Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 203: Immortal Energy

Book 5: Chapter 203: Immortal Energy

Book 5: Chapter 203: Immortal Energy

In the Heavenly Realm:

Gu Hai hid in the undergrowth while covering Zang Yulians mouth and goggled at the sky.

Heavens ten thousand eyes in the sky examined the heavenly courts thirty-three cities, bringing a tremendous pressure down on them.

The thirty-three cities slowly revolved, apparently forming a humongous ritual array. It produced a soaring aura that rushed at Heavens many eyes in the sky.

Gu Hai watched everything from the undergrowth.

At the Rising Heaven Throne Halls entrance in the distant Heavenly Court City, Long Zhanguo held the Heaven Splitting Ax as he looked coldly at the sky full of eyes.

Long Zhanguo, we have underestimated you. Unexpectedly, I allowed you to grow to this day. Today shall be your end! You cannot harm us in the Heavenly Realm! Six Pathss icy voice suddenly came from the sky.

The Heavenly Realm? It is formed by your physical body? We do not believe that you are boundless! Long Zhanguo snorted coldly.

Long Zhanguo swung the Heaven Splitting Ax at the sky.

The light from the dazzling ax was like a silver river, instantly cutting from one side of the sky to the other.


The might of the Heaven Splitting Ax shocked the distant Gu Hai. Close to a thousand of Heavens eyes got cut in half where the ax swung.

Heavens eyes? They dont seem very incredible, Zang Yulian said in shock while goggling.

That is because it is Long Zhanguo and the Heaven Splitting Ax, Gu Hai said with a frown.

Despite having one thousand eyes cut apart by the ax strike, Heaven did not get angry. However, Long Zhanguos expression turned even graver.

After the one thousand eyes got split in half, each half strangely regrew. The one thousand eyes became two thousand.

The more one cut, the more eyes there would be.

I cannot die or be destroyed in the Heavenly Realm. You can continue. However, every ax strike of yours will just nourish my physical body. This will continue until you are drained of energy! The Six Paths Immortals cold snort spread out in all directions.

Is that so? Long Zhanguo narrowed his eyes.

Long Zhanguo, and the people in the people in the heavenly court, do you see this stele?! A loud shout suddenly came from the distance.

It was not the Six Paths Immortals voice but the Supreme Singularitys.

Gu Hais face sank as he looked into the distance.

He saw three black pillars reaching the sky and pressing against the ground. Black energy roiled around them, and three three-hundred-thirty-three-meter-tall figures stood in the center of the three large pillars. They were the Supreme Singularity, the Supreme Genesis, and the Supreme Wa.

The Supreme Singularity stood in the center pillar, fused into it. The Supreme Genesis and the Supreme Wa were also fused into pillars on the left and the right. At this moment, they looked coldly at Long Zhanguo.

A group of black angels was in the surroundings. There were also the animal spirit kings who fled into this place, including Kong Xuan. Kong Xuans injuries seemed to have completely healed.

The powerful experts of the Solar Divine Palace had six different colored lights around them, giving off overwhelming auras.

In the black pillars, the Supreme Singularity, the Supreme Wa, and the Supreme Genesis also gave off six different colored lights along with horrifying auras.

There was something different about them all. There seemed to be a circle drawn with blood on their foreheads.

Supreme Singularity? Supreme Genesis? Supreme Wa? Hah! To think that you merged yourselves with the hungry ghost path of reincarnation, the h.e.l.l path of reincarnation, and the heaven path of reincarnation? Hahahaha! Three paths of reincarnation? Six Paths Immortal, you are truly willing to go to such great lengths! However, by distributing the three paths of reincarnation among those three, arent you scattering the power? You are being very careful! Even though the Supreme Singularity serves you, you still cannot fully trust him, only letting him control one path of reincarnation? Oh? If we see right, the Supreme Singularitys path of reincarnation should be the hungry ghost path of reincarnation, right? Long Zhanguo sneered.

Long Zhanguo, theres no need to try and sow dissent! Is there a point at this point? the Supreme Singularity sneered back.

