Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 490 Book 4: 167: Fierce Battle between Giants

Chapter 490 Book 4: 167: Fierce Battle between Giants

Chapter 490 Book 4: 167: Fierce Battle between Giants

Book 4: Chapter 167: Fierce Battle between Giants

Gu Hai kept his guard up against Qin Yun. Unfortunately, Qin Yun remained seated on a distant mountain summit, showing no intention of making a move.

Although Qin Yun could not see, he seemed to be p.r.i.c.king up his ears to listen to the battle in the sky.

At this moment, everyone stared at the sky, trying to see the battle between Imperial Emperor Xi Yu and the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor.

Despite Imperial Emperor Xi Yus many attacks, the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor used the Fourth Cycle to block everything. No victor emerged.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu showed a sullen expression.

Below, Long Shenwu and Long Sanqian narrowed their eyes slightly.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu? How incredible! Long Sanqian frowned.

Gu Hai? How lucky! Envy flashed in Long Shenwus eyes.

Although the five million zombies had exploded, Gu Hai had something even stronger: the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor. No ordinary man could imagine such a treasure.


A loud report rang out in the sky, and the two blasted apart.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor sullenly.

Slaughter Heavenly Emperor? Hah! You are truly relentless. Even in death, you do not remain at peace. Humph! You did not have the courage to cultivate the Yinggou Art back then, declaring it a forbidden technique. However, we succeeded in cultivating it. We will show you exactly what Yinggou is! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu glared.

As Imperial Emperor Xi Yu glared, his aura suddenly soared. Berserk winds blew around him.

How can this be? Xi Yu is growing stronger? Long Sanqian exclaimed while goggling.

Long Sanqian initially thought that Imperial Emperor Xi Yu was already at his limits. Unexpectedly, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu could still grow stronger.

Gu Hais face sank as well. The surrounding citizens and experts gaped.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu emanated exceedingly cold energy, instantly freezing the world for tens of thousands of kilometers around. Previously, it was just snow. Now, ice sealed everything.

Suddenly, two snow-white fangs protruded from Imperial Emperor Xi Yus mouth, and his hair turned white. A pair of snow-white horns sprouted on his head, and a pair of dragon bone wings covered in scales erupted from his back. The moment his wings appeared, his initial aura increased at least tenfold.

The dragon wings flapped, and a berserk wind swept into the surroundings. The cold energy that Imperial Emperor Xi Yu emanated lingered for fifty thousand kilometers around.



A roar suddenly shook s.p.a.ce, and the world spun as if it was the end of the world.

Despite the ritual arrays protection, the citizens covered their ears in pain from the monstrous roar. Even the officials on Gu Hais floating island held their heads in pain.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes as he looked at the sky.

In the ice-sealed mountain forest, the expressions of Long Shenwu and Long Sanqian changed.

The Yinggou Art? Transforming his body into Yinggous body? His strength must have increased several tenfolds! Long Shenwu exclaimed in horror.

No wonder Imperial Emperor Xi Yu dares to challenge my Qian Heavenly Dynasty. With such strength and the power of his nation, he could fight against His Holy Eminence! Long Sanqian said in shock.

No. Fight with His Holy Eminence? You are still overthinking. His Holy Eminence is the strongest in the world. Even if Yinggou himself were before His Holy Eminence, he would not be a match for His Holy Eminence. Furthermore, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu only gained the body of Yinggou. Long Shenwu immediately shook his head.

But this Long Sanqian looked at his father in confusion.

Long Shenwu did not explain.

On the summit of a distant, ice-sealed mountain, Qin Yun sighed, If he wins, he becomes Yinggou. If he loses, he becomes Yinggou. Your Reverence, if only you did not have the Yinggou Art.

High in the sky, Imperial Emperor Xi Yus strength reached its peak. A powerful aura pressed on the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor, completely suppressing the Slaughter Heavenly Emperors aura.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor held the Life Executioner Saber across his chest, keeping his guard up against Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Your Majesty, what should we do now? Chang Ming asked in horror.

Even the people who did not understand cultivation could tell that after Imperial Emperor Xi Yu became a yinggou zombie, his aura was now overwhelming. The snowstorm above his head turned into a super hurricane.

Before the powerful aura, the distant Slaughter Heavenly Emperor was like a small boat in the vast sea, likely to capsize at any moment.

Slaughter Heavenly Emperor? Hah! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu showed a ferocious expression as a silver glint flashed in his eyes.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor raised the Life Executioner Saber and stared at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

We have transformed into Yinggou. If you were alive, perhaps you could fight us. Now, you are just Gu Hais puppet. Humph! Lets see if you can receive our next attack! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu glared.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu swung his knifehand at the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor again.

Heavy Snow Falling for Five Hundred Thousand Kilometers!


Suddenly, only white light remained in the world. When Imperial Emperor Xi Yus knifehand attack slashed out, s.p.a.ce seemed to collapse, forming a storm and a black hole that followed the attack to the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor.

