Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 204: Energy of All Life

Book 5: Chapter 204: Energy of All Life

Book 5: Chapter 204: Energy of All Life

The human path of reincarnation, the asura path of reincarnation, and the animal path of reincarnation. When these three paths of reincarnation appeared, they were like three towering black pillars radiating a surging might.

Long Zhanguo stepped forward, and an invisible aura rushed at the Supreme Singularity.

The Supreme Singularity had fused with the hungry ghost path of reincarnation. Its aura was somewhat weaker than Long Zhanguos three paths of reincarnation, but when Long Zhanguo stepped forward, the Supreme Singularity also stepped forward.

The other animal spirit kings and angels did not dare to meet Long Zhanguo in battle. Although they had Immortal Energy, none of them dared to step forward.

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An enormous, dark-yellow bell hovered over the Supreme Singularitys head. It was the second of the top sixteen ancient treasures, the Primal Chaos Bell.

Unfortunately, its aura was somewhat weaker than that of the Heaven Splitting Ax, the first of the top sixteen ancient treasures, it faced.

Supreme Wa! Supreme Genesis! the Supreme Singularity called out.

Yes! The Supreme Genesis tossed the huge cross he held to the Supreme Singularitys hand.

The Supreme Wa seemed unwilling, but she did not resist the Supreme Singularity, extending her hand and waving.


The Universe Cauldron grew ten thousand times larger as it flew towards the Supreme Singularity. The eight trigrams on the outside of the cauldron shone with dazzling golden light.


Holding the tenth-ranked Cross Annihilation, the Supreme Singularity had the second-ranked Primal Chaos Bell above him and stood on the third-ranked Universe Cauldron. As he rushed towards Long Zhanguo, the combined aura of enchanted treasures was no weaker than the Heaven Splitting Axs.

f.u.xis Universe Cauldron? Hah! Enchanted treasures are just external items. Supreme Singularity, you cant even see that? Long Zhanguo guffawed.

As Long Zhanguo laughed, he swung down the Heaven Splitting Ax.

Long Zhanguo drove the energy of the three paths of reincarnation, sending an ax strike at the Supreme Singularity.

Humph! What eloquent, glib words! If you dare, dont use the Heaven Splitting Ax? The Supreme Singularity glared as he activated the three enchanted treasures, making them fly out.??e??????vel.c??

The Heaven Splitting Ax, the Primal Chaos Bell, the Cross Annihilation, and the Universe Cauldron clashed.


A thunderous sound reverberated. A mammoth black hole suddenly tore open in the center of the battlefield. The black hole rippled, shaking the entire Heavenly Realm intensely.


The hungry ghost path of reincarnation and the Immortal Energy that Six Paths gave you added together do not seem very impressive? Long Zhanguo sneered.

When the Heaven Splitting Ax swung down, it held a great advantage, suppressing the Supreme Singularity.

The Supreme Singularitys eyelids twitched wildly. To think that Long Zhanguo is so strong?

Are you all dead? Quickly come over and help! the Supreme Singularity roared.

Boom! Boom!

The Supreme Wa and the Supreme Genesis immediately arrived by the Supreme Singularitys side. They immediately drove the energy of their respective paths of reincarnation and poured it into the Supreme Singularity.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three paths of reincarnation faced three paths of reincarnation. The six paths of reincarnation were all gathered. An immense force burgeoned, tearing s.p.a.ce. The force continuously shook all of s.p.a.ce.

Even Heavens eyes moved away in the sky as he coldly watched the battlefield from afar.

Kong Xuan, the angels, and the animal spirit kings all had Immortal Energy. They raised their hands towards the Supreme Singularitys path of reincarnation, pouring their energy into the Supreme Singularity. The Supreme Singularity controlled the enchanted treasures, barely blocking Long Zhanguo. He appeared greatly shaken.

Hah! Long Zhanguo shouted. Many veins bulged out all over his body as he blocked everyone on the other side with a horrifying force.

Long Zhanguo alone suppressed everyone of the Solar Divine Palace, including the energy that the Six Paths Immortal lent.

The energy around Long Zhanguo even manifested energy flames that brushed against everyones face. It hurt as much as knives cutting them.

