Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 034: Di Shitian

Book 6: Chapter 034: Di Shitian

Book 6: Chapter 034: Di s.h.i.+tian

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Long Shenwu defeated Sun Wukong with a palm strike, knocking it down into a palm-shaped pit below. This reminded it of when Five Fingers Mountain trapped it.

It is not that I fell for Gautamas trick, but perhaps Gautama was really that strong? And the person before me is as strong as Gautama?

Have I underestimated the people of this world?

Long Shenwu looked coldly at Sun Wukong as some doubt flashed in its eyes.

Gu Hai? Imperial Emperor Gu? Long Shenwu suddenly looked at Gu Hai.

Third Crown Prince? Imperial Emperor Wu? Hah! What a coincidence! How did you find us? Gu Hai looked at Long Shenwu.

Long Shenwu looked at Gu Hai with a strange gaze. Previously, Father showed great interest in him. That indicates he is no ordinary person. Furthermore, the monkey actually fled from him out of fear earlier.

Although the monkey is not as strong as me, its strength goes without a doubt, yet it feared Gu Hai? Could it be that he has something that I cant see?

As for Gu Hai killing Long Zhanguo, Long Shenwu did not care. Based on the information from the Heavenly Realm, Gu Hai just granted Long Zhanguo release.

We are curious. What is special about this monkey that you traveled so far to the west to capture it? Long Shenwu asked as he gave Gu Hai a puzzled look.

We have a fated connection with this monkey. However, our operation was very secretive, and we even picked a hidden location, yet you? Some doubt flashed in Gu Hais eyes.

Before Long Shenwu could speak, Ao Sheng laughed, Secretive? Hahahahahaha! We were in the nearby sea region. Had it not been for the commotion you caused, how would we have found out?

Huh? Gu Hais face sank.

They were nearby? Such a coincidence?

Gu Hais expression changed as he turned his head to look at Ao Shun. Ao Shun, is this place near the Western Sea Dragon Palace?

Oh? In the sky above, Long Shenwu narrowed his eyes.

Im not sure. The Western Sea Dragon Palaces location is a secret. No one knows it aside from Royal Father. Ao Shun shook his head.

How did you know? Ao Shengs face sank.

This is really near the Western Sea Dragon Palace?

Gu Hai felt depressed. I truly picked a good location. To think that I was so close to Long Shenwu?

Initially, we were thinking of inviting Crown Prince Ao Shun over. However, it looks like this is heavens will. To think that you came here on your own accord? Long Shenwu said indifferently.

What do you want to do? Ao Shuns expression changed.

Eldest Brother, lend me your blood! Ao Sheng said with a cold smile.

With Long Shenwu and Ao Sheng working together, they held an absolute advantage. There was nowhere to escape.

At this moment, Ao Sheng felt extraordinarily c.o.c.ky. However, Long Shenwu stared at Gu Hai gravely.

Borrow my blood? Ao Sheng, you just opened the Northern Seas dragon burial mound. Now, you want to open the Western Sea Dragon Palace? Have you forgotten the anc

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