That power was irresistible, even wanting to turn the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor into ashes. The knifehand sealed off all paths of escape, leaving nowhere to run.

However, not only did the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor not retreat, but he even stepped forward and swung the Life Executioner Saber again.

Cycle Saber Technique


The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor formed a saber domain. Three hundred saber qi appeared, surrounding him.

Humph! Fourth Cycle? You used that to block us earlier, but our strength is now fiftyfold stronger than before. You are seeking death! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu sneered with a ferocious expression.

Below, Long Sanqians expression changed. Father, Gu Hai cant hold on for much longer. That Slaughter Heavenly Emperor will not be able to block it!

I know! Long Shenwus face sank as he prepared to charge out.

Just at this moment, the knifehand and Life Executioner Saber clashed.

Everyone thought that it was over for the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor and that he would be destroyed. They all showed anxious expressions.

Only the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor himself showed a ferocious expression.

Fifth Cycle! the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor roared.

Fifth? Not the Fourth Cycle? The Fifth Cycle? Countless peoples expressions changed when they heard the Slaughter Heavenly Emperors voice.

Dazzling purple light enveloped the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor when he executed the Fifth Cycle.

Thats impossible! Long Shenwus expression changed.


An awfully deafening sound thundered for five thousand kilometers around. The intense clash made an extremely powerful energy whirlpool rush out of the storm in the sky, like a black hole consuming everything.


The floating island Gu Hai stood on shook because of the energy whirlpool. Gu Hais ritual array trembled as well. The ground churned.

The sky turned dark, preventing anyone from seeing anything. It was like an apocalypse.

This continued for a while before the shaking stopped, and the energy storm dissipated. The darkness faded slowly until everyone could finally see the sky.

What? How could it be like this? Nearly everyone opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor, who should have been broken, stood in place, holding the Life Executioner Saber. However, the overbearing Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had gotten knocked back five kilometers in a sorry state. One of the scaled dragon bone wings dangled. Although it was still connected, it had already broken.

Shouldnt it be Imperial Emperor Xi Yu killing the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor in one strike? Why is it the opposite?

Thats impossible! Fifth Cycle? How could the Fifth Cycle be more incredible than the transformed Imperial Emperor Xi Yu? This is impossible! Long Shenwu stared in disbelief.

However, facts were as such. No matter how much Long Shenwu could not believe his eyes, blood covered Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

If Gu Hai had not experienced making Nine-Five Island fly, he would not have been confident of dealing with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. At that time, he comprehended the Thirty-One Line-Pair World Go Puzzle, allowing the Go puzzles in his forehead s.p.a.ce to merge, resulting in the Fifth Cycle.

Right now, the Fifth Cycle was Gu Hais greatest reliance and his strongest move. Unfortunately, Gu Hai himself could not execute this move. However, the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor could. With this, he finally could fight Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

I lost?

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu was incredulous.

How did the Yinggou Art lose? We dont believe it. Fifth Cycle? Fifth Cycle? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu glared savagely at the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor held the Life Executioner Saber upraised. Regardless of whether Imperial Emperor Xi Yu believed it or not, the facts were as such. When the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor used his full power, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu lost.

Hah, Qin Yun sighed.

His Majesty won! Haha! He won! Chang Ming roared excitedly.

The citizens cheered wildly.

Long live the Han Royal Dynasty!

The officials were thrilled. So what if Imperial Emperor Xi Yu transformed? He still lost. All of them looked at Gu Hai excitedly.

Only Gu Hai had a grave expression. Somethings not right. Wheres Blood Prison?

Indeed, as Gu Hai worried, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu immediately recovered his calm. Then, he slowly extended his hand and grabbed.


All at once, the white light filling the sky turned crimson. Then, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu drew a saber hilt out of nowhere.


Blood Prison appeared out of thin air. The moment it appeared, churning crimson fog surrounded Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. The saber emanated soul-shaking energy, as though millions of vengeful ghosts haunted Blood Prison.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yus white hair instantly turned completely red. His eyes also turned a deep red.

Blood Prison Burst! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu swung his saber at the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor.

In a heartbeat, it seemed like a rough sea of blood covered the world, with countless vengeful ghosts howling in the blood sea.

Fifth Cycle!

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor swung the saber at the sky.


The world turned dark again like before. As the ground shook and the mountain trembled, two glowing figures were vaguely visible in the darkness.

Imperial Emperor seemed to be growing wilder. His eyes turned completely red as he swung his saber. Blood Prison and the Life Executioner Saber clashed. The two experts maintained a stalemate.

However, the stalemate lasted for only a moment before Imperial Emperor Xi Yu overwhelmed the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor.

Die! Imperial Emperor roared ferociously.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor shot down from the sky like a cannonball and crashed into the ground.


With the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor as the center, a five-kilometer-wide crater blasted open in the ground.

Everyones heart skipped a beat.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor lost?