Hahahahaha! So what, Six Paths?! Long Zhanguo roared.

The roar shook the sky, even the entire Heavenly Realm.

Long Zhanguo brought his power out to the fullest, suppressing everyone. Even with the Six Paths Immortals Immortal Energy, the other side could not block.

Long live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years! the Qian Nations side cheered endlessly.

Thats impossible! Why are you this strong? Why are you this strong?! the Supreme Singularity exclaimed.

We cultivated to the Innate Realm via physical cultivation. The nascent soul deities in our body are all refined from the deities of animal spirit races. Our dantian is a Spiritual Progenitor deity king. We have reached consummation in the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm, achieving a one-hundred-sixty-three-meter-tall mortal soul. We have reached consummation in the Middle Heavenly Palace Realm, achieving a two-hundred-thirteen-meter-tall earthly soul. We have reached consummation in the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm, achieving a two-hundred-seventy-meter-tall heavenly soul. The cultivation realms we needed to cultivate in, we have cultivated them all to consummation. Be it our spiritual souls or our physical souls, even our physical body, we are unrivaled. Breaking you is incredibly easy! Long Zhanguo roared.

[TL Note: Just some unit conversions. One hundred sixty-three meters is forty-nine zhangs (one-third of ten meters); two hundred thirteen meters is sixty-four zhangs; two hundred seventy meters is eighty-one zhangs. The sizes of Long Zhanguos various spiritual souls are square numbers: seven squared, eight squared, and nine squared, respectively. Square numbers are normally seen as numbers of significance, usually indicating perfection.]


Long Zhanguo put in more force.

Blargh! The Supreme Singularity and everyone of the Solar Divine Palace spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Thats impossible! No one can cultivate the three spiritual souls to consummation! the Supreme Singularity exclaimed.

Just because you cant does not mean that we cant! Long Zhanguo retorted with a ferocious expression.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Long Zhanguo stepped forward. Everyone of the Solar Divine Palace struggled bitterly, looking horrified.

Long Zhanguo was on the verge of an overwhelming victory.

Heavens eyes stared at Long Zhanguo from high in the sky.

Long Zhanguo? Unexpectedly, there is another person who reached consummation in mortal cultivation in this world aside from myself? The Six Paths Immortals voice rang out in the sky.

We know that youSix Pathsdid the same back then, granting you the ability to rebel against Heaven. Today, we did the same. However, you cannot drive your own energy? You are only able to fight us with these bunch of insignificant things? That bit of Immortal Energy might work on others, but us? Humph! Long Zhanguo showed a trace of a sneer on his face.

Long Zhanguo, have you forgotten? We are currently Heaven! the Six Paths Immortal said coldly.

Heaven? Long Zhanguos face turned serious.

Our Immortal Energy, the heroes of the Solar Divine Palace, three powerful enchanted treasures, and even the energy from three paths of reincarnation cannot rival you? However, we still have the greatest authority of this world! Have you forgotten? The energy of all life! the Six Paths Immortal sneered.

Huh? Long Zhanguos face sank.

We are the Heaven of all life. The energy of all life is our energy! the Six Paths Immortal said coldly.

Humph! the Six Paths Immortal snorted coldly.

As the Six Paths Immortal snorted coldly, dark clouds suddenly covered the Divine Continent.

Outside, the faces of Jiang Lianshan, Sect Master Heavenly Access, Ji Dihong, and the Three Lives Buddhas turned serious as they looked at the sky.

Long Zhanguo? To think that he managed to push the Six Paths Immortal this far? Sect Master Heavenly Access narrowed his eyes.

The Six Paths Immortal is left with only this final move? A gleam flashed in Jiang Lianshans eyes.

Ji Dihong narrowed his eyes.

Dark clouds covered the Divine Continent. Suddenly, the Six Paths Immortals voice came from the dark clouds.

The boundless life in the Divine Continent, give us your energy to get rid of rebels! A cold snort rang out in the sky.

The boundless life in the world trembled slightly as though hearing a terrifying voice.

In Lu Ya City, Meng Tai and Ao Shun suddenly closed their eyes and collapsed. White energy came out of their bodies.

