Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 489 Book 4: 158: The Bat Ancestor's Impending Death

Chapter 489 Book 4: 158: The Bat Ancestor's Impending Death

Chapter 489 Book 4: 158: The Bat Ancestors Impending Death

Book 4: Chapter 158: The Bat Ancestors Impending Death

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu? Haha! Hahaha! What a sovereigns promise! Unexpectedly, this came so quickly. Too quickly. For killing my citizens, we will destroy your Yuan Nation! A ruthless light flashed in Gu Hais eyes.

Chang Ming remained crying at the side.

Gu Hai glared down at him. What are you crying for?! Just kill whoever killed your father!

Ah? This startled the crying Chang Ming into looking up at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai stared at Chang Ming.

Kill? How? The Bat Ancestor ate all the vampires, all of them! He is now an Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. How am I to kill an Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator? How? You cant deal with him, either, Chang Ming said in hatred as he cried.

The Bat Ancestor? Thats good. We will start with the Bat Ancestor. A cold light flashed in Gu Hais eyes.

Ah? Chang Ming felt slightly startled.

Then, Gu Hai turned his head and looked at a group of people in the distance.

Gu Hai immediately spotted Ao Tianhuang among them.

Earlier, three dragons chased after Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p. When they arrived here and saw Ao Tianhuang, they quietly took human form and stood behind their prime.

Gu Hai made his way towards that group, quickly approaching them.

Gu Hai, sorry. We did not expect this, Purple Subtlety said, feeling slightly guilty.

I did not expect this, either. Moreover, Longevity said bitterly.

There is no need for you two to blame yourselves. It is not your fault. All this happened because Imperial Emperor Xi Yu did not keep his word, because the Bat Ancestor willfully slaughtered the innocent when he arrived, Gu Hai consoled.

The two nodded, but they still felt very remorseful.

Brother-in-Law, he is the one. That Ao Sheng is heartless. Had he helped, fewer people would have died! Long Wanyu glared at Ao Sheng hatefully.

Ao Sheng frowned but did not say anything.

Gu Hai glanced at Ao Sheng with an indifferent expression. However, he ignored Ao Sheng and looked straight at Ao Tianhuang.

Elite Hall Master, Gu Hai, greets Prime Ao! Gu Hai said solemnly to Ao Tianhuang.

Ao Tianhuang glanced at Gu Hai. Narrowing his eyes slightly, he said, Mister Gu is indeed extraordinarily capable. Even in such a desperate situation, you managed to protect ninety percent of the citizens. You even gained the favor of the Black Tortoise Prime?

The Black Tortoise Prime was an expert equal to Ao Tianhuang. However, Gu Hai could make the Black Tortoise Prime work for him. That was sufficient for Ao Tianhuang to value him highly.

At this moment, Gu Hai had no interest in engaging in pleasantries with Ao Tianhuang. He took a deep breath and said, Prime Ao, the Solar Divine Palaces Yehua recently brought a large group of angels to Nine-Five Island to capture Ao Shun.

Huh? Ao Tianhuang suddenly narrowed his eyes.

The Han Royal Dynasty formed a grudge with the Solar Divine Palace for Ao Shun, Gu Hai said seriously.

That unfilial son is still alive? Ao Tianhuang said.

He is fine. His temper had mellowed over the past few years. I have already broken the seal on him, Gu Hai said.

Ao Tianhuang narrowed his eyes at Gu Hai. This gaze appeared to be trying to figure Gu Hai out. Although Gu Hai did not speak straightforwardly, Ao Tianhuang understood what Gu Hai meant.

Did Gu Hai figure out what I did?

I believe Prime Ao had forgotten to inform me about setting the battle in Chaoge City, right? Hah! This humble one will not pursue that. However, I have a request of Prime Ao, Gu Hai continued gravely.

Oh? Ao Tianhuang looked at Gu Hai, feeling bewildered.

Help me kill the Bat Ancestor, Gu Hai said gravely.

Kill the Bat Ancestor? Hah! Why should I kill the Bat Ancestor? I stayed so long only to complete the Qian Heavenly Emperors instructions to bring Long Wanyu back to Heavenly Court City. Things dragged out this long only because Long Wanyu wanted to meet you. To think that you even want me to help you deal with the Bat Ancestor? Ao Tianhuang said.

Gu Hai, arent you being too conceited? Ao Sheng sneered.

Commanding Ao Tianhuang? Is the dragon races prime someone you can command?

Gu Hai ignored Ao Sheng. Instead, he continued looking at Ao Tianhuang and said, Isnt dealing with the five factions the purpose of your trip here? The Bat Ancestor is part of them, but you let him run, so I shall shamelessly ask for recompense for the favor I gave you. How about that?

Recompense for a favor? Haha! What favor have you given us? Ao Sheng sneered in disdain.

Li Shenji and Ye Shenzhen narrowed their eyes slightly as they looked at Gu Hai. Some confusion flashed in their eyes.

However, Ao Tianhuang did not ridicule Gu Hai, falling into silence. Only Ao Tianhuang understood what Gu Hai meant.fr???e?n?vel.???

The Bat Ancestor has already disappeared somewhere, Ao Tianhuang suddenly said.

Royal Father? Ao Sheng looked at his father in shock.

Is Royal Father agreeing to Gu Hais request?

Li Shenji and Ye Shenzhen revealed expressions of shock.

Nearby, Chang Ming goggled.

How? How is this possible? Why cant I understand this?

Gu Hai turned to Long Wanyu. Wanyu, help me to find the Bat Ancestor.

Easy. Let me take a look. Long Wanyu nodded.

