Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 031: Victorious Fighting Buddha Sun Wukong

Book 6: Chapter 031: Victorious Fighting Buddha Sun Wukong

Book 6: Chapter 031: Victorious Fighting Buddha Sun Wukong

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Ao Shun went with Gu Hais group, leaving s.h.i.+ Zhenzi and Elder Lin goggling for a long time at Ao Shun Palaces entrance.

Whats going on? Whats going on? Shocked and enraged, the two flew into the sea.

A large island lay in the sea to the west of the Divine Continent. This island was lush, with many flowers and fruits. There were also many monkeys gamboling on the island.

On a mountain was a waterfall with a cave behind it. As various monkeys went in and out of that cave, they did not seem very happy.

Just then, an old monk wearing a kya entered. He had a wrinkled, benevolent-looking face and was rather skinny.

How has the Victorious Fighting Buddha been recently? the old monk asked one of the monkeys.

The great king has been sitting on the large rock on the summit. He does not play with us anymore. I have no idea, Past Buddha! one of the monkeys replied respectfully.

This old man was the Past Buddha of the Spirit Mountain Holy Lands Three Lives Buddhas.

The Past Buddha raised his head to look at the nearby rock on the summit.

Sun Wukong, whom Gu Hai had summoned with the ritual array, sat on that rock.

Wearing armor with a red cape fluttering in the wind, Sun Wukong held a green foxtail between its teeth as it gazed at the distant sea with a vacant expression of melancholy.

[TL Note: A green foxtail is a species of gra.s.s. Here is the Wikipedia entry on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setaria_viridis.]

The Past Buddha stepped forward and instantly appeared beside Sun Wukong. Amitbha, the handsome monkey king of Flower and Fruit Mountains Water Curtain Cave, the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Victorious Fighting Buddha, Sun Wukong, what are you thinking about?

Sun Wukong did not even bother looking at the Past Buddha.

Old deaf man, can you even hear what I say? Are you Three Lives Buddhas all disabled? A deaf man, a mute, and a blind man? Sun Wukong said disdainfully.

This humble monk might be deaf, but I can listen with my heart, the Past Buddha said with a faint smile.

Tsk! So you can hear. Why pretend to be deaf? How ridiculous! Sun Wukong ignored the earlier question.

Victorious Fighting Buddha, do you find this Flower and Fruit Mountain comfortable? If you have any other needs, you can tell me, the Past Buddha said with a faint smile.

Its all fake. What is comfortable about this? You were the one who arranged for these monkeys here. To monitor me? Heh! This Old Sun cant be bothered to play with them. How ridiculous! Sun Wukong said impatiently, spitting out the green foxtail in its mouth.

Back then, when Victorious Fighting Buddha barged into the Spirit Mountain Holy Lands Hall of Great Strength, the Lord Buddha was merciful. He not only pardoned you of all crimes but even installed you as the Victorious Fighting Buddha. What else is Victorious Fighting Buddha dissatisfied with? the Past Buddha asked with a smile.

Ptooey! All Gautamas are t

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