Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 163: Black Mountain Token

Book 5: Chapter 163: Black Mountain Token

Book 5: Chapter 163: Black Mountain Token

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When the Azure Emperor threw his palm strike, the expressions of all the officials in the palace hall changed.

The Jian Hexagram came after the Gen Hexagram. The Azure Emperor will replace the Yan Heavenly Dynasty. Based on this Cla.s.sic of Changes, the change seems inevitable. Furthermore, Gu Hais explanation sounds quite logical. Could all this be true?

The White Emperors pupils suddenly constricted, her face turning gloomy. Then, her eyes lit up, as what Gu Hai said was a simulation of the hexagrams. Also, the Yan Heavenly Emperor trusted the sixty-four hexagrams the most. Furthermore, what did Gu Hai say earlier? Long Zhanguo, the Qian Heavenly Emperor, had eliminated all seeds of the Kun Hexagram in order to thwart the change of hexagrams.

That also meant that if the Yan Heavenly Dynasty wanted to remain unchanging, it had to destroy all such seeds as well. Destroy the Azure Emperor?

No wonder the Azure Emperor is so furious and rash.

The White Emperors eyes lit up. Nevertheless, she s.h.i.+fted as if she wanted to stop the Azure Emperor.

However, Gu Hai did not move at all in the face of the Azure Emperor. He even showed a faint smile to the Azure Emperor.

I am the Qian Nation envoy. Would I be killed in the Divine Yan Hall? That is impossible. Right now, I represent Long Zhanguo. Who would dare to attack me openly?

How audacious! An explosive shout resounded in the palace hall.

Jiang Lianshan suddenly extended his right hand.


A loud sound rang out as Jiang Lianshan grabbed the Azure Emperors right palm as it headed for Gu Hai.

Your Holy Eminence, please dont be angry! the officials immediately called out respectfully.

The Azure Emperors right palm stopped right in front of Gu Hai. The wind from the palm strike blew Gu Hais hair, making it flutter. However, Gu Hai did not even blink.

The Azure Emperor looked at Gu Hai viciously. Then, he turned to the sullen Jiang Lianshan.

Your Holy Eminence, this official was too rash. The Azure Emperor immediately admitted his mistake.

Only now did Jiang Lianshan let go.

Your Holy Eminence, Gu Hai is misleading everyone and trying to drive a wedge between you and your officials, causing trouble in the heavenly court. Your Holy Eminence, please punish him! the Azure Emperor said respectfully.

Driving a wedge? Causing trouble in the heavenly court?

However, Jiang Lianshan looked at Gu Hai carefully.

The Cla.s.sic of Changes? While Gu Hai might be the first to write it, no one in the Divine Yan Hall comprehended it as deeply as Jiang Lianshan did.

Jiang Lianshan had studied the sixty-four hexagrams for ages. Although this was the first time he saw Gu Hais Cla.s.sic of Changes, he understood it more than anyone else.

Everything that Gu Hai said simply misrepresented it, using the superficial meaning of the Cla.s.sic of Changes to explain it. Although it seemed perfect, it was incredibly far-fetched.

We understand. Jiang Lianshan nodded.

If it were some other time, the Azure Emperor would have believed Jiang Lianshans a.s.surance. However, the seed of desire in the Azure Emperors heart had already grown into a sapling. Although Jiang Lianshan tried to a.s.sure him, the Azure Emperor saw it as lip service.

Unless Jiang Lianshan rejects the Cla.s.sic of Changes, this is what the Cla.s.sic of Changes means. What Gu Hai said is the same as what I see. I will replace Jiang Lianshan?

Furthermore, Heavens envoy in my residence already proved it. I can establish a heavenly dynasty by working with Heaven?

Yes! the Azure Emperor said as he stepped back.

Gu Hai, you represent Long Zhanguo, so we are in no position to punish you. However, what is your purpose in intentionally misrepresenting the Cla.s.sic of Changes? Are you trying to sow chaos in my Yan Nation? Jiang Lianshan looked at Gu Hai coldly.

Intentionally misrepresenting the Cla.s.sic of Changes? Does that mean that the Cla.s.sic of Changes has other meanings for Yan Heavenly Emperor? Rather, Yan Heavenly Emperor acknowledges this humble ones Cla.s.sic of Changes? Gu Hai stared at Jiang Lianshan, pressing the matter.

