Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 436 Book 4: 113: Treatment

Chapter 436 Book 4: 113: Treatment

Chapter 436 Book 4: 113: Treatment

Book 4: Chapter 113: Treatment

Great Sigh Palace Halls entrance, Major Metropolitan City:

Long live Your Reverence! May Your Reverence live for ten thousand years!

Long live Your Reverence! May Your Reverence live for ten thousand years!

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had forged the five million Divine Blood Army soldiers and the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty officials bodies into zombies. They all knelt on one knee, performing military salutes and offering salutations to him.

The Yuan Nation officials felt excited.

Your Reverence, how strong are these zombies? Mo Yike asked, feeling anxious.

The moment Mo Yike asked that, everyone immediately fell silent.

The scene of the Slaughter Heavenly Dynastys souls appearance not long ago had been extremely horrifying. Outside their bodies, their souls had been very strong. What about the bodies?

How was your harvest from the Slaughter Nations imperial palace? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu asked indifferently.

Mo Yike frowned slightly as he said, There are many enchanted treasures and secret manuals. However, these treasures had been left there for too long. They seem to have lost their spirituality. There are plenty of spirit stones but too little for a heavenly dynastys treasuryonly five billion superior-grade spirit stones. Thats not even enough to make up for what we used in the Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu shook his head, then looked up at the Slaughter Nations imperial palace in the sky that was gradually breaking down.

The Slaughter Nations imperial palace was buried in spirit stones. Everyone was buried under the spirit stones, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said indifferently.

Oh? Mo Yike raised his eyebrows.

Where are the spirit stones, then? Why are they gone? some of the officials exclaimed.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu did not say anything, but the officials quickly understood.

The bodies absorbed them? Qin Zibais expression changed.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu nodded. While the Slaughter Nations people had their souls separated from their bodies in the Nine-by-Nine Sun Sealing Ritual Array, there is still a faint connection. The strengthening of the souls leads to the strengthening of the bodies, so these bodies drained countless spirit stones. The Nine-by-Nine Sun Sealing Ritual Array also pushed the spirituality of the enchanted treasures into these five million bodies.

Oh? So, how are these zombies compared to the five million Divine Blood Army souls? Mo Yike asked with a frown.

They can only be stronger, not weaker, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu replied with some pride.

Only stronger, not weaker?

An excited commotion broke out among the people in the plaza. Those souls had been in the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm at the weakest. Since the zombies could only be stronger and not weaker, they all possessed the strength of Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators?

Five million Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators?

Would that not be invincible in the world?

Even the three heavenly dynasties and three holy lands added together could not be stronger than the Yuan Nation.

Long live the Yuan Imperial Dynasty! May the Yuan Imperial Dynasty last for ten thousand years! Archduke Xi Kang suddenly declared.

Long live the Yuan Imperial Dynasty! May the Yuan Imperial Dynasty last for ten thousand years! the officials shouted.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu showed a satisfied expression as he heard the officials cheers. Then, he slowly turned his head to face the northwest. The Qian Heavenly Dynasty lay in that direction.

As Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked in the Qian Heavenly Dynastys direction, intense battle hunger flashed in his eyes.

The Bat Ancestor suddenly spoke. Your Reverence, that Gu Hai should have already died by now, right?

Huh? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at the Bat Ancestor.

Your Reverence promised to let Gu Hai leave. However, Gu Hai has already died. That ice spirit belongs to my Yuan Nation. It is time to get it back, the Bat Ancestor said.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu thought for a while. After the ice spirit entered Gu Hais body, it would definitely wreck his deity palaces and dantian. That is an ice spirit king. Gu Hai is dead for sure.

Your Reverence, the ice spirit belongs to my Yuan Nation. We have to take it back. This official is willing to take responsibility for this, Archduke Xi Kang said.

Your Reverence, my bats can search! the Bat Ancestor shouted.

Your Reverence, your subjects are willing to search! The Chang Clan elders all spoke up.

However, Mo Yike, Qin Zibai, and Chang Sheng frowned, not saying anything.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at everyone and said, Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, Qin Zibai, Mo Yike, and Chang Sheng, each of you lead one hundred thousand zombies. Work on building up your coordination.

One hundred thousand zombies? One hundred thousand Heavenly Palace Realm zombies?

Yes! everyone immediately responded.

In the end, someone still needed to command the zombie army. The four clans and the Bat Ancestor were Imperial Emperor Xi Yus most trusted people, so he distributed one hundred thousand zombies each to them.

At the same time, Imperial Emperor Xi Yus tone conveyed his approval of retrieving the ice spirit.

After Gu Hai told Bing Ji to treat him, he fell unconscious. His remnant consciousness was all focused on the fire deity and the Mending Heaven Energy.

As of now, Gu Hai had one remaining solution: completely releasing the Samdhi True Flame to negate the cold energy before using Mending Heaven Energy to fix his body.

However, this was a risky move. If the Mending Heaven Energy was insufficient, he would suffer from grievous wounds.

So, Gu Hai could only patiently wait for Bing Ji to use the Ji Clans secret technique.

At this moment, the fire deity frowned slightly. It used intense flames to negate the cold energy, appearing anxious as it looked at the distant, ice-encased kidney aperture.

It has been two days. Why is there still no movement from Bing Ji? the fire deity said anxiously.

Gu Hai ended up waiting for two days; hence, the fire deity felt anxious.

The Mending Heaven Energy is draining quickly. Why is Bing Ji not treating me yet?

If Bing Ji still does not do anything in another two hours, I can only take that risky maneuver.

So, the fire deity waited patiently.


Suddenly, the fire deity noticed the internal organs trembling, and boundless cold energy suddenly poured towards the kidney aperture.


A black hole seemed to have formed at the kidney aperture, frantically absorbing the energy.