The Supreme Singularity was an extremely burly man. He radiated golden light and had a very sharp look in his eyes.

Your Holy Eminence, let this official test them out first! Ao Tianhuang said with a smile.

Ao Tianhuang guffawed as his figure flashed, flying towards the distant Supreme Singularity.

Humph! The Supreme Singularity revealed a hint of a sneer.

The Supreme Singularity did not attack. The one who did was Kong Xuan.

Let me! Kong Xuan smiled coldly as he flew over.

Kong Xuan? The distant Long Zhanguo narrowed his eyes. He was familiar with Kong Xuans strength. In the past, Kong Xuan could hold his own against Imperial Emperor Xi Yu; he was very strong among Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators. However, he was still somewhat weaker than Ao Tianhuang.

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Ao Tianhuangs true strength was even higher than the Supreme Genesiss, what more Kong Xuan?

None of the animal spirit kings moved.

Ao Tianhuang instantly approached and threw a punch at Kong Xuan. With that punch, a dragon-headed manifested fist appeared and ripped s.p.a.ce as it collided with Kong Xuans hasty counterpunch.

Kong Xuans fist gave off six different colored lights as it clashed with Ao Tianhuangs fist.


The collision produced a thunderous sound, and s.p.a.ce immediately cracked. The impact was actually similar to that when the Cyclic Star Ritual Array and the Supreme Was Universe Cauldron clashed.

How can this be? The distant Gu Hais face sank.

The Cyclic Star Ritual Arrays Palm of the Stars was formed by a gargantuan ritual array supported by three hundred sixty-one spirit stars and animal spirit kings.

Now, Kong Xuan was alone.

When the fists met, Kong Xuan did not get pushed back. However, Ao Tianhuangs expression changed when Kong Xuan managed to block his full-powered attack. This is impossible! Furthermore, I seemed to be on the losing end?


Ao Tianhuang suddenly roared, turning into a three-thousand-three-hundred-thirty-three-meter-long dragon. It burst forth with the ferocious power of an animal spirit as it maintained a deadlock with Kong Xuan.

Ao Tianhuangs power suddenly doubled, but Kong Xuan still had s.p.a.ce to maneuver.

Hah! Thats all you have? Kong Xuan revealed a cold smile as his fist shook.


The three-thousand-three-hundred-thirty-three-meter-long dragon got blasted back, sent flying back to the heavenly court so fast that it threatened to smash Heavenly Court City.


Long Zhanguo extended his palm and stopped Ao Tianhuangs enormous dragon body in an instant.

Blargh! The humongous dragon spewed out a mouthful of blood and returned to human form.

YourYour Holy Eminence, Ive embarra.s.sed you! Ao Tianhuang said bitterly.

Kong Xuan? Its just Kong Xuan, yet I did even last one punch? How could it be like this?

Far away, Zang Yulian narrowed her eyes. Its those six different colored lights?

Indeed, Long Zhanguo had noticed the multicolored lights at Kong Xuans fist as well. He consoled Ao Tianhuang, saying, It is not embarra.s.sing to lose to the Six Paths Immortal.

Ah? Ao Tianhuangs expression changed.

Long Zhanguo raised his head and looked at the sky, at the thousands of eyes.

Six Paths? It looks like you are still quite some time away from your body awakening? Using such tricks? Lending strength? You lent your energy to them so that they could fight us? Hah! Hahahaha! It looks like you are at the end of your road! Long Zhanguo scoffed.

The Six Paths Immortals energy? The six different colored lights? Ao Tianhuang wiped away the blood on his lips as he glared at Kong Xuan.

Aside from Kong Xuan, the other animal spirit kings, even the Supreme Singularity, the Supreme Genesis, and the Supreme Wa were all clad in the six different colored lights.

The Six Paths Immortal did not say anything.

