Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 07 Chapter 020.2: Spy Causing Unrest, Part 2

Book 07 Chapter 020.2: Spy Causing Unrest, Part 2

Book 07 Chapter 020.2: Spy Causing Unrest, Part 2

Kong Xuan, Shangguan Hen, Ao Shun, Chen Tianshan, and Gao Xianzhi flew to the Embroidered Uniform Guards headquarters, feeling startled.

These experts tightly surrounded the place in the blink of an eye.

Whats going on? Kong Xuan arrived in a flash.

The buildings surrounding a small courtyard had exploded. There seemed to be a ritual array there earlier, isolating the inside from the outside.

Meng Tai was covered in blood, pressing his hand on a bleeding hole in his abdomen. He lay in a pool of blood but had not died yet.

Kong Xuan immediately placed his palm on Meng Tais back, helping him heal the injuries.

Whats going on? Your dantian was pierced through, destroying your nascent soul? Kong Xuan said in shock.

Milord, who was it? a group of Embroidered Uniform Guards asked furiously.

Who nearly killed the Embroidered Uniform Guards envoy commander in the Embroidered Uniform Guards headquarters?

Many experts now flew over. Mo Yike, Chen Tianshan, and others arrived.

Its him! Mo Yike! He attacked us! Hurry! The crown prince is inside! The crown prince is going to die! Meng Tai glared hatefully.

What? The expressions of the surrounding officials changed.

Chen Tianshan rushed into the courtyard. Indeed, Crown Prince Gu Qin also lay in a pool of blood with a bleeding hole near his heart.

Quickly save the crown prince! Chen Tianshan shouted.

Shangguan Hen helped Gu Qin swallow a medicinal pill. Simultaneously, he placed his hand on Gu Qins back.

Wheeze! Gu Qin breathed out.

Hes not dead. That was close. Very close! Shangguan Hen let out his bated breath.

Quickly capture Mo Yike! He is the spy! Meng Tai yelled while glaring.

Yes! The Embroidered Uniform Guards wanted to charge Mo Yike.

Who dares?! Qin Zibai s.h.i.+elded Mo Yike and glared at the Embroidered Uniform Guards.

How audacious! Chen Tianshan shouted, immediately stopping everyone.

However, Mo Yike calmly watched all this, in no rush to talk.

Meng Tai, what happened? You speak! Chen Tianshan said while glaring.

His Highness the Crown Prince visited with a black-clad man earlier, saying he discovered the spy and wanted me to investigate. I happened to be outside then and immediately rushed back when I got word. I had just stepped into the hall when I saw His Highness collapse in a pool of blood. That black-clad man was Mo Yike. Thats right. Its him! I pulled his hood off. He used that lush-green bamboo cane to stab His Highnesss chest, then knocked me aside upon seeing me. Before I could react, he pieced my dantian with his cane. He wanted to flee, but I risked my life to stop him. Even so, he managed to flee! Meng Tai looked at Mo Yike hatefully.

Oh? You saw me kill the crown prince and destroy your dantian? Mo Yikes face sank.

Thats right. I would recognize you even if you were reduced to ashes. You even laid a sound isolation barrier outside this courtyard. Otherwise, my subordinates would have been aware. When you fled, you activated the ritual array and disappeared in the fog. Hahaha! To think you dared to return?! Meng Tai glared.

The surrounding people glared coldly at Mo Yike.

However, no one tried to capture Mo Yike.

You did not see wrong? Chen Tianshan asked coldly.

Thats impossible! It is Mo Yike! Who would look so similar to him?! Meng Tai declared with a glare.

Now, Gu Qin slowly regained consciousness.

Your Highness, what happened? Who a.s.sa.s.sinated you? Chen Tianshan asked anxiously.

Mo Yike came to my residence today, saying he found the spy. Then he invited me along to ask Meng Tai to investigate. As Meng Tai was not around, we waited here. Unexpectedly, Mo Yike suddenly attacked. I, Gu Qin said with an unsightly expression as he coughed blood.

Everyone looked at Mo Yike.

Thats impossible! I was with my lord. We were outside earlier, preparing to head to Duke Tianshans residence in response to Duke Tianshans invitation! Qin Zibai yelled.

I did not send you an invitation, right? Chen Tianshan felt slightly startled.

Qin Zibai said anxiously, How is there

However, Mo Yike stopped Qin Zibai.

