Ask away."

"You mentioned that the other three major tribes can sense the location of the sacred tree sapling."

"Indeed." Ovi frowned, saying, "The ripple of the sacred tree sapling is not strong when it's not activated, but concentrating can still roughly track the sapling's location. Previously, Elder Farouk had a special secret technique to temporarily seal the energy ripple of the sacred tree sapling. Now that the elder has pa.s.sed away, if the three major tribes intend to investigate, even if we escape through the tunnel, we will still be discovered."

Fang Heng asked, "What about the sapling?"

Ovi immediately took out the box he was carrying.

"Do you mind if I take a closer look?"

Ovi hesitated for a moment, then decisively handed the box to Fang Heng.

"Please be quick, the sapling will wither faster if it's away from me for too long."

Fang Heng glanced at Ovi again.

Is this guy really from the Leaf tribe?

Originally thought it would take some persuasion, but Ovi was so decisive.

Ovi understood clearly that now only by trusting Fang Heng would they have a chance to escape. If Fang Heng was interested in the sapling, it would eventually fall into his hands anyway, and he was willing to trust Fang Heng.


Fang Heng agreed and took the box, opening it with a snap.

A small sapling was in the center of the box.


As the wooden box was opened, the ripple of strength from the sacred tree sapling quickly spread outward.

At the moment it left Ovi's body, the sapling immediately showed signs of rapid withering.

It seemed Ovi hadn't lied to himself.

With a thought, Fang Heng's lifeblood short blade burst open from behind him, swiftly gathering towards the interior of the box. A lifeblood barrier formed around the sapling's periphery, firmly protecting it in the center.


Ovi had been observing Fang Heng's every move. Seeing this, he couldn't help but show a surprised expression.

The strength of the sacred tree sapling disappeared!

It was that strange lifeblood ripple strength again!

He had seen Fang Heng use it more than once!

Wrapped in the external lifeblood, the natural aura emanating from the sacred tree sapling was instantly enveloped and concealed, leaving only the external lifeblood ripple.

At the same time, a game prompt appeared on Fang Heng's retina.

[Hint: The player has discovered a special item-Sacred tree sapling.]

[Hint: The player lacks effective control over this item. Acquiring the item will result in rapid leakage of the sapling's aura and accelerated withering.]

[Hint: If the player claims the item, they will be antagonized by the tree spirit tribe.]

[Hint: This item cannot be placed in the backpack and will drop immediately upon death.]

It seemed Ovi hadn't lied to himself. The sacred tree sapling had a special preservation method.


Fang Heng closed the box and handed it back to Ovi, saying, "The lifeblood will become ineffective once it's away from me for a distance, but it's enough for you to leave the temple."

"Okay, thank you."

Ovi came to his senses, took the box, and carefully concealed it on his person.

With the aura issue resolved, now their goal was to buy more time for the zombie team to dig the pa.s.sage!

Fang Heng looked towards the exit of the warehouse.

He hoped the Leaf tribe outside would be more supportive and delay a bit more time.

"I'll go out and check the situation, you stay here."



Outside, at the rear of the Temple of Incantation, a large group of Lickers were still engaged in a difficult battle with the root tribe.

Two elders of the Root tribe glanced at each other, both showing a wary expression.

These creatures should be the 'Lickers' mentioned by Elder Klonor of the Wood tribe.

Indeed troublesome!

After becoming familiar with the Lickers' combat tactics, the root tribe quickly changed their strategy.

Seeing that it was almost impossible to kill the Lickers, all the guards of the Root tribe decided to use their root tendril entanglement skill to temporarily trap each Licker firmly to the ground.

Trap them first!

Soon, the Lickers that lost Fang Heng's control were one by one trapped on the ground and unable to break free.


But again!?

Suddenly, the guards of the Root tribe frowned.

Just as the Lickers were firmly entangled by the root tendril skill and couldn't break free, suddenly, there was a new change. They condensed into pulsating flesh coc.o.o.ns on the spot.

The flesh coc.o.o.ns rapidly expanded in a very short period of time!

In the blink of an eye, ma.s.sive figures emerged from the flesh coc.o.o.ns!

Fusion Tyrant forms!

The towering fusion Tyrant forms gave the guards of the root tribe a great shock, and their expressions immediately turned serious, as if facing a formidable enemy.

Remote natural spells bombarded the fusion Tyrant forms, causing explosions one after another, but it seemed that the roots couldn't affect their advance at all!

"Entangle them!"

The serpentine roots quickly spread forward, entwining around the feet of the fusion Tyrant forms, firmly trapping them.

Under the entanglement of the vine, the fusion Tyrant forms tried to struggle forward for a few times, but finally failed to break free.