Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 07 Chapter 020.1: Spy Causing Unrest, Part 1

Book 07 Chapter 020.1: Spy Causing Unrest, Part 1

Book 07 Chapter 020.1: Spy Causing Unrest, Part 1

Chen Tianshans residence, Borderless Heavenly Capital:

Chen Tianshan hosted a meeting with Mo Yike, Gu Qin, Gao Xianzhi, Kong Xuan, Shangguan Hen, Ao Shun, and Meng Tai. These were the most important officials of the Han Imperial Dynasty.

Gao Xianzhi and Ao Shun were pale with many wounds on their faces.

Chen Tianshan stared at everyone with a cold gaze.

Mo Yike drank tea, in no hurry.

The Wu Imperial Dynasty is invading our Han Imperial Dynasty. Mo Yikes plan should have been unbreakable, and only those among us knew of it. Once it succeeded, it should have wiped out the Wu Imperial Dynastys invading forces at the borders in one go. Hah! However, it leaked, and our militarys efforts were for naught. Lord Gao and Prime Ao nearly died at the border, never to return. I believe everyone here knows that, right? Chen Tianshan said seriously.

Theres a spy? Chen Tianshan, are you suspecting us? Kong Xuan said coldly.

Chen Tianshan coldly eyed Kong Xuan. Then he looked at Mo Yike. Mo Yike gently put down the teacup.

Thats right. Theres a spy among us. Hah! Mo Yike said with a cold smile.

As Mo Yike smiled coldly, he swept his gaze over everyone.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Gao Xianzhi looked coldly at everyone as he coughed.

Oh? Who is it? Gu Qin asked, his face sinking.

Are you suspecting me? Kong Xuan said coldly.

Lord Kong, Im not suspecting you. However, the plan was made in extreme secrecy, and we ordered a lockdown on the information. Yet, the other side found out, causing grievous damage to our army. Five cities and the border fell into the Wu Imperial Dynastys hands. That should not have happened! That should not have happened! My Han Imperial Dynasty has ample acc.u.mulations. We should not have lost so badly! Mo Yike said seriously.

Who leaked the plan, then? Shangguan Hen asked.

Everyone here is one of His Reverences most trusted officials. Thats why I frankly explained the plan to everyone previously. I do not know who the spy is for now. It might be Duke Tianshan, it might be Lord Meng, it might be Lord Kong, it might be Lord Gao, it might be His Highness the Crown Prince, it might also be Prime Ao or Prime Shangguan. It might even be myself, Mo Yike said seriously.

Everyones face sank.

I said so much, not to blame someone, but to tell everyone that you can try guessing who the spy is, but do not accuse or attack anyone. If anything, wait for His Reverence to return first. Dont let the enemys spy get his way again, Mo Yike said.

The Wu Imperial Dynasty conspired with the Spirit Mountain Holy Land and the Myriad Age Daoist Sect. There is an expert laying plans for them behind the scenes. With my Han Nations vast acc.u.mulations, we should not let them lead us by the nose. So, I only ask that we do not form factions or accuse anyone of being the spy. Not only might we fail to find the spy, but we might even get used by the other side, Mo Yike said.

Everyone frowned.

Lord Meng, dont cause panic and fl.u.s.ter with your Embroidered Uniform Guard at this time, Mo Yike said.

Then what should we do now? Meng Tai asked.

The spy was right by their side. This felt like they were sitting on nails.

Instead of taking action, we might as well remain calm and maintain the status quo. His Reverence will return in ten days, Mo Yike said seriously.

What? Really? Everyones eyes lit up.

At the same time, I also advise the spy this. You can hide from us, but you have nowhere to hide before His Reverences gaze, Mo Yike said seriously.

It would be great if His Reverence returns! everyone said excitedly.

Nothing will change. Maintain the current situation and wait for His Reverence to return! Mo Yike said.

Then what about the Wu Imperial Dynastys invasion? Chen Tianshan frowned.

We can afford to wait for ten days. Just close the city gates and defend. We can recapture them when His Reverence returns, Mo Yike said.

Alright! everyone answered.

Also, only those present here need to know about the spy. Dont leak this information to prevent the officials from speculating about this matter, Mo Yike said gravely.

Alright! everyone answered.