Her eyes immediately lit up. Ah! I see him! He is hiding in that cave, cultivating.


Isnt it a little too easy for a seer to find a person?

Then, Gu Hai stared at Ao Tianhuang.

Ao Tianhuang stared back at Gu Hai for a while before eventually showing a faint smile. Haha! Excellent. What a Gu Hai! So unwilling to suffer losses! Thats fine. I do have to deal with him anyway. I agree.

Ah? Everyone felt confused.

He agreed to Gu Hais request? How can this be possible?

Many thanks. Gu Hai gave Ao Tianhuang a slight bow.

However, we are clear after this, Ao Tianhuang said while staring at Gu Hai.

Then, Gu Hai nodded.

Wanyu, lead the way for Ao Tianhuang, Gu Hai said seriously.

Oh, sure! Long Wanyu answered while grinding her fist against her palm.


Ao Tianhuang turned into a purple beam of light and immediately disappeared into the horizon, carrying Long Wanyu.

Chang Mings tears had not died yet, and his sorrow had not pa.s.sed. However, he found Gu Hai somewhat incomprehensible.

This How is this possible? Why is the dragon races prime willing to help Gu Hai?

Kill the Bat Ancestor?

Chang Ming believed that it would be impossible for Gu Hai and himself to deal with the Bat Ancestor, simply fantasy. They could never do it in their lifetime.

However, the scene before him happened with just a few words from Gu Hai.

Settled in a few words? How could this be possible?

Chang Ming suddenly understood his fathers thoughts. He understood why his father entrusted him to Gu Hai.

If you help me kill the Bat Ancestor and avenge my father, I will dedicate myself to you. I will no longer feel any reluctance as long as you can avenge my father. Just avenge my father! Chang Ming said through gritted teeth.

Gu Hai looked at Chang Ming and sighed, You still have not understood your fathers intentions.

Huh? This slightly startled Chang Ming, confusing him.

However, Gu Hai ignored Chang Ming to a.s.sist his officials in helping the surviving citizens, calming the fear and horror in the citizens hearts.

At the foot of a mountain far from Chaoge City:


The Bat Ancestor blasted a hole in the mountain and entered it. Then, he laid a ritual array outside, making the place appear ordinary. Finally, he entered closed-door cultivation in the cave.

Humph! Gu Hai, wait until I have digested the energy from all my creations. When I become stronger, I will kill all the citizens in all your cities. I will destroy them one by one and slaughter everyone connected to you. No one can escape! the Bat Ancestor snarled with a ferocious expression.

Twenty-four cities in the Han Royal Dynasty? I dont believe that you all can flee. Wait until I recover from my injuries and refine the vampires energy. I will bury all of you with Gu Hai! the Bat Ancestor swore savagely.

The Bat Ancestor started cultivating amid his great hatred.

This is the place. There is a cave under here! Long Wanyus voice suddenly rang out.

Huh? This startled the Bat Ancestor.


With a loud report, the entire mountain exploded. This left the Bat Ancestor, who was hiding in the cave, exposed.

Long Wanyu and Ao Tianhuang had arrived.

You are indeed here! Ao Tianhuang glanced at Long Wanyu with mixed emotions.

Long Wanyu? Prime Ao? Why are you here? What do you want? The Bat Ancestors expression changed.

Humph! My brother-in-law asked old fogey Tianhuang to kill you. You are dead for sure, you detestable bat! Long Wanyu immediately said hatefully.

Long Wanyu had long since seen Gu Hai as her family. She also felt very guilty over so many of Gu Hais citizens dying. Now that she could help him take revenge, her face naturally betrayed her hatred.

Gu Hai asked Prime Ao to deal with me? Thats impossible! How could Gu Hai convince Prime Ao to do that? Prime Ao, there is no grudge between us! the Bat Ancestor exclaimed.

Ao Tianhuang narrowed his eyes slightly and said, There is from now on.


As Ao Tianhuang glared, churning dark clouds suddenly covered the sky. Purple lightning flashed, forming many lightning dragons that charged at the Bat Ancestor while howling.

The Bat Ancestor gazed at the lightning in the sky, and his expression changed.

Even the lightning dragons from heavens wrath in the Thousand Islands Sea were not this ferocious.

This is for real this time?

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The lightning dragons charged straight at the Bat Ancestor while howling.

Prime Ao, listen to me! Listen the Bat Ancestor shrieked in horror.


The lightning dragons streaked down and exploded on the Bat Ancestor.

Ao Tianhuang had no intention of wasting time speaking to the Bat Ancestor. He only watched coldly.

Chaoge City:

As Gu Hai pacified the citizens, more of the surviving citizens returned. When they saw the tragic scene, they all felt sorrowful. They searched for their familys corpses, mourning and crying.

Li Shenji, Ye Shenzhen, Ao Sheng, and the others only watched coldly.

Chang Ming grieved for a while before following Gu Hai, imitating him and pacifying the citizens.

After about half a day:


A beam of purple light suddenly shot over from the south.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes and stopped what he was doing. Chang Ming also looked into the distance with eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with hatred.


Ao Tianhuang returned with Long Wanyu. He also held a limp Bat Ancestor. The Bat Ancestors eyes were dark with despair. His entire body seemed to be damaged, left with his last breath. He muttered, Why? Why did it turn out like this?

Brother-in-Law, after old fogey Tianhuang beat this detestable bat to his last breath, I got him to bring the detestable bat back for you to kill! Long Wanyu shouted.

Gu Hai walked over. The surrounding citizens followed with some fear.

Chang Ming was the first to rush over. His eyes turned bloodshot from hatred.