Gu Hai misrepresented the Cla.s.sic of Changes?

The officials did not believe that, as Gu Hai had written the Cla.s.sic of Changes. They felt certain that Gu Hai understood it best. How could he be misrepresenting it? They believed that the Yan Heavenly Emperor was just appeasing the Azure Emperor, but no one dared to expose it.

Right now, the most important thing was whether this Cla.s.sic of Changes had any logic behind it. Could one find the answer to all changes in the world in this Cla.s.sic of Changes?

We still have not carefully studied your Cla.s.sic of Changes. There is indeed some logic behind it. As for overthrowing the Lianshan Cla.s.sic, we will know only after studying and meditating on it further, Jiang Lianshan said.

Thats fine. This humble one trusts Yan Heavenly Emperor. We can wait. When Yan Heavenly Emperor finishes studying it, you can fulfill the promise you made ten days ago, Gu Hai said gravely.

At the side, the Azure Emperor and the White Emperor narrowed their eyes. Gu Hai is that certain that the Cla.s.sic of Changes can surpa.s.s the Lianshan Cla.s.sic? Although the two were unwilling to believe it, they had to because of Jiang Lianshans grave att.i.tude.

After His Holy Eminence studies it, will he fulfill the promise? An alliance between the Qian Nation and the Yan Nation?

The Azure Emperors pupils suddenly constricted. His heart plunged into chaos, as the grudge over Gongyang Shengs death would be dug up once the Yan Nation and the Qian Nation allied. Long Zhanguo would seek revenge on him. If the Cla.s.sic of Changes could truly overthrow the Lianshan Cla.s.sic, given what Gu Hai said, would Jiang Lianshan eliminate the seed that was the Azure Emperor?

Alright! Jiang Lianshan nodded.

As for what this humble one said earlier about the Azure Emperor replacing the Yan Heavenly Dynasty, it is as Yan Heavenly Emperor said; it is just a misrepresentation. Yan Heavenly Emperor, Azure Emperor, please dont think too much of it, Gu Hai said with a smile.

However, Gu Hais gentle smile seemed extremely insidious to the Azure Emperors eyes.

Misrepresentation? Now, you are claiming it is a misrepresentation? Who would believe that? Even I dont believe it. What is the point of saying that? Even emphasizing it? Doesnt this just deepen everyones impression, insisting that I will replace His Holy Eminence?

The Azure Emperor directed an icy gaze at Gu Hai.

However, Jiang Lianshan frowned slightly as he said, Misrepresent? Why did you want to misrepresent it?

This humble ones understanding of the Cla.s.sic of Changes is very shallow. Thats why, if what I said was wrong, I hope Yan Heavenly Emperor will forgive me for it. As for the details, I ask that Yan Heavenly Emperor figure it out yourself. I wont elaborate on it further, Gu Hai said.

Your understanding of the Cla.s.sic of Changes is shallow? The officials all gave Gu Hai strange looks. Do you think that we believe that? You managed to write the Cla.s.sic of Changes. How can your understanding of it be shallow?

Jiang Lianshan believed it, as that was how Gu Hai appeared to his eyes.

Jiang Lianshan nodded, not minding. Then, he turned his head and saw the Azure Emperors furious gaze. He frowned slightly.

The Azure Emperor injured your group by mistake in the Qian District, while you have made wrongful accusations of the Azure Emperor earlier. There has been an exchange. Since the misunderstanding has been resolved, let the grudges end here, Jiang Lianshan proposed.

Let the grudges end here? Hah! Yan Heavenly Emperor, I only said a couple of things to the Azure Emperor while the Azure Emperor killed the lead envoy of my Qian Nation, Gongyang Sheng. This humble one can set aside this matter, for now, to deal with it in the future, Gu Hai said as he showed a faint smile to the Azure Emperor.

Huh? Jiang Lianshans face sank in displeasure.

Your Holy Eminence, theres no need for you to bother. This official and Gu Hai have a private grudge against each other. This official can settle it ourself, the Azure Emperor said seriously.