The distant Supreme Singularity sneered, Long Zhanguo, you know quite a lot. Thats right. This is the power granted by Heaven. It is Heavens energy, the Six Paths Immortals energy, Immortal Energy! Ao Tianhuang, even you are not a match for Kong Xuan when he has Immortal Energy. Dont embarra.s.s yourself further!

Immortal Energy? Ao Tianhuangs expression changed.

The faces of Long Shenying and the others sank.

This was no longer just fighting the Solar Divine Palace. The Six Paths Immortal had interfered and lent his energy to the Solar Divine Palace. Immortal Energy?

This was equivalent to fighting the Supreme Singularity and the Six Paths Immortal simultaneously.

Actually, you could have Immortal Energy, too, as long as you choose to repent your evil ways and pledge your loyalty to Heaven. Declare the rebel Long Zhanguo as your enemy, then use your blood to draw a circle on your forehead like us and chant Six Paths Immortal! Heaven will send down Immortal Energy after that! the Supreme Singularity suddenly said.

Oh? The Mandate Rebellion Curse? You are trying to turn our officials and citizens against us? Long Zhanguo said coldly.

You can say that. The Six Paths Immortal can lend his energy to us because this is the Heavenly Realm. Regardless of how you have helped Long Zhanguo or how great your sin is, as long as you repent and take Long Zhanguo as your enemy, the immortal will forgive all your past sins and transgressions. Otherwise, the Supreme Singularity said coldly.

Otherwise, what? Long Zhanguo sneered.

Do you see the stele there? The Supreme Singularity pointed to a stele in the distance.

Everyone turned their head to look. They saw the words Rebel Sin Ranking on the stone stele.

There were many names under the t.i.tle.

The first was Long Zhanguo.

The second was Gu Hai.

The third was Lifespan Beiming.

The fourth was Ao Tianhuang.

All the Qian Nations officials were ranked on the stele.

All those who rebelled with Long Zhanguo were listed in the Rebel Sin Ranking.

These rebels declared Heaven their enemy, going against the natural order! They are to be executed. Long Zhanguo has to die! All the people on the ranking have to die. If you immediately repent, Heaven will give you a chance to reform yourself. All your past offenses will be forgiven. Otherwise, all of you can forget about escaping. There is nowhere in the world you can flee to! the Supreme Singularity shouted.

There were so many names on the stele. All the Qian Nation officials hearts trembled.

In a distant forest, Gu Hais eyelids twitched wildly, as his name was on the stele as well. Indeed, Heaven also targeted him.

To think that your name is ranked second? Zang Yulian looked at Gu Hai in shock.

It must be ranked wrongly, Gu Hai demurred with a bitter smile.

Ranked wrongly? Its not wrong. Once Long Zhanguo dies, you will be the next person the Six Paths Immortal will go after. You will be the first one Heaven wants to destroy. It is you. What did you do? Zang Yulian asked in shock.

Gu Hais eyelids twitched wildly. He ignored Zang Yulian as he continued looking into the distance.

What Rebel Sin Ranking? Hahahahaha! Six Paths? This means that you were once at the top of the ranking eight hundred thousand years ago. Back then, you were at the top of the ranking and succeeded in rebelling against Heaven. Now, I am at the top of the ranking. Will I also succeed in killing Heaven? Humph! All this is just history repeating itself. We are going to begin! We will start from the Supreme Singularity. We will kill the Supreme Singularity first before destroying your Heavenly Realm physical body! Humph! Long Zhanguo snorted coldly.

As Long Zhanguo stepped forward, his figure suddenly swelled up.

The Supreme Singularity was currently fused with the hungry ghost path of reincarnation. He was three hundred thirty-three meters tall. Long Zhanguos figure quickly grew to three hundred thirty-three meters in height as well.

The Supreme Singularity had fused into a towering black pillar. Now, three black pillars suddenly appeared behind Long Zhanguo, towering just as high as the Supreme Singularitys. They were the human path of reincarnation, the asura path of reincarnation, and the animal path of reincarnation.


When the three paths of reincarnation appeared, a powerful force immediately caused the sky to spin. Heavens eyes in the surroundings all backed away.