Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 164: Undercurrents for Three Days

Book 5: Chapter 164: Undercurrents for Three Days

Book 5: Chapter 164: Undercurrents for Three Days

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Gu Hai left while guffawing, provoking extremely negative feelings in the Azure Emperors heart. Gu Hai is that confident in his Go Dao?

After Gu Hai left, Jiang Lianshan focused all his thoughts on the Cla.s.sic of Changes. He only said a few things to console the Azure Emperor before withdrawing.

The officials walked out of the Divine Yan Hall.


Suddenly, rings of golden hexagrams appeared around the Divine Yan Hall, surrounding it and giving off sounds that resembled wind and thunder.

His Holy Eminence has already entered meditation? He cares that much about the Cla.s.sic of Changes? the White Emperor said softly.

The White Emperor spoke softly but loud enough for the Azure Emperor to hear. When she glanced at the Azure Emperor, she saw him tightly clenching his fist with a dark look flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

The more correct the Cla.s.sic of Changes is, the more likely I will succeed in overthrowing the Yan Nation and establis.h.i.+ng my own heavenly dynasty, or so Gu Hai claims. However, the more it is so, the more His Holy Eminence will worry about me, right?

While the Azure Emperor had a sullen expression, the White Emperor showed a satisfied smile. Lets go! Lets return!

The White Emperor returned with her subordinates. At this moment, she was exultant.

Meanwhile, word of Gu Hais prediction and arrangements for three days later quickly spread.

The Azure Emperors official residence:

Imperial Lord, that Gu Hai is truly insidious. He went to such lengths just to trap Imperial Lord, to force Imperial Lord to play Go with him? Seven Kills said with a sullen expression.

Gu Hai is indeed incredible in the Go Dao. However, the most incredible one is still Old Mister Guan Qi. We have Old Mister Guan Qis inheritance and the complete Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array. We might not lose to him in Go. Furthermore The Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes.

Furthermore, it does not mean that the Go player cannot make a move during this battle to the death. Imperial Lord can kill Gu Hai while you are playing, and no one can stop you. Gu Hai is seeking his own death! Dan w.a.n.g smiled.

The Azure Emperor nodded. Does he think he is invincible with the Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array? He is oversimplifying things. Humph!

However, Imperial Lord, that black-robed man Seven Kills looked at the Azure Emperor.

The Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes slightly. Wait first. We still have not finished thinking about it.

Yes! Seven Kills nodded.

The next day, Seven Kills and Dan w.a.n.g rushed to the Azure Emperor.

Imperial Lord, something happened last night! Dan w.a.n.g said with an unsightly expression.


Last night, the Black Emperors old subordinates led their armies near the city. They seemed to be heading towards Imperial Lords old armies! Dan w.a.n.g said.

Oh? The Black Emperors old subordinates? Did Heaven seek out someone else using the Black Emperors medallions? The Azure Emperor showed a wavering look in his eyes.

I dont know. There were some ordinary officials among the Black Emperors old subordinates. They were the ones commanding the army and moving with them, Dan w.a.n.g said.

Ordinary officials?

Yes. They are not one of the five imperial lords old subordinates, just newly promoted officials, Dan w.a.n.g said.

Newly promoted officials? They must be His Holy Eminences trusted men. The Azure Emperors face sank.

Huh? This slightly startled Dan w.a.n.g.

Aside from those using the Black Emperors medallions, only His Holy Eminence can command the Black Emperors old subordinates. Could it be The Azure Emperors face sank.

His Holy Eminence is going to make a move against Imperial Lord? That should not be the case. Isnt His Holy Eminence already in meditation? Dan w.a.n.g said in shock.

The Azure Emperor showed a sullen expression. After some silence, he said, Go invite that sir over.

Huh? Yes! Seven Kills answered.

Soon, Heavens envoy, the pustule-covered, black-robed man, was brought over to the Azure Emperor.

Azure Emperor, whats wrong? You finally thought of me? the black-robed man said indifferently.

Sir, please forgive me. I have offended you over the past few days, the Azure Emperor immediately said apologetically.

Humph! Azure Emperor, if you are unwilling, then it does not matter. There will naturally be someone willing. You will be facing Gu Hai in Go two days later? That is an excellent opportunity, the black-robed man said.

The Azure Emperors face sank as he looked at Seven Kills.

Seven Kills shook his head, indicating that no one had told the black-robed man about what happened at the a.s.sembly hall. How did the black-robed man know?

Furthermore, all forms of communications were blocked in the Azure Wood Courtyard. Unless

It looks like Heaven was in contact with Sir over the past few days? The Azure Emperor looked at the black-robed man.

Azure Emperor, just say what you have to say. Dont beat about the bush with me, the black-robed man said.

I would like to know if you gave anyone else the Black Emperors medallions? Or did anyone else use the Black Emperors medallions over the past few days? the Azure Emperor asked gravely.

The black-robed man said with a cold smile, Are you talking about the matter of the Black Emperors old subordinates moving to your old subordinates?

Huh? You know about it? The Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes.

It is not just me who knows. Heaven already knows about it. It is just that it is inconvenient for Heaven to interfere, the black-robed man said indifferently.


Our men did not use the Black Emperors medallions aside from the eight medallions that you previously used. As for what they were used for, you should know better than me. Jiang Lianshan already made a move, the black-robed man said indifferently.

Made a move to do what? The Azure Emperor still appeared somewhat skeptical.

The black-robed man smiled faintly but did not say much.

However, the Azure Emperors face suddenly sank. Made a move to do what? Naturally, to deal with me!

If it were before, the Azure Emperor might have been suspicious. Now, he was no longer willing to doubt the black-robed man. He immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

I only ask, are you willing to help Heaven once? the black-robed man said seriously.