Everyone could tell there was a deep-seated, unresolvable grudge between the two.

In the future? How do you plan to do that? Jiang Lianshan frowned at Gu Hai.

Clearly, Jiang Lianshan still wanted to protect the Azure Emperor. If he did not settle this matter, both sides would hold back in the alliance. Dont tell me we have to let you kill our official for the sake of the alliance?

If Yan Heavenly Emperor feels worried, how about this? The Azure Emperor and I can settle this in advance, Gu Hai suggested with a smile.

Oh? Jiang Lianshan looked at Gu Hai.

The Azure Emperor previously used Old Mister Guan Qis Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array and was rather skilled at it. This humble one is not that talented but has some accomplishments in the Go Dao as well. How about the Azure Emperor and I face each other using the Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array, determining life and death with the Go Dao and leaving our fate to heaven? Yan Heavenly Emperor, how about that? Gu Hai said to Jiang Lianshan.

At the side, the Azure Emperor suddenly narrowed his eyes. He revealed a faint, cold smile and said, Your Holy Eminence, this official also thinks this is the best method.

However, Jiang Lianshan narrowed his eyes slightly at Gu Hai in suspicion, wondering what Gu Hai was thinking.

However, this approach was indeed the best. In this private grudge between the two, one of them would die. However, no one would be blamed, so the two dynasties would not lose face over it.

Life and death using Go? Thats fine. However, no matter the result, all grudges are to be settled and canceled out after that, Jiang Lianshan said with finality in his tone.

Excellent! The Azure Emperor revealed a faint, cold smile at Gu Hai.

Alright. The grudge over Lord Gongyang Sheng will be canceled out after that. Gu Hai nodded with certainty.

Jiang Lianshan looked at Gu Hai, feeling somewhat suspicious. He did not know why Gu Hai wanted to settle life and death with the Azure Emperor over Go.

Since Jiang Lianshan could not understand that, naturally, the White Emperor and the other officials did not, either.

For us to determine life and death through the Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array, we naturally have to lay a ritual array. Yan Heavenly Emperor, the Azure Emperor can control your Lianshan Ritual Array and draw on natural Spiritual Energy. However, this humble one is unable to match that. I ask that Yan Heavenly Emperor allow me the use of the Lianshan Ritual Array as well, Gu Hai said.

Using the Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array against the Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array?

That was indeed fair, so the Azure Emperor did not say anything.

Everyone looked at Jiang Lianshan. Jiang Lianshan nodded. Then, a black jade token appeared with a flip of his hand.

The Black Mountain Token? The Azure Emperor immediately recognized it.

Previously, each of the five imperial lords had a token. The Black Emperor was muddle-headed, so we took back the token. You can use this Black Mountain Token to drive the Lianshan Ritual Array. Use it to uphold fairness in your clash with the Azure Emperor, Jiang Lianshan said with some regret in his eyes.

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Many thanks, Yan Heavenly Emperor! Gu Hai received the Black Mountain Token.

Then, it shall take place three days later at the Qian Nations residence. This humble one invites Yan Heavenly Emperor, the White Emperor, and the various dukes, marquises, and generals of the Yan Nation in the city to bear witness for us. Our fate will be determined by heaven! Gu Hai said gravely.

Thats right. We need witnesses! The Azure Emperor nodded.

We wont be going. We need to study the Cla.s.sic of Changes. The rest of you go, Jiang Lianshan said indifferently.

Yes! the White Emperor and the other officials answered respectfully.

Yes! the Azure Emperor answered.

Many thanks, everyone! Gu Hai smiled faintly. He felt like he had put down a heavy burden in his heart. This was the result he wanted.

With that said, this humble one shall not impose any longer. This humble one will need the next three days to familiarize myself with the Black Mountain Token and focus myself for the battle to the death with the Azure Emperor. Gu Hai bowed to Jiang Lianshan again.

Go on, then. Jiang Lianshan nodded.

Gu Hai turned his head and looked at the Azure Emperor. Azure Emperor, there are three more days. Enjoy yourself while you can. Hahahahahaha!

As Gu Hai guffawed, he flung out his sleeves and left the Divine Yan Hall.

Humph! the Azure Emperor snorted coldly.

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