Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 123: Long Zhanguo's Rage

Book 5: Chapter 123: Long Zhanguo's Rage

Book 5: Chapter 123: Long Zhanguos Rage

Asura Path Secret Realm? Ancestor Ming He? Long Zhanguos eyes narrowed.

Qian Heavenly Emperor, in the Human Path Secret Realm, the Six Paths Immortal was consuming the soul fragments. Ordinary souls are extremely weak. However, this Asura Path Secret Realm seems different. There are no soul fragments in the sky. The asuras seem to possess extraordinary strength. That Ancestor Ming He earlier seems powerful, destroying the scene we were seeing. Why was that? Gu Hai asked with a frown.

Every path of reincarnation has its own way of reincarnating. If we are right, the Six Paths Immortal nurtured that Ancestor Ming He intentionally, Long Zhanguo said.


Eight hundred thousand years ago, the six paths of reincarnation were open to everyone. The asura path gathered all the earthly souls with grave sins. It purified the sins and cleansed the evil souls, eventually helping them start afresh and reincarnate. Now, one can only enter the asura path of reincarnation and not exit. If we are right, the Six Paths Immortal has removed the Asura Path Secret Realms function of purifying sin and cleansing evil souls. It makes all the asuras kill each other to gather Soul Energy. The Six Paths Immortal probably wants to nurture the strongest asura king and kill him to plunder the Soul Energy, Long Zhanguo said.

Oh? Why? Since he can plunder Soul Energy by killing Ancestor Ming He, why doesnt he just slaughter all the asuras? Wouldnt the results be the same? Gu Hai asked with a frown.

Have you forgotten the Human Path Secret Realm? Long Zhanguo retorted indifferently.

In the Human Path Secret Realm, the Six Paths Immortal collected only soul fragments? Gu Hais expression changed.

Back then, there was a black hole in the sky of the Human Path Secret Realm, consuming all the soul fragments. However, it did not consume the souls on the ground.

The Unborn Man said, Soul fragments are masterless souls. There is no mark on them, so they are very pure. In the Asura Path Secret Realm, the Six Paths Immortal could slaughter all the asuras and plunder their Soul Energy. However, there would be too many marks on the Soul Energy. It would be very messy, and forcibly absorbing it would affect the mental state. Hence, he needs to let the asuras kill each other and strengthen themselves, letting them refine the Soul Energy into a purer state before harvesting them. Take this Ancestor Ming He, for example. There would just be one mark, but it would be the essence of Soul Energy from countless others. When he eventually consumes Ming He, he only needs to refine the mark of one person. That would make absorbing the Soul Energy much easier.

Too many Soul Energy marks can easily affect the mental state? Gu Hai narrowed his eyes.

Indeed. When Gu Hais group entered not long ago, they turned more ruthless after killing some asuras. They only managed to calm their murderous mental state after coming out for a while.

How many asuras had they killed while in there?

Now, Long Zhanguo ignored Gu Hai. Instead, he looked at Houqing again.

Long Zhanguo, you saw it for yourself. It is not that I dont want to search for that Long Wanqing. That Ancestor Ming He in there cut off my control over the interior of the Asura Path Secret Realm, Houqing said.

You can control it? Hah! You are not worthy yet. Since you cant find Long Wanqing, its fine. When I collect this Asura Path Secret Realm, I can slowly deal with this Ancestor Ming He, Long Zhanguo said.

Collect? How are you going to collect it? Houqings expression changed.


A loud sound came from the s.p.a.ce in front as s.p.a.ce tore. Then, a powerful aura emerged from the other side.

Another Long Zhanguo appeared at the other side of the spatial tear. However, that was not a projection but his true body.


The earlier projection immediately returned to Long Zhanguos true body. Then, he extended his hand to grab the Heaven Splitting Ax. Excitement flashed in his eyes as he looked at that jade wall.

Your Holy Eminence, hurry lest there be changes. Lifespan Beiming stood beside Long Zhanguo.

After Long Zhanguo found out about the path of reincarnation secret realm, he rushed over, not wanting to delay, and managed to arrive very quickly.

Long Zhanguo opened his hand, and an energy bubble came out of his palm.

The Warring Nation Immortal Firmament? Gu Hai suddenly narrowed his eyes.


The moment the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament appeared, a black chain shot out of it and flew towards the jade wall.

s.n.a.t.c.hing the Asura Path Secret Realm?

No! Heaven gave me a chance to redeem myself. He got me to guard the Asura Path Secret Realms entrance and collect evil souls to put into it. If you s.n.a.t.c.h the Asura Path Secret Realm, I will be placed in a difficult position! Houqings expression suddenly changed dramatically.

However, Long Zhanguo did not care about Houqing. The black chain coming from the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament arrived before the jade wall in an instant.

Houqings expression changed quickly.

No! No! Heaven! Houqing reports to Heaven! There is a situation with the Asura Path Secret Realm! Houqings body suddenly gave off a green light as he extended his hand to the sky.


s.p.a.ce suddenly trembled.

How dare you?! Long Zhanguos expression changed as he unleashed an overwhelming might.


The surrounding s.p.a.ce trembled.

Then, a humongous bank of dark clouds appeared out of nowhere in the sky.


The dark clouds parted, revealing a gargantuan eye that covered the sky.

Heavens eye? It came again?

Overwhelming might immediately appeared, pressing down on everyone. Everyone below was pressured to kneel.

Even the Unborn Man, Lifespan Beiming, and Gu Hai could not bear the pressure; their knees started to bend.

Long Zhanguos expression changed as he swung the Heaven Splitting Ax at the sky.

Long Zhanguo!

An incensed roar came from the Six Paths Immortal.

The Heaven Splitting Ax swung out, wanting to destroy Heavens remaining eye.

