Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 357 Book 3: 34: Cycle Saber Technique's Debut

Chapter 357 Book 3: 34: Cycle Saber Technique's Debut

Chapter 357 Book 3: 34: Cycle Saber Techniques Debut

Book 3: Chapter 34: Cycle Saber Techniques Debut


Twenty vampires charged out of the ritual array. Nearly all of Xi Yans subordinates were Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. Furthermore, their strength had increased after being spirit-a.s.similated. They charged out, baring claws and fangs. Churning black energy spread out immediately as countless bats manifested in the black energy.

At the mountain summit Li Shenji stood on:

Haha! Twenty ordinary Nascent Soul Realm cultivators? Gu Hai is alone. That is more than enough, a subordinate sneered.

However, Li Shenji narrowed his eyes and said, Twenty Nascent Soul Realm cultivators? Not necessarily so. Gu Hai has many treasures. Furthermore, the latest information said that he has the inextinguishable divine flame.

Huh? The faces of the two subordinates sank.

These twenty vampires should not be able to do anything to Gu Hai. It is just a matter of whether Gu Hai uses the Marionette Controller or the inextinguishable divine flame, Li Shenji said seriously.

On another mountain summit:

The white-clad youth also stared straight down.

Based on this Gu Hais aura, it seems like he just advanced to the Nascent Soul Realm? The white-clad youth frowned.

Gu Hai was still an Acquired Realm cultivator three years ago, Qing Feng said respectfully.

Oh? That cultivation speed is quite alright. The white-clad youth nodded.

However, these vampires are all in the Nascent Soul Realm. Gu Hai might not be able to deal with them. Qing Feng frowned.

No. The white-clad youth shook his head.


I told you before. When judging a person, cultivation is only superficial. You should look at his eyes. Look at Gu Hais eyes. Is there any fear? the white-clad youth said indifferently.

Qing Feng looked for a while before frowning. That is strange. Why do Gu Hais eyes appear like he is looking down on this group of Nascent Soul Realm vampires? That should not be the case?

Remember. That is the mentality of an expert, a disdain for whats before him. People with such expressions and mentality eventually become powerful experts if they do not die prematurely, the white-clad youth explained.

Huh? Yes! Qing Feng answered respectfully.

You said that he manifested Dugu Qiubai. In that case, he should be an expert in the sword Dao. Why is he using a saber? the white-clad youth said, feeling confused.free?e?n?v?l.??m

In a distant, remote valley:

Long Wanyu appeared worried on the flying s.h.i.+p.

Princess, theres nothing to worry about. These vampires cannot match Mister Gus inextinguishable divine flame, Sima Feng consoled.

Cut the c.r.a.p! If my brother-in-law loses even a strand of hair, Ill teach them a lesson. Humph! Long Wanyu said with anger on her face.

Sima Feng showed a faint, bitter smile, no longer speaking, just patiently looking into the distance.

The inextinguishable divine flame? Gu Hai did not use it.

The Marionette Controller? Gu Hai did not use it.

As the vampires charged over, Gu Hai raised the bronze saber in his hand with battle hunger flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

Then, he took one step forward and executed the Cycle Saber Technique.

Setting himself as the tengen, he brought out his saber conception, suddenly manifesting one hundred eighty-six black and white saber qi.

When the saber qi appeared, they surrounded Gu Hai, forming a huge force field of saber qi.


The saber qi annihilated the bats flying in.

The black and white saber qi manifested two different kinds of auras. When Gu Hai drove them, they formed a vast sea of saber aura that surged out.

Chills suddenly swept through the bodies of the vampires charging over.

What saber technique is this? Li Shenji suddenly goggled.

Hey? A saber domain? The white-clad youths pupils suddenly constricted.

Everyone saw that as Gu Hai swung his saber down, the saber qi poured into the manifested saber, appearing to merge with it as it chopped down at the five frontmost vampires.

The power of a Go puzzle formed an unstoppable saber blade swinging at the vampires.

The vampires all changed their expressions as they took out their weapons to block.

The manifested saber shone a bright purple as it rushed over with unstoppable momentum and might.


The purple light disappeared in a flash, but strong gusts blew on both sides of the sabers blade wherever it pa.s.sed.

The vampires charging forward froze in their tracks, gaping at Gu Hais saber strike in horror.

The frontmost five vampires exploded when Gu Hais saber strike landed.

Blood and flesh rained down.

What? Qin Zibai and Xi Yan goggled.

What was that purple light?

When the saber strike landed, it killed five Nascent Soul Realm cultivators?

Five Nascent Soul Realm cultivators!

As Fairy Waner played her zither, her eyes lit up, showing great pleasant surprise.

Thats impossible. What saber technique is this? He did not use a saber technique at Chaoge City, only relying on the Life Ender Sabers power! Qin Zibai exclaimed.

Excellent! Brother-in-Law is incredible! Long Wanyu cried out in excitement in the distance.

Gu Hais earlier saber strike looked magnificent.

On the mountain summit where Li Shenji was:

Thats impossible, right? Milord, Gu Hai did not use the Marionette Controller or the inextinguishable divine fire. He used a saber technique? How can that be? Those were Nascent Soul Realm cultivators! Those five vampires were Nascent Soul Realm cultivators! Their cultivation can only be stronger than Gu Hais! Why did they die to Gu Hais saber?

