Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 119: Chaotic Spacetime

Book 6: Chapter 119: Chaotic Spacetime

Book 6: Chapter 119: Chaotic s.p.a.cetime

Sect Master Supreme Ascendant and Heavenly Access rushed towards the explosion in outer s.p.a.ce. However, their faces sank as they approached.

This is not right. Its farther away! Sect Master Supreme Ascendants face sank.

The area around the explosion was like a miragejust a reflection of a scene in outer s.p.a.ce. The true location of the explosion was even deeper in outer s.p.a.ce.

At the edge of the immortal firmament? At the border between the immortal firmament and the void? Heavenly Accesss face sank.

Old Mister Guan Qi blocked the Six Paths Veritable Lord at the edge. That makes sense. If the Six Paths Veritable Lord enters the immortal firmament, the Immortal Origin can control the laws of the world. Lets go! Faster! the Supreme Ascendant said sullenly.

Heavenly Access nodded.

The two continued to the distant edge, heading to where Old Mister Guan Qi really was.

The edge of the immortal firmament. This was the edge of the world. In this place, time moved slower and s.p.a.ce warped.

There were many stars here. However, with the spatial distortion, the round stars turned oval. In places where the distortion was more severe, the stars elongated, some even looking like tangled strings.

s.p.a.ce did not tear or shatter here, as s.p.a.ce had already thinned out into indistinction, practically nonexistent. Hence, there was no such thing.

Old Mister Guan Qi and the Six Paths Veritable Lord were here.

One hundred Old Mister Guan Qis sat cross-legged here. They looked identical, all holding a white Go stone.

The hundred Old Mister Guan Qis surrounded a white-robed figure in white fog, coldly eyeing the other side together.

Countless stars surrounded them in all directions. There were normal stars and twisted stars, more than a hundred billion of them. They moved slowly, forming a Go Dao aura that clashed with a clump of six-colored fog on the other side.

The six-colored fog encased a man. This man lowered his hand, and countless stars in his surroundings also formed a Go Dao aura, pressing toward Old Mister Guan Qi.

The two auras clashed, forming a shock wave and making the place blurry.

Naturally, the one in the six-colored fog was the Six Paths Veritable Lords heavenly deity body. A small red ball hovered above the heavenly deity body. Thin, tentacle-like energy extended from the ball, causing the surrounding s.p.a.ce to exude a surging red fog.

The Six Paths Veritable Lord could not touch the small red ball, and neither could the distant Old Mister Guan Qi. It just hovered above the heavenly deity bodys head.

A few people were outside the battlefield. These people formed three factions.

The first faction had the nine-headed black tortoise Senior Wu leading it.

The second faction had Long Shenying and Long Shenwu.

The third faction had Crown Prince Ao Shun, who Gu Hai had not regrouped with, Crown Prince Ao Sheng, and a silver-robed man with a handsome, sullen face.

The Immortal Origin? Long Shenying narrowed his eyes as he stared at the small red ball hovering above the heavenly deity body.

Is that the Immortal Origin?

Intense desire flashed in everyones eyes.

If I obtain the Immortal Origin and control the immortal firmament, I will become the immortal, never to die.

Although the Immortal Origin was right before them, the three factions did not charge forward. Not to mention the Immortal Origin being above the heavenly deity body, not just anyone could casually enter the Go Dao auras brought out by Old Mister Guan Qi and the heavenly deity body.

The moment they entered, they would be shredded by the auras of both sides.

Old Mister Guan Qi? What an excellent plan! the heavenly deity body snarled ferociously from within the fog.

Although the heavenly deity body appeared ferocious, he felt no fear.

This was someone who dared to kill Heaven and succeeded. How could he be a cowardly person?

You are the one with the excellent plan. To think that you played Heaven and all life in the palm of your hand? Six Paths Veritable Lord, who could have thought you had such great ambitions? To think you are so capable? Old Mister Guan Qi said sullenly.


The two Go Dao auras clashed again, scattering the surrounding fog.

The heavenly deity body wore six-colored Daoist robes. The Old Mister Guan Qi in the center of the one hundred Old Mister Guan Qis wore white robes. This was the earthly deity body that Old Mister Guan Qi had s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

You consumed my other bodies? Humph! Heaven is truly relentless. To think that Heaven left so much trouble for me before dying. People from eight hundred thousand years in the future? Do you think you can change history? the heavenly deity body sneered.

Old Mister Guan Qi smiled coldly. Havent I already started doing that? Six Paths Veritable Lord? Hah! If you had not killed my wife, you would not have todays calamity.

Murong Yan? I killed her, so what? It is not the place of others to determine what is right or wrong when Ithe Six Paths Veritable Lorddo things! the heavenly deity body said coldly.

Clearly, as the ten bodies of the Six Paths Veritable Lord had a connection, the heavenly deity body knew about the future too.

He had become Heaven in the future. Now, a group of dancing clowns had come to stop him.

The connection between the two s.p.a.cetimes must have started when you first rebelled against me, right? You played Go against me, and the Heavenly Go Pavilion got destroyed. It started when you left in defeat? the heavenly deity body said.