It was not just the two. Everyone in Lu Ya City suddenly fainted.

Borderless Heavenly Capital, Han Royal Dynasty:

All the civil and military officials and all the citizens suddenly fainted. They gave off white energy that rose into the dark clouds above.

This happened all over the Divine Continent, the north, the south, the east, the west, the four seas, and more. All life suddenly fainted as though overdrawn on their energy. In their unconsciousness, the energy in their bodies soared into the sky, vanis.h.i.+ng.

The energy poured into the Heavenly Realm through the dark clouds.

The Six Paths Immortal plundered all the energy of all life.

Only in the Qian Heavenly Dynasty did the citizens hear Long Zhanguos voice.

Qian Nation citizens, we are Long Zhanguo. I shamelessly ask everyone to lend me your strength. Please raise your right hands! Quickly raise your right hands and lend us your energy, to break out of this cage!

Countless citizens immediately raised their right hands, lending their energy to Long Zhanguo. After that, they slumped to the ground. Although Long Zhanguo had borrowed their energy, he did not drain them to the point of fainting.

The energy that the countless citizens lent got pulled to the golden blessings dragon above Heavenly Court City.

The citizens had just lent their energy when the Six Paths Immortal plundered their energy. The overdraft on the energy of the Qian Nation citizens made them faint.

In the end, the Qian Nation was not big enough. Long Zhanguo did not manage to gather much energy. Furthermore, he only tapped the humans. There were countless other lifeforms in the Qian Nations territory that he could not draw from.

By plundering the energy of all life, the Six Paths Immortal was the greatest winner.

Aside from the few peak experts of the world under the fusang tree, nearly all life in the Divine Continent fainted.

The humans, the animal spirits, those in the sky, underground, in the water, no matter what lifeform they were, all fainted from being plundered of all their energy. Silence instantly descended upon the Divine Continent.

Jiang Lianshan, Ji Dihong, Sect Master Heavenly Access, and the Three Lives Buddhas looked at the surroundings.

All life is overdrawn, drained of life. How lifeless and spiritless! Jiang Lianshan said with an unsightly expression as he narrowed his eyes.

All the energy in the world? Haha! Can Long Zhanguo block that? Ji Dihong narrowed his eyes slightly at the Heavenly Realm above the fusang tree.

Sect Master Heavenly Access and the Three Lives Buddhas frowned, not speaking.

In the Heavenly Realm:

Surging white energy poured in and slowly transformed into golden energy as it rushed towards the Supreme Singularity.


The Supreme Singularity immediately grew stronger.


The Supreme Singularity roared in pain. Clearly, the gathered energy of all life was overly vast. His physical body struggled to contain it.

Despite the agony, the effects were evident. The disadvantage in the clash immediately disappeared as an immense force emerged from his body, pus.h.i.+ng back on Long Zhanguos ax and ruthlessly suppressing Long Zhanguo.

Hahahahaha! Long Zhanguo, what do you think of the energy of all life? the Supreme Singularity guffawed.

Suddenly, something that looked like a bubble emerged from Long Zhanguos other hand. It was the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament.

All living beings of our immortal firmament, were sorry. We are left without a choice but to borrow your energy. Go to sleep while we destroy this demon! Long Zhanguo roared.

Bright golden light instantly emerged from the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament in his palm, rus.h.i.+ng to his body.


Long Zhanguo also plundered the energy of all life in the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament. That energy filled his entire body as he pushed against the Supreme Singularity.


Long Zhanguo managed to block the Supreme Singularitybut just barely. Furthermore, it seemed like he could not hold out for long.

You lost, Long Zhanguo! Hahahaha! the Supreme Singularity guffawed with a ferocious expression.

Although Long Zhanguo had gathered all the energy in the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament, it was still insufficient. Compared to the Divine Continent, the energy of the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament was much weaker. Moreover, his body hurt from the energy bloat, cracks appearing on his face; he would die if he persisted.

Lost? Hahahaha! We would lose to you? As long as we can block you, we will not allow you any arrogance! Hah! Long Zhanguo roared, his hair in disarray, looking like a demonic G.o.d arriving in the world as he kept struggling and attacking.