Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 120: Forcing Senior Wu to Make a Move

Book 6: Chapter 120: Forcing Senior Wu to Make a Move

Book 6: Chapter 120: Forcing Senior Wu to Make a Move

Asking the black tortoise progenitor to make a move?

The distant heavenly deity bodys face sank as he looked over.

Senior Wu? You are working with Old Mister Guan Qi? the heavenly deity body asked coldly.

There was no fear in his voice, only a domineering tone, as though he was interrogating Senior Wu.

Old Mister Guan Qi used the Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array to fully occupy the heavenly deity body, preventing the heavenly deity body from moving. While some antic.i.p.ation flashed in Senior Wus eyes, Senior Wu did not act rashly.

Senior Wu looked at Old Mister Guan Qi.

Hah! Old Mister Guan Qi? You were lying to me? Senior Wu said coldly.

Senior Wu? What do you mean by that? Old Mister Guan Qi asked.

Wheres the Heart Locking Curse? My Heart Locking Curse is already useless, right? Senior Wu said sullenly.

The Heart Locking Curse? Senior Wu, you were the one who wanted to place a curse on my body. I agreed. What is the problem? I did not say I only had that one body, Old Mister Guan Qi said sullenly.

Humph! The Heart Locking Curse aside, why did you bring them when you have already brought me here? Senior Wu looked coldly at the other two factions.

One faction had Long Shenying and Long Shenwu.

The other faction had Ao Shun, Ao Sheng, and the silver-robed man.

The silver-robed man showed a cold expression as he said, Old Mister Guan Qi, I also did not expect that you sought them out after you sought an alliance with me.

Western Sea Dragon King, did I say you were the only one? Old Mister Guan Qi said indifferently.

The silver-robed man was the Western Sea Dragon King. At this moment, he narrowed his eyes at Old Mister Guan Qi. Indeed, Old Mister Guan Qi had not mentioned other people. However, Old Mister Guan Qis tone back then had suggested that Old Mister Guan Qi was bringing him to collect the Immortal Origin. Now, there were two other groups.

Western Sea Dragon King? Also, Jiangchens inheritors? No, they should be second-generation zombies. Wheres Jiangchen? Senior Wu asked coldly.

Long Shenying and Long Shenwu narrowed their eyes slightly. They ignored Senior Wu, focusing on Old Mister Guan Qi.

Old Mister Guan Qi, you invited us brothers here to force the black tortoise progenitor to make a move, right? Hah! Are we brothers just decorations to you? Mere flies on the back of a horse? Long Shenying said coldly.

Old Mister Guan Qi looked at the Western Sea Dragon King. Western Sea Dragon King? If my information is correct, your Western Seas dragon deity contains a wisp of the ancestor dragons energy source. Am I right? You brought Ao Shun and Ao Sheng because they have dragon deities, and only the energy of the dragon deities can drive the ancestor dragons energy source, allowing you to attack with the full power of the ancestor dragon?

Oh? Senior Wus face sank.

A full-powered strike of the ancestor dragon?

The Western Sea Dragon King also showed a sullen expression as he looked at Old Mister Guan Qi. Unexpectedly, Old Mister Guan Qi found out despite his hiding it.

Long Shenying and Long Shenwu? If my information is right, you two inherited Jiangchens essence blood. When you work together, you can open a spatial tunnel to the jiangchen primogenitor, allowing Jiangchen to arrive here in an instant? Old Mister Guan Qi smiled.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Senior Wus expression turned cold.

During ancient times, shamans and animal spirits warred against each other. Four powerful animal spirits and the shaman race suffered heavy casualties. Senior Wu and Jiangchen had an irreconcilable grudge against each other.

Senior Wu could accept the Western Sea Dragon King obtaining the Immortal Origin, as they were both animal spirits. However, what if Jiangchen obtained it?

The Six Paths Veritable Lord can no longer move. The Immortal Origin is right in front. s.n.a.t.c.h it, and you can become the immortal. Is no one tempted? Old Mister Guan Qi said gravely.