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The Azure Emperor suddenly fell silent.

You dont even have to stop the alliance; just delay it further, and that will do. You can deal with Gu Hai. As long as he diesif he dies, this alliance might, the black-robed man said with antic.i.p.ation.

I will definitely deal with Gu Hai. But why doesnt Heaven make a move himself? That Gu Hai is only The Azure Emperor suddenly stopped midway.

The black-robed man did not say anything.

However, the Azure Emperors pupils constricted. Long Zhanguos projection? Could it be that Heaven also fears Long Zhanguos projection?

How audacious! The black-robed man glared.

I was audacious. However, Heaven seems unwilling to deal with Gu Hai. What if something happens while I deal with Gu Hai? Will Heaven help me? the Azure Emperor asked.

The black-robed man shook his head. Long Zhanguo just injured Heaven, so Heaven does not wish to clash with Long Zhanguo for now, in case

In case, what? the Azure Emperor asked anxiously.

The black-robed man shook his head, unwilling to say.

The Azure Emperor could not do anything about this.

Heaven is unwilling to work with me to deal with Long Zhanguo. What about killing Jiang Lianshan? Can Heaven help me? A ferocious glint flashed in the Azure Emperors eyes.

On the side, Seven Killss and Dan w.a.n.gs expressions changed.

Oh? The black-robed man looked at the Azure Emperor.

The White Emperors official residence:

The White Emperor held an invitation in her hands.

Oh? The Azure Emperor is inviting me to be a witness and says I must go? How rare! The White Emperor showed a faint, cold smile.

Yes. Imperial Lord hopes that the White Emperor will go, Dan w.a.n.g said very politely.

Go tell him that we will be there. The White Emperor smiled coldly.

Yes! Dan w.a.n.g left respectfully.

When Dan w.a.n.g was gone, the White Emperors expression turned complicated.

Imperial Lord, this does not seem like the Azure Emperors style, Tang Gu said with a frown.

Yes. Although we said we would go during the morning a.s.sembly the other day, it was not absolute. Even so, there is no reason for the Azure Emperor to send someone to invite us. Hah! This is somewhat interesting. Go investigate who else the Azure Emperor invited, the White Emperor said.

Yes! Tang Gu answered.

Tang Gu returned after half a day.

Imperial Lord, I have investigated. He invited all the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators in Divine Farmer City, including Lifespan Dongfang, and even the guest consecrates in the palace, Tang Gu said gravely.

He invited all the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators? The Azure Emperor is going all out this time, the White Emperor said.

Indeed. This subordinate found it strange as well. The Go battle had been mentioned during the morning a.s.sembly already. Why go around inviting everyone again? The Azure Emperor even personally issued invitations. Something must be wrong, Tang Gu said.

The White Emperor nodded, but she had no clues.

The Azure Emperor invited all the experts to watch his battle to the death with Gu Hai? Why?

The Azure Emperor is not someone who seeks fame and false glory.

Imperial Lord, should we go? Tang Gu asked, feeling curious.

We will go. Why not? Humph! We want to see what the Azure Emperor is up to. Also, theres Gu Hai, that insignificant thing. What is he plotting? Humph! the White Emperor snorted coldly.

Clearly, the White Emperor was extremely upset with Gu Hai.


Qian Nations residence:

Gu Hai stood on a floating island within the residence, looking in the direction of the distant palace. He could even see the majestic Divine Yan Hall.

Sixty-four hexagrams still revolved around the Divine Yan Hall. Evidently, Jiang Lianshen remained in meditation.

When I initially wrote that the Qian Hexagram was the leading hexagram, Jiang Lianshan could already spend ten days meditating on it. Now that there are the complete sixty-four hexagrams in a cycle, he would only take even longer. The Cla.s.sic of Changes? I wonder, what can he comprehend from it? Gu Hai frowned slightly.

Master, your battle with the Azure Emperor is tomorrow. There are already many people spying on us in the surroundings, Ensnaring Performance whispered at the side.

Spying? Let them spy. They will see everything tomorrow anyway, Gu Hai said with a cold smile.

Hall Master, do you really want to kill the Azure Emperor that much? Long Sanqian smiled bitterly at Gu Hai.

He will die tomorrow. Long Sanqian, dont worry, Gu Hai said with a smile.

Long Sanqian nodded, showing a bitter smile. Alright. I hope that you are right.

Im definitely right, Gu Hai said confidently.

Master, what should we do? Ensnaring Performance asked, feeling curious.

You dont have to do anything. You just have to stand in the most eye-catching place and let everyone see you. That will do, Gu Hai said as he looked at Ensnaring Performance.

Ah? Thats all? Ensnaring Performance appeared depressed.

Dont think that it is nothing. Whether we can kill the Azure Emperor tomorrow will depend on you, Gu Hai said seriously.

Ah? Depend on me? The Azure Emperor will die if I just stand there? Ensnaring Performance appeared skeptical.

Gu Hai glared.

Oh. Alright, alright, alright. Ill listen, Ensnaring Performance said gloomily.

Long Aotian, Ao Shun, I will have to trouble you tomorrow. I have already made arrangements. I hope nothing will go wrong. Gu Hai looked at the two.

Hall Master, dont worry. Nothing will go wrong with me around, Ao Shun said.

Hall Master, rest a.s.sured. I nearly died to the Azure Emperor. I cant wait until he dies! Long Aotian snarled.

Gu Hai nodded.

Everyone waited patiently.

Three days pa.s.sed in a flash. The experts that the Azure Emperor invited were not the only ones who received the news; so did countless experts in Divine Farmer City. They all rushed towards the Qian Nations residence from everywhere to watch.

More people gathered as time pa.s.sed. By the time the third morning arrived, a sea of people had filled the periphery of the Qian Nations residence.

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