Indeed. You guessed right. Heaven sent the time laws, but I was not strong enough to open the door between the two s.p.a.cetimes. Actually, I intentionally lost that Go match. My purpose was to use your strength to help me open the s.p.a.cetime door. I did it, and the door opened. However, my Heavenly Go Pavilion was nearly wiped out, leaving only Tengen Island and the Innate Puzzle Realm! Old Mister Guan Qi said.

The Thirty-Three Line-Pair World Go Puzzle from that Go match? You already lost before you finished playing it? I suspected you did not die, as I could not find your three spiritual souls. Hahahahaha! Eight centuries? So, you were hiding in the Innate Puzzle World on Tengen Island? the heavenly deity body said sullenly.

You were monitoring the Heavenly Go Pavilion on Tengen Island, waiting for me to appear. However, you did not expect that the most dangerous place was the safest place. I was right under your nose all the time, but you did not discover me. The tengen position is a useless position but also a fatal one! Old Mister Guan Qi said.

Eight hundred years? Why wait eight hundred years? If not for the eight hundred years, you might have even gained a helper in Long Zhanguo. Wouldnt that have been better? the heavenly deity body asked.

Eight hundred years. That allowed me to have eight hundred bodies! Old Mister Guan Qi said.

One hundred Old Mister Guan Qi surrounded the white-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord. They all looked identical, showing the same expression. Even the hatred in their eyes was the same.

You used seven hundred bodies to take over my earthly deity bodys consciousness? A total of eight hundred? The time laws? the heavenly deity body said sullenly.

The time laws are indeed wondrous. When Heaven tossed the time laws to me, Heaven also tossed a newborn imperfect immortal firmament from one million years later to me so that I could fight you. However, the imperfect immortal firmament is useless to me. Eight hundred years? I separated every year. Eight hundred sets of one year. Each of these years has a complete me. Naturally, I cannot just watch idly. Although I was in the Innate Puzzle World in those eight centuries, no time pa.s.sed for me. Instead, I sent every me from the eight hundred one years to here, spending one year here. One person pa.s.sing eight hundred years and eight hundred people pa.s.sing one year is balanced to the time laws. I managed to do it. Only by doing this could I face you. This is the hatred I have for you! Old Mister Guan Qi said with an icy expression.

Eight hundred Old Mister Guan Qis? No, only one hundred remain. Do you think you are qualified to discuss hatred with me with just this much? What a joke! the heavenly deity body sneered.

Old Mister Guan Qi, I knew that the Thirty-Three Line-Pair World Ritual Array was not your limit. The Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array? Thats right. My Go skill is not comparable to yours. However, you are far weaker than me. I also obtained Heavens energy. I can use my strength to control Go. Even if my Go skills are insufficient, my body is sufficiently strong. I can use the aura to suppress you!

As the heavenly deity body sneered, he waved his hand.


The heavenly deity bodys Go Dao aura suddenly surged, the strong impact causing Old Mister Guan Qis Go Dao aura to tremble.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Many cracks appeared in the stars on Old Mister Guan Qis side, and the stars exploded.

Did you think that I was already at my limits? Dont forget that I have the time laws, the most mysterious and unfathomable power in this world! Old Mister Guan Qi shouted coldly.

Suddenly, ten Old Mister Guan Qis turned into rainbow lights rus.h.i.+ng into the white-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord, voluntarily flying to the white-robed Six Paths Veritable Lords mouth.


Every Old Mister Guan Qi seemed to possess time-attributed energy. As the white-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord consumed them, vast energy slowly poured into the Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array.


The earlier weakness slowly reverted. The auras clashed continuously in the center, producing tremendous pressure.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The energy intensified as the various Old Mister Guan Qis entered the white-robed Six Paths Veritable Lords mouth. When he consumed the last Old Mister Guan Qi, the forces from the two sides reached a stalemate.

The power of time? Humph! You used my earthly deity body and ate my other bodies, using the combined energy? However, is that enough? the heavenly deity body snorted coldly.


Suddenly, a loud report came from between the two Go Dao auras. A large hole appeared there.

It was not a black hole but a hole of light with rings of rainbow light inside.

Chaotic s.p.a.cetime? You are burning the time laws? The heavenly deity bodys face sank.

This is the extreme chaotic s.p.a.cetime that only appears by burning the time laws? Time is chaotic in there. After entering, there is no coming out ever. Time is boundless in there, and s.p.a.ce is limitless. It is neither in the world nor in the void. One would vanish from the river of time, never to be seen again, Old Mister Guan Qi said seriously.

Burning the time laws? Are you destroying the immortal firmament? the heavenly deity body said coldly.

Destroy? Its not to that extent. Its just that no one can use the time laws from here on. The immortal firmaments time still exists; history continues. Time is everywhere; its just that no one can use it again. Even the new Heaven cannot use the time laws, Old Mister Guan Qi said.

You truly bet everything on this for Murong Yan, the heavenly deity body said coldly.

Old Mister Guan Qi smiled coldly. Senior Wu? I have already occupied the Six Paths Veritable Lord. His strength and energy are fully focused on driving the Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array. You only need to knock him into the chaotic s.p.a.cetime now. Once he enters, he will never return!

Asking the black tortoise progenitor to make a move?

The distant heavenly deity bodys face sank.