Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 122: Houqing

Book 5: Chapter 122: Houqing

Book 5: Chapter 122: Houqing

Wind lakes entrance, nether realm:

Gu Hai could see the ghosts in the nether realm with the Unborn Mans help.

One moment earlier, there was nothing. In the next moment, millions of ghost soldiers surrounded him.

Again? Lifespan Qiufeng, I spared you from death previously. Are you here to send yourself to death today? You even brought me some flesh? A stern voice came from the Houqing Palace Hall.

Houqing, it is not me seeking you out this time, the Unborn Man said coldly.

Oh? It is not you? A cold snort came from the Houqing Palace Hall.


An intense windstorm suddenly kicked up at the palace halls entrance and swept towards the Unborn Man and Gu Hai.


The Unborn Man snorted coldly. The approaching windstorm scattered there and then.

Gu Hais eyelids twitched slightly, as he could tell that the windstorm was made entirely of wind blades. Every blade carried bone-piercing cold energy, each one able to chop down a peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

However, this windstorm scattered right in front of the Unborn man. How strong was the Unborn Man?

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Heavy footsteps sounded amid the howling winds at the palace halls entrance. Then, a white-clad man walked out.

This man looked very handsome with long hair running down his back. His white robes had a silver dragon embroidered, and he had sharp eyebrows. However, there were many chains on his body. There were even two sets of chains trailing behind himone red and one whitechaining him to the palace hall behind him.

Milord! the surrounding ghost soldiers greeted respectfully.

Houqing? Gu Hais pupils constricted.

He is imprisoned at the wind lakes entrance. No houqing zombie can approach. However, I am not a match for him despite him being restrained. He opens that path of reincarnation periodically to let in many souls, the Unborn Man explained.

Oh? Imprisoned? Who imprisoned him? Gu Hai asked in shock.

Himself, the Unborn Man explained.

Himself? He imprisoned himself? Why? Gu Hai felt somewhat confused.

The Unborn Man shook his head, unable to explain.

When Houqing saw Gu Hai, he revealed a faint, cold smile. Brat, you are seeking me out?

Gu Hai showed a serious expression as he nodded. Greetings, Zombie Ancestor, Mister Houqing!

Greetings? Lifespan Qiufeng fought me several times, wanting to enter the realm that I guard. Why? Do you want to enter as well? Houqing asked indifferently.

As Houqing spoke, a windstorm of boundless saber qi appeared behind him. His eyes seemed extremely cold as he looked at Gu Hai.

Precisely. This humble one would like to search for an earthly soul. Will Zombie Ancestor Houqing grant me this convenience? Gu Hai asked.

Hahahahahaha! Search for an earthly soul? Do you think you can enter a path of reincarnation just because you want to? Furthermore, all those who enter are evil sinners with grave offenses. The earthly soul you are searching for is filled with evil. That soul should have already reincarnated or gotten crushed long ago, Houqing said coldly.

How preposterous! My wife lived a pitiful life. How can you say that she is an evil sinner? Gu Hai said.

At the side, the Unborn Man said bitterly, Perhaps Wanqing got implicated by me. Although she died, she bore a portion of my sins.

Oh? Gu Hais face sank slightly.

Humph! Lifespan cultivators are destined to be lonely and die miserable deaths. They are a source of evil for the world. Brat, I advise that you distance yourself from him. Otherwise, his negative karma might implicate you. You might end up punished in a path of reincarnation, Houqing said coldly.

Gu Hai took a deep breath and said, Mister Houqing, Gu Hai is untalented, but I am determined to enter the path of reincarnation to search for my wife. I hope that you will grant me this convenience.

Grant you this convenience? Hahahaha! Why should I grant you this convenience? Houqing retorted coldly.

Has Mister Houqing heard of the Qian Heavenly Dynasty in the land of the living? Gu Hai asked seriously.

Long Zhanguo who gained a victory over Heaven? Humph! Brat, did Long Zhanguo send you? Houqings eyes suddenly narrowed.


A jade box appeared in Gu Hais hand with a flip of his hand.

The moment the jade box appeared, it gave off a strange aura.


This aura immediately suppressed the countless ghost soldiers in the surroundings, forcing them to kneel.

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Houqings face sank.

Gu Hai opened the jade box, and an aura several times more intense burst out.


This aura seemed extremely strange. It did not seem to affect Gu Hai. However, the ghost soldiers could not breathe from the suppression.




Milord, save me!


The ghost soldiers trembled in fear. Even the windstorm from Houqing seemed suppressed.

Long Zhanguo? The Heaven Splitting Ax? Houqings face sank.

Mister Houqing, the Heaven Splitting Ax is my proof. What do you think? This humble one does not want to make an enemy of you. I only want to seek out one earthly soul. After obtaining the soul, I will leave immediately. I will bring generous gifts in the future to repay Mister Houqings favor, Gu Hai said seriously.

Houqing showed a sullen expression as he looked at the Heaven Splitting Ax.

Houqing, you were the one who sent that soul into the path of reincarnation secret realm. We only want to search for that soul, the Unborn Man said.

Humph! The Heaven Splitting Ax? Unborn Man, you found a good helper. You went to the land of the living and sought out Long Zhanguo? Everyone knows that Long Zhanguo has just dealt Heaven a defeat. Are you trying to use Long Zhanguo to pressure me? Houqing asked with a cold expression.

Mister Houqing, this humble one is only requesting it, Gu Hai said seriously.

Request? Gu Hai? Listen up. This is the nether realm, not your land of the living. So what if you have the Heaven Splitting Ax? If you open this path of reincarnation secret realm today, my three-thousand-year imprisonment would be for naught. Defeat me if you want to enter! Houqing said with a glare, refusing.

Gu Hais face sank. Fight? That is somewhat problematic.

