Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 358 Book 4: 35: Second Cycle

Chapter 358 Book 4: 35: Second Cycle

Chapter 358 Book 4: 35: Second Cycle

Book 4: Chapter 35: Second Cycle

As Xi Yan spoke, he waved his hand. The vampires below attacking Fairy Waner stopped immediately.

Qin Zibai, Ill leave this Fairy Waner to you. Ill deal with Gu Hai, Xi Yan said with a faint smile.

Huh? Wait! Qin Zibai immediately felt frustrated.

Charge out with me! Xi Yan shouted.


Two thousand-odd vampires charged out of the ritual array with Xi Yan.

Anger flared in Qin Zibais eyes.

What did Xi Yan mean by this? Clearly, he did not want to let Qin Zibai just stay on the sidelines.

You got me to come and deal with Fairy Waner, but you dont want to lift a finger to help? How can there be such a good thing?

Naturally, Xi Yan wanted to use this opportunity to drag Qin Zibai in.

The vampires in the ritual array left in the blink of an eye.

Now, the pressure on Fairy Waner was gone. She turned and looked at Qin Zibai with a cold smile.

Qin Zibai, are you going to attack in the end? Haha! Fairy Waner stood up, showing a cold smile.

Humph! Qin Zibai snorted coldly.

If you are not attacking, Ill be leaving! Fairy Waner said coldly.

Can you even leave this ritual array? Qin Zibai sneered.


However, Fairy Waner waved, taking out a coffin from her storage s.p.a.ce.

Huh? Qin Zibai appeared bewildered.

When Fairy Waner opened the coffin lid, a bronze figure came into view.

A zither puppet? Qin Zibai frowned slightly.

Indeed, a zither puppet!

Humph! So what if you have a zither puppet? Your music Dao has not reached that level yet. You need to be able to manifest fairies to control a zither puppet

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Midway through Qin Zhibais speech, Fairy Waner started playing again. The music immediately manifested a fairy that instantly rushed into the zither puppet.


The bronze figure in the coffin suddenly opened its eyes, which emitted azure light.


The bronze figure moved, blasting apart the coffin and coming out.

An intense, harsh aura appeared around the bronze figure, kicking up sand and stone in the ritual array.

This is a Lower Heavenly Palace Realm zither puppet? Qin Zibais face sank.

On a distant mountain summit:

The white-clad youth narrowed his eyes slightly. Oh? Waner actually made a breakthrough in her music Dao?

Break the ritual array! Fairy Waner shouted.

Yes, Master! the zither puppet answered.

Naturally, it was not difficult for a Heavenly Palace Realm zither puppet to break the ritual array. It attacked the ritual arrays foundations with a palm strike.

Trying to run? How can it be that easy? Humph! Qin Zibai glared as he threw a palm strike as well.


Qin Zibais attack knocked the zither puppet back.

In the end, Qin Zibai was a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm expert. How could a Lower Heavenly Palace Realm zither puppet be his match?


The ground cracked as Qin Zibai suddenly unleashed his aura, immediately forcing Fairy Waner to retreat.

Fairy Waner did not evince any fear. Instead, she showed a cold smile. Qin Zibai finally attacked.

Xi Yan charged out of the ritual array with two thousand-odd vampires.

Countless bats suddenly swarmed out, completely filling the surroundings.

Xi Yan unleashed his aura, sending a berserk storm in Gu Hais direction, as if trying to blow Gu Hai over.

As Gu Hai held his bronze saber, he looked coldly at Xi Yan on the other side.

Huang Royal Emperor? Gu Hai smiled coldly.

Xi Yan looked back at Gu Hai coldly. Han Royal Emperor?! Ha! I dont understand. What gives you your confidence? You have only just reached the Nascent Soul Realm, yet you want to deal with me?

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

The surrounding bats showed ferocious expressions, poised to charge at Gu Hai at Xi Yans order.

The Heavenly Palace Realm Xi Yan gave off a horrifying pressure when he unleashed his aura, which was much stronger than Gu Hais.

Gu Hai is alone? He wants to deal with us alone?

Not deal with you but kill you! Gu Hai said coldly.f????e???v?l.c??

As Gu Hai spoke, he held up a Go-stone-shaped spirit stone with his index and middle fingers. Then, he pressed it against a certain spot in the air.


Suddenly, a surging fog appeared with Gu Hai as the center, instantly engulfing the bats in the sky.

A ritual array? Gu Hai kept shouting out arrogantly just to lure Xi Yan and the others out into his trap? Li Shenjis eyes turned cold.

Ah? Milord, how can this be possible? Didnt Gu Hai just arrive? How could there be a ritual array trap?

Arent the foundation rock golems there? Before Gu Hai arrived, he already got the foundation rock golems to bury spirit stones underground. All that remained was for Gu Hai to activate the ritual array.

Li Shenji looked down with narrowed eyes. I was wondering why Gu Hai dared to come alone. It turns out that he had laid a trap long ago. Ha! Unfortunately for him, Xi Yan is a Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. Unless Gu Hai has a super-large ritual array like the one he laid at the Heptagold Sect, he cannot possibly trap Xi Yan. Furthermore, I heard that the ritual array that manifested Dugu Qiubai used two billion superior-grade spirit stones. Gu Hai definitely does not have that many spirit stones now.

Is Gu Hais trap useless? A subordinate frowned.

