Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 435 Book 4: 112: Zombie Army

Chapter 435 Book 4: 112: Zombie Army

Chapter 435 Book 4: 112: Zombie Army

Book 4: Chapter 112: Zombie Army

The Damage Fixing Pearl? She faked her death?

Gu Hai looked at the Unborn Man in shock.

The Damage Fixing Pearl fixes damage. It registers an initial state, and when the things around it get damaged, they would be restored to that initial state. It is mostly used in movable entrances to ritual arrays, the Unborn Man explained.

Restore the damage? Fix damage? Can it fix even humans? Gu Hai asked with a frown.

Thats right. Of course, there are exceptions for some special forms of destruction. Most physical damage can be restored by the Damage Fixing Pearl, the Unborn Man replied with certainty.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly.

The Damage Fixing Pearl? The Damage Fixing Pearl?

Earlier, Gu Hai had overlooked many details because of his grief.

Back then, Fairy Waner died to a single sword strike from an early-stage Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. Just an early-stage Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator? After the several coital cultivation sessions, Fairy Waners strength was already incredible among Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators. How could an early-stage Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator kill her?

Furthermore, Fairy Waner still had her zither puppet, but she did not use it.

Also, Fairy Waners body had turned into fire and vanished. Where did her corpse go?

Even if the body had burned, what about Fairy Waners other belongings? What about her storage item and the Damage Fixing Pearl?

Also, Gu Hais Mending Heaven Energy could mend injuries. The wounds on him right now were the best proof of this. However, it had been useless on Fairy Waner?

Was it because of the Damage Fixing Pearl?

Fairy Waners last words immediately rang out in his mind.

We cannot be together.

Dont ask, alright?

Gu Hais mind suddenly turned clear. Everything made sense now.

She is not dead?

Hahahahaha! Not dead? Not dead? Hahahaha! Gu Hai suddenly guffawed.

At this moment, Gu Hai felt extremely happy. Fairy Waner lied to him? Gu Hai did not care about that. Let it be a lie. All was good so long as she was alive.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Since she is fine, everything is good. Cough! Cough! Cough! Gu Hai smiled while coughing.

However, Gu Hai started pondering Fairy Waners statement of we cannot be together as he laughed.

Perhaps Lin Waner was worried about something.

Gu Hais expression slowly turned solemn.

One day, I will figure out what is going on. When that happens, if G.o.ds stop us, I will slay G.o.ds; if buddhas stop us, I will slay buddhas. Since you already left, then so be it. Take care and be careful,

Gu Hai thought in his heart.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Gu Hai coughed again.

Did you suffer severe injuries? Cold energy is filling your body? Let me take a look. The Unborn Man suddenly placed his withered hand on Gu Hais wrist, taking Gu Hais pulse.


Cold energy suddenly poured out from Gu Hais body, covering the Unborn Mans withered hand in thick frost.

An ice spirit? the Unborn Man exclaimed in surprise.

Thats right, an ice spirit, one as large as a mountain. Can you help me take it out? Gu Hai looked at the Unborn Man.

The Unborn Man shook his head. There is no help aside from removing your kidneys. It has already merged with you. To think that the ice spirit is so huge, the size of a mountain? Only the Ji Clan would have such a large ice spirit. How did you

Gu Hai described the situation back then to the Unborn Man while coughing.

Was the Great Light Sovereign Deity trying to sabotage you? the Unborn Man said, his voice sinking.

Gu Hai showed a faint, bitter smile.

The souls of such an ice spirit have probably already reached the level of an ice spirit king. You Its already pointless. Your deity palaces should already be destroyed, right? Should I help you reincarnate? the Unborn Man sighed, feeling helpless.

Its fine. Bing Ji said that she has a way to help me. Gu Hai shook his head.

Reincarnate? What a joke! Am I going to just abandon everything in this life?

Oh? The Unborn Man looked at Bing Ji in surprise.

Bing Ji lowered her head.

Then, the Unborn Man extended his hand, sending some black fog towards Bing Ji.

What are you doing? Gu Hais expression turned cold.


A white fog suddenly appeared on Bing Jis body, scattering the black fog.

I was helping you test her out. Indeed, she has the blood of a Ji Clan direct descendant. Only the blood of a Ji Clan direct descendant combined with the Ji Clans secret technique can deal with an ice spirit. To think that she has the blood of a Ji Clan direct descendant? Bing Ji? Ji Clan? Ji! Are you from the Ji Clan? the Unborn Man said in shock.

Bing Ji shook her head wordlessly.

I trust Bing Ji. Gu Hai showed a stern expression as he looked at the Unborn Man.

Alright. Ill be going now. I want to take another look at Wanyu, the Unborn Man sighed softly.

Gu Hai nodded.


The Unborn Mans figure flashed, disappearing from this place.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!

After the Unborn Man left, Gu Hai started coughing again.

Your Majesty, where are we going next? Bing Ji asked.

I got Ju Lu to dig a tunnel heading to a distant river in the east, Gu Hai said.

Then, Ill help you over to the east, Bing Ji said while supporting Gu Hai.

No. We will head west, Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

A diversion? Bing Ji felt startled at first, but she instantly understood.

Gu Hai nodded while coughing.

Bing Ji supported Gu Hai as they traveled quickly through the forest.

Gu Hais injuries worsened in the meantime.

Your Majesty, your deity palaces are all broken open already, right? Bing Ji said worriedly.

Gu Hai closed his eyes, sending his consciousness into the fire deity palace.

The fire deity controlled intense flames, continuously obstructing the cold energy in Gu Hais body. However, there was simply too much cold energy. Aside from the fire deity palace, the other deity palaces were being continuously torn apart. If not for the Mending Heaven Energy fixing them, Gu Hais body would have been ruined long ago.