Humph! We know there is a trap, but you still want us to jump in? Senior Wu said coldly.

The heavenly deity body sneered, Everyone, think this through carefully. You were tempted by Old Mister Guan Qi and tricked by him. I can ignore all past doings as long as you do not interfere. However, if anyone dares to interfere, I will utterly destroy you, not even leaving you a body to bury.

Everyones heart sank at the heavenly deity bodys threat.

If they failed, all their efforts would be for naught. Everyone knew what the Six Paths Veritable Lord was capable of in the future. If he wanted revenge, they would be annihilated.

As I said before, success makes you the immortal; failure means death. Western Sea Dragon King? Senior Wu? Have you forgotten the history of the future? Feng Yue, Shangguan Hen, Ao Shun, and Ao Sheng, how about you explain to Senior Wu and the Western Sea Dragon King what happened to them in the future? Old Mister Guan Qi smiled.

Shangguan Hen, Feng Yue, Ao Shun, and Ao Sheng frowned as they looked at Senior Wu and the Western Sea Dragon King.

Those two were dead in the future, annihilated.

The history of the future tells us that even if you survive today, the Six Paths Veritable Lord will still eliminate you, not sparing anyone, Old Mister Guan Qi said indifferently.

Senior Wu and the Western Sea Dragon King raised their eyebrows.

If you make a move, you die. If you do not make a move, I can spare you. My promise is the heavenly will! the heavenly deity body said coldly.

Your promise? Hah! Six Paths Veritable Lord, dont bother promising. You once made a promise to Heaven. Look at what happened in the end. You killed Heaven. What is the use of promising them now? When you take control of the world, you can do anything to them. Rather than wait for their deaths in the future, they might as well make a gamble here. That is the Immortal Origin. The Immortal Origin that can make one the immortal! Old Mister Guan Qi tempted.

The Western Sea Dragon Kings eyelids twitched wildly.

Become the immortal? This temptation was indeed great. It was like a flame to moths. Despite knowing the danger, they still desired it.

Dying while trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the Immortal Origin or getting killed in the future no longer mattered. What mattered was obtaining the Immortal Origin. If they became the immortal, they would control everything, change everything.

The Six Paths Veritable Lord maintained a stalemate with Old Mister Guan Qi. He also stared at everyone.

Senior Wu, I have done what I promised you. You said that you would make a move. Why are you hesitating now? Old Mister Guan Qi asked sullenly.

Senior Wu narrowed its eyes slightly. Its instinct told it that this was a trap.

Senior Wu wanted to use the Nine Palace Diagram to divine the future and find out what would happen. However, time was chaotic here. The Nine Palace Diagram could not divine anything.

Senior Wu felt anxious.

You only need to push the Six Paths Veritable Lord into this chaotic s.p.a.cetime. That will be enough. If you do not make a move, then you cant blame the others, Old Mister Guan Qi said indifferently.

Long Shenying, Long Shenwu, and the Western Sea Dragon King showed uncertain expressions.

I believe countless experts below would know about this in a while. f.u.xi, Jiangchen, Jiang Lianshan, and others will be coming. You know that will happen. At that time, this opportunity will no longer be yours, Old Mister Guan Qi tempted again.

Ao Sheng, Ao Shun, come with me! the Western Sea Dragon King shouted as he flung his sleeve out.


The three turned into three giant dragonsone white and two blackand flew toward the heavenly deity body.

Reporting to the ancestor dragon, this descendant uses the dragon deity as a guide. I ask the ancestor dragon to send down your energy source to help my dragon race create a never-ending estate! I burn my dragon deity! Please! the white Western Sea Dragon King roared.

A humongous dragon deity image emerged from the Western Sea Dragon Kings back. Then, the dragon deity image burned, forming an azure flame. This flame immediately encapsulated Ao Shun, Ao Sheng, and the Western Sea Dragon Kong, forming a flame azure dragon five million kilometers long.