On another mountain summit, the white-clad youth narrowed his eyes. A Go Dao ritual array?

Huh? Young Master, are you sure it is a Go Dao ritual array?

It cant be wrong. Furthermore, it is Old Mister Guan Qis Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array. Ha! To think that Gu Hai completely comprehended it! He even added more elements to it. Ha! No wonder the earlier saber technique contained the power of Go. It turned out that he possesses astonis.h.i.+ng Go skills, the white-clad youth said.

In the Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array:

The instant Gu Hai activated the ritual array, the expressions of Xi Yan and the surrounding vampires changed.

Gu Hai did not dare to delay. He took a step forward and swung his saber at a group of vampires.

As he set himself as the tengen position and formed a domain with his saber qi, he swung his saber and shot out a flas.h.i.+ng purple light.


Gu Hai showed extraordinary might when executing the First Cycle. A group of ten vampires suddenly exploded. Boundless blood mist and blood sprayed in all directions.

Humph! You are seeking death! Xi Yan pounced.


Inside the ritual array, Gu Hai took a step and strangely disappeared into the distance.

First Cycle! Gu Hai swung his saber again.


Gu Hai chopped down another six vampires.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Rage flashed in Xi Yans eyes as he ferociously swung his sword.


A huge manifested sword arrived before Gu Hai from a distance.

However, Gu Hais figure flashed, and he disappeared, reappearing by another group of vampires.

First Cycle! Gu Hai swung his saber again.


Purple light shot into the sky again, exploding eight more vampires.

The vampires did not seem worth even a strike before Gu Hai.

Outside, the white-clad youth felt slightly puzzled. First Cycle? What a strange name!

Li Shenji revealed a cold smile. Its useless. Xi Yan is a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. When he does his best, Gu Hai cannot be as fast as him!

Indeed, Xi Yan felt truly infuriated now.

Humph! Gu Hai, do you really think that I cannot do anything to you? Xi Yan snorted coldly.


Xi Yans figure flashed. He moved at an unusually fast speed and instantly arrived before Gu Hai.

Gu Hai raised his eyebrows, but Xi Yan had already swung his sword at full force.

Left without a choice, Gu Hai could only raise his saber to block.

Haha! Your saber strike is powerful. However, the ones you killed are only newly advanced Nascent Soul Realm vampires. Even if you have one hundred First Cycles, they are useless against me! Xi Yan showed a ferocious expression. Then, his manifested sword swung down on Gu Hai like a heavenly executioner chopping.

Gu Hai set himself as the tengen again. Glaring as he swung his saber, a new saber qi domain manifested around him.

However, this saber qi domain was different from before. The aura of this saber qi domain was two orders of magnitude stronger.

Huh? That is not right. This is not the First Cycle! The white-clad youth on the mountain summit suddenly narrowed his eyes.

Li Shenjis face sank.

Milord, what is happening in the ritual array? We cant see. Only people with your level of strength can see. Can you tell us? one of the subordinates asked, feeling curious.

However, how could Li Shenji have time to explain? He could only stare as Gu Hai swung his saber again.

This strike produced a saber aura that was a hundredfold more ferocious.

How can this be? What saber technique is this? Li Shenji exclaimed.

Second Cycle! Gu Hai shouted.

The manifested saber contained the saber aura as it clashed with the manifested sword.

The clash filled the entire ritual array with dazzling purple light. The surrounding vampires immediately fled.


The aftershocks blew up thirty vampires.

Xi Yan remained in place, unmoved. However, he goggled. His earlier sword strike failed to chop down Gu Hai. How could that be?

When the two manifested weapons clashed, the shock knocked Gu Hai back one hundred sixty meters. Then, he stumbled twenty more steps before coming to a stop.

Ha! Hahaha! Gu Hai revealed a wide grin.

How could you have blocked my sword strike? Also, the force of the clash should have exploded your Nascent Soul Realm body. Yet, you are fine? Xi Yan glared at Gu Hai.

Indeed. I am fine. Gu Hai smiled coldly.

Gu Hais physical body was the result of cultivating physically. How could the shock injure him?

Humph! So what if you are fine? You are no match for me at all. Even if your strength increased exponentially earlier, you are still not my match. Gu Hai, die! Xi Yan said with a cold expression.

Die? Ha! I already have a rough understanding of your strength. Ha! You are far weaker than Cui Tie was then. Ive had enough fun already. Its time to stop playing. Gu Hai smiled coldly.


Gu Hai waved, and a Marionette Controller appeared in his hand.


Gu Hai performed a flinging motion with the Marionette Controller. Then, countless fine transparent threads rushed out in all directions, heading for the vampires.

Be careful! Xi Yans expression changed as he swung his sword at Gu Hai again.

Get over here! Gu Hai snorted coldly as he waved.

Under Gu Hais control, the surrounding vampires rushed towards Xi Yan with their weapons held up, charging at Xi Yan.

Ah! Master, save me!

I cant move!

Master! Im not pointing my sword at you! I cant control myself!


The two thousand-odd vampires charged at Xi Yans manifested sword without care for their lives.

Huh?! Xi Yans expression changed as he tried to pull his attack back.

However, the manifested sword had too much power; it cut down dozens of vampires instantly. The surviving vampires arrived before Xi Yan, swinging manifested swords and manifested sabers at him.