His water deity palace was also completely sealed in frost. The ice mountain seemed to have taken root in his kidney aperture.

Gu Hai opened his eyes and looked at Bing Ji.

Find a hidden spot nearby and help me treat my injuries, Gu Hai said as he looked at Bing Ji.

III Bing Ji blushed slightly.

Use your secret technique, Gu Hai said weakly.

After speaking, Gu Hai fainted. More accurately, his weakened consciousness could no longer support full alertness. He could only use his weak consciousness to control the fire deity and the Mending Heaven Energy to maintain the current stalemate in his body.

That secret technique is a coital technique of my Ji Clan. I have never used it before, Bing Ji whispered.

When Bing Ji raised her head to look at Gu Hai, she saw that he had already fainted.

Bing Ji:

Major Metropolitan City:

After Gu Hai left, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu stopped everyone from pursuing Gu Hai.

Dongfang Bubai remained at the tunnel entrance, guarding it.

This continued until three days later.


Major Metropolitan City suddenly shook as the three towering fog pillars scattered explosively.

The Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array finally drained all the spirit stones, Mo Yike sighed softly.

Dongfang Bubais figure started fading. As he looked at the tunnel entrance Gu Hai had escaped into, he sighed softly, Mister Gu? You must survive. Remember your words. Help me leave the ritual array.


Dongfang Bubai suddenly scattered.

Over the past three days, the Bat Ancestor, the Qin Clan, the Chang Clan, the Mo Clan, and the Xi Clan had quickly raided the Slaughter Heavenly Dynastys acc.u.mulations. There were countless enchanted treasures, spirit stones, secret manuals, and other treasures.

The Yuan Imperial Dynasty benefited greatly from this. Aside from Archduke Xi Kang, whose son Gu Hai had killed, everyone showed a happy smile on their face.

However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu did not care about those treasures at all. Instead, he held the Invest.i.ture of the G.o.ds and moved the five million Divine Blood Army soldiers bodies to the Great Sigh Palace Halls plaza and its surroundings.

Five million Divine Blood Army soldiers bodies were simply too much for the Great Sigh Palace Halls plaza to accommodate. Hence, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu leveled many palace halls to hold these bodies.

The five million bodies were densely packed together as he laid them out, presenting an incredibly magnificent sight.

Mo Yike, the Bat Ancestor, and the others could not understand what Imperial Emperor Xi Yu was doing. He acted extremely secretively, even using a ritual array to cover the Great Sigh Palace Halls surroundings, preventing people from seeing in.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu refused to meet anyone during these few days, remaining in the ritual array alone with the five million bodies.


Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Occasionally, loud roars came from the ritual array. Occasionally, sinister, baleful energy surged out. As the city recovered from the recent events, the citizens and officials felt very curious.

However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu did not say anything. No one could go in, either.

This continued until five days later.

The Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, Mo Yike, Qin Zibai, Chang Sheng, and others gathered outside the ritual array when they suddenly heard a voice coming from it.

a.s.semble! Imperial Emperor Xi Yus voice rang out.


The Yuan Nations civil and military officials immediately entered the ritual array, feeling curious.

Everything seemed normal in the ritual array. The five million Divine Blood Army soldiers bodies stood in the plaza, densely packed together.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had moved his throne to the Great Sigh Palace Halls entrance. At this moment, he wore a crown and imperial robes. As he sat on the throne, he appeared slightly pale, but he showed a rare smile and excitement in his eyes.

Salutations, Your Reverence! Long live Your Reverence! May Your Reverence live for ten thousand years! the many officials respectfully saluted Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu nodded.

Your Reverence, why do I sense a sinister, baleful energy from these bodies? Furthermore, it is very intense? the Bat Ancestor asked in shock while raising his eyebrows.

Sinister, baleful energy?

The officials looked over. Indeed, these bodies were giving off black energy.

However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu revealed a faint smile. Instead of replying to the Bat Ancestor, he looked at the five million bodies.

We will start with you. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at a Divine Blood Army soldiers body at the front.

Huh? The officials appeared slightly confused.

Everyone recognized this body. This was the body of the Slaughter Heavenly Dynastys First Battalion commander. Not long ago, his soul commanded an army to attack the city.

Whats with this body?


Suddenly, that bodys eyes opened, and a white light appeared in them.

Alalive? some officials exclaimed.

First Battalion commander salutes Your Reverence! Long live Your Reverence! May Your Reverence live for ten thousand years! That body knelt on one knee and performed a military salute to Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, the six hundred thousand corpses behind the First Battalion commander opened their eyes, which shone with white light as they dropped to one knee.

Salutations, Your Reverence! Long live Your Reverence! May Your Reverence live for ten thousand years! the six hundred thousand bodies respectfully saluted Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

They all came to life? The expressions of the officials changed.

These six hundred thousand bodies exuded overwhelming auras and murderous airs. Just the murderous air alone startled the officials into s.h.i.+vering.

The Yinggou Art? YouYour Reverence, did you forge these five million Divine Blood Army soldiers bodies into zombies? A five-million-strong zombie army? The Bat Ancestors expression changed.

An army of five million Heavenly Palace Realm zombies? Archduke Xi Kangs expression changed dramatically as he trembled in excitement.

They are all in the Heavenly Palace Realm? Five million Heavenly Palace Realm zombies? No wonderno wonder His Reverence values them so highly! Mo Yikes eyelids twitched.

Now, Mo Yike finally understood why Imperial Emperor Xi Yu cared so much about the Invest.i.ture of the G.o.ds. The treasures that everyone cared about were nothing compared to these five million Heavenly Palace Realm zombies. With such an army, they could sweep their way through the world.

Mo Yikes breathing unconsciously turned somewhat rushed.