Whats going on? Has Bing Ji started? the fire deity said in shock.??ee?????v?l*c??

As the cold energy in the body decreased, the fire deity slowly started to gain a clearer view of the body.

Bing Jis nascent soul? How is that possible? the fire deity said in shock.

A small, womanlike nascent soul appeared outside the ice mountain at the kidney aperture.

Bing Jis nascent soul entered my body?

The fire deity gaped.

Gu Hai knew of a situation where another persons nascent soul entered his body. Lin Waner had done that before.

Coital cultivation?

She took the initiative? The fire deity gaped in stupefaction.

Thinking of this, the fire deity smiled bitterly.

So, the Ji Clans secret technique is a coital cultivation technique. No wonder Bing Ji kept her head lowered and spoke very softly when I told her to save me.

The fire deity slowly returned to the fire deity palace as it smiled bitterly. When Bing Jis nascent soul entered Gu Hais body, the cold energy had already come under control.

When Bing Jis nascent soul entered Gu Hais body, it felt very conflicted. It showed a faint, reluctant expression, continuously muttering to itself as though trying to convince itself of something.

When Bing Jis nascent soul absorbed the cold energy in Gu Hais body, it felt slightly startled.

Thats impossible. To think that his internal organs are fine, not showing any damage at all? Shouldnt they have been destroyed long ago? A complicated expression flashed on the face of Bing Jis nascent soul.

Bing Jis nascent soul leaned against Gu Hais kidneys. Gu Hais kidneys and kidney aperture were completely encased in tough ice.

As Bing Jis nascent soul touched the kidneys, she showed an unsightly expression.

I thought that His Majesty would die. Thatsthats why I used this secret technique. The ice spirit already merged with His Majesty, so I can no longer refine it even if I take out His Majestys kidneys. I can only refine this ice spirits souls by using this secret technique. I will have a chance to take revenge for my mother only after refining the ice spirits souls. I thought that His Majesty would dieI thought that Bing Jis nascent soul felt very conflicted.

Bing Jis nascent soul remained silent for a long time. As it looked at the kidney aperture releasing more cold energy, a conflicted bitterness appeared on its face.

Bing Ji made such a sacrifice to obtain the ice spirits souls. After all, Gu Hai would die in her plan. However, he might end up surviving now. She did not know how to face this.

After some silence, Bing Jis eyes turned determined.

This is the only method to refine the ice spirits souls. I have to take revenge for Mother. I must. Determination flashed in the eyes of Bing Jis nascent soul as it opened its mouth and sucked.


Bing Jis nascent soul suddenly sucked in the surging cold energy. The tough ice around the kidney aperture melted quickly. However, pillars of tough ice still obstructed the entrance. Nevertheless, Bing Jis nascent soul stepped in.


Suddenly, the surrounding cold energy and tough ice rushed towards Bing Jis nascent soul. Soon, Gu Hais kidney aperture recovered its original appearance.

A water deity palace? His Majesty built his foundation on a water deity? Bing Jis nascent soul frowned while looking around.

As the cold energy poured towards Bing Jis nascent soul, it revealed the surrounding situation.

The water deity palaces Veritable Essence ball spun slowly. An ice mountain floated in the sky. That was the ice spirit.

You are the ice spirit? I want your souls! Bing Jis nascent soul shouted. Then, it immediately charged over, generating blue energy from its palm to pull on the ice mountain.

The ice mountain seemed to sense this. It suddenly rippled and sent out blue energy to counter Bing Jis nascent soul.


Bing Jis nascent soul got knocked back.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! The ice mountain let out furious sounds.

Ice spirit king? It is even stronger than I expected. Regardless, I have to obtain your souls! Bing Jis nascent soul felt anxious as it charged over again.

Bing Ji landed a palm strike on the ice mountain.

The ice mountain seemed intelligent. It knew that Bing Jis nascent soul meant it harm, so it immediately pressed down.


Suddenly, Bing Jis nascent soul trembled, and it fell. Now, it showed pain on its face.


The ice mountain showed no mercy as it continued to press on Bing Jis nascent soul. It even released a blue light to encase Bing Jis nascent soul.


Bing Jis nascent soul let out a pained cry.

No! Are you trying to eat me? I want to refine your souls, but you want to eat me? Thats impossible. Why are you this strong? Bing Jis nascent soul cried out.


The force of the ice mountain pressing down increased. Bing Jis nascent soul showed horror on its face. It could not resist the ice mountain.

No! No! My nascent soul! I cannot be destroyed! I have not taken revenge for Mother yet! No, dont! Bing Jis nascent soul cried out in horror and despair.

However, the ice mountain showed no mercy. Earlier, Bing Jis nascent soul had absorbed the ice mountains cold energy. Now, when the ice mountain suppressed Bing Jis nascent soul, it plundered the energy of Bing Jis nascent soul. Bing Jis nascent soul could not escape this suppression.

Just as Bing Jis nascent soul despaired, Gu Hais water-attributed Veritable Essence ball suddenly flew over.


The moment Gu Hais water-attributed Veritable Essence ball touched Bing Jis nascent soul, it released warm energy into the nascent soul. This energy pouring in was like a stimulus. Her nascent soul could now resist the ice mountain and even counterabsorb the ice mountains energy.

Buzz! Buzz!

Gu Hais Veritable Essence ball engaged in a strange energy exchange with Bing Jis nascent soul. As they absorbed the ice mountains energy, the two grew quickly.

Bing Jis nascent soul seemed to relish this energy exchange, which was like having a piece of each other in themselves.

A coital cultivation technique? His Majesty has a coital cultivation technique too? Furthermore, it seems even more incredible than mine, Bing Jis nascent soul exclaimed as it enjoyed this energy exchange.