Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 030: Recruiting Ao Shun

Book 6: Chapter 030: Recruiting Ao Shun

Book 6: Chapter 030: Recruiting Ao Shun

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Lu Ya City, Thousand Islands Sea:


Three beams of black light pierced through the clouds, moving at an extreme speed, and instantly arrived above the island.


Three black-cloaked men stopped in the sky. Strong winds blew, but they did not attract any attention as they were too high up. Countless clouds hid them, making everything appear normal.

Naturally, the three black-cloaked men were Gu Hai, Chang Ming, and Shangguan Hen.

Your Reverence, this is the place, Chang Ming said as he looked down.

Gu Hai lowered his head and studied the island below.

After the Heavenly Go Pavilion discovered Ao Shun, they did not cause any trouble for him. On the contrary, they even sent people to serve him, changing the Manifold Deity Palaces name to Ao Shun Palace. One year ago, Your Reverence sent people to bring an invitation to Ao Shun, but Ao Shun rejected Your Reverence? Chang Ming said, feeling confused.

Ao Shun said that he had made a breakthrough recently and needed to cultivate by the sea. Borderless Heavenly Capital is inland, so he did not intend to come over yet, Gu Hai said.

Your Reverence, something is not quite right, Shangguan Hen said with a slight frown.

Oh? Gu Hai said, feeling uneasy.

Shangguan Hen stared at the surrounding sea.

Your Reverence, look. Is there something in the sea? Shangguan Hen narrowed his eyes.

Gu Hai looked down. The sea was calm, even somewhat clear. However, that allowed the party to see into its depths and vaguely make out a huge white dragon hiding at the bottom of the sea.

Lets go down and check it out, Gu Hai said.


The three turned into beams of light shooting into the sea.


The three moved quickly in the water and soon reached the place Shangguan Hen indicated.

Dont move! Shangguan Hens expression changed. Then, he waved, encasing the three in a bubble.

What is this? Chang Ming asked.

This will prevent our auras from leaking, allowing us to hide in the seawater without being discovered. This is a divine technique, Shangguan Hen explained.

Chang Ming nodded.

The bubble encasing the three approached a valley in the sea bed.

This undersea valley had nearly one hundred gigantic dragon skeletons piled on rocks. The dragon skeletons lay p.r.o.ne and should be something dead, but their eyes gave off a faint dark-blue light, making them seem alive.


Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! All at once, a skeleton dragon swam over.

One of the skeletons suddenly spoke. Its fine. Little Lin has not sent word. He is still talking with Ao Shun.

Will that little fellow Ao Shun flee? another skeleton dragon asked.

Dont worry. The Heavenly Go Pavilion has laid countless ritual arrays on Lu Ya Island over the past few years. He cannot escape. Furthermore, theres still us, another skeleton dragon said seriously.

Ao Shun? I hear from Little Lin that Ao Shuns Ao Clan bloodline is the purest. Even his

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