The towering azure dragon roared as it flew at the heavenly deity body.

The flame azure dragon slowly turned material. Aside from a pair of blind eyes, the rest were the same as the real thing. As it roared, it radiated an overwhelming might.

In its wake, the many stars instantly exploded and flew far away after the dragons tail struck them.

The azure dragon roared, launching an attack from the ancient ancestor dragon. Success or failure depended on this.

The Western Sea Dragon King could not wait to get the Immortal Origin. How could he let this opportunity slip by?

Senior Wu appeared sullen. Old Mister Guan Qi was using the azure dragon to force it to take action.

Old Mister Guan Qi seemed to have guessed I might not use my full power, so he sought out the azure dragon to provoke me. If I dont put in the necessary effort, others will end up taking the benefits?

Attack or not?

Senior Wu resisted the impulse to attack.

Senior Wu resisted, but Long Shenying and Long Shenwu could not.

The two had received Jiangchens inheritance. Their strength had already flourished.

Why should I let the Western Sea Dragon King obtain the Immortal Origin? Why cant I have it?

The two were sovereigns and had inflated confidence in themselves.

Attack! Long Shenying shouted.


A surging black aura appeared around Long Shenying and Long Shenwu as they charged toward the Six Paths Veritable Lord.

The Western Sea Dragon King wants it, but we also want it. Whoever is more capable will get the Immortal Origin.


The twos backs erupted with a pair of large, scaled, dragon bone wings. Their black aura grew at least a hundredfold when these wings flapped.

Now, Senior Wu could no longer endure.

It would have been fine if the Western Sea Dragon King obtained the Immortal Origin. However, what if its enemy, Jiangchen, obtained it?

When the two worked together, they could open a spatial tunnel. Even if they failed, they could open a door for Jiangchen. Even if they failed, there was still Jiangchen?

Old Mister Guan Qi. Humph! What a deep scheme! Roar! Senior Wu roared furiously.


Senior Wu also charged at the heavenly deity body. However, its heart was filled with reluctance.

When Old Mister Guan Qi saw Senior Wu attacking, he inwardly released his bated breath. A cold gleam flashed in his eyes.

The Western Sea Dragon King? Long Shenying and Long Shenwu? Old Mister Guan Qi had never banked on them succeeding.

Be it the history of the future or Old Mister Guan Qis calculations, they could not possibly obtain the Immortal Origin.

The ancestor dragon could only last one strike. What about after that? The heavenly deity body could kill Heaven. How could it fall after one strike? Long Shenying and Long Shenwu were second-generation zombies? So what? They were just second-generation zombies, no replacement for Jiangchen.

These people were for only one purpose: to force Senior Wu to attack.

Now, Senior Wu attacked. Everything went according to Old Mister Guan Qis plan.

Far away, the heavenly deity body did not lose his temper. Instead, a cold look flashed in his eyes as though he had been waiting for everyone to attack. That expression appeared extremely strange.

You brought this disaster upon yourselves. You shall not live! the heavenly deity body snorted coldly.

Humph! Six Paths Veritable Lord, I will take revenge for Heaven today! the Western Sea Dragon King roared from within the azure dragon.


The heavenly deity body suddenly opened his mouth. Then, six-colored energy rushed out, coalescing into a gaping maw with sharp teethan exceptionally ferocious sight.

So what if the azure dragon was five million kilometers long? The gaping six-colored mouth bit down on it.


The maw bit the azure dragons head, stopping the azure dragon.

What? The Western Sea Dragon Kings cry of disbelief came from within the azure dragon.


The azure dragon squirmed, but the maw had a firm grip on it, preventing it from struggling free.

To think that the ancestor dragons attack could not match the Six Paths Veritable Lords mouth.

You overestimate yourself! the heavenly deity body snorted coldly.

The maw chewed as if it would swallow the azure dragon and consume it.