Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 035: Western Sea Dragon Palace

Book 6: Chapter 035: Western Sea Dragon Palace

Book 6: Chapter 035: Western Sea Dragon Palace

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Gu Hai followed Long Shenwus group in the sea, moving quickly through it.

They stopped at a large submarine valley two hours later. A ritual arrays barrier surrounded the valley, and some officials and dragons stood within it.

Your Reverence! the officials greeted respectfully when they saw Long Shenwu.

How is it going? Long Shenwu asked.

We tried many ritual arrays, and only the Spirit Breaking Ritual Array is slightly useful. However, Prime Aos blood is somewhat insufficient, an official answered respectfully.

Long Shenwu looked at Gu Hai.

How much do you need? Ao Shun asked with a frown.

Just a small cup will do! that official exclaimed with pleasant surprise as his eyes lit up.

Frowning, Ao Shun forced out a small cups worth of blood from his body.

Thats enough! Thats enough! that official said excitedly.

That official seemed satisfied after receiving Ao Shuns blood.

Gu Hais group saw that official lay out an altar and activate it. The altar immediately gave off ripples of multicolored lights when that official poured Ao Shuns blood onto it.


The altar flared with red light.


The burst of light shot out of the barrier and into the valleys depths. It looked like it would hit the cliff but strangely stopped as if it had crashed into an invisible wall.


Suddenly, crimson ripples appeared at the point of impact, causing the surrounding seawater to shake. Then, a large cl.u.s.ter of palaces manifested vaguely on the other side of the transparent wall, countless Night Pearls brightly illuminating them.

Its indeed the Western Sea Dragon Palace? Joy flashed across Long Shenwus face.

The location is right. Hahaha! This sea region was the Western Sea Dragon Palaces territory! We found it! Ao Shengs eyes gleamed red with excitement.f????e??ov?l.c??

When the ripples appeared, everyone could see the other side. However, they still could not open the entrance.

Long Shenwu stepped forward and threw a punch at the visible ripples.


After Long Shenwu punched, it seemed like he established a handhold. The surrounding seawater moved away from Long Shenwus palms, and the Western Sea Dragon Palaces barrier trembled. Long Shenwu looked like he would crack it.

However, when Long Shenwu pulled his right hand back, the ripples strangely returned to normal.

It can self-regenerate? Long Shenwus face sank.

Your Reverence, lets use a lifespan ritual array to melt it. It will just take a few days! an official suggested excitedly.

Long Shenwu looked at that official. Thats fine. You learned under Lifespan Beiming for a few decades. Start, then.

Yes! that official answered.

Then, that official waved his hand. Black energy came out of a jade box and rushed at the transparent wall.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The sound of violent corrosion rang out. It was the black energy eating the transparent wall.

The tra

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