The next day, Mo Yikes residence:

Qin Zibai stood behind Mo Yike respectfully, holding the Savant Wisdom Divine Cane for him.

Milord, your guess was right. There is indeed a spy. Furthermore, word of that spread so quickly within a day. The entire imperial court already knows about it. This defeat is definitely due to a spy! Qin Zibai said with an unsightly expression.

The entire imperial court knows? Mo Yike narrowed his eyes.

Yes! After Milord had the meeting at Duke Tianshans residence, that very night, thirteen major officials received letters describing everything Milord discussed in Duke Tianshans residence. Then those thirteen sought their colleagues to discuss it. In the end Qin Zibai frowned.

Oh? The news spread like that? Hah! The Wu Imperial Dynasty does indeed have an expert scheming for them. Humph! Mo Yike snorted coldly.

Milord, did you tell everyone to lock down the news about a spy? Qin Zibai asked.

We did. However, it still leaked. Haha! This is really interesting! Mo Yike frowned.

What do they want to do?

I said in the meeting that His Reverence would return in ten days. I believe the spy can no longer wait. That expert behind the scenes probably can no longer wait, either. They have to cause internal chaos among us as quickly as they can, Mo Yike said coldly.

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Then what should we do now? Qin Zibai frowned.

Wait patiently. Wait for His Reverence to return. During this time, test the att.i.tudes of the various officials, Mo Yike said.


When word of the spy spread, all eight had subordinates coming to report to them, not just Mo Yike. All of them showed extremely sullen expressions.

Fortunately, the emperor would return in ten days at most. The group suppressed the suspicions in their hearts. Although they had their guesses, they did not take action.

However, the Han Nation officials felt incredibly enraged.

Mo Yike made a secret plan recently and sent soldiers to the Wu Nation. While the officials did not know of the plan, they knew of the Han Nations acc.u.mulations. Confident of victory, they sent the younger generations of their clans to the border to accrue contributions. However, the army nearly got wiped out when they went.

Many of the major officials felt resentment over this. Now that they heard word of a spy, they became furious.

Aside from a few that could restrain themselves, most of the officials bombarded Chen Tianshan during the morning a.s.sembly with demands to find the spy. Chen Tianshan could only suppress them, his head aching.

Mo Yikes residence:

They came with ferocious momentum, enraging the entire city? Mo Yike said with an unsightly expression.

Milord, Duke Tianshan sent someone to deliver an invitation! Qin Zibai said respectfully.

Oh? Mo Yike said with confusion.

Mo Yike opened the invitation and carefully read it for a while. Then he narrowed his eyes slightly.

Milord, whats wrong?

Duke Tianshan said that he found traces of the spy. He wants me to go to his residence during the Xu period [7 pm9 pm] to discuss this. To pull the wool over others eyes, he told me to head there in secret, Mo Yike said.

Head there in secret? Milord, could it? Qin Zibai said worriedly.

Even if everyone is a spy, Chen Tianshan cannot possibly be a spy. Otherwise, His Reverence would not trust him this much. However, are you sure it was Duke Tianshan who sent someone to deliver this letter? Mo Yike frowned.

It is Duke Tianshans most trusted bodyguard. Qin Zibai nodded.

Mo Yike gently tapped on the table with his finger.

Milord, is there something wrong? Qin Zibai asked, feeling bewildered.

The enemy is hidden while we are in the open. This is a very pa.s.sive position. The Xu period? No, two hours in advance; we will head over at the You period [5 pm7 pm], Mo Yike said seriously.

Yes! Qin Zibai nodded.


During the You period, Mo Yike left the Mo Residence with Qin Zibai and headed quickly to Chen Tianshans residence for a meeting.

However, on their way, a loud report came from the Embroidered Uniform Guards headquarters.


The loud sound echoed in Borderless Heavenly Capital. Then Meng Tais furious roar rang out.

Men! Capture him! He killed the crown prince!??e????????. c??

This roar startled everyone in the city.

Mo Yikes expression suddenly changed. Oh no!

Milord, what happened? Qin Zibai said in shock.

Lets go! To the Embroidered Uniform Guards headquarters! Mo Yike took to the sky.

Qin Zibai immediately soared after Mo Yike, protecting him.

Now, it was not just Qin Zibai and Mo Yike. Nearly all the experts in the city rushed over.