We all fell for a trap. Haha! You saw me a.s.sa.s.sinate His Highness and Envoy Commander Meng Tai, but why? Why would I a.s.sa.s.sinate you? Mo Yike said coldly.

You want to s.h.i.+ft the blame to me? You were clad in black robes when you arrived. No one knew it was you. By killing the crown prince, I would be implicated and lose my position, which would foil the Embroidered Uniform Guards investigation into the Wu Imperial Dynasty! Meng Tai glared.

Hah! Did you clearly see me? Mo Yike said coldly.

It was you! Theres no mistaking it! Meng Tai glared.

Gu Qin also frowned as he looked at Mo Yike. He did not see wrong, either.

That might not be the case! Kong Xuan frowned.


What you saw might not be true. What if someone else impersonated Lord Mo? Kong Xuan frowned.

Hah! Lord Kong, what do you mean? Shangguan Hens expression turned cold.

Few people knew that Shangguan Hen was capable of seventy-two transformations. However, those who knew happened to be here.

Huh? Everyones expression changed.

Mo Yike bowed slightly to Kong Xuan. Many thanks for Lord Kongs trust. However, I guess that Shangguan Hen is not the spy.

Huh? Everyones face sank.

If it is not Prime Shangguan, it is you?

What a chain of schemes! Who is it? To think that the scheme covered Duke Tianshan, Meng Tai, the crown prince, Shangguan Hen, and me in one a.s.sa.s.sination attempt? Mo Yike said with an unsightly expression.

Everyone kept their guard up against Mo Yike but did not take action.

Suddenly, a group of officials rushed over from outside the Embroidered Uniform Guards headquarters, apparently instigated.

Mo Yike is the spy? He attempted to a.s.sa.s.sinate the crown prince and Lord Meng?

Capture the spy! Take revenge for the fallen soldiers on the frontline!

Capture Mo Yike! He is the spy! Take revenge for our soldiers!

Kill him!

A riot broke out outside.

Some of the major officials wanted to rush over.

Duke, the spy has been revealed! It is Mo Yike! Quickly capture him!

More officials poured in.

Absolutely disgraceful! Who let you in?! Chen Tianshan said while glaring.

Milord, my son died on the frontline because of him! My son should not have died! He should not have died! Its all because of him!

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Milord, take revenge for the grieving families!

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Some officials exhorted anxiously.

Mo Yike looked at the restless officials coldly and revealed a faint sneer.

Someone is instigating them? Hah! Meng Tai, monitoring the officials is your Embroidered Uniform Guards responsibility. To think that you did not discover so many spies among Borderless Heavenly Capitals officials? You have failed in your job! Mo Yike glared at Meng Tai.

What nonsense! They are coming for you for revenge! Meng Tai immediately retorted furiously, glaring back.

Meng Tai had already made up his mind that it was Mo Yike. Now that Mo Yike blamed him, he naturally had to counterattack. Furthermore, it would indeed be his fault if there were too many spies in the city. How could he be at fault?

Mo Yike, you did not manage to kill me earlier. It is all too late now. You had better surrender yourself! Meng Tai glared.

Shut up! Chen Tianshan shouted furiously.

However, the crowd was worked up. These people did not listen to Chen Tianshan, determined to take down Mo Yike as if the law would not apply to them.

Kong Xuan, Shangguan Hen, Ao Shun, Gao Xianzhi, and the others showed unsightly expressions. They did not know who was speaking the truth.

However, they could tell that someone had instigated the situation before them.

As more officials heard the news and rushed over, the clamor to arrest Mo Yike intensified. Naturally, the officials in Mo Yikes faction spoke up for him. An argument broke out, which resulted in an even bigger backlash that hardened those officials resolution to capture Mo Yike.

The entire Embroidered Uniform Guards headquarters turned noisy.

Suddenly, a cold shout came from the sky when the officials emotions were at their peak.

Duke Tianshan, we left you in charge of the nation. How did things reach such a state? How lacking in decorum!

The voice was thunderous, suppressing all the officials voices.

Everyones expression changed as they looked up.

They saw Gu Hai standing in the sky. Then joy immediately appeared on their faces.

Your Reverence! the officials saluted in joy.

Respectfully welcoming back Your Reverence! Great joy also lit up Chen Tianshans face.

Respectfully welcoming back Your Reverence! everyone saluted respectfully.

When Mo Yike saw Gu Hai return, he also smiled faintly.

Mo Yike had never worried since the start, knowing Gu Hai would return today. While others were scheming, he had also laid a trap.