At the same time, the Warring Nation Immortal Firmaments black chain latched on to the jade wall.

It looked like Long Zhanguo would soon get what he wanted.

Humph! Heaven roared furiously.


Strangely, the eye closed and disappeared.

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The Heaven Splitting Ax soared into the sky but struck nothing.

When Heavens eye vanished, the pressure on Gu Hai vanished. Gu Hai managed to stop his bending knees, preventing himself from kneeling.

Heaven escaped?


Just as Gu Hai thought Long Zhanguo had won, the large jade wall exploded.

What? Long Zhanguos expression changed.

The image of a gargantuan thumb appeared out of nowhere and pressed down, destroying the jade wall.


Houqing, who was chained to the jade wall, suddenly stopped moving.

The entrance? Six Paths, you destroyed the entrance to a path of reincarnation? Long Zhanguo radiated overwhelming rage.

Long Zhanguo. Humph! Enjoy what time you have left. When I next appear will be your eternal d.a.m.nation! A loud voice suddenly came from the sky.

Then, all signs of the Six Paths Immortal vanished. The image of the gargantuan thumb vanished as well.

This left Houqing inwardly letting out a bated breath.

Houqing, you truly are seeking death. Long Zhanguo threw a palm strike after putting away the immortal firmament.


A loud sound rang out, and Gu Hai felt his surroundings explode, with him at the center of the explosion.

Lets go! The Unborn Mans expression changed as he grabbed Gu Hai and immediately shot into the distance.

Gu Hai could feel s.p.a.ce pulling on his body, trying to rip him apart as he flew away.


Gu Hai and the Unborn Man landed on a mountain summit five thousand kilometers away.

The ground trembled and violent gales blew. Everywhere within five thousand kilometers of his former location had been flattened. Crushed rocks filled the air, and sand and pebbles flew about. There was a huge pit in the center.

Long Zhanguo stood in the sky, scowling ferociously at Houqing in the deep pit.

The blood-covered Houqing seemed to be on his last breath as he lay in the pit. He even had some exposed bones.

One palm strike? Long Zhanguo! the Unborn Man said in horror.

That was the zombie ancestor Houqing. Yet, a rage-filled palm strike from Long Zhanguo rendered him helpless?

Hahaha! Long Zhanguo, just kill me. I do not regret it. As long as Jiang Ba is judged sinless, that is enough. Jiang Ba and I used a forbidden curse back then. Heaven would not forgive us for that. After much difficulty, I managed to get this opportunity to pay for our sins. How can I let my imprisonment for three thousand years be for naught? I can die, but Jiang Ba has to live! This way, Heaven will not blame Jiang Ba. Hahahahahaha! Houqing guffawed in the deep pit.

Long Zhanguos furious expression slowly turned stern and indifferent, his murderous air vanis.h.i.+ng.

Humph! Houqing, you are still hopelessly in love. However, Ba does not appreciate it at all. If not for the favor we owe Houtu, I would have killed you today, you dastardly thing! Long Zhanguo said with a fierce expression.

Houqing trembled in pain but did not reply.

Long Zhanguos gaze appeared icy. After looking at Houqing for a while, he snorted coldly.


Long Zhanguo turned his head and stepped back into the spatial tear that Lifespan Beiming opened.


After Long Zhanguo stepped in, Lifespan Beiming followed, and the two vanished.

Long Zhanguo has returned, the Unborn Man said hatefully, clenching his fists.

After the dust and sand settled, the injuries covering Houqing recovered extremely rapidly.

Lets go! the Unborn Man said angrily.


The Unborn Man swiped his hand, and s.p.a.ce trembled again. Then, he stepped into the spatial ripples with Gu Hai and vanished.

After the Unborn Man and Gu Hai left, Houqing slowly climbed out of the pit.

Houqing showed a sinister expression. Long Zhanguo, I am not a match for you. However, I will make you regret todays humiliation someday! Also, that Lifespan Qiufeng and Gu Hai! Just you wait! Hah!


Gu Hai and the Unborn Man arrived in the land of the living. However, they were now some distance from Borderless Heavenly Capital.

Hah! Its over now. We cant rescue Wanqing. Heaven has destroyed the entrance to the path of reincarnation secret realm. No one can enter. No one can enter. The Unborn Man slumped to the ground.

Gu Hai looked at the Unborn Man. He frowned and asked, Unborn Man, do you remember what I said previously?

The Unborn Man turned his head to look at Gu Hai.

Ally with you? Haha! You are still far from it. The Unborn Man shook his head.

Gu Hai sighed as he looked at the Unborn Man. Then, I will wait for the day you come to your senses.

Gu Hai remained silent for a while, not mentioning the Borderless Heavenly Capitals Asura Secret Realm entrance. This was a grave matter; he had to be careful.

The Unborn Man bent Gu Hais ear for a while. After some silence, he said, However, Long Zhanguos battle with the Six Paths Immortal is not over yet. The future is not set in stone. Perhaps there might be a chance in the future. Gu Hai, I know that you are sincerely doing this for Wanqing. I trust you. I can ally with you, but you have to promise me this: as long as you gain the opportunity to enter the Asura Path Secret Realm, you have to do all you can to save Wanqing.

Oh? You are willing to join my Han Nation? Gu Hais eyes lit up.

I am an incompetent father. However, I am still a father. I am willing to use the rest of my life for them, the Unborn Man, his voice quavering.

The Unborn Man seemed like he had made a big decision. He no longer cared about anything in the past. As long as there was a shred of hope, he would do everything he could.

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Mister Unborn Man, I can bring you to see Wanqing soon! Excitement flashed in Gu Hais eyes.

Huh? This startled the Unborn Man.

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