Could it be that saber? Did Gu Hai find another treasure saber?

However, Li Shenji narrowed his eyes. No. Its not because of the saber. It is just an ordinary saber. Is this a new saber technique?

On another mountains summit:

Qing Feng goggled. What saber technique is this? Was that saber aura earlier? The saber qi manifested an aura?

The white-clad youths eyes lit up. Pretty good. Excellent saber technique! Quite a peculiar saber technique!

Young Master, why cant I understand this saber technique?

This saber technique took a different approach. It is normal for you not to understand it. It is closely linked with the saber qi that formed the domain around him. If I am right, this saber qi domain is a Go board, the white-clad youth said, his eyes sparkling with excitement.


Thats right. It is not difficult to learn this saber technique. However, ordinary bladesman cultivators cannot fully grasp it. The person using it needs to have a complete grasp of a Go puzzles situation, perfectly grasping the power of Go, before they can bring out this saber aura. Otherwise, what one can learn is only superficial. Is Gu Hai good at Go? the white-clad youth said, feeling curious.

Huh? Im not sure. I heard that he was a music Dao master and that his Go Dao is quite incredible as well. Qing Feng shook his head.

If Gu Hai created this saber technique, then he is a rare talent, the white-clad youth said, a glint flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

Ah? Is he qualified to help Young Master train in the sword? Qing Feng exclaimed.

That will depend on what he does next. Is this saber strike all he has? the white-clad youth said seriously.

Gu Hai executed the First Cycle to pretty good effect. He pressed on, taking another step forward as he set himself as the tengen again.

A purple saber manifested, and this time, there were one hundred seventy-six black and white saber qi around him.


The saber qi again formed a domain, which instantly destroyed the attacking bats.

Chop! Gu Hai took a step forward.

The saber qi manifested an aura and poured into the manifested saber. Bright purple light illuminated the surroundings again.


When the manifested saber chopped down, it instantly exploded six terrified vampires trying to block the attack. They did not even have time to scream.

No! Thats impossible! His aura is not even as strong as ours. Why cant we block his saber? a vampire cried out.

Indeed, the vampires could not block the attacks. The earlier eleven vampires weapons had exploded in an instant as well.

The destructive power of Gu Hais saber strike was overly ferocious.


Gu Hai set himself as the tengen again, sending out another First Cycle.


Bright purple light shone. All the people in the vicinity stared at Gu Hai with shock and horror on their faces.

How can that be? Gu Hais aura did not grow stronger; it remains the aura of an early-stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Why is his saber strikes might so strong? Milord, didnt you say that it is just an ordinary saber? Why is it so powerful?

Indeed. He already killed fifteen vampires with three saber strikes. Furthermore, he is not even flushed red or panting?

Li Shenjis expression turned sullen. The saber technique? What saber technique is this?

On another mountain summit:

The white-clad youth said with narrowed eyes, The three saber strikes possess similar power. However, they were derived from three different Go puzzles? This Gu Hai did create a unique saber technique.

Every saber strike is different? He must be very skilled at Go, right? Qing Feng said, feeling confused.

Brother-in-Law is incredible! the distant Long Wanyu yelled in excitement.

The remaining five vampires immediately realized that they were no match. They could not even get close. Hence, they turned around and ran back towards the ritual array in fear.

Master, save us! The five horrified vampires fled towards the ritual array.

Gu Hai set himself as the tengen again and made to swing his saber again.

Gu Hai moved too quickly. Furthermore, all his saber strikes were powerful. No one in the ritual array could react quickly enough.

Only when Gu Hai was about to send out a saber strike to eliminate the fleeing vampires did Xi Yan finally show a ferocious expression. Gu Hai, how dare you!

As Xi Yan spoke, he took out a mace with a flip of his hand and hurled it.

The mace flew at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai revealed a cold smile and executed his fourth saber strike.


A loud report rang out, and the mace broke in half.

The saber strike even chopped down two vampires with its remaining power. Only three vampires made it back into the ritual array, horrified.

The battle in the ritual array also stopped.

Gu Hai? Qin Zibais face sank.

Xi Yan was incensed.

Fairy Waner opened her eyes extremely wide. Previously, she never imagined Gu Hais saber technique was this powerful.

Xi Yan, your subordinates are not even worth a strike. Did you think that they could deal with us? Quickly release Fairy Waner! Gu Hai shouted.

When Fairy Waner heard this, her eyes turned much gentler. As she looked at Gu Hai, she no longer found him as detestable.

However, Xi Yan showed a sullen expression. As he looked at Qin Zibai, Qin Zibai also showed a sullen expression.

I regret failing to kill him back then. It has only been a few short months, but he has grown stronger again? That saber technique? What a strange saber technique! He must have run into another fortuitous encounter. He grew from an Acquired Realm cultivator to this point in a mere three years. Could he be like Chang Ming, also a heavens favored? Qin Zibai said with a sullen expression.

That might not be so. If he were a heavens favored, he would not have remained ordinary for so many years. Humph! He probably just got very lucky over the past few years. We cannot let this person survive. Ill deal with him myself! Xi Yan said coldly.