However, Long Wanqing is in the path of reincarnation secret realm that Houqing controls. How can I give up today?


Just as Gu Hai showed a determined expression and prepared to attack, the Heaven Splitting Ax suddenly gave off a dazzling, azure light. Then, a destructive aura formed a manifested ax that charged at Houqing.

Houqings expression changed as he punched hastily.

When Houqings fist clashed with the manifested ax, a loud report rang out.


The ground under Houqing immediately cracked, countless gorges spreading out like a spiderweb. Aside from the Houqing Palace Hall, all the other surrounding palace halls crumbled.




The attack blasted away the countless kneeling ghost soldiers.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The manifested ax firmly pressed against Houqings fist. Houqing showed a ferocious expression, hatred filling his eyes.

The expressions of the Unborn Man and Gu Hai changed.

You attacked already? the Unborn Man said in shock.

No! Gu Hai said with a frown.

The Heaven Splitting Ax attacked by itself?


Just then, azure light came from the Heaven Splitting Ax and coalesced into a figurean image of Long Zhanguo dressed in imperial robes. He stood in the air, holding the Heaven Splitting Ax. He was the one who sent out the manifested ax to suppress Houqing ruthlessly.

A projection? the Unborn Man exclaimed.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor? Gu Hai also exclaimed in shock.

Long Zhanguos projection held the Heaven Splitting Ax as he looked coldly at Houqing. Then, he turned to Gu Hai.

When Wanyu made the request of us, we knew that you were coming to the nether realm, so I left a strand of consciousness in the Heaven Splitting Ax. Unexpectedly, you managed to help us find another path of reincarnation secret realm? Excellent! Excellent! Very excellent! Hahahaha! Long Zhanguos projection seemed very happy.

Path of reincarnation secret realm?

Long Zhanguo could already defeat the Six Paths Immortal after obtaining the Human Path Secret Realm. If he gets another one, then wouldnt he grow stronger?

Wait! Wait! Qian Heavenly Emperor, this humble one will not stop you from s.n.a.t.c.hing the path of reincarnation secret realm. However, please hand Long Wanqing, who is in there, to me, Gu Hai immediately said anxiously.

Long Wanqing? If she is in there, it would not be a problem, Long Zhanguos projection said indifferently.

As Long Zhanguo spoke, he turned his head and narrowed his eyes slightly at Houqing, who was resisting the manifested ax with a fist.

Houqing scowled ferociously, showing rage on his face.


Long Zhanguo extended his hand and made a pulling motion. The manifested ax returned to the Heaven Splitting Ax. After Long Zhanguo dismissed the attack, Houqing did not dare to charge forward.

Long Zhanguo, you promised my elder sister not to interfere with the nether realm! Houqing roared in fury while glaring.

Long Zhanguo showed a faint cold smile. Naturally, we will handle Houtus side. Now, hand over the path of reincarnation secret realm that you are guarding. Otherwise, we will rip you apart, even if you have an indestructible body. Do you believe that?

As Long Zhanguo glared, a murderous air rushed out.


The murderous air swept out. Houqings expression immediately changed dramatically.

Houqing was incredible. Even though he chained himself, the Unborn Man was no match for him. However, no matter how strong he was, it would still depend on his opponent.

Despite Houqings glorious history, he would not be a match for Long Zhanguo. Long Zhanguos words were final. If he declared that he would kill one today, it would not drag to tomorrow.

Furthermore, even if he kept his mouth shut and Long Zhanguo killed him, Long Zhanguo would find the path of reincarnation secret realms entrance. It was unfortunate that his self-imprisonment for three thousand years would be for naught.

Humph! Houqing snorted furiously as he glared at Gu Hai and the Unborn Man with boundless rage. It was the two of them who brought this calamity here.

Long Zhanguo looked coldly at Houqing and stepped forward, his murderous air intensifying.

Feeling helpless, Houqing extended his hand and swiped.


The Houqing Palace Hall exploded, revealing a huge blue jade wall inside. The jade wall had two sets of chains on it, tying Houqing to the wall.

This is it? Long Zhanguo narrowed his eyes slightly.


Vaguely visible blue energy slowly revolved on the jade wall like a whirlpool.

You can use this to find Long Wanqing. The Unborn Man extended his hand, proffering a strand of hair to Houqing.

Wanqings hair? Antic.i.p.ation flashed in Gu Hais eyes.

Long Zhanguo looked coldly at Houqing as well.

Houqing showed a conflicted expression. However, he could not do anything before Long Zhanguos pressure. He extended his hand, pinched Long Wanqings hair, and gently touched the jade wall.


Ripples seemed to form on the jade wall, suddenly revealing a scene.

A gus.h.i.+ng, pitch-black river appeared, one that seemed to contain destructive might.

Many huge figures stood at the sh.o.r.e of the black river. These figures all had surging crimson auras and horns on their heads, showing ferocious expressions.

Asuras? Gu Hais expression changed suddenly.

The Asura Path Secret Realm? the Unborn Man suddenly exclaimed in astonishment.

Many asuras stood on the sh.o.r.e of the black river. The skin of the asuras was not limited to the red of muscles. There were purple, white, azure, blue, and many other colors.

Long Wanqings hair drifted towards a green-skinned asura. That asura turned her head to look, seeming to have sensed it.

Wanqing! Thats Wanqing! She turned into an asura! the Unborn Man said in sudden pleasant surprise.


When the hair appeared, the black river suddenly raged.

Boom! Black waves burst out of the black river and leaped towards the hair.

Rumble! A strong force immediately shot at the jade wall.

Salutations, Ancestor Ming He! The group of asuras bowed respectfully to the black river.

[TL Note: The name Ming He literally translates to nether river.]


When the black water rushed out, it shattered the scene on the jade wall with great force.

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